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The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 3 & 4

Raymond’s POV
I drove to the hospital with flowers for Diamond. It’s been five months since Diamond fell off that building and was almost buried alive or rather half dead, it was a good thought Danny was where he was at that pointing in time or perhaps it would have been a different story.
After Diamond fell, I ran to the bank of the river and had nearly jumped if it wasn’t for my guardian who held me down. The water police was called and a search for Diamond began, it was not until a week into the search that her b©dy was found washed up in a cave far from the river bank.
Her face was badly mutilated and she was ba-rely breathing when she was rushed to the hospital, the same hospital where her dad and Danny had been admitted, on getting there she was announced (D.O.A) dead on arrival.
I thought I had lost Diamond, well not until Danny [email protected]£ and revealed to me that the whole thing was a lie, Morgana had paid the doctor to announce that Diamond was dead, when she was actually in limbo. He had gone to see Diamond’s b©dy after being discharged, when he [email protected]£ across them talking about it.
I called my doctor to confirm his statement, and it was infact true, I had wanted to take Diamond away immediately, but Danny cautioned me against it.
“Morgana is Diamond’s legal guardian, and if she gets a wind of this, she can easily take custody of Diamond, forget the fact that you are almighty Ray, she has Desmond’s money and the law on her side” he had said.
we [email protected]£ up with a strategy to move her, on the day of her supposed funeral. We paid the morgue to give her to us while a dummy was put in her place it had favoured us since the funeral was a close casket service due to her mutilated face. So while they were conducting her funeral, she was taken to New York for proper treatments. I had wanted her to be treated at home but my doctor said her condition was too delicate for that
I got to the hospital and went straight to the doctors office. He had wanted to see me for an important discussion.
“Hey Raymond” he said and hvgged me, he has been our family doctor for as long as I can remember”pls sit” I sat down and he began ” it’s concerning Miss Diamond”
“Has she woken up” I asked expectantly.
” No, she hasn’t”
“Why, you said, she’s out of danger so I don’t see why she hasn’t woken up yet, is it something you haven’t tried yet, do you nee-d more money”
“Don’t insult me Ray, we’ve tried all we can, the thing is she has lost her will to live, when a person loses his or her will, no amount of medicine can help them”
The doctors words continued ringing in my head as I walked into her ward, she was lying there peacefully “I hope you wake up Diamond, I miss you a lot, remember when we were kids you will always fight for me and stand up for me. Why can’t you just fight for me now, fight death for me, I love you so much and you killing me slowly by not waking up” I fought the urge to cry as I held her hands.
“Fight death for me Diamond” I heard this words in a trance and my head started spinning. I kept seeing images but they weren’t clear “fight death for me Diamond” “I love you” “I love you” the images kept spinning till it all [email protected]£ to a st©p. I could see them clearly now. It was a memory
Mom and I just [email protected]£ out of the hospital, she had not been feeling well so she and gone for a check up and had found out that she was pregnant, so we were going to dad’s office to give him the good news.
“So I’m going to have a little brother” little me asked excitedly
“Yes dear” mom answered smiling
“I can’t wait to tell Ray, we’re going to dress him up like a little prince, can we go to Ray’s place, can we?”
“Yes dear, but not now, we are going to tell daddy first”
“Ok mum, but plea-se can we [email protected] the ice cream place, I’m craving for a rocky road”
“I’m the one pregnant and you’re the ones with cravings”
“I’m young and growing mom, what do you expect” I said and mom chuckled
“Ok dear, one rocky road ice cream coming up”
“Yay, I said as we got closer to the ice cream joint but mom wasn’t slowing down”mom slow down we’re going to pas-s the… Awwwn you pas-sed it” I said and turned to look at her she wasn’t looking good she was in a panic ” mom are you okay, why didn’t you st©p” I asked but she didn’t answer she was busy with the [email protected] thingy and there were tears in her eyes ” mom, why are you crying, is everything alright” I asked crying too
“Yes dear, everything is alright, mommy loves you okay” she said smiling and with that she swerved the car to the right hitting a tree. Her head hit the steering, she was bleeding seriously.
