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intim-acy Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
(Who the hell is she?)
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
“Come in I say” I heard him say again.
“ I’m..I’m..”
I sighed as I didn’t no the excuse to give, then I decided to go in.
Yeah, it’s won’t last long. It’s won’t, I thought reas-surdly.
I walked in then stood beside him with my heart still beating too fast.
“Which floor are you headed to?” I heard his voice again then realized myself.
“Floor…second floor” I managed to reply him.
I hvgged myself and couldn’t even bring myself to stare at him although I feel his gaze on me.
Well, I wonder why he is starring at me in that manner.
The elevator kept on moving and finally got to the second floor and opened.
I jumped out of the elevator and ran all the way to the restroom.
Geez, I’ve started sweating.
It’s not as if I committed a crime, what’s wrong with me? I thought then shook my head.
🍷Charlie’s POV🍷
“Mike” I called as soon as the female model left us.
“Yes” [email protected]£ his reply.
“Who is she?” I questioned.
“Well, she is obviously one of the models here, why do you ask?” He answered and asked.
“Well, nothing, I’m just asking” I responded then we got to the final floor.
The guards were alre-ady waiting there.
When the people down here saw me, they started struggling to even get a grip of me.
Well, I’ve been leaving like this for the past 8 years. It’s has gotten used to me.
This kind of lifestyle.
The guards prevented them from getting close to me till we finally vacated the building.
“Wow, it’s hell in there” Mike breathed out as soon as we got into the waiting van.
Then we drove off to my company.
Hours later.
I am currently in the recording room trying to see if I could record anything but nothing seems to be coming to my head.
Like I can’t think of anything. This is very usual.
It’s unlike me.
I can’t concentrate, my mind is on something else entirely; on someone else.
I just can’t st©p thinking about her.
That model.
That model that used the same elevator with us. The non crazy girl.
But why? Why can’t I st©p thinking about her?
Maybe because of how she acted. Yeah, I bet it’s because of that.
But why do i even care?
Hmm maybe it’s due to stress. Lemme go home and rest first.
When I do, I’ll be able to re-move my mind from her, I thought and with that left the company headed to my parents house.
That’s where my little Ria is. I left her in my parents house when we went there yesterday.
Soon, accompanied with my guards I got there but was lucky.
I didn’t find anyone at home, not mom, dad or Ria.
Guess they all went out together or so.
This will give me the chance of getting to have some rest.
Yeah, I won’t be bothered by any of them so I’ll be able to get my mind off that lady soon.
I went to my room then lie down on the be-d to sleep.
I closed my eyes, remained in that position for long but couldn’t sleep.
I turned to the other side of the be-d but still nothing.
There is just one thought that is still occu-pying my mind.
Just one thought and it’s that of the model.
I still can’t st©p thinking about her.
Who the hell is she?
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
“What did you just say babe? You mean you got into the same elevator with Mr handsome? With Charlie [email protected]?” Tara exclaimed on our way home.
“Yes” I answered her.
“Then what happened next? What happened?” She asked sounding excited.
“Nothing” I replied grumpily.
“Nothing? What do you mean nothing? You didn’t hvg him? Collect anything from him, like his autogra-ph or even money, nothing?” She sounded shocked.
“Yes nothing okay, I couldn’t even stare at him. It’s was really uncomfortable”I replied her.
“Damn!!fu-ck! I know he is a superstar, one of a kind but you should have at least tried babe, swears if it’s were me, I could have s£dûç£d him right there, damn Ros! You scre-wed up big time” she ranted.
“Yeah, continue insulting me alright” I frowned at her.
“I’m sorry, but you disappointed me, well it’s okay, I’ll still make my move on him, he’ll still come over next week, the whole of next week he’ll be coming over so it’s isn’t too late, if you gain that kind of opportunity you should make use of it cause as for me, I rock” she beamed and I shook my head.
“Are you after his money or you really like him?” I was f0rç£d to ask after a while.
“Both, I’m after both girlie” she replied then win-ked at me.
🍷Charlie’s POV🍷
No!! This is the height of it.
Why? Why can’t Ifu-ck*ng think of another thing?
