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The unpredicted love 2 final Episode

Here comes the awaited day-Wisdom’s wedding with Tochukwu Desmond.
It has been a successful month to all initial students of WISS. Jennifer had finally been engaged by d!¢kson. It was a big surprise to her at an expensive restaurant.
“I know how quic-k or awkward this will sound” d!¢kson had put his hand inside the inner pocket of his suit and brou-ght a box of ring. “plea-se, i want to make you my wife”
“Yes, i will be your wife” Jennifer smiled as an afterthought..
Yes, the months had been so joyous. Even as Linda delivered a baby boy, Kingsley proposed to her immediately right in the labour room. The nurses couldn’t believe it!
“I can’t wait any longer to see you by my side. plea-se, marry me” he had said kneeling beside the be-d.
“Yes, i will marry you” Linda replied with tears in her eyes and brou-ght his head closer for a hvg. The nurses [email protected]
Even Vivian found her missing rib during Melody’s wedding with Edwin and was proposed months later right in the resident of Christian, the proposed husband.
“This has been my dream, my joy and happiness to see you standing beside me as my wife. plea-se, will you marry me?” he had said.
“Yes, i will marry you!” Vivian had replied then they k!$$£d.
Yes, it has been a melodious months. Due to Wisdom’s records academically, he gained employment in an oil company where he was paid close to a million naira a month, even, Kingsley and Tochi who was employed as a medical doctor. Edwin got a successful carrier likewise others.
Now was the awaited day of Wisdom’s wedding. Nob©dy wanted to miss it-home and abroad. Wisdom preferred it to be done in a whiteman’s standard, in a catholic church. The church was a big cathedral filled with crowed-both white and black because friends from London who had never dreamt of coming to Nigeria [email protected]£. Mr Anuma didn’t miss it. He adjusted his eyeglas-ses again when he saw a red carpet spre-ad from the entrance of the church to the alter.
“American wonders, in Nigeria. Well, lets see how it goes” he thought with a smile and concentrated.
Esther, Calista and Linda were alre-ady with babies in their hands sitting with their husbands and fiance respectively. Vivian sat close to Christian, Jennifer to d!¢kson and Edwin to Melody whose pregnancy remained a month to be due. Maria was also there with her children from the man who impregnated her and was f0rç£d to marry him by her father in other to wipe out shame.
Suddenly, a melodious song was heard from the choir then everyb©dy stood up-the bride, Tochi was coming on the red carpet. She was glowing with beauty in her sparkling wedding go-wn. It was a day she never expected with an unexpected love for an unexpected person. As she walked gently according to the beat of the song, she flashed back on how it all started at WISS, then began to shed tears-tears of joy.
Tochi, the personanongrata.. Tochi, the dirty girl.. She had gone abroad and protected by God for the unexpected love of her life throu-gh her friend, Linda, who also started shedding tears when she saw her climbing the alter in tears.
The song st©pped.
Everywhere was quiet. Anyone who knew how they started began to shed tears except Mr Anuma who adjusted his eyeglas-ses again as the vow went on. Even Wisdom couldn’t help it anymore, tears ran down his eyes as he finally put a ring in Tochi’s f!nger seeing her in tears too.
“You may now k!ssyour bride” the priest announced then Wisdom gently unveiled her and k!$$£d her. There was a loud roaring [email protected] then che-ster smiled..
Wisdom’s house was a storey building given to him in allowance by his company. He [email protected]£ out of the bathroom with just a towel on his [email protected]!st. Tochi could see his muscular and attrac-tive b©dy from the be-d, with some hair on his che-st. She wore a transparent pejamas which showcased her [email protected] She had no [email protected] on. One could see her big b—-t with the n—–s standing £r£¢t.
“Why are you smiling?” Tochi asked Wisdom when he climbe-d the be-d.
“You know why I’m smiling” he replied.
“I don’t know”
“I’m smiling because you are nervous”
“Liar!” she hit him ro-mantically then stared into his eyes. “I’m not nervous”
“Then let’s see” Wisdom began to k!ssher and t©uçh her b—-t but suddenly st©pped. “I said it! You are nervous. Look at how you are [email protected]” he laughed.
Tochi jumped on him with a sour face butl-ips in smile. “You are looking for my trouble now oh!” she began to hit him with a pillow. Wisdom turned her and began k!ssher again. He undressed her. He could see no hair down there as he s—-d her b—-t down to her stomach. He got really [email protected] and inser-ted his d–k inside her v—-a then Tochi screamed S-xually for the first time (vir-gin). She was f0rç£d to hold him ti-ghtly as the S-x went on..
She later gave birth to a set of twin girls and her mother and wisdoms joy knew no bound.
Years later, Sam finally begged Linda for forgiveness and was forgiven but never had the child.


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