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Being Mrs Spence Episode 3

Episode 3
He pushed her towards the be-d and she fell face down.
He [email protected]£d her hair and pu-ll-ed her up to the head of the be-d.
She remained still, de-ep down she knows what he was about to do.
This wasn’t the first or second time he has done such to her.
She has gone on her knee after the last time pleading and begging him never to do such to her again.
She has wept heavily, h0t tears poured down from her face.
She has [email protected]£d his legs as she [email protected] the floor crying and pleading to him never to do such to her again.
She promised to do any other thing he will ask of aside this [email protected] act
Cole was kind enough to consider and put away the handcuff.
Is been six months he kept away the handcuff and had not used it on her.
Florence has been happy and did every other thing he demands from her.
Back at the [email protected] she knew what she was getting into.
She knew trouble was lur-k-ing around for her but she refused to care about it. Her happiness was giving her husband a dose of his own medicine.
The after effects didn’t trouble her mind.
Florence knew this maybe his way of torturing her, Cole thinks her perfect punishment will be putting her in his S-xual fantasy bondage.
She wore her thick skin and wait for whatever he was about to do.
Cole brou-ght out the handcuff where he kept it.
He pu-ll-ed her two hands up before handcuffing them on the be-d poll.
“You enjoyed being a slut right?… you were shamelessly entertaining other men without any iota of fear. I will treat you like a harlot, a cocotte, a hooker because that is what you chose to become sweetie….
Florence watched him go up and down.
He [email protected]£ back again with a wh!pand placed it beside her.
she neither plead nor look scared.
He was in his [email protected] when he climbe-d the be-d and r0ûghly pu-ll-ed off clothes from Florence b©dy.
He took off everything on her. She stared at him without emotions.
He lifted the wh!pand descend it on her multi-ple times.
She only flin-ch in pain but did not plead or cry.
She didn’t even say any words as he pounced on her like a prey.
She was bruised in both th!gh, her both hand hurt so bad and felt swollen.
Her back was badly bruised too. She winced in pain but didn’t plead for him to st©p.
Cole continue his horrifying S-xual fantasy until he felt satisfied.
He wanted Florence to cry, to plead, to scream like a scared cat like she used to do in the past whenever he chains her up for S-xual plea-sure.
But she didn’t. She looked like she was going to pas-s out but she still didn’t plead.
Cole finally left her alone.
He unchained her, pushed her to the floor and she fell with a heavy thud.
She was exhausted and was almost pas-sing out but she managed to crawl to the bathroom. She entered the bathtub filled the bath with warm water.
She pu-ll-ed up her knee, bent her head in between her bruised th!gh.
Her whole b©dy achs. She was in serious pain all over.
She filled the bathtub with warm water and sat inside.
Florence broke down and wept bitterly. It was a silent cry but she only wish she could scream down the roof.
She wish she will drag Cole and push his head un-derneath the water. She will watch him beg for breath, watch him plead for air and will be satisfied to finally watch him drown in the bathtub.
Different evil imagination flooded her mind as she sat there weeping silently.
Thinking of how much she had loved such a man from way back.
They have met during the time her company as-signed her to go and take stock of the medical equipment supplied in Cole’s company.
He wasn’t a manager then but a s£nior staff.
He was the one taking her round the laboratory interlocked rooms meant only for s£nior staffs
He was quiet entertaining and very fine too.
She just ended things with Max, her ex b©yfri£ndwho later traveled out of the country.
She was open to [email protected]!ngagain and getting married to a God fearing man.
Coleman Spence portrayed a perfect picture.
He talks about God with her and even asked her how often she attends church.
Anytime she invites him to a church program he never fails to attend.
His loves for children makes her even fell more in love with him.
He buys things for Susan’s kids even some of the kids in church.
He smiles alot and mentiones God anytime they were together.
including in every of their conversation.
It was exactly what Florence wanted.
He wasn’t much of a devoted Christan but he [email protected]£ serious after meeting Florence.
