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The billionaire girlfriend Episode 15 & 16

🌷The Billionaire’s
Girlfriend 🙈
Episode 15
We arrived at his family house an hour later, Khalid turned to me”Remember all what I’ve told you”
I scoffed thinking about it.
I still can’t believe I’m going to do this, I have no choice.. Kayla’s life is online here. His had told me everything about his mom, what will make her love me.
“You have to act like you didn’t know a marriage was going on, act like you’re hurt by this”
I blinked”You’re engaged? You want to end this way? Why are you doing this?”I asked in shock.
This is so unbelievable. How will they look at me?
I gulped when he glared at me and kept talking”She loves it when people call her Rianne so take note, we met at a coffee shop”
I bur-sted out laughing”Coffee shop? That sounds so cliche,no one will believe you. How about at the park? You were driving by and you saw me”
“Whatever, you just do you have to do and don’t mess this up”
End of flashback!
I nodded”Yeah I guess”
I was surprised when he alighted from the car and k!$$£d me. It was brief but it made my heart skip. “They’re watching us, smile”
I did and we both made our way to the front door.
🍀 Khalid 🍀
Mom’s face was flu-shed with anger, she stared at us as we [email protected]£ closer looking like she’s going to strangle me the moment I get within reach. Hm, that’s what you get for not listening to me.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom very much but there extent of things that can’t be overlooked.
I glanced at June to see her fidgeting. I don’t blame her.. this isn’t easy for her. I don’t feel bad though, she’ll get over it soon.
“Hello Mom” I greeted coolly, ignoring the guest. They all gazed at me then to June in horror.
“W.. what’s going on here? Who is she?” The girl I’m supposed to marry asked. I don’t even know her name.
Mom smiled apologetically at them”Excuse me for minute” then she [email protected]£d my hand”Come with me”
I took June’s hand wanting her to come along but mom glared at me”Alone!!!”
I k!$$£d June on her cheek before following her. Why do I feel like I know what she wants to talk about?
Oh God this is bad, really bad.
How am I going to cope with all of them staring at me like a lunatic?
An elderly man that look like Khalid cleared his throat”Who are you dear?”
I blinked, don’t tell me he’s Khalid’s father cause even their voice sounds alike. Holy $h!toly!! I’m speaking with his dad!
An.. and I’m about to lie, you can do this June, you can do this. I cleared my throat”Um .. hello Mr Black, I’m June, Khalid’s girlfriend” I said with a smile.
Everyone [email protected]”Girlfriend?”
A pretty lady about my age walked to my front”What do you mean girlfriend, I’m his fiance!”
I [email protected]”What? He never told me he had a ‘fi.. an.. ce”
At the back of my heart, I was patting myself on the back. Go girl, you’re doing great. I wish Kayla was here to watch me. She’d be hailing me right now.
The bit-ch [email protected]”Did you just ‘fi.. an.. ce’ me?”
I raise my brows”I don’t know, why don’t you ask your dumb head”
She gritted her teeth”You slut!! I’ll show you not to mess with me”
💕 Khalid 💕
“What do you think you’re doing Khalid!! Do you know the embarras-sment you’ve just cost me!!” She yelled the moment we stepped into her room.
I shrug”I don’t know what you’re on about mom, I told you I wasn’t interested because I was in love with someone else, with June”
My subconscious mind scoffed, in love? Is that all you could come up with?
I pushed it aside and focused on mom.
“In.. in what? You’re telling me that now? The Kiran family are the most respected family here in town, you nee-d to marry that girl!!”
I growled”No mom! I just told you I’m in love with someone and you’re asking me to dump her?”
“Well yes, if that’s what you have to do then do it”
I shook my head, I expected this. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.
“Don’t you get it? I said no! I’m not going to marry her and that’s final!!”
She opened her mouth to speak”Son…”
Suddenly we heard a loud ban-g, followed by screams. My eyes wi-de-ned, oh no.. hope it’s not what I’m thinking?
Mom had the same look on her face cause we turned and ran out to the living room.
I was speechless at what I saw. June [email protected]£d my fiance’s hair and pu-ll-ed it [email protected] Then bent the girls hand in a way I know will hurt.
I’ll leave this one for you guys.
Is it good that June is fighting?
