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The scent Episode 25 & 26

🌷🌹🌹🌷🥀🥀 THE SCENT🌹🌹🥀🥀
The ban-ging of my head woke me up. Using my both hands to ru-b my sleepy face,I sat up.
What! I sle-pt on the floor?
I looked beside me and saw,
Oh my! Amelia was slee-ping peacefully beside me.
I quic-kly took my eyes to my b©dy, and when I saw that I still have my clothes on, I breath a sigh of relief.
Thank Heaven I wasn’t slee-ping n-ked today. But, how come I sle-pt on the floor last night?
“Aaaaaaash!” I gro-an ed again when the ban-ging was getting intense. And then I remembered. How I got really drun!kyesterday, How I started jabbering ru-bbish to Amelia,
I covered my face ashamed when I realized and remembered what I did to her.
I kssed her?
I kssed her in my drun!kstate yesterday.
How am I going to explain things to her when she wake up?.
“You fck up Dwayne!… You really fv¢ked up big time!… Kssing her when she was asleep is better than kssing her when she was awake!… Don’t you get that!?”I scolded myself inwardly.
I looked at her face and smiled. She’s pretty when she’s asleep.
I remembered what she told me yesterday. She talked as if she doesn’t hate her!. As if she doesn’t despise her for what she did to us!. I think she forgive her alre-ady.
The reason why I got angry was because of her. I don’t care being a beggar!. I mean am a Man!… I still have the heart and b©dy to withstand all those things beggars withstand.
But she? She is a girl for Christ sake!. A fragile lady!. She’s not supposed to be abandoned the way she did to her.
But since she made you her mind to forgive her, Who am I not to?.
I stared at her again, and believe me, herl-ips!… Herl-ips are one temptation I don’t think I can withstand.
So Rossy and round!. A full,thick, plump l!pI don’t think I can resist. I really can’t believe she’s Oona!. Now I know why her SCENT is so calling. she’s Mom daughter! Am not Mom son. So that means we ain’t related right?
I think am falling for her. Not a crime right?.
I lowered my head, and slowly,and steadily,I placed myl-ips on hers. And this time, I got caught in the act because her eyes flvstered open immediately myl-ips met hers. Am [email protected]!.
“Sir Dwayne?” She talked into my mouth and I quic-kly straighten myself.
“y -yes!”I answered nervously.
She also sat up ru-bbing her eyes.
“Sir Dwayne,are you okay?” She asked worriedly.
“A…am.. okay!” I replied her. And thank my destiny she isn’t talking about the k!ss.
“Sir Dwayne you really got drun!kyesterday that you even did the thing I saw you doing this morning when I woke up”she explained and my eyes wi-de-ned.
What! She doesn’t know what it means to k!ss someone?.
“Wha…wha… what do you mean?” I asked pretending not to know what she was talking about.
“You..did..this”I saw her t©uçh herl-ips.
“Wha…” Before I could finish my statement, I felt herl-ips on mine.
“This! did this!” She said innocently.
God! She doesn’t know what she’s doing to me right now!. She doesn’t know how cruel a 30years old grown up vrgin man can mean in this kind of situation.
Not that am actually a vrgin though. But just once. I did it but it’s been long.
“What!… don’t tell me you were still drun!kwhen you did it this morning…you don’t remember?”she asked surprisingly.
What! drun!k? She’s really ma-king me feel nervous.
And to avoid such situation,I quic-kly stood up.
“Sir Dwayne,your face is turning pink shade!” She commented and I [email protected]
No way in hell! blu-shing is meant for women. She must be mistaken.
“We are returning to my Mansion”
“Now!” I added.
” Really?… have you decided to forgive her?…are you really going back there?”she asked all at once.”
I ignored her questions and headed outside.
I got outside and she also did.
“Go and wait for me inside the car” I told her before pressing the bu-tton on the door.
I remembered that I broke a lot of bottle yesterday. But when I woke up this morning,I couldn’t find any. Could it be Amelia alre-ady cleared my mess?.
I stylishly stare at her, and my eyes met hers. I quic-kly looked away. Why is she staring at me hun?.
I looked the door and proceeded to the car. I got into the drivers seat and drove out of the small pent house.
I was still driving when i heard the grumbling of her stomach. It was so loud that I felt guilty. If I wasn’t so drun!kyesterday I would have ordered or at least went out to get her something. Now,am the reason she haven’t taken anything since yesterday.
