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To k!ssa prince Episode 5 & 6

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Written by Author Jedi
Chapter 5
🌹 Karina 🌹
I stared at the guards in front of me, blinking repeatedly hoping they would go away and all these would just turn out to be a crazy dream I just had, besides me k!ss!nga random guy in the city of Monaco should be dream.
“plea-se step out of the room ma’am, so we can leave the king and the queen are not to be kept waiting.” The guard who had just informed me, that I’m nee-ded in the palace says. Okay what the heck is wrong with this b©dyguard, he is really getting on my nerves.
“Sir, I think you’ve got the wrong person here and definitely the wrong Karina. I’m a tourist, I also do not have anything to do with the king or the queen, so I’m definitely not the girl you’re looking for.” The guard sighs then showed me the screen of his phone, lo and behold my picture was right there on the screen. What is going on, are they trying to kidnap me.
“Uhm, I think I would love to take my purse or my bag from inside my room, I will be right back.” I said nervously going back into the room. Once I was inside my room, I closed the door behind me really quic-kly.
“Do you think they are saying the truth.” Angel whispered from behind me, I jumped in fright. When I saw it was angel, I placed a hand on my che-st glaring at her. It’s not surprising that the both of them were actually eavesdropping.
“I don’t know, how am I supposed to know.” I whispered back.
“Well, they could be saying the truth and the only way for us to find out, is by going with them to the palace.” Sylvia says.
“What!.” I uttered.
“Oh geez. What Sylvia is saying, Karina, Is that we are going with you to the palace.” Angel says in a bored voice. (plea-se note, we are still whispering)
“But what if they are not going to the palace.” I asks in fright.
“What if they are going to the palace.” Angel retorts.
“Karina, do you know what’s like to be invited to the palace, by the king and queen. Girl, this not a chance you would want to ever miss.” Sylvia whispered, a little bit loudly.
“That is the problem Sylvia, how would I be invited to the palace. This is my first time in Monaco, what possible reason would the king and queen have for summoning me to the palace.” I uttered throwing my hands up in the air.
“Well, we will never know, until we go there.” Angel says in a bored tone. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe them right now.
I bit my l!pde-ep in thoughts, after a while of thinking I raised my head up and said, “fine, let’s go.”
I walked out of my room with my friends at my back and I was shocked to see the guards still standing right outside my door. Like, what are they still doing here with all the time I wasted, I was hoping they would be gone by now. Ugh.
“I was s£nt to get you only, miss Karina.” The guard who has been on my nerves since forever, says.
“Well, I’m not going anywhere without them.” I replied with a sm-irk.
“Yeah, She’s not going anywhere without us.” Sylvia concurs. The guard frowns, I guessed he didn’t expect that.
He thinks for a while with a frown on his stoic face then says, “Okay, fine. Let’s go.”
“Well the more girls I bring, the merrier.” I imagined him saying that in his head. Oh God, I hope I’m not getting kidnapped.
“What!!.” I exclaimed. Let me do a quic-k rundown on what happens hours ago. Now, I was indeed taking to the palace with my friends, after that I only, was taking to see the king and queen, my friends weren’t allowed. I think, that actually pained Sylvia.
Anyway, I bowed to the king and queen nervously, hoping they would be like. This is not the girl we s£nt you to get, blah blah blah and then I will be asked to go home but none of that happened. The king and queen had this smile on their face, they called me by name (which got me really shocked) served me nice delicacies. All in all it was a blissful feeling but everything turned sour when the king had not only showed me the picture of the guy I k!$$£d but had also told me that random stranger is his son, the crown prince of Monaco. Now at this point my beating heart, accelerated.
“You are getting married to my son.” This was how the queen has said it, in a casual manner, this is marriage we are talking about, marriage is for a life time!!
Let’s forward back to the pres£nce, I’m sitting on the damn couch having a look of shock on my face, staring at the king and queen, hoping they would start laughing and be like, we were just joking, they did not do that.
“I don’t get you, your majesty. Why do I nee-d to marry you son.”
“In our kingdom here, we have a rule that whoever takes the prince first k!sswould marry him.” The king explain. I stared at him for a while, not blinking. What kind of rule is that. Who the heck in his normal s-en-ses would make that kind of stupid rule, so what if the prince get k!$$£d by an animal mistakenly, would he marry the animal. Uhg.
“Your majesties, I was dared to k!ssyour son by my friends, actually they dared me to k!ssthe next guy I [email protected] eyes on, and your son was that next guy. I’m just a tourist in your city, I know nothing about the rules here. If I had known I wouldn’t have k!$$£d anyb©dy.” I cried out hoping they would see the fact that I’m a tourist, and their rules don’t fall on me, I guessed.
“What size of shoe do you wear.” The queen asked. I’m confused, I just said a speech, a heartfelt speech and she’s asking me what size of shoe I wear. What the heck.
“What?.” I asked confused.