Why? Why? Am I going crazy or what?
Yes, I agree she is really beautiful and attrac-tive but this kind of feeling I’m feeling right now is different.
I have had a lot of attrac-tive and beautiful girls but I don’t think about them. I seriously don’t so what wrong with me this time around?
What’s wrong? I thought seriously as I sat up on the be-d unable to sleep.
What’s it about her?
I picked up my phone from the table beside the be-d and decided to search about her.
Lemme find out why I can’t seriously thinking about her.
Why I can’t get her off my mind.
Episode 6
(Her mom)
👠 Rosanna’s POV 👠
We got home, I took my bath then go into the kitchen and started preparing our dinner.
Tara and I actually live in a small [email protected]
I love cooking a lot but I also love modeling.
Out of the two,i can’t tell the one i love more but I know i love them both.
I know that i haven’t really introduced myself to you guys.
Well I’m a chief and a model.
23years of age, slim tall, I love red a whole lot.
I have a younger brother, I s£nior him with just a year tho.
He lives with my parents far from where I am.
I love money and I want to make lot of it, but one shocking fact about is that I value my b©dy more than anything.
I’m actually still a vir-gin, a lot of people don’t believe tho but its okay.
Am actually keeping myself for marriage, don’t wanna be like other models that can give their bodies to anyone just for money.
I’ve actually made a promise to myself that I’ll keep myself so I strongly believe that I can do it.
Now back to reality.
“Babe? Babe??”I heard Tara called excitedly as she approach me I the kitchen.
“Yes” I answered.
“Oh my gosh! You can’t believe this” she exclaimed as soon as she had gotten to me.
“What is it now? CB?” I asked.
“No, no, not him,its about you babe” she replied.
“Me?” I questioned turning to face her.
“Yes you, the cooking contest, you have just been accepted as one of the competitors” she announced and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Really?”I asked snatching her phone from her to check it out.
And then I scrolled throu-gh their announcement to find my name there.
“Oh my geeeeeehhh! Girlfriend i made it!!” I yelled happily and she hvgged me.
“I know you’ll make me proud, you’re one hell of a cook Ros, I knew you were gonna get picked” she said smiling wi-dely after we had dis£ntangled from the hvg.
“Really? You knew?”
“Yes, congrats” she replied.
“Thanks thanks,lemme continue with the meal”I told her then returned back to what I am cooking.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
After searching for a long timd but couldn’t find her. I don’t even no her name to begin with. I then decided to ask mike to do it for me. I know he’ll ask me questions tho.
“Mike, search up that girl, that model at the elevator today” I instructed throu-gh the phone then immediately disconnected the call.
I la-id back on the be-d but the door opened distrupting my thoughts.
I turned to see mom coming into the room.
“Mom” I called sitting up back.
“Son, how are you? I’m sorry that you couldn’t find any of us, I took your daughter out on a picnic because she was complaining of loneliness.”
“Okay mom and where is she?” I said then asked.
“Well, she sle-pt off after taking lot of ice cream but charlie, she brou-ght up a disturbing t©pic when we were having the picnic” she stated.
‘What did she say?”I asked getting more interested.
“Her mom, she asked me if I know who and where her mom is, I couldn’t even reply her truthfully, what should we do?” Mom asked and I sighed.
“I don’t no” I replied sincerely.
“Can’t you plead with that lady to come see her daughter?” She inquired.
“Which lady? Mom don’t even go there, that bit*h is happily married” i replied rolling my eyes.
“I didn’t say you should get back with her, just plead with her to come over and see..”
“Mom, that’s gonna be worst, once Ria sets her eyes on her, she’ll yearn to see her more, like everyday.”
“I can’t even risk losing my daughter to her, I can’t risk it”I answered.
“So, what are we gonna do? We can’t keep ignoring her, can we?”She asked disturbe-d.
“Well, we can’t but I don’t no what to do either” I replied.
“Okay, why don’t you introduce someone to her, like maybe a girlfriend or so?” She suggested.
“A girlfriend? You mean I should introduce someone else to her as her mom?” I asked curiously.
“Yes, do that,at least for now” she said.

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