“Mom,mom, someb©dy help us” I cried weakly, I was also bleeding and losing consciousness. I saw a lady walk up to the car to my mother’s side”pls help us” I said so lowly that I was sure she didn’t hear.
I looked at the lady closely it was aunt Morgana mom’s best friend, she picked up a broken piece of glas-s”what’s she doing” I wondered
“Dianne, I warned you but you took it as a joke and married the man I love, I admit that I was alre-ady with child, but still babe, Damn, you even went to the extent of conceiving two children for him, my patients has run out and now you have to die” she said and stabbe-d mom in the stomach,and she [email protected] painfully, I was so scared and weak I couldn’t even say a word not to talk of screaming, Aunt Morgana turned to me with the glas-s” it’s not my fault dear, it’s your mom’s” she said and wanted to stab me with it, but she heard people coming and she ran away.
“Mommy, mom don’t leave me, ” I cried weakly, I was also losing too much blood
“Diamond baby, don’t cry, my time has come, but not yours, you have to fight death for me baby, remember good people always win” she said and coughed out blood. “I love you baby” she said and breathed her last.
“Mom!!” I cried as I stretched my little f!ngersto t©uçh her and lost consciousness…
I felt a movement and I opened my eyes to see Diamond staring at me, I was so excited I k!$$£d her. She tried to say something but I couldn’t hear her, only herl-ips were moving. I pressed the bu-tton by her be-d and the doctor and two nurses showed up within seconds to check on her.
“She’s completely okay, [email protected] from the fact that she’ll find it [email protected] to talk or walk for at least a week, she’s perfectly fine. She can write anything she wants to say down” the doctor said and left.
I gave her a notepad to write what she wanted to say she wrote and pas-sed it to me, I looked at it “Where my dad?” She asked and I gulped. how was I going to tell someone who had lost the will to live that her dad was dead and the only suspect we have is her stepmom who’s enjoying her father’s money but I did anyway. I couldn’t see her facial expression due to the bandage on her face but her eyes held anger and sorrow.
“Listen Diamond, I knew it’s [email protected] right now but just know you have me, mom, Danny and Jessie. And Well continue standing by you” I said and she nodded. The doctor [email protected]£ back and injected Diamond with sedative.
I went out of the ward and made a conference call mom to mom and Danny to tell them that Diamond was alive.
Diamond’s POV
I sat still as the doctor slowly and carefully re-moved the bandage from my face. It’s been a month since I woke me up from the coma. Every one in person of Raymond, Jessie, Mom and Danny were happy to see me. They were with me throu-ghout the week of my recovery.
I had remembered everything and there was no way I was going to let Clarissa and Morgana win. I was going to take everything away from them, the same way they took everything away from them. I would start with Clarissa, she adores fame and power I will take that from her,
I talked to Ray about being a model, at first he didn’t buy into my idea but I was able to convince him into training me himself. I was going to chance everything about me, my name, my face, everything. They might think they’ve succeeded whatthey don’t know is that they only ensured their downfall.
Diamond was naive, a child,ignorant, and now dead. I am none of that, I am a f0rç£ to be reckoned with and I Dianne DeVille is going to have justice for the death of my parents and unborn brother.
“How do you like your new face Miss Dianne” the doctor asked turning me towards a mirror.
“It’s perfect” just wait Morgana and Clarissa, Dianne is coming for you.
Diamond is alive baby, and she [email protected]£ back with a new look, so it’s safe to say that Dianne is Diamond 2.0
So how many of you is re-ady for bad as-s Diamond, who doesn’t take $h!t, I know I am.
So just sit ti-ght, this will only get h0tter.
I walked into the fashion house of Miguel Santosh, a prodigy of madame Jacquelyn Dela Cruz. “Is the dress re-ady” I said as soon as I entered his office. Normally one wouldn’t be an to get in without proper procedure or at least a months booking. But I’m Clarissa and I get what I want
“Ha, Clar dear, how was your night?, mine was lonely without you” he said and ca-ressed my arms, I wiped it off. “I see, not in the mood, maybe this would cheer you up” he [email protected] his hands and an as-sistant showed with my dress, it was magnificent, an exact replica. “It wasn’t easy to copy a master’s work, especially in two days”.
