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Being Mrs Spence Episode 14

Episode 14.
Is a good thing that Marina is not around, she has told Cole she wants to personally handle her traveling processes.
She mentioned that she was called upon for an interview concerning that.
Her abs£nce will give him time to accomplish his self given task.
Cole has asked to drive her due to her condition but she said since is just a month pregnancy there is no curse for an alarm.
Cole began working on the locks, he tried different method but it wasn’t opening.
He decided to apply f0rç£ to it, breaking it was too difficult than he expected.
The noise coming from the whole process made Lizbeth to run up.
She knocked and asked from outside the door if everything was alright.
Cole told her to return to her duty that everything was fine.
Lizbeth remind him again about the grocery and many other things nee-ded for in the house.
Cole told her that he was alre-ady working on that and will give her the money later.
Lizbeth went back to her duty, while Cole continue breaking the lock.
It was not an easy breakable lock, but he ended up unlocking it.
Cole without wasting time, opened up the place.
Things looks a little bit rou-gh inside the wardrobe but nothing was suspecious.
He began searching for money, few boxes of clothes and jewelries was mostly what he saw.
“What sort of madness is this that Marina displa-yed here? Securely locking up a wardrobe that holds nothing importance. I wasted my energy and time to break the stupid lock only to be greeted with all this nons-en-se. No money, nothing to even hold onto except jewelries and wears… this is totally insane.
Cole said outlouldly to the empty room.
Now, he has to face Marina for breaking into her wardrobe.
He has to prepare himself for her war because she won’t let it slide like that.
Just when he was about to step away something caught his eyes, there was another box hidden among other big boxes that looks out of ordinary.
Cole without wasting time, rushed to it.
He pu-ll-ed it out and realised that is on pas-sword.
He started trying different things that [email protected]£ to his head just to unlock it but to no avail. It all failed.
The box was indeed expensive and special. Getting inside was the major problem for him.
He thought of using the tools he used for the locks on the box but shakes his head against it.
He doesn’t want to destroy it and later realized that there is nothing important in it.
He pu-ll-ed back the box, be arranged all the things almost same way he saw it.
He angrily walked to the be-d and fell face up.
He still nee-ds to get money for Lizbeth.
An idea [email protected]£ to his head to go and search all Marina’s hang bag one after the other.
He quic-kly stood on his feet and began searching frantically.
Marina has a whole lot of designers handbag, lined up in one [email protected] of the room. Same goes with her long line of shoes.
The room couldn’t hold most of her stuffs, she put some of the things away in one of the guest rooms which she also locked up.
There is nothing important or sneaky with her locking up her things in another room because she kept the key openly on a table in the master be-droom where he sees it everyday.
The only one that suddenly appeared suspecious was the wardrobe lock and now that he has broken it he wish he never did.
Cole continued searching, he saw little cash that won’t do much in one of her outing bag and took it.
He was lucky to get hold of few thousand dollars in another designers bag.
Cole took all the money he gathered. It was far more than enough for Lizbeth grocery shopping.
He was happy that his whole effort was not in vain, it paid off at the end.
Cole tried as possible as he can to put everything in place although not exactly as it was but he tried.
He called Lizbeth and asked her to tidy up the room, sweep off the mess he made and put everything in place.
Lizbeth did as she was told. Cole later gave her money for the grocery and other necessary things she nee-ded to buy.
He was a bit free after sorting Lizbeth, the next thing on his mind is to face Marina.
Marina retuned late in the night, the first thing that greeted her eyes was her wardrobe lock.
“What in hell happened here… whaaaat is going on…?
She asked while quic-kly opening the wardrobe and examining her things.
Cole watched her rush to the box that was pas-sworded
She sighed out her relief when she saw that it wasn’t tampered with.
She asked the question again, this time around facing Cole.
Cole replied her while frowning.
“My money recently went missing again, that money was meant for Lizbeth. Since you’re not a thief and we are the only two people using this room so i as-sumed the money probably developed wings and flew into your wardrobe. Which must be the only logical reasons why you keep locking your wardrobe. Well, I nee-ded to give Lizbeth money for groceries and since I don’t have money I decided to search in your corner probably I will get hold of something but…
Marina interrupted.