He has everything she wanted in a man and she began to imagine what being his wife will look like.
She wished and prayed to become Mrs Spence. She was madly in love with Cole and only hope that God will perfect their union.
They went on their first and second [email protected]£ and he appears like an angel.
Although she noticed that he was temperamental but he never allows it to get out of hand.
Florence saw that weak [email protected] of him but her de-ep love for him covers his multitude of sin.
He didn’t hide the fact that he loves her.
Whenever he talks about her beauty and her cute smile she will blush like a v!rg!nmaid.
They [email protected]£d for almost a year before he proposed to her and she has no doubt that Cole was her husband.
God has finally answered her prayers.
It was all good after they got married. Cole attends church service with her, he even makes food, set the breakfast table, call often to check her at work but after a year he began to change gradually.
He told her that he wasn’t re-ady to have kids yet. She wanted to have kids after wedding but Cole thought differently.
She wondered why he showed so much care and love to kids both in church and anywhere he comes across them while they were [email protected]!ngbut wants no kids of his own.
Could it just be a mere act.
She argued for weeks but Cole warned her not to ever go against his orders or she will live to regret it.
It was a serious threat.
She has to agree with him on everything just to avoid getting him pissed off.
Cole changed all of a sudden. He obviously doesn’t even know the God he talks about often while they were [email protected]!ng.
Everything changed. No love, no care, no sitting and laughing or even praying like some other couples do.
She sometimes feels this strong jealousy resting on her che-st whenever she see Susan her sister with her own husband Jimmy. When she listens to her colleagues talking about their loving husbands or even some of her friends she feels so pained and began to wish Cole was truly loving.
She sometimes fabricate love story of she and Cole so that she won’t feel left out.
This year is their fourth year in marriage and yet, Cole is not talking about having children.
He is more after S-xual fantasy. He sit on his [email protected]©p most nights watching either p©rn or some dirty S-xual act which he will end up practising with her.
He sometimes buys the materials that arou-sedhim in the dirty video he watches and f0rç£ her to wear them
She has pleaded in the past for him to st©p treating her like a hooker until she was tired and decided to dance to every music he pla-ys.
Despite all of this she remains obe-dient. She loves him still and kept praying for God’s intervention. But it seems God is no longer interested in her affairs.
Her prayer life has gone so low, the zeal to pray or study the word is not there anymore.
She mostly finds her voice when she visit the church.
She express her self better and felt God was listening if not throu-gh words but throu-gh her heavy heart.
Cole st©pped her from going to Church or visiting Susan.
Her life is in disarray. The worst [email protected] is that she still loves him dearly and felt helpless.
Florence scru-bbe-d her b©dy while in the bathtub. She wept heavily and wish both her mind and b©dy will be purged.
Cole makes her feel dirty and worst with herself.
She was loosing her mind and can’t do anything to save herself.
She stepped away from the bath after sitting their for long. She made a strong coffee and gulped it down.
She nee-ded something stronger. Maybe a stick of cigarettes before she go insane.
She made another strong coffee and stare at it, it was 2am in the morning.
Sleep has eluded her. She only wanted to get back her life again.
Florence sat on the table thinking. She wra-pped her nighty around herself.
“Don’t just stare down at me God. St©p watching me wrath in pain… If you are truly up there and cares about me then do something quic-k before I do something crazy…
She gulped down the coffee again. Turn on the television and began changing from station to station, looking for a better one that will take her mind away from her problem.
She finally sle-pt off and was awaken by Cole who questioned her on why she didn’t make any breakfast.
She managed to stand and walked to the kitchen to make something for him.
She set it on the dining with his coffee.
He was walking out of the door with his bag and car key without taking his breakfast again when Florence st©pped her.
“Cole, the breakfast you asked for is on the dining..
Florence managed to say.
“I don’t feel like taking it anymore. Or is it a crime to change my mind…huh?
Florence has alot she wanted to say to his face. Her anger boils as she thought of last night and looking at his face this morning.
She walked away before her emotions will get the best of her.
