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v!rg!npr©st!tût£Episode 15 & 16

(😱 The crazy slut is a vir-gin? 😱)
🍭 Episode 15 🍭
Eric’s pov
I stood up and took Kate’s hand. “Calm down okay? Everything is gonna be fine” I as-sured.
I got a call from Henry and the cops that they’ve reached the location which turns out to be a deserted area.
We entered the car with Kate and Matthew, driving to the exact location too. It was a long drive, it took us almost one hour.
“Sir, there are too many men in that building. The Police are doing their job now.” ‘Henry said.
I looked at the tall building which had a fence. The gate was locked but the police are going to find their way in.
Finally, the police got to open the gate. Pointing their guns as the walked in, carefully looking around.
“Kate, you should go back. It dangerous” I whispered into Kate’s ear but she was proving stubborn.
“Nothing is gonna happen to me since am with you” She replied and held me ti-ghter.
We st©pped when we saw a group of boys pla-ying cards. “St©p now everyone and hands up” The one of the cops said and they turned.
They raised their hands up in the air and follow three officers to the van outside.
Now, we are looking for Kate’s sister. We climbe-d the wooden stairs, checking the while room but no sign of Jane.
Jane’s pov
Suddenly, the man who [email protected]£ to me earlier [email protected]£ in again looking so furious as he landed a [email protected] on my face.
What the fv¢k!
“You bit-ch! How did they know you were here? Did you text them any message? Where’s the phone you used?” He yelled
“I never call anyone, you alre-ady collected my phone. So there’s no way I can make a call” I answered .
“Well, your bit-chy friends are outside. Obviously, to come take you from me” He laughed like a mad man.
“Even the cops can’t catch me. Just watch while I take them down with this bomb in my hand.” He added and raised a device up.
My heart skipped. His phone suddenly rang and he picked it.
“Yes boss, they had taken the boys away. Just remain I and the girl” He said over the phone.
“We couldn’t catch the other girl. Okay”
“Guess what bit-ch? Your Andrew is coming soon today. Don’t think of shouting for help cause no on can know that there’s a secret un-derground room down here” He pointed and I sighed.
😈 Uncle Andrew’s pov 😈
“This is getting out of hand. I should have asked him to bring Jane to Nigeria. Those stupid police are around d the building.
I trust victor, he won’t let me down.
“You have seven good days to live if you don’t provide your child any of your family member” says the priest.
I just have seven days to live. I nee-d this girls for crying out loud. I don’t want to die yet at this age.
Kate’s pov
We kept looking around but we couldn’t even find a single soul in the building again.
Where did that man keep my sister.
We’ve even asked the boys outside but it seems like none of them are about to confess.
It made want to cry but I nee-d to stay strong for my sisster.
“Sister Jane” I called lowly.
“Don’t worry you gonna find her” Eric patted my head.
Jane’s pov
I kept trying to lose the rope the fool tied on my hands which was working. The smoke from the cigarette he was smoking was killing me.
Finally, I got to lose the rope on my hands and I was also lucky that he was facing the window.
I managed to lose the one on my legs and stood up. I crawled to the door and opened it carefully but the stupid door had to make a noisy sound.
“What?! You bit-ch! You can’t get away from me, you know that” He snarled but I didn’t st©p running.
Just keep running to different directions, I looked back and saw him pointing a gun re-ady to shoot but I still keep running.
I was feeling tired, I could hear my name been called.
That must be Eric and Kate. They really [email protected]£.
“Eric, am down here” I shouted.
“Where? We can’t find you” Kate’s voice spoke.
I got a door and opened it, climbing the stairs and was trying to open another door but it was too heavy to open.
I ban-ged the the door many times till I was short of strength. The man [email protected]£ to meet with a sly smile.
“I told you that you can’t run away from me” He said and pointed the gun at me.
“Am not gonna kill you, but am gonna weaken you and… I still have to take your sister too” He pu-ll-ed the trigger.
