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The prettiest of them all final Episode

Omniscient POV
It was the day that every one was waiting for, the D-Day, the day of the competition tagged ” The prettiest of them all”. The event was held in a castle like building at the t©p of a cliff. It was really magnificent.
The CEO of Starz was giving a welcome speech while staffs were busy backstage getting the five contestants re-ady. People from all walks of life had come to withness the crowning of the new Queen of Starz high, different modeling agency were also there to sign in new models. Newspapers and magazines were having a field day at the red carpet interviewing t©p celebrities.
The whole place went wild when Raymond kings arrived, every reporter and journalists at the event rushed towards him and bombarded him with questions but he just ignored them and kept walking backstage.
Clarissa’s was at a corner brooding she couldn’t believe that despite her efforts Diamond had beat her in the first round “this is your last chance Clar, if Diamond beats you now it’s over so anything you want to do, do it now” she told herself and walked out
Danny and Jessie had arrived earlier but Danny had to go pick up Mr Desmond whose plane would be landing any minute now while Jessie was backstage with Diamond.
“Oh my God, Diamond the crowd is so much am feeling nervous and I’m not even competing” Jessie said
“St©p it, you’re make me nervous” Diamond complained
“Sorry, I didn’t really know much about modeling but I’m sure you would kill it”
“Okay contestants the competition will begin soon” one of the officials began ” it has two stages, in the first stage you’ll be judged by your glow up, so you’ll be putting on the swimtrucks. While in the second stage you’ll be judged by your posture stride and charisma.
Make sure you are at your station when your name is called else you’d be disqualified, it doesn’t matter if you are the clear winner once you are disqualified that’s the end of the road for you, so good luck, break a leg and may “The prettiest of them all” win”. He said and left.
People, workers and contestants alike whispered amongst themselves immediately Ray entered the dressing room
👥 It’s Ray, it’s Ray, can you see him?
👥 Of course I can see him, st©p hitting me
👥 He looks so h0t in that tux, I feel like ripping it off his back
👥Shhhh, he can hear you
👥 ooops, Did I say that out loud?
“Girls” Ray thought and rolled his eyes as he walked towards Diamond and Jessie
“Hey Ray, you’re late” Jessie said as soon as he got close to them
“I’m sorry, I got held up outside, is Danny back yet”
“No, can you stay with Diamond I nee-d to use the restroom”
“Okay” he said and faced Diamond ” how are you doing”
“I’m scared, what if I go outside and the heels break or people laugh at me or I nee-d to pee, or a monsters comes to get me or….”
” Or your legs grows to big for your shoe, or you just can seem to move, st©p worrying Diamond, who are you?” Ray asked
” I’m your princess” she responded
” I can’t hear you”
“I’M YOUR PRINCESS” she shouted
“Yes, you’re my princess and you going to be fine, infact you’re going to win. If worse comes to the worst imagine everyone in their un-derwear”
“Ewwwww, so disgusting” she made a face which caused Ray to laugh
“Alrigh all non contestants should leave the dressing room and all contestants to your positions the competition is beginning. Ray, we nee-d you to open the floor” a staff said to Raymond and he nodded
“I’m going now, mom’s in the crowd towards the left Danny has gone to bring dad, Jessie will join them there, you might not see me but we’ll all be cheering for you and make sure you don’t leave this place without guards, I love you” he said to Diamond and pe-cked her on thel-ips as they dragged him away.
The competition had officially begun and every one was captivated as they watched the contestants walk the runway.the first contestant [email protected]£ up then the second and third before Clarissa who was the fourth contestant. she looked stunning in her red bikini.The most captivating of all was the fifth contestant Diamond, everyone marveled at the way her skin glowed.
Morgana, who couldn’t attend the show, watched it live at home, she scoffed as she Diamond walked down the runway. “It’s just a matter of time, till you die” she said to herself just as her phone rang
📞Tell me” she said as soon as she picked up the phone
📞 He just left the airport now, but there’s a problem
📞 What is it this time
📞 he’s with the detective,
📞 So
📞I can’t get close or the boy might recognize me, I’m supposed to be dead remember
📞Then kill both of them, use a sniper, I don’t care, just make sure Desmond is dead” she cut the call and turned her eyes back on the TV
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The First half of the compete was over and the contestants were getting re-ady for the second. Clarissa was at the t©p of the building fully dressed in a beautiful red dress. She looked at the phone in her hands she had collected it earlier when Jessie was hurry to restroom.
