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S-xy high school girls Episode 18 & 19

Episode 18
Beginning of Nemesis
Millson saw miss Bansah lying on the ground hurt. He took her to the herbalist and she eventually recovered in a hospital.
Later on , Millson himself felt sick and was nurtured back to life by miss Bansah. Those two incidences caused them to come more closer to each other.
[Dzifa’s Viewpoint ]
Do you know what really surprised me? Despite our deadly attack on miss Bansah, she still remained clinched to Millson like a tick. Slyvia was right. She told the group that day in the isolated hut the moment we attacked Bansah , Millson’s attention would be drawn to her. He would want to help her recover. He would console her ,
sympathise with her and throu-gh his efforts, their love will grow naturally.
I remembered Irene laughing that day and asking Slyvia “since when did you become an aficionado of love?”
Whatever the case was, the love between those two people was becoming obvious.
I summoned the girls to a meeting again to plan our next move.
Me: My friends, we are here once again because our objective have not be achieved.
Dima : What do you mean exactly?
Me: Are you a stranger in Jerusalem. Our objective was to discourage Miss Bansah from following Millson. It’s obvious we have failed. She’s still with him.
Evelyn: Were you not the one blaming me for hitting her too [email protected] with the stone?
Vivian: Hmmm.
Irene : it’s true.
Lucy : Attacking miss Bansah was a conundrum. We have to bear the spill -over -effects
Sylvia : You and who? Didn’t I warn you against attacking her. I told you it will bring the two of them together and even make their love grow dee-per. Now you see what’s happening? They are more closer than ever.
Lucy: Okay. Aficionado of love. We hear you.
Me : This is not time to complain. What is our next move?
Lucy : Let’s beat her again
Evelyn: Yes. This time I will finish my unfinished job.
Sylvia : Let’s leave them alone. I have come to realise that love is not by f0rç£. Whatever we do to these lovers will not yield the de-sired result.
Dima: I think you are right. After all sir Millson cannot marry all of us.
Evelyn: keep quiet, you moron. You see why I say your head is full of sand? Who is taking about marriage? We are not saying Sir Millson should marry us. We just want to feel ‘his thing’ in us and enjoy him small. Can you imagine how it will feel like if that young handsome man is digging you and you are [email protected] ing, eh, ah, give it to me, awww, my God, it’s so sweet.
It’s a once in a life time experience.
How I wish it can happen just once.
Sylvia: Hmmm. Evelyn. You are becoming obsessed with this Millson love illusion. You better st©p it before something bad happens to you.
Evelyn : Be there and be talking nons-en-se. Who no dey like bobo?
Look at this hypocrite. You see am you no dey do?
Vivian : Shhh. Make u no vex ah ..ah.
Me: I think we should burn her house. If we do that, she will have no other option than to leave the village.
Sylvia: That’s not a nice move. If miss Bansah leave this village, Millson will follow him. Have you thought of that?
Dima: I think what you said make a lot of s-en-se.
Evelyn: It make s-en-se to you but if you are a de-ep thinker, you will notice its deficiencies. No teacher can leave his station unless he stayed there for at least three years.
Lucy : That’s true but every law has an exception.
Evelyn : ..and what is the exception in this
Lucy: No. Security. He could say his life is unsafe in this village.
Me : That’s a possibility but I still insist we burn her house. Now who’s with me on this?
As usual four of the six girls raised up their hands. We planned to strike un-der the cover of darkness.
~11.30 P.m~
It’s time to strike. I meet the four girls and we planned our route and the role everyone of the girls would [email protected] the evil scheme. Evelyn volunteered to carry keros£ne along . Lucy brou-ght matches and torchlight.Vivian brou-ght a cutlas-s. I volunteered to carry anyone who may get hurt in case miss Bansah attack us or any unknown stranger.
Soon miss Bansah’s house [email protected]£ into sight. It was a mud house roofed with thatch. All we nee-d to do is to torch her thatched roof.
Fifty metres to her house, Evelyn stepped on something. It was thre-ad-like. The thre-ad like figure turned round and bite her.
Evelyn screamed so loudly that we are sure miss Bansah could have woken up. She clung to her foot.
“Shhhhhhh!!St©p screaming! I commanded her but she kept screaming and holding her foot.
Lucy turned her torchlight on Evelyn’s foot. We were all amazed at what we saw. Her right leg was getting swollen, her breathing was becoming difficult. The colour of her leg was turning black.
