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My ro-mantic maid Episode 17 & 18

Episode 17
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋 [She’s S-xy] 😊 by Blessing D writes
💎Marcus’s POV💎
I woke up the next morning to find her still cudd-ling me.
I smiled and carefully re-moved her hand from my b©dy got up.
I wore my clothes and noticed that she was still asleep. I pe-cked her on the cheeks and went to my room.
I opened the door to find mason sitting down on my be-d with his phone in his hands.
I felt my heart beat increase for unknown reason.
He didn’t even raise his head to look at whoever [email protected]£ in.
I went to sit beside him wondering what he was even doing in my room.
“Where did you spend the night mar? At the sea?” He asked still on his phone.
“Um..of course I spent my night here, I replied with a shrug.”
“But its definitely not in this room buddy. Did you lounge in another room ? “He asked and I opened my mouth.
“Um..yes, I replied.”
“And that room was Nora’s?” He asked and looked at me this time.
“Oh $h!t! He alre-ady knew.”
I cracked and glared at him.
“St©p asking when you know , I replied and stood up and headed for the bathroom.”
He followed me immediately.
“So how was your night with her? Was is sweet? “He asked.
“Geez! This guy is ma-king me feel uncomfortable.”
“Mason I want to bath, I replied.”
“I know , he replied still in the bathroom.”
“Its not like its a big deal, he added and I shrugged and took my brush and started brushing my teeth.”
“You love her that much huh! ” You no you’re more into this game than I am. I nee-d to learn from you, he said in a mocking way and I splashed water on him immediately.
He ran out laughing and I used that opportunity to lock the door.
You’ll have to explain everything in details when you come out. I wish I was the one ri-ding her. Oh ! Her sweet mourns could drive someone to the un-derworld, he tea-sed from the room.
“Mason shut the hell up! I yelled.”
“Oh geez! How did I meet that guy?”
I freshened up and [email protected]£ out. Mason was alre-ady gone , probably to his own room to freshen up as well.
I wore nice clothes and sprayed perfume on my b©dy and left for Nora’s room.
💖Nora’s POV💖
I opened my eyes and Marcus was no longer there.
I yawned tiredly and got up . I used the duvet to cover my b©dy and was about to head to the bathroom before the door opened and he [email protected]£ in smiling.
“Hello pretty! He greeted.”
“Hi..hi sir, I greeted back.”
“I told you to call me mar , did you forget?” He asked as he [email protected]£ closer to me.
I smiled and looked down nervously.
“Em..yes mar, but I’ve remembered.”

So you wanna take your bath my love, he tea-sed and I couldn’t help but laugh.”
“When did he start with the sweet names?”
“My love?” I asked looking at him.
“Of course, you’re the love of my life and I just found out yesterday, he replied and t©uçhed my nose while I smiled.”
“So you’ll have to bath with very warm water according to the doctor. So have you mixed it or should I mix it for you?” He asked now cu-pping my face.
“No nee-d mar, I can do that myself, I replied and he made to k!ssme but I withdrew my self from him.”
“Huh! Why’s that?”
“I’ve not brushed or anything, look at you , you look dazzling.”
“Well who cares.” Yourl-ips will always taste like vanilla anything and anywhere, he said and I laughed.
“Alright I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold , wait here am coming, he said and went into the bathroom.”
He [email protected]£ out few minutes ago.
“Alright am done , you can go in , he announced and I went in to see he has prepared a very warm bath for me.”
I went into the bathtub and did justice to my b©dy.
He asked for VIP rooms and of course bathtubs will be there.
I [email protected]£ out later clad in towel and couldn’t find him there.
I wore very thick clothes so as not to allow air pene-tratethrou-gh my skin much.
I [email protected]£ out of my room and head towards his but [email protected]£ across mason on the way.
He looked at me and smiled.
“His always smiling so as to get me. That j£rk!”
“Going to look for Mar? He asked.”
“Um..yes sir, I replied.”
“Come on , st©p it alre-ady. You can call me mason since you’re Marcus’s you no , he win-ked and left.”
“What’s that guy saying? Marcus’s you no? Anyways who cares, I thought and continued with my sweet journey.”
I knock and opened the door immediately.
He was arranging something.
“Em sir, I called forgetting again.”