The bullets hit me on my arm and leg, I screamed cursing him un-der my breath.
He dragged my weak b©dy up and was taking me back to the room again. Halfway, we heard gunsh0ts upstairs and I was happy when I saw the two cops, Kate and Eric coming down.
“fv¢k!” The man said and ran with me.
“Even if I run, I still nee-d to take your sister down and I don’t think I will be able to fulfill my promise to your father. I gotta kill everyone here” He dropped me [email protected] on the floor.
“Hands down now or we gonna shoot you” The police said but I wasn’t able to witness the scene again as I blacked out.
Kate’s pov
The idiot was grinning and before I knew it he had pu-ll-ed the men down with his gun. Though they were still breathing.
“I can’t spare you guys you know, now that was easy for me. Am taking the three of you to my boss ” He pu-ll-ed the trigger again and hit me on the leg and also Eric’s leg twice then his arm twice.
Did he want to kill him for me? I swear I won’t spare uncle Andrew.
“Oh you might be thinking how will I escaped without the police knowing. Haha don’t worry I know the way out”
🍭 Episode 16 🍭
Kate’s pov
I was just too weak to do anything. Totally weak. Blood was everywhere. Our blood.
We should have brou-ght the whole cops in here but the boys in van are gonna escape.
Have never suffered like this in my life. I can’t believe someone is after me. My uncle!!
Even the two cops were still on the floor gro-an ing in pain. I managed to take the gun one of cops was holding.
The man had carried Eric away and had come back to take my sister who had pas-sed out then he’s coming for me too.
“You know am really admiring your S-xy b©dy since you [email protected]£ here. How about I have a taste of you?” He said lvstfully.
He ca-ressed my b©dy and I st©pped him.
“You should know that we can’t make out her” I replied se-ductively.
“Don’t think I can be too carried away with your b©dy or beauty. Let’s do that before you meet my boss”He answered grinning as he [email protected]ñk my as-s.
I gulped [email protected] secretly looking at him. He’s just ugly.
He opened a door leading to a silent environment. I mean no one not even a bird is In here. He dragged me even when my leg was hurting. He didn’t care.
We got to a car and he pushed me in, seeing my sister’s b©dy lying down there made me shiver.
And Eric, he managed to hvg me and said a dangerous word in a sweet tone.
“Kate, you are about to witness how someone die. Would you love to see that?” He said weakly and was alone grinning.
“Eric what are you trying to do? Don’t try something silly” I warned.
“Don’t worry sweetie, we are surrounded by the police. Am sure the phone is still with him, don’t worry we are safe”He said.
“But are you going to kill him?” I asked and he laughed.
“Of course! That’s if he proves stubborn. I won’t think twice. Just stay calm okay? Nothing is gonna happen to you” He replied.
“You guys still have the nerves to talk? Hey you! I thought you are dead” The idiot said.
My face turned red. His driving was too rou-gh. Am sure he’s taking us to uncle Andrew.
After hours of driving in the bush or let me say forest, he finally st©pped by a river with a ferry tied to a big tree.
We [email protected]£ down weakly, we just looked like an unfed slaves. I pitied my sister so much. She hasn’t wake up since then.
I pray she’s still alive. The man carried her and dropped her on the ferry. I was still struggling to stand while Eric was secretly glancing at his phone.
The man mustn’t know that his phone is with him cause he collected mine alre-ady but couldn’t find Eric’s own cause he had kept the phone in his bo-xer.
Eric’s pov
We were on the ferry as the man was driving, there are many ways to kill him but am keeping him for some reasons.
My phone [email protected] and I checked it. The police were following us they’ve st©pped just by the river.
I guess there’s no boat. Gosh!
“Can you guys just use the helicopters? I will text you when to come” I texted and s£nt the message to them.
We got to the seashore, and cane down. The man carried Jane as usual while we walk behind him.
We can just run here, we can just kill him right there even if we are weak. It looks like we are fools, following him foolishly but I really nee-d him.
