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intim-acy Episode 23 & 24

Episode 23 and 24
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes
(Forgive him)
👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗
The door of the car opened and Tara got in.
“Hey” she called and t©uçhed me.
“Why are you crying now? You’ll ruin your makeup, remember you still nee-d to go for the interview” she reminded.
“I know but why does he have to show up? Why did he show his self to me? I hate him.”
“Come on Ros, you and I know you don’t hate him. You’ve liked him ever since he approached you, maybe you should just forgive him since he is really trying to get to you. Take a look at this, what is this card for?” She said and took up the card then opened it.
“Huh, his daughter’s birthday card? He is inviting you to it, are you gonna attend?” She inquired staring into the card.
I collected the card from her and re-ad throu-gh it.
“I’m not gonna attend” I replied and threw it aside and she sighed.
“You are killing yourself gradually this way. You hate what you’re doing but you’re still doing it, if you forgive him it’ll be much more better for you to move on. Let’s go, you don’t listen to me anyways.”
Days later.
Two days to Ria’s birthday.
🍷Mike’s POV 🍷
I sat beside Charlie at the bar. He was with a glas-s filled with drink but he wasn’t drinking it. He was rather in de-ep thoughts.
I sipped from my own glas-s and continued staring at him. He was lost in thought – out of the world.
I wonder what he is thinking tho it’s obvious that it might be about Ros.
This days, he has been stuck up her.
The rumours about the video and all has managed to die down. Everything was returning back to normal, the news about his daughter’s birthday is the one circulating the net.
But I no he hasn’t been himself tho I expected him to at least cheer up for his daughter.
“Dad! Dad!! Where are you?” Ria’s voice echoed all over the house.
“He is over here Ria” I replied her and she ran to him.
He dropped the glas-s with him and carried her.
“What is it sweetheart?” He asked smiling, a fake smile.
“Dad, my friends are asking me if my mom will also show up for my birthday, what should I tell them?” She asked.
“Your friends? When did you start having friends?” Charlie asked back.
“You should no that they are my clas-smates actually, what should I tell them?” She pouted.
He took his eyes to look at me and I shrugged my shoulder, meaning that he shouldn’t look at me. It’s not as if I have a solution to that…but wait, don’t I have?
“Well, she will, you’ll see her” he replied her and she hollered.
“Wow! Thanks Dad” she said and k!$$£d his cheek before coming down from his b©dy.
” I have a lot of things to do, I’ll get going” she smiled and ran out from the bar.
He sighed, took up his cu-p and sipped from it.
“Are you sure she is gonna come? You told me your last encounter with her wasn’t encouraging, didn’t you?” I asked.
“I can’t keep Ria waiting, I might as well find someone else, you can do that for me in case she doesn’t. She hates me, I am unsure about her attending” he replied grumpily and stood up, then he left the bar.
I dropped the drink immediately and got up, I nee-d to see her.
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
I received a call from CB’s manager asking me to step out of the gate.
I put on my fl!pflop and went outside the gate wondering why he had asked me to come out.
I [email protected]£ out to see a red car parked outside there.
He won down the glas-s of the car and beckoned on me to get in. I stared into the back sit to be sure CB isn’t there.
When I’d confirmed it, I got in.
“ there something wrong? Why do you ask to see me?” I questioned him.
“Can you fasten your sit belt? I nee-d to show you something” he asked and I reluctantly did.
Then he started the car and drove into the streets.
Soon he was on the highway.
“Mike, where are you taking me to?” I asked after the long silence between us.
“Like I said, I nee-d to show you something” he replied simply and continued driving.
The drive took us hours and he continued driving which made me a bit confused and uncomfortable.
Where the hell is he going? I thought but tried relaxing my mind.
Night ia fastls approaching and still he didn’t st©p, it was as if he was going to the next country.
He continued driving until he got to a bridge. He st©pped driving and then [email protected]£ out of the car.
“Come out, we’re here” he urged.
“Huh, here? On a bridge?” I skrie-ked but got down anyways.
He went to a side and stood there. I followed after him and stood beside him.
“What is here to look at Mike? You wanna show me the ocean?” I questioned getting annoyed.
“The following day after the night Charlie f0rç£d himself on you. He [email protected]£ here” he started.
“He did? But why?” I found myself asking.
“He [email protected]£ here to commit sucide” he replied.
“To what? C..commit sucide?” I faced him and skrie-ked.
“Yes” he replied and faced me back.
“He wanted to end the pains he felt, he just wanted to kill himself without thinking, he didn’t even think of his family, he didn’t think of his little daughter, the only person he thought of was you and since he was sure you hated him to the core, he decided to kill himself and end it all” he continued and my mouth fell open.
“That is how much he loved and still loves you. He is even re-ady to die.”
“After he met you that day at the elevator, after that encounter he couldn’t get his mind off you, he asked me to search you up and I did. Then, you were still contesting for the foodie chef contest. I won’t tell you the amount I had to give them for them to make you the winner, tho you were still gonna emerge the winner, you have all the right tools but still we had to make sure you come out as the winner and luckily you did.”
“He continued asking you out but you kept rejecting him. You know better that he didn’t mean to do what he did that night, you are the first person he has ever loved, the first lady.”
“You are the first lady he has ever f0rç£d himself on too. Have you ever wondered? If Charlie was just after your b©dy, after that night wouldn’t he have st©pped coming to plead with you, but he [email protected]£ to you again yesterday didn’t he but you didn’t even let him talk.”
“That shows that number one, he is de-eply in love with you and really wants you. Number two, he is so much regretting what he did.”
“Do you know that he is supposed to be re-leasing an albu-m this month? But its all got cancelled, even his daughter, he is supposed to write a song for her but I’m not sure that, that is even in his mind again. You are just the only person occu-pying his mind.”
“I don’t want to sound selfish or too commanding. I know you also have your reasons for doing all these, I know you are the one that lost your vir-ginity in a painful way but don’t you think you should start thinking about forgiving him?”
“Don’t you think you should at least give him a chance to prove himself to you? Give Ria a chance too, she keeps disturbing Charlie for a mother, don’t you think it’s high time to [email protected] role? ”
“Why don’t you just give him a chance? Help him know happiness. Help him to know the real definition of happiness because he hasn’t known what that means since the first day you rejected him.”
“Don’t let him give up. Don’t let him waste himself this way, you are the only one that can bring the real him back. Only you.”
“So plea-se Rosanna, for God’s sake, just forgive and attend Ria’s birthday.”
“He has always been pla-yful with things, help him know how to grow up, help his daughter know the feeling of having a mom plea-se. If not for him, just do it for the little girl.”
“She’s lovely and will love you, I bet. So plea-se Rosanna, plea-se help him” he concluded leaving me speechless.
Final episode coming up.

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