“Sorry Marcus, you should let me do that , I said and moved to collect the clothes he was arranging.”
“You’re not my maid Nora , he said.”
“Em I remember you calling me your maid once tho, I chided.”
OK am sorry about that but you aren’t my maid.
I sat beside him on the be-d and wra-pped my hand around his shoulder.
“So what am I then? I asked.”
He looked at me and smiled.
“My sweetheart” he replied.
“You no you’re the most prettiest and most S-xist lady I’ve ever seen, he added and I blu-shed real [email protected]
Its not like I haven’t heard that before , I’ve heard dozens of guys tell me that but am really happy hearing it from him.
I wra-pped my second hand around him drawing him closer to me and he left what he was doing and k!$$£d me.
We k!$$£d for a very long time not wanting to let go of ourselves.
To be honest I really enjoyed what happened between us last night.
Em so we’re leaving in the evening.
Come let’s go gr-ab some breakfast in their restaurant, he said after we dis£ngaged.
“Huh! What about the food I packed? Do you waste food that much?”
“I don’t want you to go throu-gh the stress of reheating, let’s just go even tho I no their food is nothing compared to yours, he added and I smiled.”
You really no how to get a lady Marcus.
“Just you my love, he replied and we left.”
He texted troublesome Mason to join us and I had to pretend nothing happened.
We were served different dishes and I just kept mute and started eating.
They were expensive dishes the poor will never afford to buy.
“Wait, Nora have you eaten this before?” Mason asked out of the blues.
“Of course, she’s a cook remember?” Marcus replied.
“I didn’t ask you Mr lover boy, Mason tea-sed.”
“And you can st©p pretending now Nora. I no everything. “Both of you are devils, he added and I held myself from laughing.
Marcus phone started ringing and he hesitated before picking it.
“Two days?” He asked and looked at mason.
I just focused on my meal and used my ears to listen.
He whispered something to Mason who gave him an eye then they looked at me.
I pretended not to hear them but I did.
Rachel had called to tell him that she’ll be back in two days.
“$h!t! I thought she was un-der control.”
Um..sir, I called.
“I told you to call me Marcus, he interrupted.”
OK Marcus I forgot to tell you that my mom will be nee-ding surgery and since am the only girl I’ll be staying with her for two weeks. I’ll have to leave two days from now , will you let me? I asked with pleading eyes.
Em if you want I can bring someone that will serve you in my place for two weeks, I added and he cracked.
Em no problem Nora, you’re free to go to your mom and don’t forget to say hi to her for me , he replied with a smile.
Thank goodness. I can’t let Rachel see me or my plans won’t be fully accomplished.
Episode 18
💎Marcus’s POV💎
Now that Rachel is gonna be back I’ll have to see if I still have any feelings left for her. If I don’t then I’ll have to break the engagement.
I no it’s not gonna be easy for her but what to do? I can’t keep deceiving her knowing fully well I’ve gotten attracted to someone else.
We stayed a little longer at the beach before we finally head home.
We got home and Nora started ma-king preparation to leave for her mom’s surgery.
Two days later.
I heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Nora dressed alre-ady.
I opened the door and let her enter.
“Are you going this early sweetheart?” I asked and k!$$£d her on thel-ips while she sat on the be-d.
“Yes I nee-d to go now , the surgery will soon commence,she replied.”
“I sat down beside her and wra-pped my hands around her n£¢k.”
“You no I’ll miss you, don’t you?” I asked and she smiled a little.
“I’ll miss you too. No doubt but I nee-d to be there for my mom, she replied.”
Yes you nee-d to and that reminds me , I said and stood up then searched for a pen and my cheque book.
“Cash this out on your way to the hospital and don’t forgot to greet your mom for me, I said extending the cheque but she didn’t collect it.”
“Is anything the matter? ”
“No, but I can’t take it. Sorry, she replied.”
“Come on , this is my gift to your mom. Just take it, I pressed.”
“No, no , I won’t. Sorry mar , I won’t, she replied and stood up then made for the door.”
I held her from going.
“Why aren’t you taking it? Am sure you nee-d it.”
“Maybe. But who will I tell her gave me the money? She asked and it hit me.”
I no where she’s heading to.
“Come on , just tell her it’s your b©yfri£nd, I replied.”
“b©yfri£ndreally?” She glared at me.
