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The billionaire’s girlfriend 2 Episode 1 & 2

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby Ng
Episode 1
🌷 Kayla 🌷
I cleaned June’s forehead and sighed. Poor thing, I know it must have shocked her to the extent of loosing consciousness after finding out about her uncle.
I’m also very shocked about this, I never expected him to be a drug dealer, a thief. He’s even involved in killing.
I should have saw it coming tho, his overprotectiveness towards her explains it all, he didn’t want her to find out.
I went throu-gh the talk online and saw people criticising June. Some called her a worthless piece of trash, she’s just like her uncle,after our Master K’s money. Some of them cried that she has stolen their Khalid from them.
I flung the phone away and ru-bbe-d on my temples. I could feel a migraine coming up. June won’t be able to take all this, her soft heart won’t be able to endure this.
How did her picture get leeked?
Ahhh! I feel like strangling the reporter that did this.
I feel so guilty that I haven’t been here for her,I should have tried to find her that day when she called for help —even if it’s an impossible task.
I neglected her and was busy having fun with Charles!
Just thinking of his name made me more depressed.
I remembered his cold eyes this afternoon and clenched my fist, the bastard. He gazed at me like I’m a stranger.
He should be lucky tho, that I wasn’t in the mood of fighting. I would have beaten his a*s up.
The door opened just then, revea-ling Khalid.. oh jeez, my handsome Khalid and… Charles.
I scoffed and looked away. After June [email protected], Khalid had rushed over and started yelling what I did to her.
Of course, I yelled back at him to attend to my friend and st©p being an unreasonable j£rk.
😏 Yeah, I actually said that.
He was shocked by my statement but let it slide and went to June so yeah, now I’m here with them in their beautiful mansion.
I studied Khalid’s expression as he leaned towards her.. he looked concerned but he wasn’t angry about her uncle.
It’s just like he knows about it.
How weird, I just can’t seem to get it behind my mind that this guy is up to something.
He turned to me,our eyes met”What?” He barked.
I rolled my eyes and faced June, I can’t wait to hear everything she has to say about him.
He kidnapped her for chrissake! Gosh I’m a terrible friend. I really feel disgusted with myself right now.
“Since you can’t talk, get out” he turned to Charles”Take her out of here,I don’t June stressed out”
Charles was about to walk towards me when we heard a gro-an . “Kayla?”
I quic-kly went to her”I’m here June”
“He lied to him,he actually lied” she whimpered.
I patted her hair-my heart breaking for her. “I’m so sorry”
I noticed Khalid and his guard stepped out of room, maybe to talk who knows?
🌻 Melissa 🌻
I sat down in the beach chair beside the pool, enjoying the cool breeze on my skin.
I feel so satisfied with the outcome 😂
I think the internet is against their relationsh!pnow hmm.
A light footsteps dragged me out of stupor. I glanced up to see Mom coming my way”Lissa I just saw something on internet”
I smiled. She saw this and…” Hold on.. are you behind this?”
My smile wi-de-ned”Yeah of course! I told you I’m a genius”
“Oh my gosh! You actually did it! This will teach him not mess with our family next time”
I sighed, yeah. But my heart still felt heavy. I really wanted to bear the Mrs Black. Sigh.
“So what now?” I asked after awhile.
She crouch down to my level, cu-mpped my face in her hand. “Now dear,I want you to forget about him. There are many guys out there that’ll appreciate your beauty so go out there and look for them okay?”
“Okay mom, love you”
My guard actually booked a nice h0tel room for me. I decided to [email protected] for some time since we have no clue as to where to find my darling niece.
I was in the shower when the door suddenly bur-sted open. I [email protected]”Who the hell is that?!! Can’t you see I’m taking my shower!!!”
“Boss, boss you nee-d to see this!”
My stupid guard said.
I gro-an ed,why do I have such morons around me?
“No boss, I’m not interested in your pee pee, I’m no [email protected] you really nee-d to see this. It’s your niece.”
Ok that made me clean the soap from my eyes. “What? And don’t call my d!ck that again. Bring the phone closer!”
He did and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The bastard has made her his girlfriend? He has.. oh my goodness I can’t be this.
I was still trying to get my head around the news when another notification pooped in. It was about me.