“You’re very stupid Cole. How dare you mingle with my pri-vate things. What is difficult in respecting my stuffs and staying away from them. You broke my lock and got into my privacy… and you aren’t remorseful about it
“I’m sorry that I broke your lock Marina, I told you my reasons alre-ady and at the same time I wonder why you are locking up your wardrobe. None of your stuffs have gone missing before but I keep losing my money every time and yet I never thought of putting a lock to my wardrobe. I’m not a fool, I know that you usually take my money and deny ever seeing it. Despite how much I give to you, you’re never satisfied…the little I kept to run the house, you will still steal. Look at the number of your designers bags and shoes, designers wears in your wardrobe. I lost count when I got to 99. You’re too greedy Marina, I’m in a debt mess because I wanted to meet your demands, You drained me without sympathy during the first pregnancy. You promised to cut down cost if you happen to take in again. But instead of cutting cost and helping me out with expenses you triple your demand. You are choking me to death with excessive spending. I was with Florence for five good years and things have never gone messy financially. She buys groceries with her money, do most shopping without asking me for a dime….she..
Marina began to laugh.
“Comparing me with your almost ex wife won’t make you any richer. I kept asking this question ,if Florence was that good why are you with me? Oh, let me guess, she can’t get pregnant like me… poor barren woman. I beat her twice to it. She doesn’t know how to satisfy your dirty large S-xual fantasy… what a boring wife she was. I’m not Florence and she can never be me…get that straight for ones into your empty skull. I don’t care if you die wretched, what I’m after is a better world for me and this child I carry. Is due to your stinginess and negligence that made me loose the first baby. I’m not taking Chances again with this second one. I won’t… because if I die pla-ying the good girl with you, it won’t take a week for you to move on to another S-xy lady. Don’t ever t©uçh my pri-vate things again Cole…if you don’t want me to dive a knife to your che-st…
Cole stood and pointed towards her.
“I dare you Marina, I will bury a Cutlas-s in your heartless che-st before you can think of getting a knife. If not for the child you carry, I would have done away with you long time ago. I’m tired of you, your lies, your greediness, your laziness and even your crazy S-xual performance. What is still keeping us is together is the child. And that’s the only reason I’m doing everything possible to carry my child. I don’t want another story that t©uçhes the heart like the first that’s the reason why I’m doing everything I can for you and the baby. I took loan so that you can relocate to abroad like you wish and for the safety of the baby. I’m in de-eply debt all for you and the baby. You have no reason to be locking your bags or keeping secrets. I demand a total transparency from you…
The argument continue to heat up. Cole was boiling at all Marina’s insult. He decided to take a walk before he will do something crazy to a pregnant woman.
“I demand to know where you are going to at this time of the night…
Marina said blocking him from leaving.
“I’m taking a walk to cool my head. If I stay here exchanging words with you I would be f0rç£d to do something crazy… which may affect the baby. leave the road…
Marina stood insulting him.
He pushed her aside and left. Marina remain in the room.
She rushed to recheck her things again just to make sure none of her pri-vate things was not tampered with.
She peeped outside the door to be certain that no one was close by.
Marina closed the door firmly before picking up her phone to make call.
“…my heart ran into my mouth when I saw my wardrobe Aviv. I almost died standing… hahahaha. I’m too smart for him. He is complaining of all the money he’s been spending and how broke he was…he thought that I care. I have gotten enough of what I nee-d, my traveling papers will be complete by next week because I paid for every necessary thing. Did you know that some of the baby bu-mp were inside the box in my wardrobe but he couldn’t unlock it. Maybe I will have to move it out because my secrets are no longer safe in this house. If he finds out that it was all fake pregnancy I will be in serious trouble. The stupid man ransacked my bags, he was able to get small change but I don’t really care about that. By the time I’m gone he will know what poverty feels like…it has not even started and he’s alre-ady complaining and searching for money even in rat hole. How foolish can he be…him and his mother. They only cares about the baby… unknown to them that I’m smartly pla-ying with everything they got which includes their spoilt [email protected] By the time I’m done with them, especially Cole he will…
there was a knock on the door. Marina’s heart skipped.
She [email protected] out in relief when Lizbeth [email protected]£ to inform her that dinner was re-ady.
Marina insulted Lizbeth for interrupting her before asking her to leave immediately.
She decided to go to the gym house for some privacy.
Marina saw Lizbeth at the dining. She wanted to be certain that Cole was not in the house.
She asked Lizbeth about Cole, she told her that she haven’t seen him.
Lizbeth knew where Cole was but she wish he will also hear all she heard from Marina.
She was shocked, her hand felt frozen on the door knob.
She never meant to eavesdrop on her, she only went to inform her about dinner and her harsh word caught her up.
with all she just learnt, the fake pregnancy both the first and second, the deceit, the lies and she is a week away from leaving the country. She doesn’t know what to do with the whole information.
