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To k!ssa prince Episode 3 & 4

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Chapter 3
😎Prince George 😎
“What is this meeting about.” I asks dryly walking into my parents pri-vates sitting room.
“I know you don’t have respect for me and your mum but could you at least show us a little respect by greeting I and your mum.” My dad king Anderson says. I sm-irked at him gr-abbing an apple from the glas-s plate on t©p the center table. “Are you going to tell me why I’m here or I should leave. I must tell you, I’m a very busy man.”
The king sighed, staring at me with his usual, any minute I’m going to b!ow up expression, “You are a disgrace to this Royal household. How can you be slee-ping with every girl you [email protected] eyes on.” He spits out angrily, ban-ging his hand on the glas-s table.
“I have absolute no idea of what you are talking about, I’m a v!rg!nremember.” I took a bite from the apple in my hand, then tossed it up and caught it. I know they want me to fall in their tra-p, and get married but it’s not happening. Never.
“Don’t [email protected] with me, George.” King Anderson growls.
“Am I pla-ying dumb with you father, you should know that’s something I will never do to the king of Monaco.” I said my voice full of mockery.
“You might think no one knows of you stupid S-x life but I do, and the very minute I have proof you’re getting married to the girl.” Ha! This old man wouldn’t give up, would he? We have this weird rule in my country that whoever I k!ssor make out with, would be my wife. But guess what, this old man would never have proof against me, cause I’m extremely careful. Most of the girls i have had thing or two with, would always come to the palace and tell my parents I have had S-x with them but it never works cause they don’t have proof.
There was a [email protected] time when my parents had tried setting me up with this girl, I can’t remember her name. Anyway I had found the [email protected]£ra she had installed in my h0tel room, ever since that day I’ve been more than extremely careful. There’s no way I’m letting my parents get me married.
“I can see this is just a waste of my prescious time, I will take my leave now. Have a good day, king and queen.” I gave a slight bow of mockery to them before walking away.
💎 Karina 💎
“Hmm, hmmmmm. This so freaking delicious, you guys nee-d to try the barbajuan.” I [email protected] ed out in pure delight as I took a bite from the barbajuan in my hand. From what I learnt so far, barbajuan is Monaco National food.
“Nope, you should try the pan bagnat, I never knew sandwich could taste this good.” Sylvia says her mouth full. I went on to buy the sandwich, I took a bite from it, just like Sylvia had said, this is the best sandwich ever.
The ringing of my phone caught my attention, is my mum. I swipe the green bu-tton then placed the phone on my ear. “Sweetie have you arrived at Monaco.” My mum asked, oh geez I can’t believe I forgot to call my mum to inform her I’m at Monaco.
“Yes mum.” I answered.
“That’s good to hear, your dad wants to speak with you.”
“Okay, give him the phone.”
“Hey little flower.” My dad voice comes throu-gh the phone. Little flower is his name for me, and I love it.
“Dad.” I called.
“Little flower don’t forget to s£nd some pictures for I and your mum okay.” My dad said and I nod my hear, forgetting the fact that my Dad isn’t here with me. “Yes dad.” I voiced out.
“Good and don’t forget to call us everyday.” I smiled my dad is just like this cause this is my first time I’m travelling out, he just have to un-derstand I’m no longer his little girl.
“Yes father I will. Dad, I’ve got to go now, I will call you later.”
“Alright little flower. Don’t forget, daddy loves you.”He says.
“I love you too, dad.” I replied him, then cut the call. I love my parents but sometimes they could be really overbearing.
“Come on girl, let’s go. There’s still a lot of Monaco we still nee-d to explore.” Angel yells happily, I rolled my eyes at her, before I could reply the both of them, dragged me by my hand. Maybe I’m regretting bringing them along.
🤴 prince George 🤴
“Today it’s a wonderful day, don’t you think my prince.” James voice pene-trates into my amazing dream. What the heck is wrong with him, why won’t he just leave my alone.
“What the heck, James.” I yelled sitting up on the be-d, I glared at the James who is currently next to my room window. The idiot just opened the damn curtain, ma-king the annoying light hit my eyes.
“I heard you went to see your parents yesterday.” He asks, ignoring the fact that I just uttered words at him.
“Yes, and so what?.” I asked dryly.
“Nothing, just asking. What do you think if we take a walk around your kingdom.” He says looking out the window, I rolled my eyes at him and la-id down back on my be-d.
“Come on, don’t you think taking a walk around the country of Monaco would be much more better than stay in this room all day, I’ve got to tell you the weather is really good for a walk.” He pressed on.
I sighed sitting up, “Fine, alright.” I gave in, knowing his not going to leave me until I agree with him.
I sighed tiredly, taking a walk it’s a bad idea. I smiled at those I nee-d to smile at, waved at those I nee-d to wave at. Ugh. My b©dyguard were standing really far away from me. As the prince I’m not allowed to have my b©dy guard really close to me, why? Because the people would think I seeing them as a threat.
I was still waving at some of my people when a girl walked up to me in fast strides, I didn’t get the chance to react when she held me by my collar then merged herl-ips with mine. She k!$$£d me.
The k!sslasted for a few seconds, after the k!ssshe walked away leaving me speechless. What just happened.
Chapter 4
🌹 Karina 🌹
“You know, I’m beginning to think the only reason why you said no to Austin, and the other guys before Austin is because you’re not into guys.” I spilled out the water in my mouth, on hearing what Sylvia just said. What does she mean by I’m not into guys, why would I not be into guys? Geez.
“Of course I’m in to guys, where the hell did you get such idea that I’m not into guys.” I uttered looking at her shocked.
