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The billionaire’s girlfriend Episode 5 & 6

🌹The Billionaire’s
Chapter 5
After thinking it throu-gh, I decided I escape from the house. The problem is how to do it cause there are guards everywhere.
I went to my wardrobe and picked a black jeans and t-shi-t, with a black hoodie. I quic-kly dressed up in that, I put on my sneakers before walking out of the room.
I saw guards standing in every [email protected] of the house. I leisurely walked to the kitchen, pretending I nee-ded a cu-p of water.
I couldn’t afford to act timid or they’ll get suspicious.
None of the guards were in the kitchen, I moved into the [email protected] knowing that there was a small window at the back.
I took a de-ep breath, before climbing up. Minutes Later, I was out… I had to hide behind the flowers to avoid chances of getting caught.
I looked sideways and saw some guards discussing and laughing.. I swallowed. All I nee-ded to do right now is to run over to the other side.
Thank goodness there’s no fence so it wouldn’t be a problem.
Alright June, it’s now or never.
With that thought, I glanced at them again before taking off.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I got to the other side and hide behind the flower then waited to see if they saw me.
“Hey, did you see that?” One of them asked
“See what?”
“I thought I saw something rush past just now”
His fellow guards laughed”Yeah right, you’ve started seeing things.. anyways”
I breathed out relieved when they went on with their discussion.
I then ran towards the roadside hoping to a lift cause I didn’t have cash on me.
Luckily, I saw a cab coming and st©pped it. “Hi sir, plea-se if you could give me a lift…” He didn’t let me finish, he just drove off.
Okay so that’s a no.
Oh God plea-se s£nd me a car before they notice I’m missing.
Suddenly, a black car with tinted glas-s rolled by and st©pped in front of me. I panicked at first thinking it was uncle but the glas-s rolled down.
I [email protected] when I saw that guy that helped me yesterday when those boys attacked me.
He flashed me a smile”nee-d a lift?”
I nodded”Yes plea-se”
I opened the front door and got in”Thank you, I’m heading to 96 Avenue”
He nodded.
I heard the door lock and swallowed. The guy seems like a nice guy, he helped me before so I shouldn’t have any bad thought.
I settled back in the chair, put on my seatbelt and thought of uncle.
Gosh he’ll be so mad when he finds out I’m gone but it’s not like I won’t come back, I just nee-d to check on my store.
I hope he sees the note I wrote so he won’t think I’m in trouble or anything..
I snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed we weren’t heading towards my store.
“Um.. I don’t think you’re heading the right way, you’re supposed to take left” i muttered.
I glanced at him when he didn’t reply”Hey I’m talking to you”
“I know, someone will love to speak with you”
I panicked”What? Do I look like I want to speak with anyone? St©p the car. I said st©p the car right now!!!” I yelled.
He st©pped the car, I thought he was going to unlock the door but suddenly, he placed a handkerchief on my nose before I could react.
“No.. you’ll.. pay” I said in a drowsy way before blacking out.
I found myself lying on a couch when I woke up. I took in my surroundings and [email protected] when I saw the highly decorated living room.
The interior is something you’ll only see in movies so nice and modern. I stared in awe with my mouth open.
Where the hell am I?
I remembered that guy drugging me and growled angrily. Damnit!! This is the second time they did that in a week.
I’m not finding it funny anymore, who kidnap me? And why did they do that?
A throat cleared behind me, I turned.
A [email protected] left my mouth when I saw the most cutest guy in history. Oh.. my.. God.
His black hair was styled and looked shiny. My eyes went to his beautiful face then his pinkl-ips.
Gawd he’s so handsome..
He was putting on a black r!pp£djeans and an expensive jacket. Everything about him screams money. You’ll be able to tell he’s rich.
In my state of drooling, it occurred to me that he’s someone important, I remembered Kayla said someone [email protected]£ to look for me…
Hold on.. am I staring at”Khalid Black?”
He flashed me a killer smile that got my [email protected] we-t instantly”Took you long enough to realize that”
Chapter 6
“I’m sorry sir, we couldn’t find her”
I felt my heart st©pped”What? What do you mean by that!!”
The guards shifted on their feet”We’re sorry sir, our resources said that she didn’t get to her store”
I gritted my teeth, aghhh!!
I knew it!! That bastard really did take her. He had his eyes on her all this while, I should have known!!
I nee-d to do something.. I can’t leave her with him.