Lizbeth heard Marina talk about the fake baby bu-mp that is packed up in a certain box with pas-sword.
Cool was in the gym, she wish he will also hear some of this secret.
Marina was certain that Lizbeth must either be in the kitchen when Cole left the house.
She went to the gym house, closed the door and began ma-king her call.
Cole was at the gym house. He sat down there thinking all by himself, when he heard Marina coming he decided to hide from her.
He does not want more trouble or exchanging of words again.
Marina started ma-king her usual call again not knowing Cole was there.
“…The foolish househelp almost gave me a heart attack. I thought it was Cole. Anyway, now that we’re in a secluded place, let’s talk. So… like I was saying, the stupid man ransacked…
Before Marina could say more thing, Cole [email protected]£ out
“So am now a stupid man right? Why are you following me up and down… can’t i have peace in my house again?
Cole said interrupting a shocked Marina.
Her heart beat was racing but she quic-kly got back her herself. She knew Cole did not hear more than few things she said.
She eyed him before walking back to the house, Cole followed her behind, talking.
Lizbeth saw them walked pas-s, they both went upstairs to their room. She ti-p toed for the first time to know if Cole caught Marina
“You know I love you my handsome husband to be, Father of my unborn child. I hates it when you gets me annoyed. I wish we will st©p fighting for the sake of this our unborn baby. He will not be happy when he’s parents are always at loghead.
“How do you know is going to be a”boy”. Cole asked.
“Because a mother knows. I’m having the same signs and symptoms I got during the first one. Is our first baby that decided to come back to us… can’t you feel it…
Lizbeth listened keenly. Marina said something else she couldn’t hear before hearing the sound of two of them k!ssing.
In no time Marina was [email protected] ing loudly as always. they were alre-ady having their crazy S-x.
“Take it easy for the baby’s sake”
Cole said.
Marina either nodded or whispered because Lizbeth did not hear any more thing from her.
Lizbeth ran down stairs to her room. She nee-ds to do something with the information she just gathered about Marina.
She will have to summon courage and tell Cole soon before Marina finalize her plans.
He drove and st©pped in front of her gate, none said anything as he bent towards her to k!ssher on thel-ip.
She turned her face away from him, he tried again but she dodged the k!ss.
He relaxed back on his seat, breathed loudly. He placed his two hands on the steering and remained quiet.
They both did not say a word to each other as they remained seated.
He turned to her, looked at her for sometime before saying.
“You don’t love me…I get it. You claimed to have feeling for me the last time we were together, yet you kept displa-ying an opposite attitude of love. I don’t know what to think again…I don’t.
She looked out from the window, it was dark everywhere.
The time was 8:34pm, it was a Sunday, tomorrow will be Monday. Her weekly wear was alre-ady sorted out. She only nee-d to go inside, shower and sleep.
She has attended church service with Maxwell. today wasn’t the first time they will be attending service together.
It was after service they agreed to hang out in the evening.
After coming back, she relaxed a little before getting dressed again for evening outing with Maxwell.
He [email protected]£ and picked her up and when it was 7:30 she asked him to take her home.
She can tell that he was not happy during the ride back home.
He has been displa-ying cold attitude towards her. She wish he can un-derstand her plight and st©p ma-king her feel guilty over her decision.
Florence flashed back to the night at his place. Everything was going on fine, the [email protected]ç£was as she wanted. Not rou-gh or crazy style like Cole, it was just perfect but she suddenly started having ill feeling as she thought of Coleman.
The more she tries to wave it off the more the guilt wears on.
She was enjoying Maxwell k!ssand t©uçh, he was about entering the main ro-mantic phase when she suddenly pushed him off to the be-d.
Maxwell was shocked as he stared at her.
“Did I do anything wrong…I thought you were enjoying it? What is the problem again Flox…?
“, I’m sorry Max, I can’t…I just can’t.
She apologized.
He made attempt to t©uçh her again, she [email protected] off his hand, stood up from the be-d, picked up her nighty jacket from the ground and wore.
“… plea-se leave, I’m sorry Max but if you love me enough you will leave me alone at this minute like I wish to be.
Maxwell tries to argue but went quiet. He dressed up properly before walking away.
Florence fell back to the be-d and weep for unknown reason.
The next morning, Bianca brou-ght two fine dress for her from Maxwell.
She got dressed and put back her wedding ring.
When Maxwell saw her in the money, his eyes was devoid of sleep.
