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The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 11 & 12

Clarissa’s POV
“ fv¢k Clarissa fv¢k, how could you just fv¢king stand there and let that no good bit-ch insult you, why didn’t you show her, her place” I yelled at myself in the front rear mirror as I ban-ged the steering of the car.
I know why I couldn’t react, I had felt so scared of Ray, so shaken by his anger, that I couldn’t do anything, I had only seen him that way with Jack and Sasha when he was protecting Diamond, never thought that I would one day be on the receiving end of that anger especially now that Diamond was dead.
I felt my cheeks again, gosh it hurts, that Dianne just signed her death warrant with her own hands, she thinks she’s all that since she has Ray backing her, well the war has begun, I’m going to show her what I Clarissa Diego Knights is made of. But first, I have to split them up, Ray and Dianne. And for that I’m going to nee-d Jack. . I brou-ght my phone to call him when a notification popped up, I opened it
“Clarissa Knights our number one supermodel, or should I say ex number one model, goes over board today as she tries unsuccessfully to n-ked the Darling Dianne, this brings out another version of Ray, as he immediately acts irrationally and pushes her to the ground, Dianne thereafter [email protected] Clarissa and tells her to keep her distance, this goes to show that our models might not be as civil as they pose” I scoffed all this wannabe’s trying to get famous by ruining celebs reputation, at least I wasn’t the only one they painted bad. I checked the comments
“Scam, fake news, why is there no picture or video of it on the internet”
“yes plea-se st©p trying to ruin our beloved models, especially Clarissa, who forgave that poor as-sistant”
“what happened to my Dd”
“my Ray ray got angry🥺🥺🥺”.
The comments were much, different people with different views, I wasn’t worried because none of it would get public, the idiot who posted this will be dealt with by Lauren herself. She prides herself with keeping anything that concerns celebrity in her company confidential, out of the reach of the press, that’s why celebs are usually comfortable in her company.
I called jack again he was not picking, what’s wrong with this guy, now I have to go to his [email protected]” I thought and drove off.
Jack POV
I sat in my [email protected], smoking and admiring Dianne’s picture, it’s been like this for a while, I’ll close from work, gr-ab a drink and stare at her picture all day, at first I wanted to have her to piss Ray off and get revenge on him, but the more I stared at her picture, her milky white skin, her starry eyes her sunshine smile, everything about her so beautiful, i realize I want her.
I can just imagine her n-ked on my be-d, screaming my name, with me on t©p of her. The doorbell rang interrupting my daydreaming. “who the fv¢k is that” I murmured as I walked to check who it was, Clarissa, I pushed the buzzer that automatically opens the door and walked back to my room.
“Jack, why the hell are you not picking my calls, what the fv¢k is going on here” she asked as she walked into the room, I ignored her “never mind that, will you believe someone just stood up to me and had the guts to [email protected] me, twice” she said taking the cigar from me as she sat down angrily.
“really, I can’t believe it” I said sarcastically
“don’t give me that attitude Jack, if I go down the ladder you do too, I am the reason for your success and I could take it away with just a snap of my f!nger”
“girl, take it easy, I was not the one who [email protected] you, don’t go threatening me, I can also ruin you, if I want to, so don’t test me” I said getting angry
“ok ok, I’m sorry, it’s just this girl is a hvge threat and I just can’t stand her and I thought since we are [email protected], you could help me out, you know, like you did with the others ” she said
“okay, who’s the model”
“Dianne DeVille” she said and I laughed
“I thought so, it’s like that girl has it in for you, well I can’t do it”
“what do you mean you can’t do it, you helped me with other models before, is it because of Ray? Are you scared of him?” she said and chuckled
“first don’t ever say that again, I’m not scared of Ray, the only reason I can’t do anything to Dianne at least for the meantime, is because she is fresh, and I want her, so I’m not going to ruin my chances”
“are you kidding me right now, are you…. Wait a minute this is good” she asked and I looked at her confused, seems like the [email protected] really messed with her [email protected] “don’t look at me like that, listen the normal method wouldn’t have worked anyway since she has Ray backing her, but if you can get her, we’ll be able to separate her from Ray, which will leave her vulnerable and helpless, that way we can both have what we want” she said and I nodded, she was ma-king s-en-se, this way I could have my revenge on Ray and also get Dianne. “and maybe, just maybe” she said dreamingly “I could finally have Ray”
“okay, I’m just going to say it out loud, I think that [email protected] messed with your [email protected]” I said and she stared daggers at me“ but that’s a good idea” I told her sincerely
“all my ideas are always good, so you had better set your boy charms on the highest level we’ve got a girl to ruin” she said and looked at her phone “and I’ve got an appointment to keep” she said and stood up
“so you’re just going to come and go like that, no k!ssor anything”
“go k!ssa dog” she said and I laughed, just wait Dianne, your clock’s ticking and by the stro-ke of midnight you’ll be mine.