I paced in my living room in thoughts, I know his plan, he wants to use her as revenge after what I did to him.
A thought [email protected]£ into my head and I paused. “Can you find where he lives?”
“Took you long enough to realize that”
I got up up and glared at him”Why am I here?”
He raised his perfectly shaped brows”To talk”
I scoffed. This is unbelievable!
I don’t know why rich people can’t just do things the right way. “Then why didn’t you just do it properly?! Do you have to kidnap me to talk?!” I yelled.
Damnit! I’m so mad right now.
It isn’t funny when you get Kidnapped twice.
He glanced at his time like I haven’t spoken with him just now.
“Let’s continue with this conversation later today June, I’m late for an appointment”
His eyes ran over my b©dy then to my face”Do make yourself at home” he muttered before walking out.
I [email protected], did that just happen?
“Hey let me out of here!!! This is kidnap in the highest level!! Help! Anyone?”
I sighed when no one showed up.
That guy really had some nerves bringing me here.
Wait a minute…. Where is here? Where am I?
Ahh damnit!! I’m so doom, why did I leave the house? Uncle clearly warned me not to go out.
Could it because of this?
What does Khalid want with me anyways?
“Hello Ma’am”
I heard from behind me and turned, an elderly woman was standing by the door.
Oh good, finally!
I’m sure she’s going to help me out of here. I ran towards her.
“Hi, plea-se where am i? Am I still in New York?Can you get me out of here.. plea-se”
She was shaking her head before I could finish. “You’re still in New York dear, but I’m afraid, I can’t answer your questions”
I pursed myl-ips”plea-se ma’am, I’ll give you money” I felt stupid the moment the words [email protected]£ out of my mouth.
She chuckled”I work for Master K who happens to be the riche-st man in the world.. what will I use your money for? Come now, let me show you to your room. Master K is not a bad person. You’ll know that once you get to know him”
Who says I wanted to know him? I want out of this place.
I followed behind her not knowing what else to do. Shortly after that, we arrived at a room.
She opened the door”This will be your room dear, don’t even try escaping, it’s pointless. You wouldn’t like what they’ll do to you”
She wanted to leave but I caught her hand”At least tell me where I am plea-se, I beg of you”
She was quiet at first then..”I’m sorry”
I watched her leave and felt like crying, oh God what have I gotten myself into?
I stepped into the room and [email protected]
Holy $h!toly!!
This is one hell of a room!
It’s bigger than the room in Uncle’s house.
I like this one better cause it’s not so colourful like a princess room. This one is mostly white and brown.
I went towards a door in the room and opened it.
It was a closet, full of clothes, jewelries.. bags, shoes and all that.
The second door is a bathroom with the most biggest tub I’ve ever seen. Gosh I’m sure this will contain more than five people.
I wonder why they’re giving me a room cause I’ll go back today. I’m going to look for a way out of here.
My eyes fell on a phone.
A phone!!
I ran towards it.. I wanted to call my uncle but sadly, I don’t have his number. I only have Kayla’s so I called her.
She picked immediately “Hello?”
“Hey Kay, I nee-d your help”
“June? Are you okay?”
“No, I’ve been kidnapped”
She [email protected]”How? I thought you were with your Uncle.. ”
“I was.. long story, plea-se call the cops. I don’t know where I am, all I know is that i nee-d to leave before Khalid gets back”
She was quiet at first”Hd on s minute.. did you just say Khalid? Khalid kidnapped you?”
“Yes damnit!! Track this line and come with the cops immediately”
She bur-st out laughing”That’s not possible. Oh my God!! I’ll be happy if I’m in your shoes, you’ve captured his attention June, just stay with for a while. I’m sure he’d let you go soon bye! Gotta go” then she hanged up.
She fu-ckin hanged up on me aghh!!
I paced for a while thinking about what to do.. soon, I got tired and sat on be-d. It was so comfortable that as I [email protected] it, I fell asleep immediately.
A knock on the door woke me up. I blinked.. It’s late alre-ady, damnit!! I can’t believe I sle-pt off. I wanted to escape.
The door opened before I could answer.
I sat upright immediately when I saw Khalid.
My heart skipped when our eyes met. He didn’t say anything, he started taking off his suit.
I panicked, oh goodness.. is he? Don’t tell me he wants to sleep with me…
😯 Do you think he’s going to sleep with her?

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