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The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 1 & 2

“Just one more pose and it’s a wra-p for today” the ph0togra-pher said and I poses for the picture.
“Good, that’s it, we’re done, pack up guys and may I say Mr Kings that it’s always a plea-sure working with you” he said and I smiled then left for the dressing room to get changed.
“Sir, that was a job well done, if I may say so myself, the pictures [email protected]£ out great and flawless and the ladies wouldn’t st©p swooning over you, I’m pretty sure this clothier line would be a big hit” Jeffery, my as-sistant said. He’s such a blabber mouth.
“Is there anything important you would like to tell me, Jeff”
“Oh yes sir, Miss Diane called to inform you that she’s alre-ady done at glam building so you should meet up with her at Versace’s for the next shoots, and also your mom called to say that you shouldn’t dare forget to attend the president’s birthday gala on Saturday, else she would fly down here and whoop your bu-tt, her words not mine” he said and I chuckled
“Okay then book us plane tickets for Friday morning”
“Wouldn’t it be much better to take your pri-vate plane”
“No, we don’t want anyone know of our arrival until we show up at the [email protected], so make sure the press doesn’t know, neither the ones here in New York or the ones in California, aissh!, Those people are like clingy jealous girlfriends always monitoring your everymove, so be extra careful” I saw and he chuckled
” Sure thing sir, I’ll also call the drive to move the car to the back entrance cause it seems like your clingy jealous girlfriends are at the front” he said and left.
They finished with the makeup removal,so I changed and was about to leave when Mr Klein, the owner of this establishment [email protected]£ in, he thanked and congratulate me on today’s shoot and went on to complain about the fact that in don’t do shoots with other female model [email protected] from Dianne and so on.
I just shook my head in rhythm to whatever he was saying, my mind was elsewhere, he finally finished with whatever he said and I hurried to the back entrance, got into the alre-ady waiting limo and driven to the next ph0to shoot.
It’s been two years since Diamond died, since I left my family in California and [email protected]£ to New York. It was really [email protected] for me, I had even quit modelling for months before Dianne [email protected]£. You might be wondering who Dianne is. I still miss Diamond, but I’m glad I have Dianne. She’s like Diamond but differs in so many ways. She’s bolder, less trusting, more mature and can be a bit fearsome and feirce. But inside all that, there’s a little Diamond which she only shows to me.
We got to the location and I got down only to be greeted by the press, I chose a really bad day not to carry guards. As I answered their various questions I sighted Dianne she saw me too and smiled, I smiled back. Lucky her, she had entered throu-gh the back and had also brou-ght her guards.
I gave her a pleading look, she chuckled and s£nt her guards to help me out. “Thanks” I told her as soon as I got to where she was.
“No probs, how was your shoot, hope they didn’t stress you” she said as she arranged my hair, I smiled, caring mode activated.
“No, they didn’t, they wouldn’t dare not after what you did last time” I said and she chuckled. The last time I [email protected]£ home tired, Dianne had called the agency and cancelled all her contract with them, though she later forgave them. I told you she still had a little Diamond in her, childish and cute.
It’s funny how far she has gone in the modelling business, I trained her myself, at first I had thought she wouldn’t be able to take it, but she was really [email protected] and determined and before you know it, she’s almost at the same level with me. Her rise to stardom is still the t©pic of most show in New York..
“Miss Dianne, you’re looking stupendous as always, the glow of your skin can make the blind man see again” Jeffery said and she smiled
“Jeffery, how many days have I told you not to compliment my girlfriend”
“But sir, what kind of as-sistant would I be, if I can’t as-sist you in complimenting this beautiful gift of nature”
“An unemployed one” I replied and he shut up immediately. I love the guy but I would love him more if he could be quieter.
“Sir Raymond, Miss Dianne, we are honoured to have you guys model for us” one of the staff said
“The honour is all ours”
“If you would follow me, the shoot is this way” she walked off in the direction she point and we followed, we were taking to our different dressers where we got re-ady for the shoot. I was done quic-kly and I had to wait forever for Dianne, ladies 🙄🙄, when she finally [email protected]£ out she looked stunning.