“I think Sylvia is kind of right, like, if you were into guys you shouldn’t have rejected all those guys who had asked you out and don’t you dare say they were not your type.” Angel says, the both of them got to be kidding.
“Okay prove it, prove to the both of us that you are into men.” Sylvia says with a sm-irk on her face. Okay…, what the heck is going throu-gh her head right now.
“Yeah that’s true. If you want us to believe you’re into men then you’ve got to prove it.” Angel concurs.
“Okay…, fine, how do I prove it.” Now, I know I shouldn’t have said that knowing the kind how crazy, my friends could be. But I still went on to say it why? Well I would love to know what crazy plan they have for me this time around.
“You are going to prove yourself by k!ss!ngthe next guy you [email protected] eyes on.” Sylvia says with a sm-irk.
“What the heck Sylvia, I can’t just go and k!ssthe next guy I [email protected] eyes on. The both of you forget it, there’s absolutely no way I’m doing that.”
“Hmm, okay fine. I guess we just have to keep on believing that you’re not into men then.” Sylvia says with a sigh.
“I don’t care.” I replied her walking away.
“Are you sure you don’t care, cause I wonder what the people of lake City would think when they hear their beloved Karina is not into men. Is gonna be heart breaking.” Sylvia says in a sad tone, what in God’s name is wrong with her.
“So you’re going to go round the town spre-ading fake rumors.” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.
“Nope, did I say I was going to ever do that. Angel, did I?.”
“No, you didn’t say such Sylvia.” Angel answers with a sm-irk.
“Karina all we are saying is for you to k!ssa guy, a random stranger that’s all. We are in Monaco, nob©dy knows you here. You just have to k!ssone guy and after that we are out of here. Come on Karina.” Sylvia persuaded. I gro-an ed inwardly then sighed, “fine I will do it but on one condition.”
“Yes! What’s the condition.” They both ask excitedly.
“The both of you will not disturb me on anything concerning relationsh!pever again.” I said with a serious look.
“Yeah sure, we won’t.” Sylvia and Angel placed a hand on their che-st and made a promise that they won’t disturb me on anything concerning relationsh!pever again.
I rolled my eyes at their foolish displa-y, then went on to look around for any guy, my eyes landed on a guy in sunglas-ses waving to some people, I took in a de-ep breath then walked over to him in hurried steps.
I didn’t give the guy a chance to react as I held him by his collar, then merged ourl-ips together. Once I was done k!ss!nghim, I walked away.
“How did you guys find my little show back there huh?.” I asks my two shocked best friend with a sm-irk on my face, walking past them.
“Wow, that was intense. Who knew Karina had it in her. Like girl, wow.” Sylvia exclaims walking behind me.
“We have a deal, no more talks about relationsh!ps.” I said with a lopsided grin.
“With that show you just pu-ll-ed off, I will never talk about relationsh!ps anymore.” Sylvia declared.
😤Prince George 🧥
What the heck happened, how could she just walk up to me and k!$$£d me.
“George, king Anderson is on the line. He said he wants to speak with you.” James whispered in my ear. Wow, they are fast.
“Tell them, I do not want to speak with them.”
“I’m sorry George but your father said if I don’t get you to answer the phone call, then he will have my head cut off from my b©dy.” James says in a desperate voice. I know he is lying, my dad never said that.
I sighed, then asked him to give me the phone. “How can I help you king Anderson.” I said into the phone boredly.
“You should know the reason why I’m calling your son” he replied, I could literally smell arrogance from his every words.
“No I don’t.” I actually do.
“I will just believe you actually know nothing. But anyway, I’m sure you un-derstand with the event that happened not to long ago, it’s means preparation of your wedding has alre-ady begin.”
“What are you talking about.” I asked, trying to [email protected] I’m totally clueless about what you’re talking about card. I guess this time that card didn’t work for me.
“Ha, my son you are so funny. Anyway, could you kindly tell me the name of the girl you just k!$$£d, I would love to know what name I should use in the wedding invitation card.”
“First of all, I don’t know her name, I do not know anything about that girl. Secondly, she k!$$£d me, I did not k!ssher.” I growled. There’s no way I’m letting them get me married to that girl, a girl I knew nothing about.
“At this rate son, I don’t care if she k!$$£d you or you k!$$£d her. Besides it’s your first k!ss, remember, you’re still a vir-gin.” He says in mockery then hung up. Agrhh, I better not [email protected] hands on that girl, cause if I do, she’s so freaking dead.
😐 Karina 😐
“OMG. I can’t still believe I did that, earlier. How could I have k!$$£d a total stranger, I know nothing about. Gosh it’s so crazy.” I laughed out walking into my h0tel room alongside my friends.
“Yeah, I was kinda surprised you even followed throu-gh, I thought you would back out. I was so surprised seeing you k!$$£d that guy.” Angel says, joining me in my laughter.
“I actually don’t know what got into me or how I got that [email protected], gosh this is so unbelievable.” I said out loud plopping down on the be-d. Sylvia and Angel la-id down next to me on the be-d. After a few minutes of silence a knock on the door breaks the silent.
“Did any of you called room service.” I asked the both of them, having a look of confusion on my face.
“No.” Angel and Sylvia answered at the same time, shrugging.
I got up from the be-d, walked over to the door and opened it, I saw two men dressed as b©dyguards standing in front of my h0tel room. “Erm, how can I help the both of you.” One of the guard looks at the screen of his phone then raised his head up to look at me, “I’m afraid you would have to come with us Karina, you are nee-ded in the palace.”
First of all, how the heck did they know my name.
Secondly, why am I nee-ded in the palace.

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