Episode 16
🥀 Kayla 🥀
“Whoa.. I love this place!!” I exclaimed excitedly, gazing out throu-gh the window.
A guy juggling a ball caught my attention”OMG!!! Look at that!!” Gosh I was so giddy, I can’t remember the last time I had such kind of fun.
I saw a cotton candy and hit the glas-s”St©p the car, now!!”
Charles sighed”Kayla..”
“No Charles, I want one” Really Kayla? Want one? I sounded like a kid but who cares? I can’t miss such kind of rare opportunity.
The guards in the Limo chuckled”She wants one Charles”
Are they mocking at me? I glared at them and they looked away. We had to drive to Orleans by car, it was nice and bad at the same time.
Why I said so is because, the good thing here is I get treated like a princess 😁 I get everything I want, infact you’ve got to see the kind of food I eat ha!
I wish June was here to see this, she’ll be super jealous.
I guess it’s her luck that she got kidnapped by KHALID BLACK!! So yeah, I have lots of gist for when I see her. Only God knows when that’ll be.
It’s a bad thing cause I’m the only girl among many guys,I have to hide far away if I want to pee.
I shoved the thought out and [email protected]£d Charles hand”plea-se honey pie, just this.. I’ll stay quiet till we get home”
He gro-an ed, ruffled his hair frustratedly”Kayla”
“plea-se..” I said in my sweetest tone.
“Fine! Just one thing”
I nodded but I was scoffing in my mind, how will I come to this place and get one thing? One? Ha! In your dreams baby.
He talked to his fellow guards before opening the door”Come on”
I smiled evilly and alighted out of the car, ohh goodies, here I come.
I was so busy dealing with this bit-ch forgetting about what Khalid talked about. Truth is, I don’t know why I’m fighting, she started it so I had no choice but to continue.
Damnit!! I’m not a violent person, I despise it but she wanted it so..
I wince when she [email protected]£d my hair pu-lling it ti-ghtly”Let go of me you who-re!!” I use my f!ngersto scratch her face.
She [email protected]”Did you just use your stupid f!ngerson me? I will kill you today!”
She was coming at me again when we suddenly heard”Enough!!!”
Everyone froze as Khalid [email protected]£ to my side and pu-ll me to his side.”Don’t you get it? I will never marry you, just go!! Get out!! All of you!”
I saw the glare his mother was giving me and t©uçh his arm”Khal…”
He faced me breathing [email protected]
The girls mother who has been standing there in shock snapped out of it and rushed to her daughter”Oh my gosh!! Your face! How dare she do this to you!”
She pouted”Mom! I don’t want to stay here anymore, I can’t take anymore embarras-sment from this people!”
The mother hvgged her ti-ghtly and asked the father to take her away.
Oh God, this is my fault, I caused this. How will I feel if someone does this to me?
Gosh, I’m a horrible person!
Tears formed in my eyes but I bit myl-ips [email protected], holding it in. I can’t wait for all this to me over.
Oh God, I never expected this to happen. Why did Khalid do this to me?
He has ruined my reputation, the Kiran family will never let this go.
Racheal turned to me after her daughter left”You!! Do you know what you and your son just did? I’ll let the whole community know about this. Your status will be ruined, mark my .. ”
“Oh get out would you? You know your empty threats won’t work on the Black family” Jerry muttered, walking to my side.
Racheal glared at me in anger before walking out of the house. I whimpered and hvgged my husband”Jerry”
“Shh it’s okay, everything will be fine”
I cried on his b©dy for a while and remembered Khalid was still standing there. I glanced up and saw him hvgging the girl.
The same girl that caused all this, I’m going to show her not to mess with our family again. With that thought, I left Jerry’s and made my way towards her.
🍀 Charles 🍀
I growled angrily, why did I let her come with me?
I think I’m going to suffer from high case of madness if I stay with her another day with her.
My guards all had a smile on their faces as I followed behind her. “Take your time boss!!”
I glared at them before running to catch up with Kay. “Hey wait up!!”
She st©pped by the candy shop and ordered for two then she gazed expectedly at me.
“What are you waiting for? Pay for it and let’s go”
Let’s go?”Go where? You said one thing Kayla!”
She shrugged”Well I lied” she win-ked at me and took off on a run.
Oh $h!t! She tricked me”Kayla!!”

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