As she catwalked towards me, I wasn’t seeing Dianne, I was seeing Diamond, I remembered the first shoot we did together where she dressed like a princess
“Earth to Raymond, plea-se st©p staring at me before I fall off this heels” she said and I smiled.
“You look really beautiful Diamond, I mean Dianne” I said, soon we started the shoot, which didn’t take long since we were professionals
“Wow, you guys are perfect together, the chemistry is there, the love, everything is just perfect, I feel like crying” the director said and wiped fake tears, such a drama queen. I and Dianne left the building for home. “My car or yours” I asked
“Definitely yours” she replied and we got into my limo along with Jeffery
“Miss Dianne, before I forget, you have a dress fitting with madam Jacqueline tomorrow, she said your dress for the birthday gala is re-ady” Jeffery said
“Oh okay” she said, she looked really downcasted
“What’s the matter baby?”
” Nothing, I’m just a bit worried, I don’t know if I’m re-ady, and also if mom will still likes me”
” Baby, you’re the most [email protected] and determined model I’ve ever seen, I’m pretty sure you are more than re-ady and as for Mom, don’t worry she’ll always love you, no matter what, she’s even excited to meet the super model who has stolen the heart of her son”
” Thanks” she said and gave me a k!sswhich I reciprocated
” Awwwwwwn, such a sweet couple, should I leave to give you guys room”
” Shut up Jeff” we said at the same time.
” Oh my gosh Jack, why didn’t you wake me up” I pushed him off me and rushed to the bathroom. I was late for the shareholders meeting and mom would be so mad. I got out of the shower, Jack was drinking coffee, I went to the wardrobe and picked a short fitting go-wn to wear.
“Wow babe, you look h0t nd S-xy, I feel like eating you up right now” Jack said and li-cked hisl-ips.
” Whoa!, Back off, first st©p doing that with yourl-ips, it disgusts me, second I’m not your babe, we are not a thing, last night was just a one nightstand get that into your [email protected]
“That’s what you said the first nineteen times, but who’s counting, admit babe, you love me” he said and k!$$£d the nape of my n£¢k bitting it slowly, luring me.
“Jack, Jack, st©p it, I’m late” I said but he didn’t st©p, I [email protected] ed and struggled with the belt of his trou-sers, enjoying it, when he st©pped abruptly.
“Unh?, I asked dazed and confused
“I thought you said it was a one night stand” he said sm-irking
“Gosh, I hate you” I said leaving but he just laughed
As I walked to my car, all my guard lined up and bowed to greet me, they opened the car door, I got in and was driven to Knights empire. It’s been two years since Mom took control of knights empire. Actually eighteen months, because there were so issues about the power of attorney. So Mom faked it, I feel bad that Desmond had to die, he was a nice man, though he was never around, but as mom always said, “do whatever you can to succeed, the future is for those who are willing to get their hands dirty”.
I’m in college college now, studying business administration, mom’s idea🙄,she wants me to take over from her, I think I’ll just sell the company when I take over, I can’t take that stress. I still model of course, I’m now the number female model in California, and in the last half of the year I’m going to compete for Miss world.
We arrived at Knights Empire and I walked into the company, all the workers bowed as soon as they sighted me, all except one, a young girl who seemed in a hurry.
” Hey you, come here” I called her. She seemed scared when she finally saw me
“I’m really sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you” she said bowing hastily
“You didn’t see me, so am I invisible or are you blind”
“I’m really sorry ma’am”
” You are fired”
” Ma?”
“Oh so you are deaf now” I signalled my guards and they dragged her out of the building with her pleading and crying. I took the elevator and walked to the conference room, the meeting was alre-ady the finished, I shrugged and waited for all the shareholders to go before I went in
“You’re late” mom said
” Better late then never”
“Clarissa, Mary Ann Diego Knights” she shouted. She must be really mad, she only calls my full name whenever she’s angry “I don’t know when you’re going to take your future seriously”
“I am Mom, I’m taking my modelling career seriously”
“Clarissa’s, you are not going to be young forever, and you also know you can’t keep doing those cosmetic surgeries every year, you know ruining the company for Pete’s sake, at the president’s birthday gala this Saturday, try to get at least five investors, okay?”