“You no you are, even tho I didn’t ask you out. “Its obvious so take it , I said and f0rç£d it into her hand then k!$$£d her and closed the door before she returns it.
Later in the day.
I dressed up and head to the office.
I got to the office and got busy with work.
Hours later the office door opened and I raised my head to look at the person.
“Oh my! Its Rachel!”
“Hey sweetie! Did you miss me? She asked from the door.”
Of..of course I did, I replied.
She beamed smiles and hvgged me immediately.
“Oh you can’t imagine how I miss you , she said still hvgging me.”
Em..Rachel you’re smuggling me, I said and she apologized and freed herself from me and made to k!ssme.
“Uh.. You’re tired. Why don’t you sit down?” I said immediately and withdrew my face from hers.
She sat down and looked around the office.
“Did you no that I [email protected]£ directly from the airport to your office, didn’t even head home, she said.”
“Oh! really? I asked starring at her.”
“Oh I’ve missed you so much Marcus, I can’t wait for us to get married. Really, she said again.”
“Um..Rachel why don’t you head home , after work I’ll come see you ? I suggested.”
“No, no I only have two weeks to spend here for now. “Am really sorry for my abs£nce. Since I have just two weeks I wanna spend them with you. But I promise after I return after this we’ll get married. It’s just that my uncle’s business over there is killing me. But everything is solved now that his daughter will take over.
“I seriously don’t no why she hasn’t started yet, she murmured.”
“And that’s the problem with Rachel. She loves talking a lot.”
“Oh OK , I replied and she stared at me suspiciously.”
“Are you okay Mar? She asked.”
“Of course. Why shouldn’t I be?” act different. You only reply me with “oh OK”
“I just don’t have anything to say, you see dad’s company is keeping me busy.”
“Oh sweetheart, she cooed and stood up from her sit and headed towards mine.”
Ah $h!t!
I stood up before she could get there.
“You no my dad doesn’t like you.” Lemme take you home so he won’t come in and see you , I said immediately and she frowned.
“You no I can handle anything from your dad . why are you acting like this Marcus?” She asked anger resounding in her voice.
I forgot she knows me very well.
“Just let’s go, I said and started walking out of the office and she followed me.”
We got outside and she insisted on going to my house so I took her there.
Mason was just staring at me throu-ghout out her stay.
He didn’t say anything until I talked to him.
“Hey! What should I do about Rachel?” I asked.
“I don’t no. What do you want to do with her? He asked.”
“You no I don’t love her anymore, I checked and there’s no single feeling left in me for her, I replied.”
“But you said you’ll break the engagement, didn’t you?” He asked.
“Yes I no , but I don’t no how to go about it. Why don’t you help me tell her? “I asked and he scoffed.
“You must be crazy. You have to do it yourself. I wasn’t the one who engaged her, was I?”
Just help me, I pleaded.
“No, I can’t help you.” This is out of my league and she’ll soon go back maybe you should do that fast before she does so she won’t keep hoping, he replied and left my pres£nce.
I don’t want to imagine Rachel’s reaction. But I really have to do this.
Since two weeks have alre-ady gone pas-s.
★Nora’s POV ★
For the past two weeks I’ve been staying in Ronnie’s house but I’m going back today in the evening since Rachel most have left in the morning.
★Marcus’s POV ★
Babe am supposed to go back today but am going tomorrow tho I told my uncle that I’ve alre-ady left.
“So what have you been meaning to tell me? “Rachel asked and sat down beside me on the couch in the sitting room.
I looked at Mason who starred at me with the corner of his eyes.
Um..before you go…I want you to no that you don’t have to worry again about the…
The bell interrupted me and Lena went to get it.
I want to tell you that…
“Sylvia! I heard her shout and I turned to see Nora standing like a ghost at the door.”
What perfect timing!
She stood up immediately and ran to hvg her.
“Oh my sweet heavens! Sylvia is this you?” Rachel asked happily while Mason and I starred at each other confused.
Nora was equally staring at me.
“Sylvia? What Sylvia?” I asked myself in confusion.
Um..Marcus I want to introduce my cousin to you..Sylvia Ramon , Rachel said and I didn’t un-derstand her a bit.
What Sylvia Ramon?
It’s happening.
Nora is bur-sted!!!

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