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The ring his woman Episode 11 to14

Episode 11
💍The Ring 💕
His woman
💎Chi do💎
I pu-ll-ed her closer as I k!$$£d her real good , I held her [email protected]!st firmly pressing my b©dy against hers.
I wasn’t re-ading her memory or anything I was just k!ss!ngher cos I wanted to not because she even asked.
But surprisedly something happened.
She pu-ll-ed away from the k!ssleaving me shock.
Are you sure you aren’t re-ading my memory? She suddenly asked.
I am not , I simply replied.
Well then , she said and crashed herl-ips on mine.
Slowly she pu-ll-ed me to her room and locked the door , that instant I knew what she really wants.
Shin, I called in between the k!ss.
Hu, she muffled.
Are you sure you want this ?I asked.
Yea, like crazy , she added and we landed on her big be-d.
She ca-ressed my che-st with her hands unbuckling my shi-t, she succeeded in doing it and traced my abs to my torso .
Ah $h!t ! This human wants trouble.
She adjusted properly and sat on my di-ck , ri-ding me well.
She did all this while I let her , it’s not as if I don’t want to but the thought of Kim sun clouded my mind.
What if she finds out ? But I seems to be in love with this human tho I haven’t confirmed.
She st©pped ri-ding me and leaned on me k!ss!ngme all over , my che-st ,face , n£¢k just everywhere.
While doing so , she went for my trou-sers and made to pu-ll it off but I st©pped her and she looked at me.
I told you I want this , she said almost pleading.
. I just can’t , I’m sorry , I replied her and I could see the tears forming in her eye but she was holding it from falling.
Slowly she stood up and adjusted her dress before walking to the door.
Hey I’m sorry , I yelled behind her as she was tryna unlock the door but the door refused to unlock.
I don’t no what she will do next , I can’t re-ad her mind , she has finally learned how to block me out .
Open the door ! Open the door you j£rk !! She yelled even more loudly tears now falling freely from her eyes .
This is what I hate the most , I really feel pained when she’s hurt , it’s as if I’m pas-sing throu-gh torture.
I hate you ! I really hate you so much !! She yelled hitting me .
For the very first time I fell for the wrong being ; a god huh !
You’re such a heart breaker, I really hate you .
I thought..I thought things between us might go well , I thought you’ll be able to accept me for this few month we have spent together but no you still think of me as someone you held to protect .
Protect ? Protect from what exactly? You see I don’t nee-d your protec-tion anymore, I’m telling you here and now that you are free to go back to your more beautiful betrothed , I don’t want to see you ever again , she yelled and opened the door f0rç£fully and slammed it.
I exhaled not knowing what next I should do , you no it’s quite weird that a whole I is confused .
Maybe I should just manage to find the heavenly ring and leave . I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself if I continue seeing her either , I can’t seems to betray Kim sun .
Lemme go back for now and settle myself.
Episode 12
Unknown Pov
Chi do went back to heaven to clear his head, he isolated himself from everyone even Kim sun , he nee-ded to think, he nee-ded answers.
Shin ah on her own [email protected]£ more unbearable sacking people as she plea-sed , acting all bossy in the day and crying her eyes out at night .
Her best friend Lee mi su and her lil sis were the only people she could tolerate.
Things went on like that for days,weeks , months and finally we got to a year.
Chi do seems like he has achieved his aim of self isolation as he returned back to earth, back to shin .
The day she was returning from her concert.
💕Shin ah💕
Things haven’t been quite easy since Chi left .
I regretted letting him go , I regretted ever telling him to go .
I feel remorseful but anger won’t let me .
I just finished my concert I nee-d to drink to clear my throat .
When I was brou-ght home by my manager , I headed straight for my room , I nee-d a shower first.
I opened the door loo and behold I saw someone that looked like Chi do , he was facing the window.
Hey! What the hell are you doing in my room? ;in my house ? I yelled and he didn’t bug .
I picked up my cell I nee-ded to call the security but surprisedly my phone was shut down .
Wait it’s only Chi that can do that , is he the one? I thought and started moving closer to him.
Have you missed me? He suddenly asked .
That is his voice.
Chi….Chi do? I whispered.
And that was when he turned to face me , that instant I almost ran mad with happiness.
How in the world ? I jumped on him immediately holding him ti-ghtly as if he was gonna run away if I left him.
He in turn held me ti-ghtly and k!$$£d my forehead.
I couldn’t believe it ? I starred de-eply into his eyes wondering if he is truly the one .
Chi… I stammered as tears ran down my cheeks.
I heard you turned from bad to worse shin , he said and I couldn’t help it.
Why did you leave me?
Apparently cos you asked me to , he replied losing himself from my grip and walking towards my be-d while I followed like a faithful sheep.
You shouldn’t have , I suffered too much cos of you , I said.
Well its good now that you no my value, he replied.
I’ve always known your value, its just that I was too proud to admit it .
I swear that I won’t ever tell you to leave Chi , I missed you so much , you should have come earlier , I rushed my words .
I went towards him and sat on his [email protected] .
I will never let you leave because…. I love you Chi and I can’t do without you .
I starred into his eyes and cu-pper his face then k!$$£d him lightly.
He smiled at me a little then replied.
Surprisedly I missed you too much huh , it’s funny I did .
I chuckled and he claimed myl-ips in his .
Episode 13
💎Chi do💎
Em shin , I called breaking the k!ss.