“That’s why I paid you two billion, or do you want more money”
“Clar deary, first of all two billion is nothing compared to the price of the real dress, and two I don’t want your money, I have enough of that” he said and wra-pped his hands on my [email protected]!st ” I want you”
“Well Miguel, you did give me what I want, so I guess I have to give you what you want”
“You guessed right” he said and k!$$£d me de-eply.
I walked upstairs to my room tired, Miguel is such a man, I had posted a picture of the dress on social media and it alre-ady has three million likes, nob©dy was able to tell the difference “get me a cu-p of coffee” I told a maid and opened my room only to see Sasha on my be-d.
“I saw your video, where’s the dress?” Sasha asked excitedly
“It’s being brou-ght in…, ah here it is” I collected it from my new as-sistant and gave it to Sasha.
“Wow, it’s so beautiful, everyone’s eyes is going to be on you at the gala, but how were you able to convince madame Jacquelyn to give you the dress”
“Enh, I just called her and talk to her” I lied “enough questioning are you going to get me re-ady for this gala or what” I said
“I don’t believe you Clar, what did you do” she asked
” Ok, I told Miguel to sew me a dress that looked exactly like trouble dress, since he’s madame Jacquelyn’s prodigy he must be able to cope her work and he did” I confessed
“What how can you do that Clar, what if you get caught”
“Oh plssss, I can’t get caught, no one can tell the difference since they haven’t felt it before, they’ve only seen it in pictures and videos, even you couldn’t”
“Ok, what if the real dress gets worn to another occasion”
” Then I’ll just say I gave it away, see I have it all planned, st©p worrying and get me [email protected] re-ady” I told her
“You’re pla-ying a dangerous game Clar”
“Life is a dangerous game babe” I told her and she shrugged
Dianne’s POV
We got down from the plane and was greeted by Danny and Jessie.
“Dia…nne, I missed you so much” she said and hvgged me, I smiled she had almost called me Diamond
“I missed you more Jess, how were you able to recognize us in this disguise, espresso him” I said and pointed to Ray
” Jeff s£nt us an image, so how’s my mom” she asked
“Enthusiastic, as always, she gave me a k!ssto pas-s to you but someb©dy stole it” I said staring at Ray who was talking with Danny and she laughed
“You should see the video Clarissa posted on Instagram, she’s going to be so embarras-sed when you show up in the real Jacquelyn” she said and showed me the video as we head out of the airport
“Typical Clarissa, well she’s about to learn that you can’t eat your cake and have it”, “so how’s Mom” I asked referring to ma’am Jane,
“Dramatic as always, why are all our Mom’s such drama queens” she saw and I laughed a sad laugh, I remembered my mom who would have been alive if she didn’t have a mind for a best friend, “are you alright” Jessie asked she seemed to have noticed my mood swing ” yes, is mom still angry with me” she had been angry with me because I hadn’t want them to know I was alive
“Of course not, you know she can’t stay mad at you, she was even preparing your favorite food, when we were leaving, at least that’s what she said” she said and I smiled. I wonder what’s she’s preparing when I don’t have a favorite dish
We got home, I looked at the house, it hadn’t changed one bit, still looked like a big castle. I got down and walked to meet mom, I miss her so much. We collided with each other at the door post.
“My beloved princess, look at you so thin, what has Ray been feeding you” she said and hvgged me, I smiled
“Do you want her to be as fat as you, how then will she be a model?” Ray said behind us, smiling
“What!, Did you just call me fat, I’ll have you know that I’m a perfect 11 and I can model Anything, even better than you” she said and made to hit Ray but he dodged it. I smiled their relationsh!phadn’t changed one bit either
“I miss you mom” I told her
“Of course, but it’s your fault, you choose to stay with someone who can’t feed himself” she said and glared at Ray” now dear I nee-d your help to pick a dress for the gala, your friend here has no s-en-se of fashion, she keeps saying yes to everything I choose” she said pointing at Jessie,
“Well you kept picking strange clothes” Jessie said and we all laughed
Sasha’s POV
I [email protected]£ down from my car and was welcomed with the brightest lights and never ending questions of reporters. They were really much, I just posed for a few sh0ts and walked into the banquet hall. It was quiter in here since only a few reporters were allowed in.
