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The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 9 & 10

I sat in the lounge of L’Oreal with my manager, waiting for the beauty specialist to get me re-ady for the shoot I would be having for L’Oreal.
“Clarissa, you’re still trending as the number one model in California, but this other model, Dianne, she’s really climbing high in the chart, I’m getting worried” My manager said and I sighed
“What’s there to be worried about, she’s just a model feeding off Ray’s popularity, this shoot is going to leave her in the dust anyway” I replied
“You’re un-derestimating her Clarissa, even though you’re right, today’s shoot will push you higher in the chart”
“Speaking of the shoot, I wonder how long she’s going to take; I’ve been here for eight whole minute, eight!” I told my manager, exasperated
“You have to be patient Clarissa, this is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world; but this Dianne is one heck of a beauty queen” he said looking back at his phone, probably staring at her picture
“Are you trying to annoy me or what?, what are you even doing here?” I asked getting angry
“well, I [email protected]£ here to keep you company”
“do I look like I nee-d a babysitter, or are you just less busy”
“chill, no nee-d to go all strict on me, I’ll leave when the beauty specialist arrive, oh she’s here alre-ady” he said and I turned to look at her.
“Miss Clarissa, we’re re-ady for you” the beauty specialist said coming towards us
“Finally, you really have guts to keep me waiting” I said getting up
“Sorry Ma” she said
“k, I’ll be leaving now” my manager said
“do I look like I care, gosh” I said rolling my eyes as I followed her out. My phone rang and I picked it “hello mom” I said into the phone
“You really should get an as-sistant, I’ve been trying to reach you, the investor called and she said she’s re-ady to sign the do¢v-ments, you nee-d to be there before twelve today”
“Twelve? , I can’t be there by twelve, I have a shoot by twelve, I’m alre-ady at the site” I complained
“Clarissa, you have to be there, this is 5.6 billion we’re talking about, this investor is alre-ady having doubts about you, but I told her you were up to the task, or was I wrong to have trusted in you”
“No mom, but….”
“No buts Clarissa, you’re a supermodel, you can easily postpone the shoot, don’t you dare disappoint me, remember, you’re [email protected] of the reason Knights Empire is bankrupt” mom said and I breathed out, she was right.
“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be there, just text me the address and s£nd your secretary to bring the do¢v-ments” I said and she ended the call. I picked up my bag, walking out.
“Miss Clarissa, where are you going?, the shoot’s about to begin” the girl asked, such nosy staffs
“Can you tell Lauren to move the shoot back two hours, or better still, she should move it to tomorrow, I have somewhere to be” I told the staff
“But the Set is alre-ady…..”
“shush shush ” I shushed the staff “ I said I’ll do the shoot when I get back, by the way it’s your fault for keeping me waiting” I said and walked out
I got into my car and drove out, All this stupid investors, ‘I’m pretty sure she is an old lady, only old people forget things easily’ I thought and shuddered in disgust, I hate old people. My phone started ringing, all this people, just love calling and stressing me out, I thought as I picked the call.
“you said you don’t nee-d a babysitter, but I leave you one minute and you start doing something crazy, why did you cancel the shoot?” my manager yelled in my ear
“will you st©p yelling?, I didn’t cancel the shoot, I just moved it to tomorrow”
“well move it back to today, as in this very minute, Ma’am Lauren is very angry”
“don’t worry she’ll calm down, she behaves like that sometimes, I’ll go back once I’m done with this deal” I said and cut the call. Gosh I hate stress.
“it’s been an hour alre-ady and this lady is yet to come” I told mom on the phone
“This is the twelfth time you’re calling me, be patient Clarissa, she’ll come, she’s just testing you, make sure you don’t leave until that do¢v-ment is signed don’t disappoint me” mom said and ended the call.
Everyone is just asking me to be patient, easy for them to say, they don’t have to juggle two careers at a time. I took a good look at the house, whoever this lady was she really had taste, the furniture looked expensive “but why is there not a single picture of her, is she that ugly, there must be a picture of her somewhere” I thought and wandered around the house, admiring the various artifacts and painting.
“excuse me” a maid said walking to my direction “Ma said I should inform you that she’s too busy to come , you should either drop the do¢v-ments or come some other time”
“WHAT!, what do you mean busy?, first she informs us late and now she can’t come, I left my shoot.., oh what am I doing arguing with you, here” I said throwing the do¢v-ments on the floor “make sure she signs that” I said and left the house. I checked my time, 1:30, “I still have time” I thought and drove to L’Oreal.
