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His favorite season 2 Episode 1 & 2

(He owns her)
Episode 1
Kelvin’s POV
Next day.
☎Fred where thefu-ck are you? I gro-an ed into the telephone.
☎sir, am so sorry but we can’t make it today. I promise that we’ll arrive first thing tomorrow morning.
☎what? Are you all nuts? Don’t you no the importance of a these? I thun-dered.
☎Am so sorry sir. We’ll be arriving tomorrow morning.
I threw the telephone at the door the moment he finished talking.
What thefu-ck? I can’t afford to [email protected] or Nickolas that bastard will think I’m scared of his damn a*s.
“Luke!!” I yelped.
“Sir” I heard him reply as he rushed into my study.
“Are the boys re-ady?” I inquired.
“Yes sir, they are re-ady for action. We are only waiting for your orders” he answered.
I placed my hands on the desk trying to control my anger.
“I’m afraid it won’t be today. It’ll be tomorrow since Fred that a*s hole decided to [email protected] coming with the crew.”
“And where the hell is the bit*h?” I asked after a while.
“Sir, I haven’t seen her around since before yesterday” he retorted.
“Go find her for me” I ordered and sat down on my sit.
Mabel’s POV
I don’t no but since that news arrived yesterday everywhere has been looking tense.
Kelvin didn’t eat with me this morning.
When I saw him this morning, there is this look of anger in him.
I mean his always like that but today’s own seems different.
I can’t help but worry that something bad is gonna happen soon.
A knock [email protected]£ at the door jo-lting me from my de-ep thoughts.
“Ye…yes” i answered adjusting properly on the be-d.
The door opened and to my surprise Kelvin showed up.
Huh! Did he just knock before coming in?
I was expecting it to be someone else since he doesn’t knock.
I stood up from the be-d immediately facing him.
That look is still plastered on his face.
He walked in fully and sat down on the only couch there.
I kept looking at him wondering if I should say a word to him.
He remained mute for a while before he finally spoke up.
“How’re you?” He asked and I gulped down nothing.
“I’m fine.”
He sighed and took his eyes up to mine.
“You’ll be staying somewhere with Jessica and two of my boys for the main time.”
“Here, am afraid is no longer safe for you especially now that you’re pregnant” he said in a calm voice.
“I’m having issues with some people and until its solved I don’t want you staying here” he explained.
I knew it, i just knew it. I knew something is definitely going on.
I sighed and looked at him.
“Are…are you okay?” I asked and he took his eyes to the floor.
“Why shouldn’t I?” He asked back and stood up now facing me.
“You’ll be leaving in the evening with her” he cooed and starred into my eyes.
Then next his eyes went to myl-ips. He lowered hisl-ips and gave me a long de-ep k!ssbefore leaving the room.
I stood like a stature starring at the door.
I haven’t seen him this worried before.
Is the problem that serious?
Gosh what such of problem is that? Why didn’t I ask him? I thought and hit my forehead then sat down back on the be-d.
My mind flashed back to the k!ssand I t©uçhed myl-ips and found myself smiling like a fool.
Kelvin’s POV
I left Mabel’s room and bombe-d into the bit*h on the way.
“Where the hell have you been Jessica?” I asked but she remained mute.
“Follow me” I ordered and walked pas-s her to my study.
I got into my study and she did the same.
“Here take” I said handing her a card.
“You’ll be going to my hideout house this evening with Mabel.”
“I don’t want any mistakes.”
“No, I can’t take any mistakes so prove your worth and protect her.”
“You cost me a lot but still end up bringing me only trouble.”
“I heard you are the best so prove it to me. Protect her and make sure she’s save.”
“If anything goes wrong take her to my father” I instructed.
“Kel..Kelvin is something bad gonna happen? Lemme fight with you instead of protecting her” she blurted and I glared at her.
“Are you crazy? You’ll do what you’re here for. I don’t nee-d a girl protecting me okay?”
“Now out!” I ordered and went to sit on a couch there.
She took a final glance at me and left.
Mabel’s POV
I sat at the back of the SUV with Jessica and the driver at the front.
A black jeep was also following us from behind as we left Kelvin’s lake house.
I couldn’t help but panic.
Something is gonna go wrong, my mind kept whispering to me then suddenly the car [email protected]£ to a halt.
“What happened?” I asked as my fears increa-sed.
“There is a blockage on the road ma’am. I’ll go fix it” the driver said and got out.
Immediately he got out i heard the sound of a gun sh0t and my fears doubled.
Oh lord plea-se save me.
Episode 2