Hmm .
Before anything I really nee-d you to tell me where you kept the ring .
Huh the ring? Wait is that why you [email protected]£ back ? For the ring ? No I’m not giving that ring to you , she said getting angry.
I scratched my hair a little .
You see shin I really nee-d that ring , I said coolly .
For what ? So you can become the ruler huh ? She yelled .
Wait how did you no the ring was meant for that ? I asked surprised.
You should have asked why I had the ring , she said .
OK why ?
She stood up and sat at the edge of the be-d and folded her hands.
My grandmother gave that ring to me as I said before , she said it’ll save a great purpose cos I’ll be protected by the heavens, I never knew the heavens will specially s£nd down a god to do it , she told me the ring will make a god the ruler of heaven. I never really believed tho but I kept it cos it was the last memorable gift from her which I’m not planning on giving away, she concluded.
She can be stubborn at times , she is really stubborn.
Shin you no I really nee-d that ring , I said in a pleading tone.
No I’m not gonna give it to you Chi , never! She yelled .
But I really nee-d that ring , I said.
Yea that’s why I’m not gonna give it to you , she replied.
Wait you…don’t tell me,
Yes yes I won’t give the ring to you cos if I do you’ll become the ruler and leave me , she skrie-ked .
Wait so if I don’t get the ring do you think I’ll still stay here , shin I wish I can but can’t, my contract in this human world dies after three years , this is the second year now, if I’m gonna stay with you it will only be for 1 year, I explained.
Then leave everything and stay, I’ve re-ad about gods who do that , it’s possible, she said coolly and sat beside me .
You see being the ruler has been my wish since I was young , you want me to quit being the ruler , what of my betrothed? Seriously I can’t leave Kim we have been throu-gh a lot , I said .
But…but you love me, don’t you ?
That doesn’t change anything shin .
No no it does , it changes a lot , she whispered now holding my two hands , this human is trying to talk me into staying with her.
No I can’t, its forbidden for us gods to fall in love with a human, I said freely herself from me .
Shin no matter how big our love is , it still can’t change a thing , I stood up and walked to the window facing it .
Then you can leave without the ring , she husked.
Really ? Okay I’ll get going now , I announced and started walking out .
She ran after me and held me to herself.
I told you never to leave, didn’t I?
Hmm look shin , I turned and faced her holding her both hands and starring into her eyes .
If I tell you to abandon everything here on earth and follow me , will you ? I asked and she [email protected] and looked at me bemused.
Episode 14
💕Shin ah 💕
I flin-ched and Fred my hands from him…
What the hell….?
I rolled my eyes at him and noticed he was starring keenly at me waiting for my answers , since I’ve been able to bloke him my re-ading my mind ….at that instant I wished he could re-ad my mind cos I didn’t no what to say.
If I’m able to ask him to leave everything and stay behind with me cos he loved me then I should be able to do the same for him.
I..I was about saying when he cut me off
See shin you can reply me later tomorrow, I’ll give you time to think , so think carefully, he told me and vanished.
I sank my f!nger into my hair and sat properly on the be-d ….Yes I no what I’ll do..
💎Chi do💎
Okay this is more serious than I thought but I think I nee-d to clear up with Kim sun .
I asked the watch on my wrist to make me appear where Kim sun is and it took me to her.
She was putting on a white go-wn that flowed all over , she stood akimbo facing the flowers beside the river.
I got close to her and noticed she was in tears, I t©uçhed her shoulder and she turned back.
You no we were supposed to get married immediately your return from earth , she said admit tears and I exhaled bitterly.
I know everything Chi you are about to do the unthinkable , she added and I couldn’t stare at her directly.
But we were betrothed, you said you liked me didn’t you? You said I was the most prettiest goddess didn’t you? Now your step brother is gonna be the one marrying me , she concluded.
I’m sorry Kim was the only thing I could say.
You’re free , I’ve noticed your strong feelings , you can go I’ll just marry your step brother okay , she huffed and left.
I closed my eyes lightly and appeared at the location of my parents, I nee-ded them to know I’ll be valuating the rules .
Next day.
★Shin ah★
I woke up with the answers in mind , I was expecting Chi do to come for his answers and I’ve made up my mind on what my answer will be .
I couldn’t eat , I just managed to brush and take my shower , I made it clear that no one was to disturb me .
I waited for hours , why isn’t he here?
I know that he knows I’m waiting why hasn’t he shown up ?
Could it be he isn’t coming back? Conniption gr!pp£dme as I bite my f!ngersnervously.
No he won’t do it! He won’t leave me…
I waited for hours and sle-pt off while waiting.
I felt a cool breeze brushed against my skin , a hand was tou-ching my hair.
I blinked and opened my eyes wi-dely to see Chi do staring at me .
I thought you weren’t coming back, I said nervously almost crying.
Sorry for keeping you waiting, he ch!pped in smiling and oh I almost fainted .
It was if it was the first seeing him as he [email protected]£ more handsome to me .
I..I wanted to tell you that my answer wil….
He placed his index f!nger on myl-ips preventing me from speaking more.
I’m sorry for asking you to make that decision, I’ll stay here with you no matter what your decision will be , he added and I felt tears screaming down my cheeks .
Out of happiness I pu-ll-ed him into a warn [email protected]…. I was about to tell you that I’ll follow you anywhere and I’m sorry for waiting this long to reply , I cooed as I cried even more .

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