Thankfully,I saw something that looks like a restaurant. I quic-kly pu-ll-ed over and I saw the confused look on her face.
“I guess you are hungry so let’s just eat before heading back”I explained.
” I also nee-d a hangover soup”I quic-kly added.
We both got out of the car and she was the first to enter the restaurant. She must be really hungry.
I got to thee address Lucy s£nt to me and it was as I heard. The Moor’s are one rich of a family. 5,000 dollars isn’t worth it. Just too low for someone of this high clas-s. I think I just have to change her plan and include mine.
“Let’s have a look at her first before deciding!” My inner mind scolded.
“Yes !…let’s have a look” I agreed.
Getting out of my car,I made my way to the door. I knocked once and the door flew opened. Hun? It’s a guy that opened up.
Her son?
I thought that btch said her son left the mansion alre-ady. She even told me that this isn’t her house but her son’s.
“Hi Sir…. plea-se who are you looking for?” The silly boy asked.
” Where is your MOTHER?”I asked him coldly.
I ain’t here to Converse with a little silly boy.
“Mother?…I don’t have a b©dy sir!” He replied and I saw the fear in his eyes.
No mother?…he must be an errand boy then!.
“Who is that?…” I heard a woman’s voice asked.
“Who is there?” She asked again.
The boy opened the door wi-der and I saw her face clearly.
“Drake?” She asked surprisingly.
“Rachel?” I called surprised too.
I can’t believe this!.
Rachel is Mrs Moor?.
Rachel? The same Rachel who was the cause of my half split face?.
My first love?….my girlfriend when I was still in school?.
“What are you doing here Drake? Why are you here?” She asked dragging me inside the house.
I really can’t comprehend it at all.
“What happened?…what happened then?” I found myself asking because the last time I saw her last was the night we got bombarded by armed robbers in school.
Their boos claimed to be the one who should be [email protected]!ngher and not me. And when I tried to argue,he had cut opened my face.
That night,Rachel ran away. And since then, I haven’t set my eyes on her until today. So I want an explanation. I fckingly want an explanation before i put a knife into her fcking ne*ck.
“It was my dad!”she said sadly.
Her dad?
What does he have to do with this?
“When I told my dad about everything that happened, he got really afraid, so he asked me to travel out of the state and finish my education!”she explained and I calmed down a bit.
I won’t take it if it was that she left me then to follow Mr Moor or what’s he called!.
“Am sorry!…am really sorry!” She pleaded.
“It’s okay” I told her.
“Nice to meet you again!”I said sincerely.
“Why are you here?”she asked still having the surprised look on her face.
“To kidnap you!”I went straight to the point and I saw her face wi-de-ned.
I have no intention to lie to her anymore. And I also have the intention to kidnap her.
To hell with 5,000dollars!
“W….w….w…who?” She stuttered confusingly.
“Chill!…at least since it’s you, am not going to give a $h!t if it was another person!”I told her sincerely again.
” So yesterday,…I was enjoying what life has for me when I saw her call [email protected]£ in!”I started explained when the door opened again to reveal a young Man and a pretty lady.
“Mom?” He called and I saw the happiness in Rachel eyes.
It seems she wasn’t the one having that confused look earlier.
“Dwayne!!!….Oona!!!!” She called before I saw her ran to hvg them both.
Family reunion him?
After we were done eating, we continued our journey back to the mansion. It wasn’t long we got home. And when I was about to drive inside the mansion,a car was packed on in front of the gate. Blocking any car from going in.
The car wasn’t inside though. But outside parked in front of the car.
A visitor?
“Let’s just walk in.”I directed at Amelia.
We got in and the door wasn’t locked.
There Mom was sitting on the couch. I also saw Alex standing beside her. I took my eyes to the last person sitting on the couch.
A man? I can’t recollect seeing this man before. His face is Scary!… So scary.
“Mom?” I called confusingly.
“DWAYNE!… OONA!” She called happily before running to [email protected] us.
“My baby!” She cried ruffling our hair both.
” Mom!”I hvg her.
Even though is isn’t my mom and I don’t even know where my real parents were buried, I still loved and cherished this woman.
She’s my Mom. Even if she didn’t birth me she’s still my mom.
She dis£ngaged from the hvg and went back to sit on the couch.
“Drake, meet my son and daughter”she said smiling up at the man.
“Dwayne, meet my long term friend Drake!” She introduced and I gave the scary man a little smile.