“Whatever” I said
Well here’s the first episode, I knew it’s late, I’ll try to post regularly from now, since I’ve gotten rid of what’s hindering me.
I don’t know why Morgana didn’t add clas-sroom to Clarissa’s full name I mean it was bestowed on her by the almighty Ray. New characters have been added, you’ll know more about them as the story progresses. As for me I want to go get my dress for the birthday gala because it’s good to be h0t.
Sasha’s POV
“Clarissa, are you home” I yelled as I entered her exorbitant mansion. I was greeted by the maids who bowed slightly. I took time to admire her house. It was really big and everything inside was really expensive.
“Can you plea-se not shout, the chandeliers are delicate and really expensive, I don’t want them breaking or anything” Clar said and I rolled my eyes. She’s so materialistic.
“Whatever, is the dress here yet” I asked
“It’ll be here soon I can’t wait” she said. Clarissa had ordered for the most expensive dress from Jacquelyn’s collection to wear to the gala and she wouldn’t st©p posting about it on social media. We walked up to her room while was equally as beautiful and elaborate.
“Dianne I heard you were nominated for the best female model awards, congrats, do you know the other nominees” I asked
“Don’t you care to know”
“I’m Clarissa Knights, winner of last year’s miss USA competition, so no matter who the other nominees are I’m going to win”
“Okay then, I hope you win” I said and she scoffed “I heard Raymond and Jack were also nominated”
“I’m sure Ray’s going to win, did you here he was recently signed by both Prada and Versace. My baby is doing so well.
“Which baby, Clar listen I would advise you to st©p this obse-ssion over Ray, it’s not good for your reputation, Remember the last time the last time you went to Paris when he got signed by Oscar de la Renta to congratulate him but he snubbe-d you” I said and she shrugged
As we were talking a knock [email protected]£ on the door ” I request your pres£nce the most gracious and most beautiful Clarissa” a maid said and I laughed.
“You still have them say that” I said still laughing
“Of course, afterall I’m the prettiest of them all” she said and opened the door”Speak” she commanded
“Your as-sistant is downstairs waiting Miss” the maid said whilst bowing
“Oooh my dress is here” she said smiling “Wait!” she told the maid ” did you just t©uçh my door with your ba-re hands”
“I’m really sorry ma, I was in a hurry to inform you that I forgot to where my gloves, plea-se don’t fire me” she said kneeling down and was about shedding tears
“Oh shut up, you’re lucky in a good mood, come on sash” she said and went downstairs
“Right behind ya” I said and followed her.
I got downstairs and saw her as-sistant quivering in fear, I looked around but couldn’t find the dress
“Where’s my dress, is it in the car” she asked looking as confused as I am
“T.t.the thing Miss Clarissa is that, Madam Jacquelyn said she’s not selling to you anymore” he said and she laughed
“St©p joking and get my dress from the car” she said strictly
“I’m not joking Ma, she said a person dear to her wanted the dress so she isn’t selling, she returned your money and also added a compensation”
“This is bad” I said within me
“WHAT!” She thun-dered “how could she, how could you even agree to that, you know what you are fired,” she said and ran upstairs. The as-sistant looked really depressed. I ran after her to her room. She was pacing around
“Clarissa, plea-se chill, it’s just a dress I’m sure you can find a better one to wear to the gala”
“Can you hear yourself Sasha, I can’t get another dress better than it, that dress is the most expensive dress in the world, I had to save for six months and even collect some of the company’s fund to pay for it, the and the gala is tomorrow and I alre-ady posted on social media that that’s the dress I’m going to be wearing to the gala, I’ll be called a liar and it’ll reduce my status” she said and bur-sted out crying.