Immediately, we knew what happened to Evelyn.
Snake bite!!!
The snake moved in our direction.It looked like a rattlesnake.
It has a ring like design at the end of its tails. It shook when it felt threatened ma-king rattling sounds. It looked very venomous.
We threw our tools down
,screamed and run shelter- shelter. I mustered courage and carried Evelyn who was now about to lost consciousness.
Miss Bansah was opening her door to ascertain what was happening.
Evelyn was twitching and convul
She was becoming h0t and her spasm was erratic. I knew if I didn’t do something about her situation, the snake bite will poison her blood and end her life.
I rushed Evelyn to the village’s herbalist and knocked on his door. He [email protected]£ out and saw Evelyn twitching and struggling in her excruciating throes. Without asking asking any question, he rushed into the bush, cut some herbs, make some concoctions and applied them onto her swollen foot.
Still Evelyn didn’t regain her consciousness.
The herbalist said, “she nee-ds to see a medical doctor in the city. The herbs will st©p the poison for some time but a doctor is nee-ded to further treat her. By the way , what were you going in the bush this night?
I pretended not to hear his question. Instead I said, ” I will get her mother” and left the herbalist’s house.
I reached Davi Adzovi’s house and knocked on her door. She was de-ep asleep. I knocked and knocked but still she didn’t respond.
“DAVI ADZOVI!!!!!!” I combined the knocking with shouting. Finally she woke up and asked ” Who’s there?”
“It’s me Dzifa.”
“What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”
Your daughter Evelyn was bitten by a snake and is now in Efo Mawufemor’s house.
“What are you trying to tell me?”
“plea-se go to the herbalist house. She’s there!”
I knew I won’t be able to answer the plethora of questions she would be asking me. Wisely , I ran away towards my own house. I don’t know what happened later but my heart was thumping heavily. Every second, I looked at my door, expecting Davi Adzovi to come down to our house to demand an explanation from me. How will I explain myself to my Parents?
I have alre-ady lost their confidence during the trial of Sir Millson.
Luckily, Evelyn’s mother didn’t turn up.
<Third Person Narration >
Adzovi went to the herbalist’s house and was shocked to see her daughter there. She made arrangement with a taxi driver and Evelyn was rushed to the Hospital in the big town to un-dergo medical treatment.
Management of the Hospital say Evelyn was seriously bitten by the snake and her chances of survival was 50-50. They gave her several sh0ts of anti-venom and hoped it would be efficacious.
Snake bites are common in many rural dwellers especially among peasant farmers.
It is ess£ntial for snake bite victims to get immediate medical attention, however, most rural communities in Ghana do not have access to emergency facilities or better road network to facilitate their transportation to nearby hospitals to get the correct medicine as soon as possible resulting in deaths.
Episode 19
Another Trouble!
[RECAP: The girls held a meeting and decided to burn miss Bansah’s house. On their way to execute their plans, Evelyn was bitten by a snake and their plan was thwarted and Evelyn ended up in the hospital]
{Dzifa’s Point of view }
Evelyn stayed in the hospital for two weeks after which she was discharged. I knew she would not want to be [email protected] of the girls’ group again after such a bitter experience. Plus she felt we have abandoned her when calamity struck.
After that snakebite , we began to fear miss Bansah. We believed Evelyn’s snakebite was not ordinary.
Another incident happened a week after Evelyn was discharged from hospital that convinced us that Miss Bansah had something down her sleeves.
We were in clas-s that day when miss Bansah began talking. She said, “some renegade girls attacked me some few weeks ago. I decided to forgive them because I knew they did it in ignorance. I have been seeing these girls in my dreams every night. They are seven in number. Two of these girls are not really evil but they allow their colleagues to influence them.
As I’m speaking right now, they are staring at me. I forgave their first mistake but I won’t forgive them if they ever try anything foolish on me again. In fact, the next attempt they made will end their lives. I am using this time to warn them. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”
Miss Bansah’s words troubled me so much and I called the girls to a meeting after clas-s.
At the usual meeting time, Vivian, Irene and Lucy turned up. Slyvia, Dima and Evelyn were abs£nt.
Vivian: Where are the rest?
Me: I don’t know.
Irene: Will they be coming?
Me: I don’t know.
Lucy : I think we should cancel this meeting.
Vivian: Me too.
