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A maid for him Episode 24 & 25

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 24💎💎
Chi Min’s pov
He broke the k!ssstill staring at my eyes.
“you finally learnt not to be stingy” he mumbled with a smile on.
I pushed him away and ran out, I Could hear him laughing. Geez! I still nee-d to get the answers.
I t©uçhed myl-ips and shook my head. My clothe had the scent of his cologne. I couldn’t help it but smile as I inhaled his sweet scent.
Tae Ho’s pov
I jumped up and punched the air! I did it!! Yeah I did it!! I k!$$£d her, I will never brush anymore.
I can’t brush her sweet taste away.
I stared at my face in the mirror, still handsome. Why wont she allow me k!ssher when I am still this handsome?
I giggled and went to the car. She was standing by the car.
“have the answers” I said and threw her my maths note.
She picked it and got into the car. I got into the car also and we both went to school.
Chi Min’s pov
“hi” I heard Someone call, I turned back to see Do Jung.
‘stay Away from him, he is a bad guy’ Tae words rang in my ear. I looked forward and kept on walking.
“Chi Min” I heard him call and he tapped me.
“oh hi Do Jung, your face looks a bit out of place” I said and he smiled a bit.
“it’s okay, are you avoiding me?” he asked and I looked at him carefully.
What’s really between this two guys?
“of course not” I replied
“Tae asked you to avoid me?” he asked.
“no, not at all….. Okay maybe” I replied.
“I knew he was going to tell you to stay away from me so he can have his way. Chi Min, be careful” he said.
“Be careful of who?” Tae Ho’s voice interrupted.
“Do Jung, I am warning you, stay away from her” Tae said, held my hands and took me to clas-s which was deserted.
“I told you clearly to avoid him” he said and caged me in a wall.
“I tried to” I said trying to push him away.
“what a disobe-dient maid I have” he says and quic-kly pe-cked myl-ips.
“what… What… Did you just do?!!!” I half yelled looking around to make sure no one saw us.
“that will be your punishment anytime you go against my rule” he says and I held back smiles.
What’s wrong with you Chi Min, you are supposed to be mad at him right now.
“Bye” he said and stared at me for a while before pe-cking my cheeks.
I am not sure this guy knows how much effect he has on me.
“I didn’t do anything wrong” I quic-kly said.
“you didn’t reply when I said bye” he sm-irked and turned to leave.
He got to the door before looking back.
“let’s go eat in the cafeteria” said and I snorted.
“not going” I replied and crossed my arms
“want another k!ss?” he asked and I quic-kly followed him.
He laughed and we both went to the cafeteria.
At home
I sat on Tae Ho’s be-d staring at my maths equations, another as-signment. I was eating ch!ps too.
“here you go” Tae says and gave me a cu-p of orange jui-ce.
“thanks” I mumbled and drank from the jui-ce.
“what are you staring at?” He asked.
“maths, another student maths equation” I replied.
“if I help you in getting the answers, what do I get in return?” he asked.
“c’mon, don’t be so stingy boss, help me out, plea-se” I pleaded.
“nothing is free, I will help you with it if you….” he giggled.
“if you give me a pe-ck for each question” he says and I went red.
“ugh? What the….. You are so unbelievable…. I would rather go for detention” I replied.
“according to what I know, for not performing your maths questions, you don’t only get detention, you have to wash the windows, serve as a errand girl for all including your juniors” he says and I [email protected]
“that bad?” I asked and he nodded.
“very bad” He affirmed and I closed my eyes.
“you are wasting time, I am gonna increase the number of pe-cks per question” he said and I quic-kly pe-cked his cheeks.
He smiled and giggled.
Tae Ho’s pov
I am never going to scru-b my cheeks anymore. I smiled as Chi Min looked away blu-shing heavily.
I quic-kly solved the maths equation.
“first one done” I Said.
“wow, so quic-k. My boss is a genius” she says and i smiled proudly.
“another pe-ck to unlock the next answer” I said and she gro-an ed before pe-cking my cheeks
I grinned and quic-kly did the second question.
“this third question is a bit [email protected] so it has to be……a pe-ck on thel-ips” I said and she [email protected]
“you….. ”
“don’t bother cursing me, you are just gonna be punished, I was just trying to help” I cut her off.
“you are being too difficult” she replied
“time is being wasted” I said impatiently.
“okay, close your eyes” she said and I did.