“I nee-d to know your size, so I can s£nd it to the Royal shoemaker, he nee-ds to make you a perfectly gorgeous shoe to match perfectly well with your wedding go-wn.” I stared at the queen, like I really stared at her. I stared at her so [email protected], I won’t be surprised if my eyes falls out of my socket. I’m beginning to think I do not un-derstand English anymore, or maybe the queen is actually speaking french or Chinese. What the heck; gorgeous shoes, wedding go-wn. I have come to a conclusion that I’m dreaming, all I’ve got to do is wake up. Yeah, I definitely nee-d to wake
Chapter 6
🌹 Karina 🌹
“Wow, I can’t believe you are getting married to the crown prince of Monaco.” Sylvia utters excitedly.
“I also can’t believe in few months time we are going to be friends with a princess. Don’t you even dare forget us, Karina.” Angel says giving me the don’t you dare eyes. Seriously?. I’m beginning to think the both of them are not my best friends, I also think they don’t really like me, as much as they said. I just narrated my whole ordeal with the king and queen to them, and here they are being happy. I can’t believe the both of them right now.
“The both of you are the worst kind of friends, a girl like me could ever asks for.” I said with an eye roll.
“You are wrong, we are the bestest of friends, you could ever wish for.” Angel retorts sticking her ton-gue out. In reply to her silly attitude, I rolled my eyes.
“Come on, Karina, it’s gonna be fun.” Sylvia, says sitting on the be-d next to where I’m laying on the extra, extra, large soft be-d.
“Karina, Sylvia is right. Come on, look at this room, how wi-de and expensive it looks. Not to talk about the fact that, you have your own personal maid and two b©dyguards. Damn, I wish I could be in your shoes right now.” Angel utters, looking at the be-droom giving to me by the king and queen in utter amazement. Ugh, they would never un-derstand. What is all this money, wealth and status, if there would be no love involved in my marriage to the prince. Yeah, you heard it right. My marriage to the prince. I tried ma-king the king and queen see reasons with me, and un-derstand my plight, they didn’t. They did not un-derstand my plight, instead I was giving a room in the damn palace, my luggages was brou-ght from the h0tel by the guards. And finally, my parents are on their way to Monaco cause my wedding is in three days time. Three freaking days.
It has always been my dream to plan my own wedding, but in this case I haven’t even seen my groom more of even planning my wedding. I heaved a sigh, I feel sad.
“Hey, why the look.” Angel asks with a concerned look.
“I don’t know, okay. What if the prince wouldn’t like me, or what if he hates me, what if he doesn’t treat me right.” I questioned, getting up from the be-d. I walked to the window, stared at the stars decorating the evening sky.
“Hey, don’t talk like that. I think you have forgotten who you are, the rare gem of lake City. Karina, you are loved by everyone, who wouldn’t fall for you. The prince would [email protected] eyes on you just once, and he will fall for you instantly. So st©p having such thoughts, okay.” Angel says softly, placing a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to stare at her, “I really hope you are right.”
“Of course she is right, the prince would fall so damn [email protected] for you. Come here.” Sylvia opens her arms wi-de, and I happily got in. Angel joins on the hvg, I smiled contentedly in the arms of my Best friends. If I’m going to get married to a prince I know nothing about, which is something I would never do but I hope he would treat me right.
😠 George 😠
I paced around my room, really worried or should I say really angry. Who the heck is that girl? How dare she just k!ssme? And to say I actually enjoyed it, ugh.
Now because of an unknown girl, that I’ve never met in my life before, my parents now have a way to get me married or was this there plan all along, did they asked the unknown girl to k!ssme. Could this be a plan work between my best friend and my parents. Besides, he was the one disturbing me to come outside and take a stupid walk. It can’t be a coincidence right?. Arghhh.
“Hey man.” James greets walking into my room. The anger in me raised up to a notch and without thinking I rushed over to my best friend and punched him on his face.
“What the heck man? What was that for?.” He questions sitting on the floor, having a look of shock on his face.
“Don’t [email protected] with me James, how dare you team with my parents against me. How could you stab me like this man.” I yelled annoyed.
“What are you talking about, I would never go behind your back and work against you. I thought you know me.” He yelled, equally annoyed.
“Oh really, yesterday you were the one asking me to go for a walk and then what happens. I get k!$$£d on thel-ips by an unknown girl.”
“So.. what has that got to do with me. I wanted you to just take a walk around the city, so your people would still know they still have a prince and also because you’re always in here. You’ve got to believe me, I know nothing about that girl.” James yelled out in defense, spitting out blood from his mouth. Damn, his saying the truth.
“Sorry bro, I’m just annoyed with this recent development.” I apologise helping him get up. He sighs shaking his head at me.
“I said I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, you should be. I can’t believe you would even think I would ever betray you.” He utters in disbelief.
“I said I’m sorry.” Geez, how many times does he wants me to say sorry, geez.
“It’s okay, anyway what do you want to do now. Do you think your parents are responsible, and I don’t know if you know that your marriage [email protected]£ has alre-ady been announced.” He asks, sitting on the couch pouring himself a glas-s of wine.
“Yeah, I alre-ady know that. And I do believe my parents are responsible for this, they set me up with that girl.” I spit out, hatred clouding my mind, heart, and [email protected]
“Hmm, so are you going to get married to the girl.” James asked.delete
“Maybe I won’t, maybe I will. But if I do end up marrying her, it would be welcome to hell for her.” I said with a sm-irk.
“I am so afraid for her right now.” James says.
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