“hey you” I called Lauren’s as-sistant as I entered the building “tell Lauren that I’m back, we can start the shoot” I told her but she looked confused “well, get going, you don’t want to get fired do you?” I asked
“But, but, the shoot has alre-ady begun, in fact it has almost ended” she said. It was my turn to get confused
“what do you mean by almost ended, I’m the model for the shoot, the shoot can’t happen without me” I asked her
“I don’t know, you can ask Madame” she said and pointed to the opposite direction, I turned and saw her talking to Ray
“ what was Ray doing here?, does he also have a shoot?” I thought as I walked to their direction
“Thanks Ray, today would have been wasted if not for you, you’re like a ray of sunshine, spre-ading hope and joy, Thanks again” I heard Lauren tell Ray before hvgging him
“you’re welcome” Ray said
“Lauren, what ru-bbish is your as-sistant telling me” I asked her, when I got to where she was standing
“excuse me” Ray said and walked away charmingly
“such a gentleman” I thought admiringly. “Clarissa focus, this no time to drool at Ray” my subconscious yelled.
“and what did she tell you?” Lauren asked
“she said the shoot has almost ended, how can the shoot even start without me” I asked her.
“well we replaced you”
“you replaced me” I scoffed “you’re joking right”
“Clarissa, I’m sure you know how this business runs, we have a deadline to meet up with, the press has alre-ady announced the re-lease [email protected]£ for right skin cosmetic line. you can’t just go running off 5mins to a shoot, and expect me to be happy with it, this is my company for Pete’s sake” she yelled
“ Wow, so you just went ahead and replaced me with a cheap model, because I know you won’t be able to find a supermodel that fast, do you want to lose money Lauren” I asked snapping my f!nger at her.
“actually, I found a supermodel she’s way better than you, turns out she had modeled for products like right skin before in New York, and the companies made billions of dollars, if I had known sooner, I would have picked her rather than you, excuse me” she said and walked away.
“a model better than me, here in California, she must be seriously joking” I thought
“Wow, the model is so beautiful, look at her skin so flawless, she’s perfect for right skin” the staffs murmured and I turned to see her coming out of the dim lighted room, where the shoot was held
“Dianne” I should have known “why is this girl trying so [email protected] to be my enemy” I thought as I looked at her, she was still tying the towel she used for the shoot. Some staff were still taking pictures of her and complimenting her looks, she smiled at them.
“she wants to steal my sp©tlight unh?, since she wants to be the center of attraction so bad, I’ll make her the center of attraction” I thought angrily and walked towards her. She saw me and smiled that strange smile of hers “you want to be famous right, I’ll help you” I said and loosed the towel from her b©dy.
🤭😳😱🥶 Clarissa what did you just do?, my Dianne’s b©dy. lemme not say anything first.
The plan had been successful, Clarissa as expected had left before the shoot, and Lauren had been more than re-ady to replace her, she had actually been the one that asked Ray to recommend a supermodel, I [email protected]£ for the shoot, and “it was perfect” the staffs words not mine. We had just finished the shoot and I was about heading to the dressing room to change into my original dress, since I didn’t feel too comfortable in the towel I had tied for the shoot, when Clarissa walked towards me.
It had happened so fast, I didn’t even have time to register her words when I felt the towel lose from my b©dy, in fact I had alre-ady concluded I was standing n-ked with only my [email protected] on, in front of everyb© seemed like my [email protected] st©pped for a moment, because I could only hear the murmurs of the staff.
“what just happened now?”
“why would Clarissa try something like that”
“is she crazy?, gosh, Thank God, Ray’s there” the staffs around murmured
“Dia..Dianne are you okay?” I heard Raymond ask me and that was when I [email protected]£ aware of my surroundings, Ray had caught the towel, I wasn’t n-ked, I breathed a sigh of relief as a tear escaped my eyelids and I nodded.
I turned to Clarissa, who stood there with looks of both fear and triumph. And with a f0rç£ I never knew I had, I [email protected] her so [email protected], even I was shocked when the palm of my hands met with her face. If my near n-kedness hadn’t attracted the other staffs in the company, the sound of the [email protected] had. She was too stunned to react.
“oh my gosh Dianne just like [email protected] Clarissa”
“she deserves more than that” some of the staffs murmured, while some were just shocked and confused about what was going on. Clarissa finally got her s-en-ses back and wanted to return the [email protected] but Ray caught her hand
“CLARISSA” Ray yelled, his voice shaking the whole building “I have had enough of you” he said pushing her away so [email protected] she fell to the ground. The staff were scared and confused, the securities just stood there not knowing what to do, no one had ever seen Ray this way before, no one knew what was going to happen next, but I did, Ray rarely gets angry but when he does…
I rushed towards Ray and tried to calm him down “Ray calm down” I said in my most soothing voice
“yes Ray plea-se calm down” Clarissa said standing up, all the anger I had pushed down because I was calming down Ray, resurfaced, I turned to her direction, and landed her another [email protected]
“look here Clarissa” I said pointing to her “you might have succeeded in bullying and controlling other models but I’m not some child that you can just bully or push around, that old me is dead and gone, so if you want to keep your face intact, you had better keep your distance because I won’t think twice about ruining you” I said and walked away leaving her beyond shocked, I’m sure no one has ever stood up to her like that before.