A noise aro-se from outside, that only means a t©p celebrity has arrived. The door opened, ushering Clarissa and Jack inside. She looked elegant in trouble go-wn, Madame Jacquelyn’s Master piece.
👥 Wow Clarissa looks supposed elegant today
👥 Of course why not she’s a super model, I heard that she turned down Louis Vuitton request to model for him.
👥 Yes, I heard that too, she’s so beautiful, no wonder she’s arrogant
👥Wait a minute, is she putting on trouble go-wn
👥 That’s trouble go-wn, oh my, I’ve never seen it in person, I’ve always wanted to have a feel of it but it’s just so expensive
👥 She’s so lucky
I heard the whispering from the celebrities around me, Some of the reporters allowed in rushed to clarissa to interview her.
“Wow, Miss Knights, it’s a wonderful night and you’re looking stupendous, I’m just going to skip all the plea-santries and ask the question that’s in everyone’s mind right now, is that really madame Jacquelyn’s trouble go-wn” the reporter asked excitedly
“Of course, the one and only, did you expect anything less, now plea-se if you’ll excuse me” she told the reporter and [email protected]£ towards me with an “I told you so” look on her face
“Ok now that you’ve shown the world that you’re not a liar can you go change. We could just say that someone spilled drink on you” I told her worried
“No way, I’m enjoying being the center of attention, now I nee-d to go to the ladies I’ll be back” she said and left, I was really worried about her I felt her plan won’t go well. There was a sudden uproar outside, I wonder who that might be because all of the t©p personality were alre-ady here.
Every eyes in the room turned towards the entrance, the door opened revea-ling Raymond. My heart started beating ra-pidly, I think I’m going to faint, he looked so charming.
👥 Jeanne, pinch me, I think I’m dreaming” a celebrity beside me told her friend
👥 Then we’re having the same dream. Ray looks so h0t, wait he’s with someone
👥 OMG, it’s DD, Dianne DeVille, super model from New York
👥 You know her, she looks like a goddess, wait a minute she’s also putting on trouble go-wn
👥 I thought there was only one, but clarissa was wearing the same dress
👥 That’s true, I think one is fake.
Mummurs of confusion filled the hall, I tore my eyes away from Raymond and looked at the goddess in his arms. She’s putting on trouble dress, I have to go warn Clarissa, I thought and headed to the ladies.
Too late clarissa had alre-ady come out and she was staring at the Dianne who was no longer with Raymond. Everyone’s attention were on both of them as they stared at each other and the reporter that interviewed Clar earlier was heading towards them.
“Clar, just avoid them” I mouthed to her
Clarissa POV.
I [email protected]£ out of the ladies and [email protected]£ face to face with another celeb, she was with that girl, that Diamond’s friend. But that was not what caught my attention, she was putting on trouble go-wn also and it seems I was not the only one who noticed. Everyone was mummuring in which is fake and which is real.
The reporter that had interviewed me earlier walked towards her, said something to her and the both of them were walking towards me. I saw Sasha she was telling me to go away to avoid them. I scoffed, there’s no way I’m avoiding them, that’s the same as telling everyone that I’m putting on the fake
I looked at the girl very well. I haven’t seen her face much and for her to be with that girl , she must be an upcoming celebrity, there’s no way I’m going to run from a novice. I put up a big smile and walked towards them and I hvgged her.
