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What does my husband want Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5.
By Amah
Ladi later [email protected]£ home, the children and I welcomed him happily, he had his dinner that night and as we retired to be-d, I try to find out how his business trip went.
Ladi said he was too tired and nee-ded to rest.
I apologies and let the t©pic slide.
It was after two days that I asked again if his business trip was a success, he said yes it was a big success but still working something out and will go back to the same place soon.
I was happy to hear that. I wanted to be in my best and show my husband the love he deserved.
I try not to complain over his late nights or skipping meal sometimes. I try not to look at the [email protected] that whenever he returns he stays in his car to make some calls before coming in.
I believe they are business calls and he did not want to be disturbe-d.
My husband is a good man who loves and cares for his family, and i have always try to be a good and loving wife to him. I do whatever he asked of me even if is unfavorable to my person.
Ladi is the man of the house and the head of the home and his words supposed to be respected at all time.
I have always supported my husband ever since I met him and he has become my idol. My love for him has never fade within the years. I love him more as each year comes and goes.
Isn’t that how it supposed to be?
Yes, I still remember what he made me do. Is very painful and I know I can never forget my aborted baby but I try to un-derstand that Ladi has a point. He does not want another child. He wanted to focus on the three he has and give them the best.
I used such words to console my aching heart and to see more reason to love Ladi instead of hating him for what he made me go throu-gh.
I was in my shop one day when Salami [email protected]£ in. Salami sat inside with me. She saw that I was very lively and look happier than before.
“You are back to your old self Miwa…I’m happy for you.
She said smiling as I check some calculation on the calculator. I paused from what I was doing and said.
“Well, I have the best husband and amazing children, what more can I ask? They are enough blessing and plus you, Salami…my caring friend. Thank you for always cheering me up. Although sometimes you can be pushy but I still look forward to having you around me.
She laughed and I joined her.
“ehee Miwa, I saw someb©dy yesterday. My children tailor stays around Ladi’s plaza. I was there to give him some material for my kids because my wedding anniversary is coming up and my husband want us to all be in uniform. As I walked pas-s your husband’s big plaza I saw the lady…Miwa, it was the same pregnant lady that was here sometimes ago, she was asking for a bargaining and was very rude in her request. You gave her the material and she walked away. I was mad at you that day…did you remember?
I remembered the lady. I told Salami that I remember who she was talking about and ever since then I have not seen the lady again. She had probably delivered of her baby.
If Ladi had allowed me to keep the pregnancy, I would have also put to birth by now. I will be a nursing mother and looking down on my baby will bring undiluted joy to my heart.
Well, is all in the past now.
I asked Salami to continue that I remembered. I silently prayed that nothing happened to the lady or her baby. I don’t un-derstand where the story was going and I was having mixed feeling alre-ady as I listened.
“plea-se, don’t tell me something happened to her or her child? I remember who you are talking about…what happened to her?
I was inquisitive as i looked forward to hearing the rest of the story.
“Relax Miwa, nothing happened to her. I only saw her yesterday going into Ladi’s plaza. She [email protected]£ down from a car and was carrying her baby. At first I couldn’t remember where I saw her face. She looks familiar and I kept thinking, trying to figure it out. It was while I was at my children tailor’s place it recalled to me that she was the same pregnant lady I met in your shop. I thought she must have gone to the plaza to get something or to see someone but when I was going back home, I decided to pas-s throu-gh Ladi’s plaza and guess what? There she was again…just in time. I saw your husband walking her down to the car that she [email protected]£ in with. I stood at a distance and watch them. He t©uçhed the baby, said something and smile before facing the woman. I guess is a baby girl because I saw a fashionable pink hair band around the baby’s head. Your husband stood there to make sure that the car move before returning back to the plaza. The lady sat at the back of the car with her baby while a man who is probably her driver drove her out. This is not a makeup story Miwa, I saw her with Ladi and the whole thing looks suspicious to me…
I bur-st out laughing at Salami. I laugh so [email protected] at the whole story. Salami was confused as she looked at me thinking I have gone crazy.
What exactly did she want to make out from my husband been kind to a woman and her child? That is more reason why I love Ladi.
I don’t just want him to care only about his family but I also want to see him extending a helping hand to strangers out there who nee-ds help and since Ladi is doing that alre-ady, is a thing of joy and not what Salami should be worried over.
I told Salami to st©p putting negative ideas on her head over what she saw. Ladi was only been kind to the strange woman. My husband probably paid her hospital bill or helped her in one way or the other when she nee-ded help and the woman [email protected]£ to thank him with her baby.
