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Bridge’s of love Episode 19 & 20

🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🎗Entangled love🎗
💓Episode nineteen💓
🅾Semi finals episode🅾
Imelda’s Pov
Imelda! A voice called and i turned around..
Oh my goodness! Imelda Rodriguez!! You’ve changed… She said as i took off my eye glas-ses and screamed in delight.
Officers Melissa! I called as i hvgged her ti-ghtly weeping.
Don’t cry dear! She said smiling
Officer Melissa is the police officer that went with me to the clinic the very day I delivered my baby.
Oh my goodness! She has become really old! I thought
Imelda! Where have you been? She asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.
I wonder why she’s crying! I thought
I’ve been around officer! So are you still working as a police? I asked
Oh no my dear! My bones are too weak for that right now, I alre-ady retired… She smiled
So what are you doing here? She asked as I remembered that my mission is actually not complete and tears streamed down my cheeks and I quic-kly wiped them off.
I brou-ght out the n£¢klace and showed her still weeping.
I actually [email protected]£ to see Mrs Gladys the mid wife! I said and she started crying
What is it ma’am? Are you OK? I asked in surprise
That n£¢klace! She said pointing at the bead n£¢klace I was holding.
Yes! It’s mine so what happened to it? I asked in astonishment
Imelda am really sorry! I had to do it so I can save my family cos i was being threatened… She broke down
What are you saying Mrs Melissa? I don’t get you… I said looking confused
She didn’t die! She was alive.. She cried
Who didn’t die? I asked anxiously
Your daughter! She said as i [email protected] in shock
You mean my daughter didn’t die! But Mrs Gladys…. Mrs Gladys told… Told me that… That she pas-sed away! I wailed
It was Lady Morgana! She threatened to kill my family if I won’t kill your daughter.. She cried
Morgana! You will pay with your life! You animal even your granddaughter….Did you kill her? I asked in tears
No! I could not bring myself to kill an innocent child so I took the baby from the mid wife and headed straight to San Francisco and I left her in a garbage bin and I put that n£¢klace into her basket and I lied to Lady Morgana that I killed her…. She said and I gulped in shock
Did you say San Francisco? I asked anxiously
Yes Imelda! She replied and I quic-kly covered my mouth with my palm to avoid me screaming.
Isabella! Isabella!! My child!! My daughter…. I yelled as I quic-kly hvgged Mrs Melissa and gave her some money and my card, she also gave me her address as i hopped into my car and drove straight to San Francisco.
I quic-kly confirmed from Mrs Jane that Isabella is my daughter.
Now i have to look for my daughter Isabella before its too late… I thought
Isabella’s Pov
The sun rays from the window and shone throu-gh my eyes as I slowly opened my eyes.
My head was aching badly probably because of the alcohol I took yesterday.
How did I get here? Did Eric carry me into my room and he even changed my be-d sheets and my clothes and la-id me on the be-d himself? I thought as i quic-kly felt ashamed of myself as i used my palms to cover my face shyly.
I hope I didn’t say or do anything silly last night when I was drun!k… I said to myself
He didn’t even take advantage of me, he’s so good! I smiled as suddenly there was a knock on my door.
Who is it? I asked as Eric popped his head into the room and giggled at me.
Am sorry for last night! I was just.. I said with my head bowed
It’s nothing! I never knew you were such a talkative and a joker! You said a lot of silly things… He tea-sed me as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock
Really? I didn’t mean any of those I was just drun!k.. I defended myself
Don’t worry! Just [email protected]£ to let you know that I prepared breakfast! He smiled
You did? can you even cook? plea-se don’t poison my lovely tummy with the concotion you made… I tea-sed him and he sm-irked
You’ll see for yourself how good I am in cooking….He said and I sm-irked
Alright! I will be in the dinning in a jiffy! I just nee-d to freshen up and brush my teeth… I said as he turned to go but I called him back.
Wait! I said and he grinned and turned to me
You will give me your cell phone so I can call my friend Kim plea-se… I said with pleading eyes
Alright! He nodded and looked walked out as I ban-ged my door and smiled warmly.
Imelda’s Pov
I really nee-ded some help in finding my daughter Isabella so I had no choice than to ask help from Andrew.
We met at a h0tel and I told him everything he nee-ded to know.
We were still thinking of the possible way to find Isabella when my phone rang aloud and i picked it up.
It was Kim, she told me that she knows where Isabella was staying and we quic-kly drove to the h0tel to speak with her.
Clara’s Pov
WTF! I yelled in anger as i threw my glas-s of jui-ce on the ground and it broke into pieces as I quic-kly hung up the call I was taking.
So that useless girl didn’t die and now she went to hide in Sitio Nuevas with my fiance and what makes her think I wouldn’t find them? I laughed devilishly
I brou-ght out a box un-der my be-d and opened it and took out of it a gun.
Am going to finish you up today Isabella Hildalgo! I yelled as I quic-kly put the gun in my pocket and rushed downstairs to my car and zoomed out of the mansion.
Some minutes later, I was alre-ady in front of the log cabin where Isabella and Eric were hiding.
Isabella! I screamed as Isabella and Eric [email protected]£ out and they stared at me in shock.
I quic-kly pu-ll-ed out the gun from my pocket and pointed it at Isabella.
They all [email protected] 😳😳😳
Clara plea-se put that down! Eric said as i corked the gun….
💓Episode twenty💓
Isabella’s Pov
Tears kept streaming down my cheeks as i pleaded with Clara not to shoot me.