“Don’t cry Clar, everything will be fine ” I consoled her
Dianne’s POV
“Madam Jacquelyn, it’s been so long, muah muah” I k!$$£d her cheeks as I greeted her
“Same here dear” she said smiling
“So did you do it?” I asked
“Of course Dianne, Madam Jacquelyn always keeps her promise, though I don’t un-derstand why you insisted on having that [email protected] dress when I could have designed and sew personally a better one for you. It would have been more expensive and elaborate” she said demonstrating in such a way I had to laugh
“Well madam Jacquelyn, she took something that belongs to me, so in turn I’m going to take what belongs to her. So which of your accounts should I make the payments to” I asked and she [email protected] dramatically
“Are you trying to insult me, there’s no way I’m taking money from you, you’re my daughter’s best friend and after all you’ve done to bring us closer, you’re now [email protected] of the family”
“But I insist”
“No, no, no, I’m not taking a dime from you” she was really adamant I had to agree “that’s my girl, here you go” she gave the dress to Jeffery “pas-s this k!ssto Jessie when you get to California, Muah” she gave me a big k!sson the cheeks
“Thanks, bye” I got into the car with Jeff and we were driven to the airport.
“Sir Ray is alre-ady at the airport, your plane is to take off in twenty minutes, here’s your disguise, he said and handed me a bag, I quic-kly wore it.
“How’s my transfer to Brighter Starz college going” I asked
” Smooth, I talked with the principal and he was more than delighted to put you in the same clas-s as miss Clarissa”
“Just clarissa”
“Unh?” He asked confused
“You’re not to give her any respect, she.doesnt deserve your respect” I said and got down from the car and walked into the airport, I searched for Ray but couldn’t find him until Jeff pointed him out for me. He looked like a nerd, I tried as much as possible to hold my laughter but failed
” Hey nerd” I said as I got to where he was standing
“plea-se don’t, I nearly fired Jeff for this” he pointed at the his disguise
“It’s not my fault you are too famous, every other disguise we tried failed” Jeff said and I laughed again
” You look cute though, nerdy, but cute” I complimented
” Thanks” he said and tried to k!ssme
“No k!sses, Madam Jacquelyn gave me a k!ssto pas-s to Jessie, so except your name is Jessica Dela Cruz, back off”
“Why are you torturing me, you know how much I love yourl-ips” he said and I blu-shed [email protected]”for that I won’t tell you the good news”
“What good news?”
“I’ll tell you on one condition”
“What’s that”
“Awwwwwwn, thats cheating” I said
“Whatever, make do with the k!ssing” he said and puckered up. He looked really cute though
“Okay” I said and tried to give him a quic-k k!ssbut he caught me and de-epened it” cheater” I said once he re-leased me
“Now that that’s done with, the good news, you’ve been nominated as one of the best female model”
“Shut up, really” I said finding it [email protected] to believe
” Yes” he said and I exclaimed and hvgged him earning stares from people but I don’t care since they don’t recognize us
“That news deserves another k!ss” I said and k!$$£d him again
“Have you gotten your dress”
“Then let’s go” he says and took my hands
Jessie’s POV
I was busy anticipating the arrival of Raymond and Dianne. Convincing mom not to give the dress to Clarissa was easier than I thought. It seems mom has a soft sp©t alre-ady for Dianne.
Mom and I were never really close, she was or rather is a famous fashion designer and she wanted me to become a model so I could model her fashion line, bit I was more into computers, It made us quarell a lot. When dad died it [email protected]£ worse I had to leave home and come to California, where no one knew me.
It wasn’t until a year ago when I followed Danny to New York to see Ray and Dianne that you met her again. Dianne got to know of our relationsh!pas mother and daughter, she worked [email protected] to make sure we reconcile and we did.
I turned on the news Morgana was being interviewed concerning the recent bankruptcy of Knights empires, but she just smiled and denied everything. These people were really wicked. All the work of Diamond’s father were being wasted. They might have succeeded in killing Diamond but Dianne is coming back for them.

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