“If you say so Miwa. But since she was there to thank Ladi for his supposed kindness to her why didn’t she also say a common thank you to you the day you gave her a hvge bargain. You gave her that expensive material for almost free and only collected the little change that she was able to offer. Yet, she did not say thank you or return back to do so. But she was over at Ladi’s place to thank him for his kind gesture. I seriously don’t un-derstand but I’m not suspecting anything Miwa, I just don’t like that lady’s attitude that day and seeing her with your husband makes me wonder if she deliberately [email protected]£ down here that day to…
I hushed Salami to st©p talking trash. I was almost quarreling with her for even saying things that are not in line.
She apologized and that was where we ended the conversation.
I did not ask Ladi about anything because it was unnecessary. Salami talk was pointless and I don’t enjoy such petty gossips. Ladi may even pick offense that my friend was indulging me in some stupid gossip, so it was better not to say anything concerning what a chatterbox like Salami said.
After few weeks, Ladi traveled again. Within this period he was away, I [email protected] get him over the phone.
And when he calls, either a baby’s noise or a woman talking at the background.
I was f0rç£d to ask my husband if he was always lodging around women with babies. My husband told me that the cook in his lodge has a baby girl who is just few months old. It was the same place he stayed the last time he traveled.
“The woman’s baby is so cute Miwa. The cook said she can’t keep her baby with anyone, which was why she brings her around. The baby girl looks like our daughter when she was little and I enjoy having the baby around. Hope that is not a problem?
He asked me and I replied immediately
“No….not at all Ladi, I’m actually happy hearing you say all this. You know I love babies and I’m glad that you are getting along over there. I thought you st©pped loving children because of your harsh reaction when I got pregnant but I’m happy to know that you are close to one again and….
He interrupted me.
“Miwa, will you ever forget? Is been fourteen months which makes it more than a year that it happened. I thought you will st©p speaking of that by now. I don’t like this at all. You just have a way of spoiling my evening. I have to go…
“I’m sorry Ladi. I didn’t mean to offend you. i…i…
I was about saying that I may never be able to forget how I got rid of my baby because if the child was given a chance to live, she would have been around three or four months old now.
I’m reminded from seeing a pregnant woman or new born babies. Hearing the cry of one is how my baby probably cried out to me to save her life if she was giving the ability to speak.
I used to see her in my dream when the whole incident was still new. She could have been a baby girl, her smile was beautiful and she keep calling out to me and when I can’t reach her she fades away. For several months now, I have st©pped having such tormenting nightmares.
I was still apologizing to my husband when I heard a woman’s voice whom I as-sumed is probably the cook working in my husband’s lodge.
This time around I heard her clearly.
“Give me the baby, you have been on phone for over 20minutes…. Go and get me the baby’s food on the table, brin…”
Ladi ended the call before the lady will complete what she was saying.
Was that cook been rude to Ladi? That woman must be so ungrateful to command my husband that way without even thanking him for holding the baby for her or she is probably referring to another person not my husband.
Ladi do not like rude and disrespectful women and he dislike women with dirty attitude. He was always thanking and praising me for been different, very respectful and obe-dient to him. Doing everything to plea-se him.
He said that he was very lucky to have me.
And I’m blessed to have a loving husband like him. I’m happy that he is getting around with babies even though he never regretted asking me to get rid of our child.
I don’t know why i can’t move pas-s that, I almost ruined a good evening with Ladi just because I reminded him of the pregnancy he asked me to get rid of.
As I sat alone in my room, I flashed back to Salami telling me about seeing Ladi with a woman who has a baby girl…
I thought of the cook’s baby and how Ladi was acting all “Dad” to the woman’s daughter.
I smiled within myself. My husband makes a good husband and a father, not just to his own kids but to outsider who nee-ds fatherly care.
But I hope that cook was not referring to my Ladi, I hope she is not rude and a disrespectful woman who does not know how to appreciate. Because I heard her say to either Ladi or someb©dy else. “Give me the baby, you have been on phone for over 20minutes….go and bring the baby’s food from the table…
She was saying something else and Ladi ended the call. I’m sure she was not referring to Ladi because my husband does not tolerate women like that who are filled with ill attitude.
I checked on the children that night before going to be-d. Ladi may not call again until tomorrow so no nee-d to wait up for his call.
I went straight to be-d with the love of my husband filling my heart. I hope he comes back from his business trip soon
Episode 6.