” So you have a pretty daughter too?” I heard the man asked and I drag Amelia to stay at my back.
“being protective hun?”he asked coldly. His voice like that of a killer.
“So as I was saying, I was paid to kidnap you!” He said and I [email protected]
Kidnap Mom? Who?.
” She paid 5,000dollars to carry the job out”he said again.
” Lucy! Lucy Smith!”he dropped and I flin-ched.
” WHAT!?”Mom yelled and trust me, I was alre-ady boiling in anger.
I feel like killing her!.
I feel like [email protected] her!.
I don’t even want to know how Rachel is connected with Lucy.
After I had told them that it was her who paid me to kidnap her, I could see and recognize the rage boiling in his eyes.
Her son’s eyes.
“That [email protected]!”he roared clenching and unclenching his fist.
If not that he’s Rachel son, I would have advised him to join me in my business.
Fck!….the dude has the spirit!.
“I will kill her!…I will squee-ze the life out of her with my both hands!”he yelled angrily.
“Can you just chill?…. just chill boy!”I advised him.
“Calm down Dwayne”his mother even though she has the same angry look in her eyes,still managed to calm his son down.
“Drake, if we should go to the police, can you repeat all what you just told us?”she asked and I chuckled.
What she don’t seems to un-derstand is that, Poison don’t give a fv¢k about anyone. Be it the police.
And one thing about me is that, I don’t lie. Despite that $h!t a lot.
“Why not!…you wanna include the uniform?”I asked and she nodded her head.
My eyes followed her as she stood up and picked her phone from the center table. She Made a call. To the police I guess.
After that, she settled down and silent settled with us. His son and daughter were just standing their like a fcking half of the yellow sun. Boiling in rage and anger.
The only thing I want to know is, even with this amount of anger, would he be able to kill her?. Rich young boy won’t have the heart.
Not long after, the door bur-st opened and four heavily built uniformed man [email protected]£ in. Pray they have the power of their look.
It took me not more than 10 minutes to explain everything to the policemen. An extra 30 minutes for their interrogation.
The one with a tiny legs but broad che-st was really annoying. Load of questions the bastard was throwing at me. If not for Rachel, I would have help him re-move those tiny legs of his and replace it with a wheelchair.
“Sir we would nee-d you to follow us to the Smith’s mansion”the one who appear to be responsible politely explained.
“We are all going there!… except Alex and Amelia,I and Mom would follow you guys”the dude voiced out.
“Okay then….let’s Move.”
“Lucy,…what happened overnight?… because I know you won’t be this happy without a reason!”I asked giving her a suspicious look.
She has been giggling and smiling while checking her phone since when she [email protected]£ out to sit on the sofa beside me.
“Nothing Mom!…or is happiness a crime?”she said feigning annoyance.
“Oh,I don’t mean it that way. I was just curious as to why you were this happy. And if it calls for [email protected], maybe we should pop some champagne”I quic-kly said to ennoble her pester.
“Yes!.. exactly Mom!…I think we have to pop some champagne for real!”she giggled excitedly.
Hmm. Thank God she is back to her cheerful self again.
“Lucy.”I called when I remembered I wanted to tell her something yesterday but it skipped my mind.
“I want you to go back to Germany and start managing your father’s business there. As you know am too old for that. Moreover,I have a boutique here to manage. So I think that would suit you better.”I explained and trust me I knew I took her by surprise because she doesn’t know anything about her father’s company in Germany.
It was yesterday when my husband lawyer in the country, called me and informed me that, that’s the only property he entrusted to us. The rest he had given to his family. Although,I never believed it. I knew too well what his family members are capable of doing. I know how dexterious they are.
Have even forgotten about the company because before I left the country, I tried all my best to have it in my possession but all trial proved abortive. And that was the reason why I entrusted it to his lawyer before I left.
“Mom?…I said what do you mean?…what company are you talking about?”Lucy’s voice jo-lted me out of my thinking.
“Your father, Mr Smith company in Germany.”
“My father had a company there?”she asked confusingly.
“Yes. Am sorry I didn’t inform you about it. The company has been un-der the management of your father’s brother and that why you thought he was the owner. But now, it has become ours. What am I even saying?…it was ours from the start but your uncle cunningly took it from us”I explained and she [email protected]
“Here I thought my dad never left us anything. I thought he willed everything to his family. But….but…but he actually did gave us something!”