“If you love your career and want to be a big time celebrity like me one day you’ll [email protected] long.” I whispered in her ear and turned to face the reporter. “Hi again” I said smiling
“Wow, Miss Clarissa and Miss Dianne. If I say I’m in my right s-en-se now, I’ll be a big liar, I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m totally confused and b!own away. Two trouble dresses, how’s that possible” she asked. Everyone’s eyes were on us, wanting to hear what we were gonna to say
“Of course that’s not possible, I had to say I was shocking myself when I saw my dress on her. I had thought she was joking when she said she wanted to be exactly like me, I didn’t know she’ll go to the extent of sewing a replica of trouble dress” I said and looked at her challenging her to contradict to my statement but she just sm-irked at me
“Wow, do you mean, you’re close to DD, and her dress is fake but it looks so real and elegant on her” the reporter said
” Oh plea-se, It’s obvious who the fake is but I don’t blame her, she just idolizes me too much” I said and made to walk away in the process I intentionally poured my drink on her, I shouldn’t have done that but I was just jealous with the way the dress fit her so well
She held my hands, drew me back and made to [email protected] me but Ray [email protected]£ and held her back, he said something to her and she lowered her hands but she still held me with the other hand. “wait a minute Ray’s here, and he’s talking to her, who’s she to him?, Who’s she?” I pondered to my self.
“You’re lucky Clarissa, that the president is a friend of mine and I wouldn’t want to cause problems for his guest, next time you should know who you are dealing with before you try to bully the person, because I won’t let you off so easily” she said
I wiped her hands off me and made to walk away not knowing her heels were on my dress, and it tore, as in completely ripped, everyone was taking pictures and mummuring but no one had the guts to say anything out loud ” oh Clarissa, I hate to admit this but you are right it’s obvious who the fake is” she said pointing at my dress and walked off with Raymond beside her.
Dianne POV.
I walked away with Ray to the limo leaving Clarissa embarras-sed, I’m sure the pictures and video will be on the net, “you shouldn’t have st©pped me Ray, I wanted to [email protected] her into coma” I said and he laughed.
” and have the president angry with you, no way” he said. He’s right though, It would spoil my plans of embarras-sing Clarissa further. ” So I called Jeffery, he’s getting a new dress for you” he said
“Oh thank God, this dress is too heavy” I complained, naturally I didn’t like all this elaborate dresses, I only wore this to embarras-s Clarissa and now that that’s done I can’t wait to get out of it. I looked at Ray’s who was staring at me. “What’s wrong is there something on my face” I asked
“Yes, beauty, you look extremely beautiful” he said and I blu-shed he [email protected]£ closer to me and k!$$£d me, I reciprocated when suddenly the door opened.
” Oh I’m really sorry, I have your dress” Jeff said.
” Thanks” I told him and collected the dress from him.
“Dianne, the president’s is looking for you to give the toast” Jessie said comic towards the car.
” Oh, Jeff do me a favour, inform the president to call Clarissa for the toast, she’s my best friend, she’ll un-derstand if I cut in the middle” I told him and he left.
“What are you planning” Jessie asked
“You’ll see” I said sm-irking
” Well I’ll leave you to get changed” Ray said giving me a quic-k k!ssbefore leaving
” Cute couple” Jessie said and wiggled her brows
” Don’t be silly, you have Danny”
” Yes, but he’s always busy”
“So is Raymond”
“at least you and Ray have things in common so you see yourself almost all the time” she whined as I got dressed
” Done, let’s go” I said and we head into the banquet hall. Sasha was about to give the toast when I walked in, she had changed into a red go-wn. the president’s wife sighted me and rushed to the stage
” I’m really Sorry, I had wanted to call DD to give the toast but she wasn’t here now that she’s here can you plea-se give the drink to her” she said smiling, mummurs began in the hall, while Clarissa burned with embarras-sment but she couldn’t say or do anything about it.
I catwalked to where she was standing, and took the drink from her, black currant, very good. She stood there as I gave the toast and everyone cheered. I walked towards her, time for revenge ” cheers?” I said and poured the drink on her but made it look like a mistake, everyone’s eyes turned towards us
“I’m really sorry, I didn’t see you there, clumsy me, plea-se don’t be angry, I promise I’ll get my as-sistant to get you an original dress” I said and wiped her dress, only ma-king it worse.
Everyone laughed when I insinuated that her dress was a fake and I acted surprise as if I didn’t know there was a mic between us “sorry I didn’t know this was on” I said switching off the mic and made to wipe her dress again
” Leave it” she yelled and walked away in an akward manner. The reporters gathered her and were taking pictures, some people were also videoing it. I glanced at Jessie who was laughing her head off in a corner, I smiled. You haven’t seen anything yet Clarissa, this is just the beginning.

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