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My sweetheart finale

🥰My Sweet Heart🥰
#Episode 41 (Semi-Finale)
… Writer’s POV (Rejoice) …
Few days after Michael [email protected]£ back, Eva finally poured out her feeling to him but he let her know that he feels nothing for her.
He fell for Benita.
Eva after seeing Michael k!ssBenita when she won the race for her house on her school sports competition day..
Eva tried her best to kill every feeling that she have for Michael thus ma-king her try to be more closer to Emeka and appreciate his love for her by loving him too.
She felt just better when she began this.
Joy couldn’t remember anything about Valerie but Valerie never st©pped ma-king efforts for him to remember.
two weeks after he got better and left the hospital, he went to see his family.
He took Vale along.
He met James, his twin brother.. James survived but would never be able to walk with his legs again which means he’ll forever be in a wheelchair.
He forgave him.
His wicked mother was buried and his father who was charmed by his mother but because the charm has been lifted, he got his right s-en-ses back and apologised dearly to his son, Joy.
Joy forgave his father and met with his sister who had two beautiful kids, Chelsea and Jamie and her husband, Bryan.
He introduced Valerie to them as his friend who helped him alot when he was in the dark tunnel of memory lost caused by his wicked mother.
Even though Valerie said they had something together then .. He dearly pray to remember them in time… Even if he doesn’t, He can swear, he is falling inlove with her.
He saw Stella..
She now have a son for James.
He fought [email protected] to hold back his tears..
Stella begged him for forgiveness…For forgetting everything they shared.
For not trying to look for him.
Joy forgave her, knowing it wasn’t her fault.
It was all his mother’s fault.
His family was happy to have him back and they [email protected] and [email protected]£ united again.
While Iyke got a fifteen years imprisonment….
.. Eva’s POV …
Ever since that day I saw Michael k!ssBenita, I tried so [email protected] to kill and end the feelings I have for him.
I have Emeka who love me sincerely and so much.
Vale was right, Her brother feel nothing for me.
He said, ‘Im just his sister’s friend.. Im like a s£nior sister to him due to the age gap.’
I felt broken even though I was expecting such reply but I felt so hurt when he said them bodly to me.
Valerie was so right that I shouldn’t let him know my feelings for him but rather, I should try to st©p those feelings and love Emeka who would do anything for me.
Well, It’s still for the best that I let him know how I felt for him all this years.
Now, Im happy with Emeka. I’ve always been tho but feeling something for him now makes our relationsh!pmore beautiful and perfect…Knowing that he isn’t the only one loving in this relationsh!pbut that im also inlove with him as well.
Im happy for Benita…. She’s a beautiful, sweet girl who wasn’t so brilliantly lucky when she was growing up, but she’s so lucky, michael [email protected]£ back and just fell for her.
Maybe cos of the way she do…
Maybe cos of the way she speaks.
Maybe cos she’s beautiful with a wi-de smile.
They do be perfect together..
I know Michael would help her out study wise.
Yeah, I guess right cos lately, her pidgin ain’t that strong again.
And Valerie?. Joy still don’t remember anything they shared but with the way I see him looking at her, He’do fall inlove with her again.
Well, I gotta dress up. I have a [email protected]£ with Emeka.. Again.
.. Michael’s POV …
“What’s she writting?”
She still don’t know how to write a simple informal letter.
“Here, lemme show you something Benita. Your adress lines ain’t correct. You don’t add a ‘full st©p’when you ain’t done with the address. What you put down is ‘comma’ And then un-der your local government, you add your state which you are currently in, which is Lagos state.. Then you put down a ‘full st©p’ followed by the [email protected]£.” I explained to her while she stared at me.
Then she scratched her hair.
“I no even know today [email protected]£ o.” She said, b!tt!g the head of her pen.
“I don’t even know today’s [email protected]£.” I corrected.
“I don’t even know today’s [email protected]£.” She followed.
“Good… so it’s neccesary you know [email protected]£s. Today is 5th January, 2018.” I said with a smile.
“Thank you.” She said and smiled.
Her cute smile.
I don’t know why im inlove with Benita.. My mom’s maid but I don’t see her as that.
I see her as someone really special and unique.
She has the inside beauty and elegance that nee-ds to be brou-ght out and displa-yed for the world to behold.
She has a great future and also talented.