I felt herl-ips on mine but before she could pu-ll away I held her to me and k!$$£d her, she tried to pu-ll back but I am stronger yunno.
I felt something spark in me, something I had never felt before. Tae Ho, get a hold of yourself.
I broke the k!ssand stood up hurriedly.
“I…. I… Will just solve this” I stuttered and quic-kly solved the equation.
“bye, good night” she sage and rushed out.
I la-id on my be-d thinking and wondering what all those could be, those sparks, those bu-tterflies and beautiful emotions that ran throu-gh me?
Could it be that…that I am falling for my… My… Maid?
💎💎Episode 25💎💎
Chi Min’s pov
I turned and rolled on my be-d and then sat up frustrated.
“thinking about something? Or….. Someone”Mira asked, the girl from the other day that kept on asking me several questions.
“I am not thinking of anything or anyone” I replied and she sat on my be-d
“your name?” she asked
“Chi Min, Song Chi Min” I replied.
“nice name” she commented.
“so you are thinking of Tae?” she asked and I slowly nodded.
“I knew it, I knew something was going on” she said excitedly.
“don’t tell anyone about this” I said and she gave me the ‘mouth sealed’sign.
“so tell me, have you guys have k!$$£d?” she asked in a whisper.
“hmm yes” I mumbled with a nod and she stared at me as if in a daze for several minutes before bur-sting into laughter.
“oh my! I can’t believe this” she says and st©pped laughing.
“how many times have you guys k!$$£d?” she asked.
“twice today and pe-cks…. I can’t really count” I replied and she held my shoulders
“oh my! Oh my!! You guys are really something else” she said.
“you like him?” she asked.
“no!! Not at all!!!” I yelled and everyone turned to stare at us I gave them a weird smile and they all looked away.
“Mira, tomorrow, let’s talk tomorrow” I said and quic-kly la-id on my be-d facing the other side.
The next morning
Tae Ho’s Pov
I and Chi Min went to school together. While we were in the car,i had the dog in my hand.
we were both silent till I decided to break the silence.
“what name should we give to the dog?” I asked.
“Chi Min, name the dog Chi Min” she replied.
“never, let’s name it Tae Ho” I said.
“Chi Min”
“Tae Ho”
“Chi Min”
“Tae Ho”
” I cared for the dog” she said yelling.
” I won the dog” I yelled.
“the dog is mine” she yelled.
“nope, it’s mine” I yelled back.
“we are going to name it Chi Min” she yelled.
“we are going to name it Tae Ho” I insisted.
“st©p!!! St©p the car!!!!” I yelled and the driver st©pped.
“what are you doing?” she asked.
“let’s go ask some people” I said and we both alighted from the car.
We walked to a guy.
“hello dude, have a look at this cute dog. Should we name it Tae Ho or Chi min?” I asked the guy but he just stared at Chi Min and slowly li-cked hisl-ips.
“what are you staring at?” I asked and got in front of Chi Min.
“I am staring at this pretty beautiful damsel” he replied.
“hey what’s your name?” he asked Chi Min, I dropped the dog and gave him a slight push in the che-st.
“why? Why do you want to know her name? Ugh?! Is she your girlfriend?! Ling time crush?! Childhood sweetheart? Ugh? fv¢k off bastard!!!” I yelled and he ran off.
“why did you s£nd him away? He is so handsome, he would have made the perfect b©yfri£nd” Chi Min said and my eyes wi-de-ned m
I breathed in and out. “I can’t believe this” I muttered and Chi Min picked up the dog.
“let’s leave” I said and we pas-sed by another guy.
“let’s ask that guy” Chi Min said but I held her back.
“no, don’t!!” I half yelled.
“why?” she asked.
“no… Nothing” I replied in a stutter.
“are you jealous?” she asked and I re-leased a nervous laughter.
“me? Jealous of who? You?” I asked and she kept on smiling.
“you are jealous Tae Ho” she said.
“ugh? You are blu-shing?” she asked and I looked away.
“you are really blu-shing” she laughed and I walked away.
I am going to make her jealous, let’s go meet a girl now.
“hey girlie” I called and the girl smiled.
“talking to me?” she asked pla-ying with her hair.
Now is that even a question?
“of course angel, take…… ”
“are you here to ask a question or flir-t with her?” Chi Min asked and I smiled a bit.
“pretty girl, thus dog should it be named Tae Ho or Chi Min?” I asked

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