Mabel’s POV
I [email protected] as the driver fell down flat on the floor.
Jessica quic-kly brou-ght out a gun that she hide un-der her clothe.
The boys following us from behind [email protected]£ down and rounded our car at alert.
My heart beat jumped again when another gun sh0t was heard.
“Let’s get out of here” I heard Jessica yelped and another guy got into the driver sit and speed off.
He drove at such a high speed that I feared we might end up getting into an accident.
Finally we arrived at the house.
It was far away from other houses – a bungalow.
A real beauty.
We [email protected]£ down and I was ushered into the house.
My heart beat reduced immediately I got into a room I was showed.
The door opened again and Jessica appeared with a phone.
“He wants to talk to you” he said with unhappy face but who cares?
I collected the phone from her and placed it on my ear moving away from her.
📱are you okay? I heard what happened.
📱Yes am fine tho I was a little scared.
📱Alright just stay in the house. I’ll come get you when everything here is settled okay?
📱Goodnight, go to be-d now.
📱Okay I will. Goodnight.
The call ended and I extended the phone to Jessica.
She collected it and rolled her eyes while I scoffed then she left ban-ging the door close behind her.
I sat down and looked around at the room. Its really beautiful.
I la-id on the be-d and closed my eyes.
Hmm let this problem he has be solved quic-kly plea-se.
I don’t no but i wanna go back to him.
Kelvin’s POV
I paced up and down in my room thinking and calculating what could have gone wrong.
No one knows that I’m taking her to my hide out house [email protected] from the people esc-rting her.
So who? Do I have spies in my own house?
I’ve got to figure this out before the worse happens.
Next day.
“Fred I could have hanged your head by now but we don’t have time for that and I still nee-d you alive.”
“So are the crew re-ady cause I don’t want any form of mistakes” I said.
“Yes sir, they’re all outside waiting for your command.”
“Alright, we match there at exactly 11:00am.”
“You no the plans right?”
“Yes boss” he answered.
“So, I don’t want any mistake.”
Nicholas’s POV
“Well, well, well, who do we have here? If its isn’t the mighty Kelvin” I grinned at him and his boys.
“Shut your bloody mouth up Nick, I aren’t here for pla-ys” he snapped.
“And who the hell are you to give him orders huh!?” Dragon thun-dered from where he was.
Kelvin chuckled and took a step forward.
“You’ll soon find out soon enough a*s hole” he gro-an ed with much rage.
“Well, you can’t do anything to us Kel. We have you un-der control. Our people are all over the building, you made a very big mistake by coming here” I rasped.
“Oh really? You think? Coming here to take your head is a mistake well we’ll see about that” he grunted stepping closer.
“Letter B” I yelped and the girl appeared with a gun re-ady to sh0t his damn skull away.
He paused on seeing her.
“Bet you’re surprised that your girlfriend best friend is the one that is gonna be ending your life” I grinned at him and he scoffed.
“If there is any one dying here then its you bull head” he snapped and I chuckled.
“Such a nerve you got there kel. As young as you are. Its a pity that you’ll die before your lovely girlfriend and child will” I said and he pu-ll-ed a surprised look.
“You can do nothing, you see Nickolas I normally don’t exchange words with my victims but I bet you’ll count yourself lucky cause I’ve been exchanging words with you.”
“Luke!” He yelped.
“Sir, right behind you” the boy dog replied him.
“Hand over the gun, I wanna end this a*s hole mouth before he further annoys me” he said to his dog and the boy handed him a gun.
Before he could turn back I ordered my trained fighter letter B and he sh0t his arm.
He gro-an ed as the bullet hit him and he quic-kly raised the gun and fired at me.
I ran for shelter as our boys and his kept exchanging bullet.
“Old fool show your castrated a*s” I heard Kelvin say as he approached my hiding place.
Damn, why isn’t the bullet he got slowly him down.
“Come out you fool” he yelped and I raised my arm up and targeted at him but he waved the bullet and it hit one of the boys fighting and the boy fell down and died instantly.
I knew this could happen that’s why I loaded my gun with a poisonous bullet.
Just one sh0t you won’t survive it.
Kelvin managed to break throu-gh our securities and come face to face with me but we alre-ady have a second plan.
“Dragon” I whispered and he turned and looked at me from his hiding place.
“The backup plan, where is the damn girl?” I whispered to him.
“I’ll tell the boys to bring her now” he whispered back.
Mabel’s POV
I sat down on the be-d looking up at the ceiling and suddenly I heard a loud sound.
It’s looks like someone fell down.
Wait, the two guys with us are standing at the door since Kelvin instructed them to do so.
I heard another sound and fear gr!pp£dme immediately.
What is happening?
As I made to get up from the be-d the door busted open with three heavily built guys.
They were putting on face mask.
I moved back immediately.
“What do you want?” I asked feebly but they didn’t bother replying me.
One stepped forward and [email protected]£d my arm.
“Let go of me” I yelped and bite his hand.
Before I knew the next thing a [email protected] landed across my face and I fell on the be-d immediately.
Tears started running down my cheeks as he carried me and hung on his shoulder and they took me to a car.
They blindfolded me and took off to God knows where.

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