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The ring (his woman) Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
🧍‍♀️His woman
💕Shin ah💕
Oh my gosh ! This is a cheque to the central bank of Korean.
Billon’s , gosh I’m alre-ady liking this guy.
Let’s go cash it out , I yelled happily and sprang up my feet .
He didn’t say a thing , he just starred , oh gosh if only he knows what he’ll become with this Billon’s he won’t be starring at me like that .
He pu-ll-ed him by arm and went down stairs , I told him to enter inside my sport car which was parking outside but instead he collected the car keys from me and sat at the driver sit .
What are you doing? Have you drove a car before? I asked in bewilderment.
Nope , he replied amusing me the more .
Then what are you tryna do? Kill me instead of protecting me?, do you even have a driving license?
Nope , he replied checking out the wheels , he seems Happy .
Okay drive and make sure you don’t kill me on the way , I replied and got into the car .
He started the car and reversed like a pro, drove out of the compound ma-king me think that he has actually driven a car before, I mean how on earth did he know how to reserve like that even I find it difficult to reserve always .
I’m being serious, this is the first time I’m driving, he said bringing me out of my thought.
Oh how..
I wanted to ask him how he knew what I was thinking and remembered.
“His a god ”
Without direction, he got to the bank real fast and parked carefully.
We got down and he told me to go ahead and cash out the money .
I went with the cheque and cashed out the money , I mean they were looking at me somehow , I no what they are thinking.
“How in the world will someone young like me obtain such amount of money ?”
They shrugged the feeling off cos of my personality, I’m a popular singer everyone knows me.
The bags of money were too much and I signalled Chi do who was putting on a hoodie to cover his face to come carry the money.
He walked up to me and carried everything in one hand , I wanted to faint but held myself, how in the world ? But then again I remembered “his a god”.
He [email protected]£d me with his second hand and we [email protected]£ out of the bank heading towards my car .
People were outside and immediately they saw me, they started taking pictures.
Chi do didn’t seem bothered , he started the car after we had gotten in and drove off to my house.
I really like this human stuff , he said smiling and I almost had a heart attack.
I kept starring as he drive, I starred with my mouth opened.
Maybe you should st©p drooling cos you might become heart broken, he said with proudness and I frowned .
We got to my house and he parked carefully, we [email protected]£ down and he starred at the money strangely .
Do whatever you want with them now , if you want more tell me .
What ? It’s yours , you’ll purchase a mansion with this , buy tones of cars , different guards , maids, phones , companies anything you want , I proclaimed.
But I don’t want any of those things you mentioned but I can consider buying stuff like this , he said pointing at my car .
He is alre-ady in love with cars .
Maybe you should try car racing, I suggested and he wanted to talk before Pearl’s puppy [email protected]£ running toward me with full speed and he blocked it immediately.
Maybe he thought it was an enemy cos the way the held the puppy he could have killed it , oh poor thing .
No no it’s fine , that’s Pearl’s puppy, I st©pped him before he could do anything foolish.
Just then pearl [email protected]£ running towards us with my best friend Lee mi , and Chi do was no longer in hoodie .
Immediately Lee mi saw Chi do she fainted .
Poor thing , who will blame her for fainting cause of his cuteness? I shook my head sadly as I starred at her lying on the floor .
Episode 4
💎Chi do💎
This humans are too funny , I looked at the female human laying on the floor and scoff.
Carry her up stairs , shin ah said and I glared at her.
I’m not your servant human , I’m just here to protect your as-s , I replied.
So what are we gonna do next ?
Em lemme call my manager to connect real estate manager to us , we’ll purchase your house and cars immediately, I can’t wait to introduce you to my fans , she giggled happily.
Wait introduce me to your fans as what?I asked cos I alre-ady know what she’s thinking, she likes expensive stuff a lot , she wants everyone to envy her , she’s that kind of person and I know she wants to introduce me to everyone as b©yfri£ndor stuff.
Em never mind , she said coolly and smiled before bringing out something that looks like controller , humans call it phone .
She talked to someone and disconnected the call and went up stairs .
I looked at the female human still laying on the floor and bent a bit to t©uçh her fore head .
She [email protected]£ conscious immediately and raised her head to look at me , immediately she saw my face again she fainted .
Oh gosh I hate all this! I left her there and followed shin ah wherever she went to .
She got into something and I followed her into it , what is this ? I asked referring to the thing In which we are in .
This is elevator dumb as-s , she replied and concentrated on the stuff phone she was starring at and giggling .
What is it used for ? I asked again and she exhaled obviously getting pissed at my questions.
Hey don’t act like that , if you were to spend a day in the place I leave you’ll surely ask questions okay ?. I said immediately
OK OK it’s used for transportation , it’s actually easy to use and it saves time and energy, better than climbing numerous stairs , she said and I nodded.
But teleporting is actually easier, I said and quic-kly held her and boom we were alre-ady in her room .
Wow you’re sure a god, aren’t you you ?she exclaimed.
And I nodded and sat on her be-d , it’s actually comfy to my surprise , I closed and eyes and drifted home .
I saw my betrothed , she was looking real pretty , the prettiest demi god I’ve seen and she was starring at me .
We were both starring at each other .
I miss you , she said in my arms and I k!$$£d her fore head .
I miss you too , I replied and she ti-ght£ñed herself in my arms.
Come back soon alright, don’t fall in love with any human there , she pleaded and I smiled at her .
Never , non can be compared to your beauty, I tea-sed and t©uçhed her cheeks and she giggled, our face were drawing near , I wanted to k!ssher , no no I almost k!$$£d her but unfortunately this shin ah human woke me up .
What are you doing my Lord ?she asked in mockery.
Who were you about to k!ss? Is it me by any chance? She asked and pouted herl-ips .
Oh gosh this human is crazy ….

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