Salami [email protected]£ around today, when I saw her I frowned. Ever since she tries to sow discord in my heart against my husband I started detesting her.
She noticed my countenance and withdraw herself from me.
Is been two weeks I saw her and she coming today, I hope is not another petty gossip she brou-ght to share because I will not take it lightly with her.
“Miwa, how are you and the family…and also business?
She asked trying to sound nice, I replied her and asked her about hers and she also replied affirmatively.
“I know why you decided to keep your distance Miwa, just because of what I said that day about seeing Ladi with a woman and child? I meant no harm, I just wanted you to be aware of what I saw and to probably ask Ladi about the woman. But if it was a big offense then I’m sorry. It has not gotten to the extent you are taking it. Even though I saw Ladi again at…
I did not allow her to land, I interrupted her immediately.
“You saw my husband where again Salami? Wait let me guess, you probably went to greet your pepper seller and saw Ladi hvgging another woman with two children? The last time was your children’s tailor that you went to see and saw Ladi with a woman and a baby girl. Listen Salami, I don’t know what you have against Ladi or I but it doesn’t even matter all I want you to do is to face your own family and mind the business that pays you. Ladi is my husband and I did not employ you to be snitching around him. Ladi cannot even be seen anywhere around this state because he travelled and he is not yet back from his business trip. Do you un-derstand? If you are the type of friend that doesn’t want to see other people’s happiness or progress plea-se kindly stay away from me. I don’t nee-d your type around me…
I was not going to [email protected] and watch Salami fill my head with some useless idea. No, I won’t let that happen.
She stood to leave after apologizing again and later said.
“I’m your friend Miwa and I cannot lie or do any harm to you. God forbids such. I will do anything possible within my power to save your home when I see fire because your heart is pure and you deserve better. You cherish your family and most especially your husband and I try to make sure your home is not invaded by hooligans. My wish is for you to be happy at all time and to do what is plea-sing to your husband so that your home will be at peace but I just realize you may be the only one on the sh!pbecause Ladi may not be all he claims to be. And pres£ntly he is within this state. I have seen him twice. Last week and also this week when I visited my mother inlaw that lives in a different local government. I took my eldest daughter there and we decided to st©p in a fast food eatery, she wanted ice cream and chicken. I was sitting with my head bent on my phone, with a donut and pineapple drink in front of me when my daughter who was enjoying her ice cream and chicken tapped me and pointed at a man on the queue who [email protected]£ to buy food. My daughter said “mummy, is that not uncle Ladi? I looked up and there he was. i watch him buy different packs of food and took it to a table at another far end where the same lady with her baby was seated. They ate and even took some away. He did not see me but I saw him. Miwa, you nee-d to confront your husband with what I just told you and see if he will deny it. I know one day the truth will surface….
I asked her to leave my shop and she did.
How can she come up with such lies again? What is Salami’s problem and why is she forming stories that does not sound real.
Ladi was on a journey far away in another state. He is far away from this town or the next town. Is probably a ghost or someb©dy else that Salami saw and mistake him for my husband.
Ladi [email protected] eat out, he doesn’t even like all this fast food or restaurant. I make food for him and package in his food flask most time if he is going to work and he comes home to meet home made fresh food. He enjoys eating at home rather than eating out. Only on few occasion he will ask me not to worry or when I’m not too strong to wake up early to make his food.
Salami is a liar and I will never believe anything she says ever again. How can she see Ladi who was out of the state in a fast food, buying food and eating with a woman?
She better get something doing instead of poke nosing into other people’s affair.
It was after a week that Ladi returned from his trip and as usual I made his favourite meal and he ate to his fill.
After two days I decided to tell him what the big mouth Salami said that she saw him in a restaurant.
Ladi looked at away and did not say anything. He did not deny it neither did he agreed to it. He was just quiet.
I continued talking.
“…I did not believe her, I cautioned her and warned her never to come to my shop again. As far as I’m concern she has cease to be my friend.
All Ladi said was “Good”.
I as-sumed he doesn’t want to talk about things that does not make s-en-se so I let the t©pic to slide.
Few days later, I heard a dream about a strange woman chasing me with a big stick. I was running and saw Ladi standing, he was carrying a baby in his arm. I ran to him to save me from the woman but instead he pushed me away and hvgged the woman instead. The strange woman laughed out before lifting the stick to hit me and I awaken. I sat up from the be-d, looking round.