She won the race for her house a week ago that I had to k!ssher.
She recieved so much praise from people and everyone made her feel special.
I stared at her as she wrote.
“Dear friend, ” She mumbled and wrote.
“Benita.” I called coolly.
“Michael.” She answered.
At first she was adding ‘Brother’ but I st©pped her.
“I love you.” I said.
She blu-shed and raised the book for me to re-ad.
Dear friend,
I love Michael so much.
Im happy and smiling.
That made me smile.
“Now, that wasn’t what I told you to wrote. You’ve failed your writing.” I said.
“If this mean failing, then. I no mind failing my exam.” She said.
“Oh sorry, you psssed.” I laughed.
“This is because you love me.” She said.
I drew closer and held her cheeks in my palm
“Yes I love you Benita.” I said and gave her a quic-k k!sson herl-ips.
“Let’s go [email protected]” I said, got up and pu-ll-ed her up.
.. Valerie’s POV …
It’s been three weeks but Joy still don’t remember anything about us.
I’ve did my very best. It hurts.
I’ve cried but found out tears won’t solve the matter.
The love we used to share isn’t anymore.
Maybe…but the way he looks at me still give me some hope..
I just hope he’do just love me again or just recall everything we had together.
I love him… I love him so much and knowing he doesn’t remember anything hurts.
I sighed and turned on my be-d.
I’ve been vomitting lately…and feel weak.
I [email protected] get sick and my sickness doesn’t even result to vomitting.
Im too scared to admit to myself that it’s pregnancy even though I alre-ady know it is.
It’s Joy’s child but it hurts that he doesn’t even remember we had S-x.
Im so scared to tell anyone not even Eva.
How do I let Joy know about this?
My phone rang.
I checked.
it ‘Joy’
Oh… I sighed and picked it up.
“Hello Joy?”
“Vale, can I see you at La Cherrie? I really nee-d you around.” He said.
I swallowed.
“Joy I have something to tell you.” I said.
“Alright. Then we must have something to tell each other.” He said.
I dressed up.
My phone rang again.
An unknown number.
“Hello.” I said.
“Hello Dr. Valerie Orlando. Do you remember this voice?”
I knew the voice instantly.
“Lizzy?” I said.
“Lizzy oh my God! How did you get my number?” I asked.
“Oh ain’t you a doctor and a daughter to Medical surgeon Orlando? Your phone number and emails are everywhere you know.” She said.
I chuckled, “Lizzy where did you go?” I asked.
“I dey oh… I heard that Iyke is in prison now. He deserves it… He’ll meet his type there. Vale im coming to see you.” She said.
“Oh plea-se do.” I smiled.
“Take care.” She said and cut the call.
I’ll give her a call later.
Oh, how could I have forgotten her?
She opened my eyes to all Iyke was doing and all he was plainning for me.
.. Joy’s POV …
I waited at La Cherrie for her..
I’ve s£nt her the address and soon, I saw her car drive in.
She stepped down looking dazzling and beautiful.
I wonder how I got to meet such a sweet lady when my memory was lost.
“Hello beautiful.” I smiled when she got to my table.
“Hi Joy.” She said.
“You look beautiful.” I said.
“I love it that we’re the only one here.” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos I nee-d it.” She said.
“So what’s that you wanna tell me?” She asked.
“I don’t know how to say it Vale.” I said.
“It’s fine. I’ll just tell you mine.” She said.
“Im pregnant and it’s your child.” She said.
“You are pregnant?”
“Yes. You re-leased inside me three weeks ago that we had S-x, I just wanna know what we’ll do about it. We can go for a test about it.” She said.
I breathed and smiled.
That’s a great news.
I looked into her eyes..
I know she isn’t lying about it.
“Do you still love me Valerie like you said?” I asked.
“I can’t st©p myself from doing that.” She said.
“I love you too Valerie Orlando.” I said with a smile, got up, pu-ll-ed her up and hvgged her.
“It’s not so bad if I fall inlove with you again…And this love would be till eternity, nothing’s gonna st©p us.” I said.
“I love you Joy…Im glad I found you.” She said.
“Im lucky I have you Vale.” I said.
We withdrew and k!$$£d…
Episode 42 (Finale)
Weeks Later:
… Writer’s POV (Rejoice) …
“You are now lawful wedded in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit.” The priest said.