“Mom. I think uncle and Dwayne are business [email protected]?…. does that mean I would eventually become [email protected] with Dwayne?”she suddenly asked and I smiled at her.
“You don’t know but your father and Dwayne’s father were best friend. Your dad’s company is even bigger than the Moor’s corporation.”I explained and I saw her eyes wi-de-ned.
“Really Mom?”
“Yes of course!”
“But Mom, do you know about Dwayne not being Mrs Moor son?”
“What are you talking about?”I asked her bewildered.
“Yes Mom. She gave birth to a daughter not a son”she dropped again.
“How do you know about this?”
“I was…”she wanted to explain when we heard a knock on the door.
“Come in”I shouted because the door wasn’t unlocked.
The door creaked unimpeded and I saw three armed policemen come in.
They must be have mistook my house for another.
“plea-se come in”one said and I saw,
Am confused here.
Rachel? Dwayne?
“Rachel?”I called astonished.
“Madam. We are here for Lucy Smith”the uniformed man asked.
I looked over at Lucy and she had a fearful look on her face.
“That’s her”Dwayne pointed at my daughter.
What’s going on?
Still jubilating inwardly on what my Mom just told me about dads company in Germany. I really don’t expect such because I lost all hope on dad’s property.
My father was well known in all the dusk and peanut of New York. A very rich billionaire. The only thing I ain’t away of was that he was also a friend to Mr Moor when he was alive.
Ever since his death, I and Mom was left with nothing. Dad’s family took all for themselves.
I can’t explain how happy I am when mom said I should go and head the company. So I finally going to become a CEO?
But what about Dwayne?
He isn’t even the right heir to be the CEO.
“But Mom, do you know about Dwayne not being Mrs Moor son?”I asked Mom although I alre-ady knew that she’s unaware of it.
She was surprised because I saw how her mouth opened and closed in awe.
As i was about to explain things to her,we heard a knock on the door.
Mom hollered to whosoever Is there to come in. The door opened to reveal three policemen.
What are policemen doing in our house?
“Come in”I heard one say.
I wasn’t even paying attention to those still remaining outside because my gaze was solemnly on the three men.
“Rachel? Dwayne?”I heard mom voice called and I quic-kly averted my gaze from the three men to stare at them.
Why are they here?…also with policemen?
My heart did a double tumble in my che-st at the thought of my secret leaking out.
But no way!
I don’t think so.
I knew poison! He would never try such.
“Madam. We are here for miss Lucy”
Here for me?
“What for?”I asked with a straight face.
I would never oblige to their accusations.
“You are un-der arrest for attem-pted case of kidnapping of Mrs Moor” the tall uniformed man said and I did a short, sudden intake of breath.
“WHAT!”My mom yelled.
“Anything you say here, would be used against you in the court of law!”the Man added while before he f0rç£fully handcuffed my hands.
“And what evidence do you have for saying that?”I scoffed at them and I heard Dwayne chuckled.
“You really want to know the evidence?”he asked and grunted sourly.
“Drake!…come in”Mrs Moor called and I rolled my eyes at her.
“Let’s see who win or lose in this game”I muttered to my self.
“We met again.Lllllllluuuucccy”a familiar voice drawled and my eyes shoot up immediately to stare at him.
“Poison?”I called uncertainly and he gave me a cross signal.
It’s over?
“Is that enough evidence or you nee-d more?”the f0rç£ men directed at me.
“Take her”he signalled to the two other men.
“What!….wait… Rachel!…why?… Dwayne?… plea-se…save my daughter!”Mom stuttered.
“Am sorry Anna. What your daughter did is unforgivable. So I don’t think she deserves my forgiveness”she gave mom one last look before she dashed out of the house with Dwayne.
“Mom!…mom….Mom plea-se save me!…save me!”I cried when the two policemen pu-ll-ed me r0ûghly and austerely outside.
They pushed me harshly into the police vehicle
“Dwayne!….am sorry plea-se!… forgive me plea-se!….Mom?…Mom plea-se save me…save me plea-se”I pleaded continuously before the car drove out of our mansion.
“I shouldn’t have done it!….I really shouldn’t have done it!”I cried bitterly.
And now that I thought am going to become the new CEO of my dad’s company,
Look at me!
“Handcuffed!”I cried again.
“I don’t want to go to jail!…NO!…i don’t want to!”I lamented.
“I will change!”
“I won’t be too selfish anymore.”
“I promise!”I cried out.

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