He’s also the one who will lead us to uncle Andrew and that stupid god of apara…. Whatever he call it. That god’s name is really awful.
10 minutes later……
We got to a place where there are many huts. About a 100+ men were there holding guns. Different guns.
“Wow! Who is this pretty you brou-ght victor?” He was pointing to Kate and I felt like [email protected] him.
He shouldn’t make any move on Kate else he’s not gonna like it.
“Oh Paul, these three are boss’ victims and don’t try any thing on that girl, she’s taken by me tonight” He grin.
What?! He’s gonna what?
I looked at Kate so see her reaction but she was smiling. What the heck?
She’s even smiling. Well I trust her and she’s smart enough to hold the guy down. I would see what she’s gonna use but I won’t be able to hold myself if she loses her v*rginity to that fool.
There were many prisoners in here, some were so skinny which looks like they haven’t eaten for days.
Gosh! This man is wicked!
We kept walking till we got to a cell, which was different from the others. It was a clean one though but this place irritate me.
“Here’s gonna be your room till boss come back from Nigeria. Just had to arrange this place for you as a special guests cell, and you…” He pointed to Kate.
“I will be expecting you on my be-d by 8pm” He said lewdly and locked the cell door.
Finally, Kate’s sister woke up and stood up from the cold floor, leaping to the cell door.
“How do we get here?” She asked weakly.
“Sister, you nee-d to calm down. Uncle Andrew is coming soon and we are planning to stay here till he come back from Nigeria. And don’t worry the police will come rescue us when it time.” Kate explained.
“Wait, are we still in Russia? I mean this cell looks old, scary and are we the only one in here?” She asked again.
“Yes, I guess we are still in Russia. we aren’t the only one in here.
This is just another cell different from others. Ours is far from them.” Kate replied.
“Gosh! I don’t know why this man had to be my father for crying out loud” She yelled.
“See all of us are just suffering for the crime we didn’t even commit. That man wants to kill is for no reason.” She added.
“It okay Jane, we gonna be free soon. Just calm down” I said and patted her leg since she was standing and I was sitting.
“Eric, about that guy who wants me this night. How about I use the drug on him? I mean the drug is still with me” Kate said and I [email protected]
Gosh! I totally forgot!
When the man was taking her phone back then, he had took the drug and asked the use of the drug.
She said. “Am not feeling too well, so I take the drug with me. Everywhere I go”
And he believed, giving her the drug back.
“Drug? Which drug Kate?” Jane asked, confusedly.
“Hmm.. sister Jane, don’t worry am gonna explain that to you later” Kate answered.
“Yes! You can but who knows if he doesn’t want to take a drink”
“I know how to do that. He…… ” She st©pped when my phone beeped again.
“Sir, the helicopter is re-ady, should we come now?” I re-ad.
“No, not yet. I nee-d the their boss to be around before you guys come. Henry burn down that building and take the boys to the station.” I replied and de-ep my phone back to my pocket.
“He didn’t take your phone?” Jane said and I nodded.
“I kept it in a safe place.” I answered and the door from the other side bur-st open.
An unknown man was coming until Jane’s eyes beam.
“Phili-p!!!! How come you know we were here? Oops I forgot you work with Andrew” Jane said.
“Hi guys, am Phili-p. Well I and Jane has been working together to pu-ll Andrew down. He will be here tomorrow so get re-ady.
Hmm… Do you know any cop number? We nee-d some police officers to help us too” Phil-ips aid.
“Yes, they are re-ady. Just waiting for my order” I replied.
“Good, I nee-d to go now before I get caught. Bye Jane, Kate and Eric” He smiled before leaving.
How did he even know my name. That doesn’t matter.
Jane explained why Phil!palso want Andrew down. He killed his parents right in front of him. All he nee-ded was revenge.
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. I just pray tomorrow is gonna be the end of Andrew. That son of a bit-ch!

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