After Cole left, she called her office to inform them that she won’t be able to make it to work that day.
She was still hurting from last night bondage from Cole and was not fit enough go to work.
She was slee-ping in the mid afternoon when a call woke her up.
“Hello Floxy, hellooo…are you there?
It was Tina her girlfriend, they attended same university and she was her roommate back in school.
“Tina… I’m here. What’s up…
“,Cool. are you alright? Today is Monday… I as-sumed you didn’t go to work. Are you on leave or you are sick…
“I’m fine Tina. Just nee-ded small rest that’s all…how are you?
She cleared her voice. Like she was about to say something funny
“Your darlin husband must have given you overdose sweetness last night that made you this tired. He glued you to be-d… hahahaha! Or are you pregnant? I will be so happy Floxy if is true. How’s Cole… I believe he’s fine. Floxy, Guess who I ran into yesterday night?
Florence mentioned few names but Tina said they were all wrong.
“Is Maxwell… your max. We coincidentally ran into each other. He asked of you and even wanted your number. He said he just returned from Germany and I gave him your number… He just wants to say hi to you… Floxy, did he call you?
Florence told Tina that nob©dy called her. She doesn’t know how to react to the fact that her ex was in town and has her number.
After the call ended she stood to fix something to eat. She haven’t had breakfast and she also nee-ds to make dinner for her husband.
It was almost 3pm.
She has been slee-ping almost all day.
Florence made dinner re-ady for her husband
It was around 6pm she finished cooking.
Her husband close 5pm from his office and sometimes gets home by 8pm.
Her phone rang, she picked up.
“Hey Floxy. Longest time… this is Max.
” Hi Max…
Florence replied
“Your voice haven’t changed one bit. Still sweet to the ear like a melodious rythm. I Have missed you Floxy. How’s your family… husband, children… everyone?
Florence breathed de-eply before replying
“Fine… we’re good. my husband is doing great too. How bout you max?
“Very well. I’m fine…can we chat on WhatsApp? I have alre-ady s£nt a message to you there…
Florence was quiet. Cole will not take it lightly with her if he finds out that she was chatting with her ex.
“Uhmmm! I’m very busy right now Max. ma-king dinner for my hubby…he will soon return. I won’t be able to chat with you… maybe not today, tomorrow I will be at the office. Any other day that I’m free I will holla you. thanks for calling anyway, Is nice hearing from you again.. I nee-d to go back to my cooking…
“Alright then. I’m happy to hear your voice and to know that you’re doing great. Take care then…
Florence dropped her phone and return to what she was doing.
Around 9pm Cole was still not back.
She decided to call him to know if he was alright.
“Hey darling…is there traffic? I’m worried that you haven’t returned yet and decided to check up.
Cole sighed before saying
“You didn’t call all day, until now. What kind of wife are you…do I nee-d to remind you that you are supposed to check up on your husband continuesly? Florence, you are too annoying for my liking. Anyway, I won’t be coming home tonight…I have something to sort out..
He was still talking when someb©dy interrupted him all of a sudden from the background.
“Mr Spence…can we go now? I’m re-ady. I nee-d a long cool bath and a mas-sage…
Florence heart skipped when she heard the female voice speaking to her husband..
She tried to ask who she was and where exactly Cole was at the moment but Cole ended the call and switched off his line.
Florence almost threw her phone to the wall out of annoyance.
She wondered who the lady was and where she was going with her husband at that time.
She took her time to make dinner for him and Cole never thought to call earlier and let her know that he wasn’t coming home.
She sat on the ground bitting herl-ips and trying to hold back herself from crying.
Her phone beeped, she checked her phone and it was Maxwell.
She wanted to ignore but decided to reply him.
He s£nt her an old picture of both of them.
She looks so happy and was laughing in the picture.
Florence replied him why he still has the pictures if them even after he knew that she was married.
She relaxed back and began chatting with Maxwell.
Chatting with Max took her mind away from thinking and crying over Cole and whatever lady he was with at that time.

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