“Amen!” The church chorused.
Valerie smiled at Joy, while Eva smiled at Emeka.
“You may now k!ssyour bride.” The priest said.
Joy smiled as he drew close to his Bride, Valerie and k!$$£d her while Emeka k!$$£d his Bride, Eva.
Benita smiled behind as she stared at her bestman, Michael. She was Valerie’s chief bride’s maid.
Lizzy is Eva’s chief bride’s maid while a a handsome friend of Emeka who [email protected]£ down from America, is Emeka’s Bestman.
Valerie and Eva got married to their belove husband this day.. The same day.
Isn’t it so sweet?
“I love you so much Vale.” Joy said to Vale.
“I love you too Joy.” She said and then they k!$$£d again.
The priest watched with smiles.
He had to believe that this two de-eply love each other.
Maybe he’do invite them for a speech on relationsh!pti-ps for new married couple which the church do host every friday on the church tv channel.
“Now… let the choir bless this married couple with their halleluya song.” He said and that was when Vale st©pped k!ssing. But before then, lots of pictures and videos have been taken by the amazed congregation.
Eva and Emeka did quite a sweet k!ssbut not compared to Joy and Vale’s.
It was a bliss.
The night of the wedding [email protected], Emeka’s friend found Lizzy while he [email protected]£ out from the men’s restroom.
“Excuse me plea-se?” He called her.
“Yes?” Lizzy said with a friendly smile.
She had a plate of meats in her hand.
She had changed into a pink slim-sleeved go-wn which displa-yed her well endowned b©dy.
“I am Celestine…and you?” He asked.
Lizzy smiled. She can’t lie that he look so handsome and smell of richness.
“Im Lizzy.” She said.
“Lemme be sincere here, that you looked so amazing on golden chief bride’s maid go-wn there at the church.” He said, smiling..
‘Wow. cute smile.’ Lizzy thought.
“Thanks alot.” She said..
“But now.. Wow, you look beautiful and h0t.” He said.
“Thanks Celestine.” She smiled.
“What’s that you carrying?” He asked.
“Some pieces of meat.” She said.
“Can I have one?” He asked.
“Sure.” She smiled.
He picked one and smiled.
“Thanks” He said.
“So you are going for a dance? Music is wasting in there.” He said.
“No..I don’t think so.” Lizzy said.
“Im a good dancer. Swear you won’t regret dancinf with me. plea-se.. im begging Lizzy.” He said.
“Alright.” She gave up.
He stretched out his hand.
Lizzy placed hers ont©p.
He smiled, held her hand as they walked back into the [email protected] hall..
There, Benita and Michael. was dancing with the two wedded cpuple and their family and friends.
“Umm. I guess we’ve missed alot.” Celestine said.
He’s quite funny but cool.
They got to the dance floor and joined in the dancing.
Lizzy rolled her eyes but smiled.
… Valerie’s POV …
I held him… gently as we danced. He held me and looked into my eyes.
My husband.
“You are so beautiful Valerie. I guess you are an angel cos you made my dark life become beautiful again.. I can’t thank you enough. I love you so much with all my heart. I know our baby is gonna be so cute.” He said and before I could say anyrhing, he k!$$£d me.
… Eva’s POV …
“Eva, im so glad we finally [email protected]£ couple. It had always been my dream to slide a wedding ring into your f!nger as your husband.” Emeka said to me.
I smiled, “I love you so much too baby and im so lucky to be your wife.” I said and then he k!$$£d me.
… Benita’s POV …
“Look at both of em… I want us to be this way some day.. You on a dazzling wedding go-wn and I in suites. I wanna make you my wife Benita.. Promise me you gonna wait for me… And be my wife in four years time?” Michael asked me.
I smiled and nodded.
“Yes my husband.” He hit me pla-yfully on the arm, then took my f!nger and slide something in.
I raised my f!nger to see and it’s a ring.
“A ring?” I said.
“Yes.. let it be a symbol of our promise to each other tonight.” He said.
I smiled.
“I will keep it safe.” I said.
He smiled and then hvgged me..
“I love you Benita.” He said.
“I love you too.” I said and grinned.
Oh oh oh… Ain’t I so lucky?
Yes! I am.
Thanks so much to everyone who re-ad, rate and commented.
Im so grateful and happy.
I love u all……


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