📨 Diamond can you plea-se hurry to the roof, It’s urgent
“Now I just have to wait” she said to herself as she cli-cked s£nt
Diamond was alre-ady dressed in a white go-wn, which had diamonds all-over it when she received the message from Jessie. She was about to go when she remembered that they had been advised not to leave.
“Let me call princey” she said and tried his line but he wasn’t picking. The crowd was being entertained by a famous singer so he could [email protected] hear the phone ring.
“I’ll just go quic-kly before it gets to my turn” she said to herself and left the dressing room. She got upstairs and was shocked to see Clarissa at the edge of the roof, without thinking she rushed towards her and dragged her down.
“What are you doing Clarissa, you might fall from there” she said as she pu-ll-ed her down
“Let go of me let me die, I loved Ray with all my life but you took him. and now the only thing I ever treasured the title of the Queen, but you’re going to take that away too.I deserve it though, after all I’ve done to you, so just go let me die and end my misery” she said and started crying
Moved by her tears Diamond [email protected]£ close to her and hvgged her “nob©dy deserves to die, don’t worry I’ll not compete again, will that make you happy?” She asked Clarissa who nodded
” You know what else would make me happy” Clarissa asked sniffing
“Your death” Clarissa said and pushed Diamond off the roof.
The second half of the competition had started and Ray was worried. He had seen the missed calls from Diamond and had gone to the dressing room to look for her but she was nowhere to be found and nob©dy seemed to know where she went. Jessie had gone to check the rest room as he tried her line, it was ringing but she wasn’t picking
Diamond was at the t©p of the roof hanging to the gutter for her dear life and pleading with Clarissa to save her when her phone started ringing.
“Oh look, your princey is calling, wait let me give you the phone” Clarissa said and stretched the phone towards Diamond “oopps, it fell” she said as the dropped the phone into the river off the cliff.
“You’re evil Clarissa and you’re going to pay” Diamond yelled as Clarissa walked away
“the number you’re calling cannot be reached” Raymond yelled and threw his phone away. The third contestant was going now and Diamond has still not been found. “Have you seen her” he asked Jessie who was running towards him.
” No, and the guards haven’t either”
“Okay, check the west wing and I’ll check outside, it’s Clarissa’s turn now if we don’t find her before Clarissa walks back she’ll be disqualified” he said and ran outside.
Danny was stuck in traffic and Desmond was worried, he really wanted to be there for his daughter. “You know what I think I’ll just make a run for it” Desmond said and opened the door of the car. Immediately he [email protected]£ out he was sh0t. Danny rushed out of the car as he called the emergency line. “Hello a man has just been sh0t in 45th Avenue, hurry” before he could hang up, he was sh0t also.
“Can contestant number five come out now?, Where’s is contestant number five” “well I guess she’s disqualified” the announcer said. Diamond could hear the it from the roof, she was tired and cold, the diamonds were dragging her down and her hands were sli-pping she couldn’t hold on any longer she sli-pped from the roof
Desmond was still outside looking for Diamond, when the people around him began to mummur and point something in the sky. He looked up and saw something twi-nkling like a diamond, he looked closer and discover it was actually Diamond she saw falling fast into the river below. “DIAMOND…..” he screamed and fell to the ground
“Time of death, 11:55pm” the nurse in the ambulance said. Danny had only sustained a minor injury since he was putting on a bullet proof vest but Desmond had been sh0t right at the heart, so he didn’t survive.
Morgana watched proudly as her daughter was crowned Queen for the fifth time in a row, she picked up her phone before it even rang out. “Done and dusted” the caller said. “Good” she said as she cut the call a triumphant smile pla-ying on herl-ips
“It is a sad day indeed, today we mourn the death of an icon, a father and a husband Desmond knight who was sh0t on his way to his daughter’s competition and also the death of his daughter whose remains were found after ten days of intense searching. we only knew her for a few months but she has t©uçhed so many hearts and her memory will forever remain”
“Let’s go” I told my guards and walked out of the funeral. I got into the car and drove straight to the airport, my mom, Danny and Jessie [email protected]£ to meet me there
“Do you have to go” mom asked with tears in her eyes
“Yes mom, there’s nothing for me here”
“Take care son, I’ll come visit” she said and hvgged me
“Take care bro” Danny shook my hands while Jessie just hvgged me. She has done nothing but cried ever since they found Diamond’s b©dy.
“Of course, make sure you take care of her” I said pointing to Jessie
“Sure thing bro” he said and hvgged her
I walked into the plane, I had decided to take a commercial plane because I didn’t want to feel lonely. We’ll return and have revenge. This is my promise to Diamond.
My Diamond.😭😭😭😭
The end
Of season 1
Watch out for season 2
The end

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