Over my dead b©dy will I Clara Martinez let you be with Eric, I rather shoot both of you…. Clara yelled angrily still pointing the gun at me.
plea-se don’t shoot Clara! I will come back to you, we will get married but plea-se don’t shoot Isay! Eric said as Clara laughed mischievously
Goodbye Isabella! She screamed as she aimed the gun and I closed my eyes as she sh0t the gun at me.
My eyes was still closed and I heard the loud gunsh0t but surprisingly I didn’t feel any pains so I quic-kly opened my eyes.
To my greatest surprise, I saw Aunt Imelda on the ground and her arm was bleeding.
Eric, Kim and a man I didn’t know rushed to Aunt Imelda who was gro-an ing in pain.
The man with Kim quic-kly held Clara and took the gun from her as she kept struggling.
Clara! What are you doing? He asked eagerly
Am sorry uncle but I nee-d to finish that idiot! She screamed
Let me go! I nee-d to finish this bit-ch!! She yelled angrily at me
Aunt Imelda! What are you doing here? I asked in surprise as i hvgged her.
Isabella! You are my child! My daughter…. Aunt Imelda cried still in pain
What are you saying aunt? Kim what is she saying? I said running to crying Kim
Yes Isay! She’s the lost mother you’ve always wanted… Kim said as Clara’s jaw dropped and I looked around confused
Eric! Son…. The man called and that was when i realized that he’s sir Andrew Eric’s dad.
Dad! Am really confused! What are you doing here? Eric asked in surprise
Eric! Isabella is also my daughter, she’s my daughter with Imelda… We had a relationsh!pin the past and she is the product but your grandma Morgana tried to kill her so instead the person she paid to have her killed just dumped her in a garbage bin…. Sir Andrew said
Or should I call him daddy….
I was so stunned as Imelda walked to me and pe-cked me.
I missed you Idrianna! She said as i hvgged her ti-ghtly
Mommy! I managed to say as Eric slumped on the ground in shock.
[email protected]! Clara [email protected] excitedly
So Eric! You think you guys can be together but no way! She’s your step sister which means you belong to me… Clara laughed devilishly
Eric was still in so much shock when suddenly a car drove in and we quic-kly turned to the car.
I was still in Aunt Imelda’s arm.
Shockingly, It was Lady Morgana, Ma’am Julie that’s Eric’s mom and Ma’am Daisy.
Imelda’s Pov
I quic-kly held my daughter more close to me cos i don’t ever want to lose her.
You think you can just hand me over to the police huh Imelda? No way! I will have you and that bastard Isabella killed before I go to jail… Lady Morgana said
Mom how could you? You hurt my daughter Isabella…. Andrew said angrily
It was for your own good son! Lady Morgana said
Mom! St©p this whole thing, am sick and tired of this drama. I just want my Audrey… I don’t want trouble anymore! Daisy cried
Does it hurt Daisy? That was how your devilish mother took my daughter away from me… I cried as Isabella clinged to me.
No Daisy! I can’t just give up to the police without killing Imelda! Lady Morgana said as she brou-ght out a pistol.
After killing you Imelda I can now go to jail in peace… Lady Morgana said
plea-se don’t hurt my mommy! Isabella cried
I can’t believe am in love with Isabella and she’s my sister mom! Eric cried as he hvgged Julie
Lady Morgana sh0t the gun into the air as everyone including Daisy, Julie and Andrew begged her to put the gun down.
Suddenly we heard the sound of the police 🚨 and Lady Morgana [email protected] and fired the gun at me.
But Julie rushed to st©p her and she got sh0t straight into her che-st.
She fell on the ground as Morgana screamed in shock.
mom! Eric shouted and went close to her.
Eric! You can be together with Isabella! You are not a Sebastian! I had you in my wo-mb before I got married to Andrew…. Am sorry Andrew for not telling you this but I really want my son’s happiness…. Julie said in the pool of blood as she started convulsing
Lady Morgana Sebastian! You are un-der arrest for the….. The police officers said but immediately Lady Morgana picked up her gun and sh0t it on her head.
I rather kill myself than go to jail! She said as she sh0t herself twice in the head and she fell on the ground.
The police quic-kly handcuffed crying clara and took with them Lady Morgana’s corpse.
We hvgged each other and forgave each other not minding if we were wronged.
I opened the door and little Audrey skrie-ked in excitement as she quic-kly rushed to her crying mom Daisy.
mommy! Audrey cried as Daisy held her close to herself.
Baby! I missed you! Daisy said in tears as she carried Audrey.
Thank you so much Imelda! She said and we hvgged each other.
Just then, my phone rang aloud, it was Nicole.
📱 Hello 📱 what? She regained consciousness… 📱 I hung up and jumped for joy.
Amy just regained consciousness so I headed straight to the hospital.
I didn’t waste time in s£nding my daughter Isabella abroad.
A year later, Andrew and I got married and guess what? we are planning Isabella’s marriage with Eric.
Isabella’s Pov
Eric and I held hands as we walked into the slum house where I was living with my mother and my late father…. adopted ones!
Behind us, Kim and her fiance Nicole walked in with us.
And yeah! Kim and Nicole are in love with each other.
We knocked on the door and my old looking mother Jane [email protected]£ out.
Isabella! She called finding it [email protected] to recognize me
Yes mother! I said and hvgged her as she went on her knees crying.
Am really sorry Isabella! for all the wicked things I did to you…. she cried
It’s nothing mother! Without that I wouldn’t have met my real mom! I said hvgging her
Isay! Nathan called from inside as we rushed into each other’s arms.
We hvgged each other and cried for joy… I really wished father was here.
I bought a new house for mother Jane and Nathan in Manila and s£nt Nathan abroad.
“Now there will no longer be any BRIDGES IN OUR LOVE LIVES”
Eric and I got married while Nicole and my bestie Kim got married too, we lived happily ever after

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