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The masked dancer Episode 3 & 4

💜👠(His Cinderella)👠💜
💜💜(Kay’s short series)💜💜
🎭Episode Three🎭
Prince Adrian’s POV💜
‘You can’t tell her to come over Adrian it’s late!!!’..Isabel yelled as she walked into my room clad in her pajamas and I frowned..
‘She works for me Isabel so she has to do what I want’..I murmured and she scoffed…
‘Work my foot!! Adrian Giselle has been working for you for over five years now and you still treat her like dirt!!’..
‘I don’t treat her like dirt she’s happy to be working for me’..I said in defense..
‘Yeah right when was the last time you gave her a compliment??’..she sneered..
‘When was the last time you gave her a raise??’..
‘When was the last time you let her leave for a vacation??’..
‘I don’t know Isabel’..
‘When was the last time you even said a thank you to her’…
‘I never did’..I muttered..
‘Jesus Christ Adrian you don’t even know anything about her!! She’s human you know and you don’t treat her like one!’..She scolded and i rolled my eyes..
‘It’s urgent Princess Isabel and besides Giselle doesn’t mind??’…I said..
‘Yeah she doesn’t mind cause she—’..her voice cut off completely..
‘She what??’..I inquired arching my brows..
‘Cause she uhmm cause she’s nice Adrian,plea-se don’t work her bu-tt off too much she’s really tired’…
Giselle’s POV💜
I yawned loudly as the cab st©pped in front of the palace and quic-kly wiped away my tears..
I’m just tired…
I’m tired of everything…
‘Giselle?? What are you doing here?? And still in your robe too?’..Queen Martha asked..
‘Ohh the prince asked me to come over for some work your highness’..i replied and her eyes wi-de-ned..
‘Adrian asked you to come over?? It’s 12am in the morning so why on earth would he call you here??’..She exclaimed and i shrugged tiredly…
I yawned loudly to the kitchen and poured myself a h0t cu-p of black coffee…
‘Ahhh’..I [email protected] ed softly and walker over to Adrian’s room..
‘I’m here your highness’..I said and he turned over to look at me…
He was wearing only pajama [email protected] and a drool almost escaped my mouth as he walked over…
It was so worth it coming over from my house just to see him like this..
‘Giselle I asked you a question??’..I heard and snapped back to reality..
‘I..I’m..I’m sorry your Highness i didn’t quite hear you’..
‘I said you’re still wearing your robe??’..He replied and I quic-kly tied my bathroom robe around my b©dy..
‘uhgh yeah i didn’t want to keep you waiting that’s why I’m still in my bathrobe and cotton sli-ppers’..i said undoubtedly embarras-sed..
‘Hmmm cute’..he murmured and i almost [email protected] if it wasn’t for the sarcastic end of his comment..
But he called me cute!!..
I don’t care if it’s sarcastic or not he called me cute..
‘Here are a list of all the influential families in South England,i want you to write their names in these invitation cards’…he said dumping a bag of cards on my leg..
An invitation??..
‘Uhmmm an invitation for what your highness??’…i asked and he frowned..
‘For my ball Giselle,a masquerade ball will be held in my favor in which i would pick a wife from.Now no more questions just get to work’..He said and went back to his be-d..
A ball??..
His holding a ball to pick a wife??..
I thought Prince Adrian would remain single forever until I told him how i really felt about him now he’s holding a ball to pick a wife??!..
Oh no Prince Adrian is going to sl!paway from me!!..
i’ve got to do something??..
Anything at all..
The Next Morning⛅
I yawned loudly as I stretched my arm and legs and as i wrote the last name on the invitation card I heaved a sigh of relief..
After eight hours of endless working I’m finally done..
Oh God I hope the prince doesn’t keep me longer than this..
‘Whoa you look terrible’..Princess Isabel said and I yawned again..
‘Thanks for the vote of confidence your highness I feel terrible’..
‘Of course you feel terrible Giselle my brother is working you to death’..She said..
‘But it’s my job remember and he signs my paychecks’..i murmured..
‘Yeah and he would sign your death sl!pif you don’t get a grip of yourself and stand up to him’..She sneered and I smiled..
Isabel has not always been a fan of Adrian but she cares about me anyway..
‘So you know about the ball??’..I asked immediately changing the subject and she rolled her eyes…
‘Yeah I know about the stupid ball and I’m against it!! You know a ball isn’t the proper way to choose a wife…You would make a wonderful wife for Adrian Giselle’..She said..
‘Yeah I would…’ voice trailed off as soon as I sp©tted Adrian..
My head spun so [email protected] that in a minute I felt myself falling to the ground..
‘Giselle!! Giselle!!’..Was all I heard as my eyes closed..
🎭Episode Four🎭
Prince Adrian’s POV💜
‘Get her to a hospital or something!! Do something??’..i yelled as the maids ran over to the unconscious Giselle..
‘You caused this!! You caused this Adrian!’..Isabel yelled…
Here she goes again..
‘Me?? What did i do?’..i asked in defense and my sister scoffed..