the enemies are planning, i wonder if they will be able to break the great bond of raymond and dianne. remember it’s Clarissa Knights and jack that is planning ooo. mighty schemers, devils incarnate, anything is possible
I was in my house, with Jessie, she had come to help me with Diamond’s case, since the case hadn’t be authorized, I had to work from my house to prevent problems and we have to get enough evidence, so when Diamond files for the re-opening of the case, we’ll be able to pin them down.
“Aissh, Detective work is so [email protected]” Jessie complained and I smiled, she’s so cute when she’s frustrated
“Thank God, you now realize my work is [email protected] enough, without having to worry about you”
“meh” she said non-chalant “tell me again why we can’t use the doctor, I worked so [email protected] to find him” she complained again, she had spent weeks to find the doctor that had proclaimed Diamond dead, he had relocated to another country out of guilt.
“for the umpteenth time, we can’t sue or use him against Morgana, since she was Diamond’s only guardian, she had the right to continue or st©p Diamond’s treatments” she said along with me
“gosh, this so frustrating, I wish we can just blackmail morgana into confessing” she said and an idea struck me.
“Jessie you are such a genius” I said k!ss!ngher
“I am?, I am!, wait how am I a genius?” she asked and I laughed
“come on let’s go I’ll tell you on the way” I said dragging her up
“ok ok, I’m coming”
I still can’t get why he’s so excited, maybe it’s a detective thing, I still don’t know how I’m a genius, he had insisted on telling us together, I, Ray and Dianne, we were headed to Dianne’s mansion now. “I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner” he thought out loud, ookaaayyyy , I’m just going to sit quietly now.
We got to Dianne’s and met her cudd-ling with Ray, I smiled, she really deserves happiness, I looked at Danny he was smiling also, then he turned and win-ked at me, I blu-shed, they were still oblivious of our pres£nce
“seriously” Danny yelled and they flin-ched, j£rk, “I left my house rushing here tell you guys and you’re cudd-ling, cudd-ling!” he said dramatically they looked confused
“I can’t believe it” I said pla-ying along “ and we worked so [email protected] on it, now everything is ruined”
“what are you talking about, what is ruined?” Dianne asked with fear, I couldn’t hold myself anymore I laughed, Danny joined me in laughing
“seriously dude” Ray said throwing a pillow at Ray
“killjoys, why are you guys really here” Dianne asked, I think she’s angry we ruined their moment
“ okay okay, I’ll tell you” Danny said getting serious, he sat and I sat on his [email protected], what!, I want to enjoy my b©yfri£ndtoo.
“baby tell them how I’m a genius” I said excitedly, even though I had no idea how
“well, Jessie gave me an idea, why don’t we blackmail Morgana with that recording, you still have it don’t you?” he asked Dianne
“yes, but I still don’t get the blackmail [email protected]” she replied
“ok, there’s no way Morgana would have killed Desmond herself, she must have hired someb©dy, and she will have to pay that person, if we make it seem that the killer is blackmailing her for more money, she’ll call or lead us to the killer” he finished, wow, I’m such a genius.
“okay, but if we s£nd the recording, wouldn’t Jessie get in trouble, I mean, the recording is from the graveyard and she only saw Jessie there at the graveyard” Dianne said and they instantly [email protected]£ worried.
