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A maid for Him Episode 28 & 29

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎 💎 Episode 28💎💎
Tae Ho’s pov
At night
“your mum isn’t coming home this night?” I asked and Chi Min nodded, not looking away from what she was cooking.
“she only comes home on Sunday and leaves again on Monday” Chi Min replied and I just stared at her smiling.
The both of us in the kitchen with Chi Tae, don’t we seem like a cute couple?
“I am going to be staying here this night” I said and she looked at me.
“staying here? Doing what?” she asked.
“protecting you” I replied and she laughed.
“who’s protecting who?” she asked
“why are you slee-ping over?” she asked.
“cause your house is much more Nearer To school” I replied smartly.
“it’s pointless arguing with you anyways” she said and I smiled.
“Chi Min, am I cute?”I asked.
“no you are the ugliest creature” she replied.
“I am not joking, tell me the truth” I said.
“okay you are cute” she said and I smiled.
“then why don’t you like me?” I asked.
“you are a j£rk, a punk, a pla-yboy, a….. ”
“that’s enough, I am not that bad” I cut her off.
“you are worse than that” she replied and dished our food.
We both sat at the dinning and she ate while I just stared at her, gosh! She’s so beautiful.
“don’t you ever eat?” she asked and I smiled.
“why are you smiling?” she asked and I ate a spoonful.
“hey, you’ve got some food on yourl-ips” she said.
“help me with it” I said and she stood up and moved to me.
She reached out her f!nger.
“no, not your f!nger” I said.
“oh yeah the napkin” she says and I frowned.
“yourl-ips” I said and quic-kly k!$$£d her.
“it’s fine right?” I asked and she hit my shoulder.
“you!…… I can’t believe this”
2 hours later
I la-id On my be-d in the room Chi Min gave me to sleep in. I was unable to sleep, not cause of the smallness of the be-d.
But because I keep thinking about Chi Min, the both of us alone in a house can be pretty tempting.
What is she doing right now? slee-ping? Thinking about me? Or on the net? I picked my phone and s£nt her a message
‘how are you doing?’ I s£nt even though I knew the message was quite stupid, we saw just about 5 mins ago.
‘not able to sleep and you?’ She texted back.
‘not able to sleep also’ I replied and stood from the be-d.
Should I tell her how I feel about her now? Okay how do I do it? Let’s practice.
“Chi Min…. I like you…no I love you…. No… No plea-se be mine” I shook my head, not ro-mantic at all.
“I want you to be mine, you are so beautiful…. I fell……”
“aaaaish!!!!” I yelled and Fell back to the bar.
None of these makes s-en-se.
This is not my first time to talk to a girl so why am I feeling nervous? I stood up and went to her room.
I knocked on the door and few secs later, the door was opened.
“return it” I cut her off and she furrowed her brow.
“return what?” she asked.
“I said return what you stole” I replied.
“I asked a question, what should I return?” she asked.
“you stole my heart, return it” I said and she froze not saying anything.
“what…. What… Do you mean?” she stutter slowly.
“I like… No, I… I…. ” I gulped.
“I love you Song Chi Min” I said.
“I…. I…” she stuttered and I placed a f!nger on herl-ips.
“don’t, don’t say a word yet” I said and looked into her eyes.
I blinked as my gaze fell to herl-ips but before I could lean in and k!ssher she k!$$£d me instead.
Does… Does this means she likes me too?
💎 💎 Episode 29💎💎
Chi Min’s Pov
He likes me!! He really likes me!!!!! I like him…. I love him too!! This k!ssis the most special to me.
He hooked the k!ssand stared into my eyes.
“you like me?” he asked and I nodded Slowly.
He carried me and spinned me round and round.
“Chi Min” I heard mum’s voice and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“who is that?” Tae asked.
“my mum” I whispered.
“what?? I thought you said she doesn’t come home on Wednesday” he whispered back.
“hide, be quic-k” I whispered and pushed him to the bathroom.
“I am coming mum” I yelled and rushed to the living room.
“why are you home? It’s unusual” I said.
“yeah, we can’t find Tae so I decided to check if he was here” mum said and I re-leased a nervous laughter.
“he is not here” I replied..
“isn’t that his face towel?” Mum asked.
“oh yeah it is, I took it from him in school today, it’s beautiful right?” I asked and mum nodded.
Mum didn’t notice his car outside, that’s great.
“okay anyways I bought you some clothes try it on” mum said and I saw Tae peeping at us from the bathroom.
I held my too and closed my eyes, I looked at Tae ,he had a sm-irk in, I can’t undress in front of him.
“why wasting time?” mum asked.
“I will put in on later” I said.
“you are behaving suspicious” mum said.
“who has the car out there? Tell me where Tae Ho is” she demanded and I closed my eyes boring myl-ips.
“where is he?” she asked again and I slowly pointed towards the bathroom.
Tae walked out with a stupid grin, what’s funny in this moment?
“good……. I….” Tae stuttered and hvgged mum.
“I just decided to just spend the night here, anything wrong?” he asked and mum hit his shoulder while he clearly faked pains.
“why are you here?” mum asked..
“I [email protected]£ back to get my maid” Tae replied.
“Tae, you have to leave here now, Both I and Chi Min are going to be in de-ep trouble if Master Kangaroo meets us here” mum said.
“dad? How did he know I am here?” Tae asked.
“suspicions” mum replied.
“Tae you have to go” I said and smiled at mum.
“thanks eomma” I said and pushed Tae.
“a k!ss, a k!ss” he requested.
“Just go, I will give you the k!sslater on” I said and pushed him away, he left grumbling.
“the both of you like each other?” mum asked and I slowly nodded.
“Chi Min, you guys have to be very careful, master Kang is dangerous”
“Tae Ho’s dad? How? I…. I don’t…..” the door opened interrupting me.
“Master Kang” mum bowed and I quic-kly bowed respectfully also, this master Kang had that commanding aura.
“is Tae Ho here?” he asked.
“no sir” mum replied and the guards checked everywhere.
“young master Tae Ho isn’t here” one of them said, probably the leader.
“okay let’s leave” Master Kang said and they all left. I breathed out in relief and mum did the same.
“I have to get back now” mum said and left.
Why dhd they have to s£nd Tae Ho away for goodness sake? I got into be-d and sle-pt off thinking about him, Tae Ho.
The next day
A knock woke me up, could it be Tae? I jumped up and stared at my reflection in the mirror, I ran a hand throu-gh my hair and rushed to the door.
I breathed in and out then smiled before opening the door, i was quite surprised to see Do Jung smiling wi-dely.
“Do….” I couldn’t complete my s£ntence when I felt something hit my head, I fainted.

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