‘She’s been working for 48 hours straight without sleep,rest or food so what else are you expecting?? An average man would break down just the same way as her cause why?? Oh lemme think..Cause she has an inconsiderate royal boss!!!’..
‘Isabel that’s enough okay? Fine she overworked herself and—
‘Over worked?? Jeez you’re the most arrogant person I’ve ever met!!’..She cut in and stomped away..
Giselle’s POV💜
My eyes opened minutes later only for me to find myself in the guest room…
I remember when I used to sleep here whenever I wasn’t going home for the day..
‘Jeez my head hurts’..i muttered holding my head as Isabel walked into the room…
‘Yeah cause you’ve been working for what?? Two days??’..She replied dropping a tray of bacon and eggs,ham sandwich and soy sauce and pasta endowned with meatba-lls..
‘You really didn’t have to honestly’..I muttered and began wolfing every bit of everything like a hungry cow…
‘Don’t act so cordial with me Giselle look you’re eating like a pig cause you’re exhausted and hungry’..She replied and I sighed de-eply…
‘I should have had enough sleep it’s all my fault’..
‘No Giselle!! You’re always ma-king stupid excuse!!! You’re like a sister and from sister to sister i would advise you to quit,Adrian wouldn’t notice you no matter how [email protected] you tried’..she said..
Queen Martha’s POV💜
‘You and I know pretty well that you work that girl too [email protected] Adrian’..I muttered as I walked out of Giselle’s room seeing my son seated by the hallway..
‘How is she mom??’..He asked clearly evading the subject..
‘She’s okay just tired and weak’..I replied and he sighed de-eply…
I just don’t get why he doesn’t even like Giselle..
She’s been working with us for years now and even the maids know that she likes him more than any other malicious woman he’s [email protected]£d..
‘She can have the day off’..He said bring me back from my reverie…
‘The day?? Give her the whole Week Adrian she deserves it.When was the last time she went on a vacation??’…I replied and he winced..
‘Vacation!! Vacation!! Vacation!! Why does everyone keep asking me the same question??’…
‘Cause good people give their as-sistants breaks most especially the one of five years Adrian and I know you’re a good person so plea-se give the young lady a break’..
Prince Adrian’s POV💜
A break..
A break..
A vacation…
Why does everyone keep telling him the same thing over and over again??..
Giselle has never asked him for a break??.
Or has she??..
No she hasn’t..
‘Your Highness Princess Juliana of Westham requires your pres£nce’…Baileywick the butler said and I gro-an ed loudly…
What does Juliana want this time??…
‘Tell her to wait I’ll be with her shortly’..I murmured and he nodded as he left..
I walked over to the guestroom and leaned over by the door knowing that Isabel was there and probably bad mouthing me..
Maybe I should hand over the reins of preparation for my ball over to Isabel…
‘Look he isn’t as bad as you claim Princess Isabel,fine he might be temperamental a little but he’s okay and besides I’m used to all this remember?? I’ve been working with him for over five years’..I heard Giselle say and [email protected]
Five years??…
I thought she’s been my royal as-sistant for only a few months??…
Jeez it’s been five years alre-ady??.
‘No Giselle,he’s selfish,rude,arrogant,mean,disrespectful and has no respect for you whatsoever!! Resign Giselle I’m sure you know of places and people that pay better than Adrian,you should be owning a firm if it isn’t for the sake of your nice ness’..Isabel replied and I frowned..
Is she turning my own as-sistant against me??..
And wants her to resign??.
Isabel has done a lot of callous things but this I would not accept…
Giselle’s POV💜
The door opened immediately and Prince Adrian walked in so quic-kly that I [email protected] loudly..
‘I would like to have a word with you Giselle —pri-vately’..He said with his eyes darting towards his sister and I gulped [email protected]
Am I going to loose my Job??..
For how long has he been standing there?..
Oh God did he hear anything??..
‘I presume you have been thinking about going on a vacation??’..He asked and I gulped [email protected] again as a lump formed in my throat..
Which means he’s heard something…
‘Uhh your Highness it’s not what you think I..
‘You don’t have to paint it in sugar coating Giselle…Once the ball is over you and I would be going over to Greece’..He said..
‘Greece?? Are you having a meeting there sir??’..i asked…
‘No we’ll be going there for a vacation,I’ve also realized that I also nee-d a break and after I pick a wife we can go over to Greece,Athens to be’ll go there as a normal person and not my accomplice and then do whatever you want I don’t care’…He said and walked away…
I’ve never even traveled out of the country before and now I’m going to Greece??..
For a vacation??..
But he said when he picks a wife..
He’s really serious about this ball wife thing.
Minutes later💜
‘Nuh-uh it’s not a good idea Giselle!! Nada!!’..Isabel said dismissing my idea..
‘Look Isabel I’ll just appear for—
‘Hell no Giselle!! I’ve watched soap operas and it never works!! No I’m not cut out for this it’s a bad idea!!!’..She cut in and I sighed..
‘This is just my last chance to spend with your brother Isabel before he finally picks a wife!! plea-se help me!!’.
Do you think Giselle is going too far??..
and what do you think she’s planning??..

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