Me: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.What miss Bansah said today was very disturbing and worth an-alysing.
Irene: It’s true. I have a feeling she’s aware we are the ones behind her as-sault.
Lucy : I’m even beginning to fear her. I think we should cancel today’s meeting. I’m not comfortable with it.
Vivian: Me too.
Irene: Me too.
Lucy : It sound like a good advise.
Me: Ok. Today’s meeting is call off.
Vivian, Irene,Lucy and I stepped out to go home and there she stood gazing at us.We were awestruck. I felt like I was rooted to the sp©t. She gazed at the four of us for a few minutes,turned round and left. Hmmm. Miss Bansah is becoming mysterious.
–Three days later–
We la-id low for the time being. I renewed my ro-mantic involvement with Kwame. We made love in his house like two animals on heat. Even newly weds don’t de-sire each other S-xually like that.
Sometimes when I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for him, he’d sneak in behind me and gr-ab my bu-ttocks. I would [email protected] and tell him to st©p it.
In those joyous and lvstful
moment, I even forgot the man I was frol!çk!ng with S-xually was my teacher with the primary [email protected]£ to teach and help me improve my academic life as a student. Do you know the funniest of all these things? I have even forgotten I was a student, a Girls’ Prefect for that matter.
Well, I didn’t want to engage myself in self recrimination. I just wanted to make use of the opportunity while it last.
Then I suspected Kwame was cheating on me. He was secretly [email protected]!ngother girls. I saw them several times with him.
I [email protected]£ cold towards him. Every time he tried to initiate S-x, I would refuse. I even threatened to report him to the headmistress.
His last attempt was when he tried to do the “kitchen sneak” on me. He ti-ptoed to where I stood busy with what I was doing and slid his hand beneath my school Sk-irt, reaching for my crotch with his f!ngers.
I turned around quic-kly, [email protected] the knife I’d been chopping carrots with, intending to cut his hand.
He quic-kly dodged and the knife had slightly cut him just at the side of his hand. He stepped back with fear as I pointed the knife at him with a scowl on my face to show I had meant it.
He was angry, but at the same time, didn’t want to do anything that would attract the attention of the school. After that incident, We broke up. I even regretted slee-ping with him in the first place. You know the man I always wanted before giving Kwame a chance. It’s sad he didn’t feel the same towards me.
~One weeks later ~
{Third Person Narration}
In Church the next Sunday, the pastor preached about lvst, it’s effects on our physical and spiritual life and how to overcome it. Kwame listened with ra-pt attention and hoped to overcome the constant urges he had to sleep with Dzifa. At the end of the Pastor’s sermon, he felt renewed and as-sured that he could resist the de-sires of the flesh.
He returned home to relax when he heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door ,It was Dzifa.
“What are you doing here,Dzifa,
” he asked with a frown on his face.
She ignored his question,pushed him away from the door and entered the room.
She was looking pale and feverish. Kwame’s heart sank. He asked her, “what is wrong with you?”
She looked at him angrily but uttered no words.
Suddenly, Dzifa rushed out and vomited. From what he had watched from numerous nollywood movies at that time, he realized then that Dzifa was pregnant.
At first, the news hit him with such dre-adfulness that he just went into his room and sat on his be-d, wishing that all the events of the past few months never happened. That first o—-m, the many after it, all the S-xcapades they had enjoyed. The slamming and the rocking . He just wanted to undo everything. If Dzifa was pregnant, then the seed within her was surely planted by her.
Then she said it more explicitly,
“Kwame,You have impregnated me”
There was an uneasy silence between them. He thought he had prepared for the news but it hit him like a thun-derbolt.
He wished the ground could just open and swallow him whole.
He wondered how the school will take that news. Sir Kwame had impregnated the School’s Girls’ Prefect. He must do something about the pregnancy before he got disgraced.
He said,”You know you can’t keep that bastard in your wo-mb. You are still a student.”
Dzifa sobbe-d heavily. Her cries spoke more of what her words couldn’t speak.
“I don’t want to have an abortion. I’m afraid I will die,”she finally said.
“Then get re-ady for the
consequences,” Kwame said,
“I’m not yet re-ady to be a father.”
Dzifa continued crying. Kwame felt pity for her. He knew trouble was looming ahead. In the evening,he consulted his colleagues to advice him on what to do but found out they were also worried. They told him their student girlfriends were also pregnant for them.

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