He looked down at her ring f!nger and frowned.
Florence tries to apologise again for last night but he did not want to talk about it.
He served her breakfast, before walking her to her car.
He didn’t speak much or looked at Florence eyes like he used to do.
he avoided getting too close with her until she left.
“Flox… Flox…. You’re thinking again. Why are you ma-king this whole thing more difficult than it is alre-ady. If you don’t want me or have feeling for me kindly say so, let’s st©p deceiving ourselves and face reality.
She turned to him, his eyes were sad.
“I’m sorry Max, there are things I can’t change or undo and that’s who I am. I want to stand for truth, for royalty and most importantly for godliness. And the truth is that I have feeling for you..I truly cares about you Max. But I want to take things easy…
“You have feeling for me yet I can’t t©uçh or k!ssyou like I so much de-sired to do. What are you talking about… I’m not asking you to change who you are, I only want you to st©p holding back your feeling for me. I can’t do anything without thinking of you. I love you Flox, and is difficult to keep saying it with mouth when we have a serious connection in the past before you met Coleman.
He bent over, took her hands into his while looking into her eyes.
“….I want to express the exact way I feel, k!ssyou all over, feel your warmth, t©uçh you like I used to in the past before our break-up. I want to make love to you for real Flox…I so much de-sire you. Ever since we got very close, I have been trying to put my whole feeling in check but the closer we get the more the feeling grows with each pas-sing minutes. I’m tired of holding back and pretending we are just friends. Flox, we have history together it makes it difficult to remain friends…I Love you so much, don’t you still get it? Give me a chance to make amend my past. I really want to be in your life and love you like you deserve. plea-se… Flox…
Florence pat his hand gently, she t©uçhed his face. [email protected]£ss!ngevery line down to his mouth.
Maxwell placed his hand over hers and brou-ght it to hisl-ips.
He k!$$£d her hand slowly, looked at her eyes down to herl-ip.
He looked down at her f!nger which still holds her wedding ring.
He draw out his breath shakingly.
“…You are torturing me Flox… you are really torturing me. I don’t know how much I can take. Why do you still care so much about a man that doesn’t care about you. He is living with a woman for over a year…who was pregnant for him. Same man served you a divorce letter and warned you off to stay far away from him and his mistress or he kills you. He threaten you with death and many other ill thinking stuffs. Why is he still holding you back from your happiness… plea-se make me un-derstand.
Florence [email protected] out sadly.
“He is still my husband Max. I’m sorry it hurts this way but that’s the truth. Is untill the divorce process is over I can’t be wholly yours. plea-se give me time, the whole thing is just around the corner. By next month end I will be a free woman to do as I wish. I won’t because of Coleman’s nonchalant behavior or his unruly disrespect and belittle myself. I will keep my honor till the very end. I can’t live as I like or be foolish like Coleman. We can’t both be mad at the same time. I want you too Max, I de-sire to be with you. [email protected] your che-st and listen to your heart beat as it was before meeting Coleman. I want to bury myself in your brood che-st and most importantly kneel and pray side by side with you. I want many things too Max but I have to wait. I’m not gonna put my selfish de-sire ahead of me…I will wait no matter how long it takes. Let us allow God to take the wheel…so that we don’t miss out on the main road.
Maxwell nodded.
Florence smile, she bent over and k!$$£d his cheek before saying goodnight.
As she picked up her bag to step out of the car, Maxwell caught her hand.
“I don’t feel like driving home now Flox, can I come inside and stay a little longer with you.
“No Max, plea-se go home…watch some movies, dive into the pool and swim out the stress, check out Paloma, your talking parrot and have a nice time with the colorful bird or Diego, the fluffy white rabbit with it’s mate Anni. your domestic staff too can entertain you if you want. There is a whole lot of things to be done around your place…go home Max.
Maxwell laughed out a little.
“Diego is a lazy rabbit, he keep getting fat and fur all over. Anni is smarter, I think she is pregnant… she is begining to act lazy all of a sudden. Paloma talks too much I will skip. Maybe swimming will do lots of good. Thanks for the suggestion. When can I see you again Flox. I can’t wait for this divorce thing to be over so that I can have you all to myself. Should I prepare something for you within the week… what will you love me to bring for you…
“Nothing for now….or I will let you know within the week. Just go home Max, I nee-d to get in and rest. Goodnight…
She opened the door and stepped down.
.”I love you Flox…
She did not reply, she only smiled and waved at him.
Max waved back as he watched her go inside before driving away.

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