I blinked and ru-bbe-d my eyes to see if I was dreaming. Unfortunately,my hands were soapy and it got into my eyes. “Ahh ahh damnit!! Where is the shower head!!!!”
My June…she can’t find out.
Not like this.
Episode 2
🖤 Charles 🖤
Master K is mad at me, no not mad but furious. fu-ck!!
This is the first time his anger is actually directed towards me and I don’t know what to do about it.
Sorry is not enough, I know that and I’m sure he wouldn’t accept it.
He hasn’t say a word to me ever since he we left the restaurant. And I fu-ckin know he’ll ask for me soon.
I’m expecting it.. and I’m anxiously waiting.
I followed him to June’s only to see Kayla sitting on a chair. Our eyes met, I wanted to go plead. I wasn’t thinking right at that time, I was furious.
Sadly, she looked away from me the moment I took a step forward.
Minutes Later, Khalid signaled me to come follow him out. We went to the wine bar,I only watched as he poured himself a drink.
After taking several gulps,his eyes fell on me.. studying me. I was uncomfortable un-der his gaze but remained still and waited for him to speak up.
Finally he did and the first thing he asked is about Kay.
“What is she doing here?” He asked calmly
Agh jeezz, how do I explain that she wanted to come and I let her? He’ll want to know if something’s going on between us.
“What? You don’t know how to talk anymore? Do you un-derstand what you’ve just done!! Everything that I’ve worked for is now in jeopardy!!
I can’t believe you’ve actually been drilling her, I fu-ckin asked you to do one job and you messed it up!!”
I raised my brows surprised, how did he find out? Sigh. I shouldn’t be surprised, he has a way of finding out things.
“I’m sorry boss”
🍀 Khalid 🍀
I’m so freaking mad! She didn’t even ask for me when she woke up, infact she pretended like I wasn’t there.
I don’t know why but it hurts .. it fu-ckin hurts!!
I wanted her to turn to me at her every problems. How did this happen? I suddenly want her to be mine like forever..
It’s shocking, I’m also stupefied by my feelings. When she [email protected], my heart felt like it has frozen, like it has st©pped.
I suddenly imagined what life will be without her and damn! I don’t want that.
The strange feelings are confusing but I don’t want to loose her, she is mine!
“I’m sorry boss”
Charles muttered dragging my attention to him. I glared at him and sighed. I can’t put all the blame on him.
I just hope June doesn’t decide to leave, not now. I can’t let her go, never. She is mine!!
I focus my attention back on Charles”I don’t know what is going on between you two but sort it out.
She shouldn’t get any idea of leaving here”
“I un-derstand boss”
With that, I went my room to shower.
“Oh don’t cry June, you’ll get snorts all over your face”
I sniffed/chuckled at that.”I’m not crying Kay” I sat up from be-d and hvgged her”I really missed you”
“Awwn I know, I’ve always told you, you can’t leave without me”
I laughed”Kayla that’s not a way to comfort a friend!”
She pu-ll-ed back from the hvg and shrugged.”I’m doing a good job at it, you’re laughing no aren’t you? ‘she asked tickling me.
I pushed her hands away”St©p it! Yeah.. ok fine. I’m not crying anymore”
She st©pped and we both settled into a comfortable silence.
“Don’t mind that j£rk of an uncle, I should have seen it coming. He always has a suspicious side of him, I just wasn’t able to place my hands on it.”
I sighed”I still feel sad Kay, I wish he told me about it. Finding it this way hurts more”
“I know babe, I know”
I sighed again and faced her. I have so many questions for her right now so I pushed my uncle aside. I’ll think about it later.
“So.. tell me what you’re doing here in Orleans, how did you end up dressed like this”I said pointing at her clothes.
She laughed”Oh it’s a long story.. I actually disguised so I could know who Charles’s boss is. Turns out that it’s Khalid”
I blinked”Charles? You mean that cute guard? Is something going on between you too?”
Her features suddenly changed”June don’t ask to much questions, you still nee-d to get your strength back”
“I’m fine Kay, now tell me what’s wrong”
She was quiet at first then she sighed”I’m actually d..”
She was interrupted by the door, we both faced the direction and saw Khalid standing by the door.
My heart skipped when I saw his drenched hair and the comfortable clothes he’s putting on.
He looks.. eatable.

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