“hey guys chill, she wouldn’t suspect me, even if she does, what does it matter, from my bae” I said pointing to Dianne “I would walk throu-gh fire”
“awwwwn” Dianne and said and threw a pillow at me “this is serious”
“I am serious”
“okay guys it’s a really great idea, but can we plan it fully when I return from Norway, I Have a flight to catch now” Ray said, checking his time as he got up.
“so your flight is today, no wonder Dianne was angry when we interrupted your cudd-ling worth one week” I said teasing Diamond and she was blu-shing uncontrollably, I laughed.
Jessie is crazy, it’s like she has made her life mission to tease me, I esc-rted Ray to the airport, I was going to miss him, I hvgged him and he refused to let go “Ray, you’re going to miss your flight”
“hmmmm, I don’t feel like going” he said pouting like a baby “but I have to go, be careful ok?, and don’t go do anything crazy ok”
“yes sir, now go, the plane is leaving in 1 minute” I said pushing him, he walked away, then [email protected]£ back to give me a quic-k k!ssbefore finally running off, with his guards. I smiled. Now I have to go to Starz, they were finally able to find a way to re-move Clarissa as the face of Starz.
I got to the meeting, it had alre-ady started, “I’m sorry for coming late” I told them as I sat down.
“it’s no problem, we are just glad to have you here” Kate said smiling, she loves smiling, I smiled back. The lawyers began drafting the new contract, that would last a year, I was about to sign it when Clarissa [email protected]£ in.
“so you guys were really serious about replacing me” she said walking Inside “I can’t believe this”
“Clarissa, don’t take it that way, we are not replacing you, we can never replace you. you have been the face of Starz for almost five years, we nee-d a new face, a new outlook, something fresh, come on Clarissa, you’re still one of our best and we still want to work with you”. Kate said sweetly.
“what Kate is trying to say, without all the sugar, is that, they are tired of wrinkles, they nee-d something smooth, you know” I said and she looked at me acidly
“I’ll continue working for you, and also won’t close Starz down, on the condition that another model will be used as the new face, another model that is not Dianne” she said
“Sorry babe, but I alre-ady signed the contract” I said.
“Clarissa, I know you’re a bit stressed out with all that’s going on, right now, why don’t you go to the spa, and think about this very well, you wouldn’t want to leave Starz or close it because of such trivial matter” Kate said. She was worried about Clarissa closing down Starz, Clarissa could actually do it, since Ray was on a business trip.
“no Kate, it’s obvious you guys don’t value loyalty or experience, I can’t continue working for you guys, I quit, but listen carefully, you guys are going to regret this, you are going to come crawling”.
Clarissa’s POV
I can’t believe this, actually I can, but I still can’t. I gave them a piece of my mind, I walked to Dianne and bent to her level, since she was sitting down.
“Enjoy yourself while you can, but put this in the back of your mind, when I’m re-ady for you, you are going to beg for crumbs, and even Ray won’t save you from me” I threatened her and was about to stand up but she held me back
“I don’t know what you’re planning” she whispered “but you’re going to lose and if you’re not careful, you’re not just going to lose your career, you going to lose your life and even your mother won’t save you” she said and I wiped her hands off me
“never t©uçh me again” I told her and stood up
“yea, you are right, I wouldn’t want to get your germs, or wrinkles” she said and laughed. I walked away despite Kate’s plea. I’ve never been threatened before, it felt strange, well I know that it would surely remain nothing but a threat. Right now I just have to prepare for Rayven and since Ray was on a business trip, I could deal with Dianne. I entered my car and the driver drove off, but for some reason, he st©pped and was about to reverse when we got to the gate.
“what’s going on, why are you reversing?” I asked the driver
“well I accidentally blocked the path of another vehicle, and now none can move forward, I have to move back so they can go first” he explained
“are you stupid?, Clarissa Knights doesn’t step back for anyb©dy, we’ll wait till the other driver backs away” I said and looked out the tinted glas-s, it was Dianne’s vehicle, more reason I can’t back down
“but ma, we might cause a …” the driver wanted to complain. I sh0t him a glare and he shut up. Well Dianne, if you want to move forward, you have to be behind me. No one surpas-ses Clarissa.
Hmmmm, I wonder who’s going to back away for who?🤔🤔🤔🤔, but why did Ray have to travel now nah. well stay tuned

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