Ladi was lying awake. He asked me what the problem is, he said I disturbe-d him with my restlessness and finally woke him up and I told him I had a bad dream.
He said nothing, no sign of care, he turned to the other side and remain still.
When morning [email protected]£, I couldn’t get the dream out of my mind. Throu-ghout that day the dream of how my husband couldn’t save me but instead cared for another woman and her child more, who was about to kill me with a heavy stick before I wake up occu-pied my mind.
Ladi was no more the man I married, he has changed or am i over reacting because of a common night mare?
How can I even be thinking negatively because of a mere dream?
I waved it all off and refused to think about it. I love my husband and he loves me and will never do anything that will hurt me. He will chose me over any woman. Ladi usually say that to me and I will also chose him over any man.
He is my better half and I still thank God the day I met him working as a servant to his wicked master that does not care about him.
I remember how I stole for him and was punished by my parents. No man has ever caught my attention like the way Ladi did. Even when his master’s son was doing everything to have me, Ladi was afraid and thought I will leave him because of his master’s son. He was crying like a baby, I consoled and as-sured him that I will never leave him and I kept my promise till [email protected]£.
During his birthday, I bought him expensive phone. He was happy and thanked me. I made different dishes. It was not a big [email protected] just family thing. I always wanted to make his day special.
I thought we are indeed meant to be for life until one day, Ladi was preparing to leave for work, sometimes he takes his phone to the bathroom or drop it with a pas-sword on the table. That is his new method and did not argue over whatever he chose to do with his pri-vate phone. I don’t go throu-gh his phone.
I found out he changed his big and expensive phone which I bought for him on his birthday, a month ago.
He was using another smaller phone, I was surprise and wonder what happened to the phone I bought for him.
The small phone was ringing while Ladi was in the bathroom that morning. He shouted for someb©dy to get him the phone immediately.
My husband do not like me or the kids mingling with his things, I don’t get close to his pri-vate things. I respect him on every side. But with the phone’s continues ring, I began to wonder why Ladi did not take his phone to the bathroom as usual.
Is probably his business as-sociate that was calling him. I took the phone and saw the name on it which was in an abbreviation. I was about taking the phone to my husband when my hands mistaken cli-cked on the answer bu-tton.
I tried to rush and give the phone to Ladi but the voice coming from the background st©pped me. I gently lifted the phone to my ears.
“…the baby was crying throu-ghout last night. I told you to get me a nanny because I can’t be doing this all by myself. Taking care of a baby is stressful. Whenever you are coming over remember to buy more food from that fast food because the one here has finished and I can’t be taking care of a baby and be stressing myself again to the kitchen. She is running temperature this morning and I nee-d you to drive down here as soon as possible. I guess Ziza want to be with her daddy. Your daughter nee-ds you and I also nee-d you. I don’t un-derstand or care how you want to do it but I’m no more comfortable with this shift. I’m also your wife Ladi. You are here today and over to your maid of a wife tomorrow. I want to be with you at all time…I and Zazi want you here or you take us to your big house. Your maid of a wife is not the only one that deserve the good things….i also want to live in that big house with my daughter. Ladi… Hello Ladi…why are you not talking? Why are you not saying anything…you just kept quiet…hello….hello…
I quic-kly ended the call and dropped the phone when I heard Ladi coming out.
Water dried off from my mouth, my leg shakes. I must have heard wrongly or could this be a dream, was it a wrong number? Is the woman insane to have mistaken Ladi for someone else?
What is happening? Could this be real?
Questions crowded my mind. Ladi was in the room in no time.
“Miwa, I thought my phone was ringing? I asked someb©dy to get me the phone…why didn’t you bring it since you are close to it?
He asked authoritatively while drying off his b©dy.
I try to sound calm and collected.
“I’m sorry! I was about doing that when the caller ended the call. I was waiting for it to ring again so that I can get it to you…
I was still talking and was about to ask him where he kept the big phone I bought for him when his phone began to ring again.
It was the same abbreviation name that makes no meaning to me.
He picked it and told the person to calm down he will call her back. He apologies for something and answered yes to so many things the caller was saying before the call ended.
Ladi got dressed and left the room and out to his car in a hurry. He told me that some customers were waiting for him and he nee-ds to go and see them.
He did not even eat the breakfast I left for him on the table.
As he was about driving out of the compound, the only idea that [email protected]£ to my head was to follow him and know where he is really heading.
I quic-kly changed over to something less suspicious. Picked up a taxi instead of using my car and asked the cab man to speed after my husband’s car.

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