Clarissa has always been a bully, one of the ways she stayed at the t©p, the other models were scared of her because she wouldn’t think twice about ruining the career of anyone who crossed her path and also because she [email protected]£ from a powerful home.
I got to the dressing room and changed into my original clothing, I wonder where Ray was, he had walked away earlier, he always does that whenever he gets angry, he did it then when he had nearly killed jack or thrown Sasha into the trash can, I smiled as I remember these moments, when I was still diamond, still stupid.
“ I better call him, his anger must have gone down by now, it doesn’t last but its deadly all the same” I thought as I brou-ght out my phone.
“I’m really sorry Dianne” Lauren said walking inside, I dropped my phone. “I really don’t get what’s wrong with Clarissa. I mean, I know she’s a bully, everyone does, but for her to go that far, I still can’t comprehend, I’m sorry” she apologized again
“there’s no nee-d to apologize, you did nothing wrong here” I told her sincerely
“but still it happened in my company, if I hadn’t brou-ght Clar…”
“hey, Lauren, seriously you don’t have to apologize, how could you have known that Clarissa was one crazed bit-ch” I said and she smiled
“you’re too nice, can you at least help me talk to Ray, I’ve never seen him that way before, he must be really angry” she said worried
“don’t worry, I’m sure he’s over it by now”
“you sure?, because he looked…”
“I’m sure” I cut her off.
“I really hope you’re right, I’m just glad that this scandal didn’t get out to the public, and I’ll try to keep it that way, Thanks Dianne, for everything” she said hvgging me
“you’re welcome”
That Clarissa brings out the worst in people. Mom had brou-ght me up to respect my fellow humans especially the girls, but that clarissa isn’t worth calling a human, she’s an animal, otherwise, how can a woman do something like that to her fellow woman, it’s a good thing I was there on time.
I’m glad Dianne had st©pped me, if not, even I don’t know what I would have done to her, I had walked away earlier since I couldn’t take the anger anymore, mom said I had gotten this trait from dad, he had always walked away when someone was trying to anger him, especially her .
“where are you” Dianne texted and I called her back
“hey baby, sorry for leaving earlier are you dressed now” I asked her
“yes” she replied
“plea-se can you come meet me in the car, I don’t feel like going inside”
“ok, I’m coming” she replied and ended the call. I walked to the car and waited for her, she [email protected]£ soon enough, she was putting on a white b©yfri£ndshi-t that covered up to her th!ghs, and white sneakers, the only pieces of accessories on her was her n£¢klace, watch anklet and probably the [email protected]!st chain I had bought for her, simple yet clas-sy. Diamond had really changed a lot this past two years, and I wouldn’t blame her, who wouldn’t change if they experienced what she did.
“why are you staring at me like that, is there something on my face” she asked as she got in the car , and I smiled staring at her b©dy, the whole event repla-ying in my head. My eyes drifted to her che-st region “gosh Ray are you staring at my b©©b s, and I’ve been talking to you for the past three minutes” aissh she caught me.
“you are so dirty minded, I was staring at… you know?, well it’s your fault, cover yourself up ” I said covering her alre-ady covered b©dy, she laughed
“so are you cool now?”
“yes” I replied “Thanks for st©pping me earlier, I had seriously lost control”
“yeah, I noticed, you looked like you wanted to make a Clarwich, Clarissa sandwich, you should have seen the staffs and Lauren’s face, they were totally shocked”
“good to see you can joke about it, a moment ago you were scared, thinking you were n-ked”
“of course I was scared, but now I’m happy, for starters, I got to [email protected] Clarissa twice, and her reputation has been ruined with Lauren, so one down And three to go, by the way when is Starz going to denounce Clarissa as their model” she asked
“soon” I replied “they are looking for a breach in the contract, so they can easily [email protected] off”
“well they had better be quic-k, I want to get this done with so I can live happily ever after with prince charming” she said and I rolled my eyes later she would say diamond’s dead
“don’t worry your wish will soon be granted”
“don’t tell me you’ve been promoted to a fairy godmother”
“hairy what now?” I asked with a confused look and she bur-st out laughing, that sweet laugh of hers “I too can wait for all this to be over, so I can get married to her, she might have changed in appearance but she’s still the Diamond I knew as a child, the Diamond I met in high school, the Diamond I fell in love with.

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