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His favorite Episode 9 & 10

(He owns her)
Episode 9
Written By Kebby NG
Mabel’s POV
I bent my head slowly and wiped the tear off my face.
I’ll just have to accept my fate from now on.
Since I’ve been taken this far I don’t think it will be easy to return.
“Luke” I heard Kelvin call and a guy in suite ran towards him.
“Put a battery into her phone” he ordered and the guy left and [email protected]£ back with a battery.
He collected my phone and inser-ted the battery into it and gave it back to me.
I unlocked the phone after I had collected it and behold its not actually my phone but one that looks like mine.
I must be a fool to think that he’ll give me back the same phone.
And new sims were imputed into the phone too.
I held my temples trying not to break down.
What such of cruel fate is this?
I kept the phone aside and looked out of the jet’s closed mirror.
Two hours later.
A lady dressed in black [email protected]£ up to me.
“What will you like to eat ma’am?” she asked with a warm smile.
I took my eyes to Kelvin’s but he wasn’t looking at me.
“Um..can you get me a glas-s of water?” I asked and she nodded and left.
She [email protected]£ back with a tray which contained a glas-s cu-p and a bottle water.
“Thank you” I thanked as I opened the bottle and poured large quantity of water into the cu-p.
“Is there anything else you nee-d ma’am?” She asked again and I shook my head.
“Alright ma’am” she replied and made to leave.
“Just bring something for her, don’t ask” Kelvin said ma-king her st©p.
“Um..okay sir” the lady said and left.
I opened my eyes and noticed we were no longer moving.
Huh, have we arrived Paris!?
I wondered as I sat up properly and looked around.
I was still in the jet but couldn’t find Kelvin or anyone else.
I stood up from the sit and soon my phone started ringing.
Huh, who could be calling!?
No one knows this line right?
I took the phone and picked it up.
“The guards will bring you to me” I heard Kelvin’s voice.
Before I could even think of saying anything he disconnected the call.
I got out of the jet to see about four guards waiting outside.
“You’re awake ma’am?” One of them asked and I nodded.
“This way plea-se” he said and led the way and I climbe-d down from the jet and followed him into a flashy Camry.
Another guard got into the front with him and I noticed a car followed us from behind.
They drove for a long time and soon got to a place that looks like a h0tel.
They took me up to a penthouse in the h0tel and led me in.
Its beautiful. Is this where I’ll be staying? I wondered and stood at a sp©t admiring the whole place.
“Are you gonna stand there forever?” I heard Kelvin’s cold voice and jo-lted out of my wonderland.
He was approaching me with a drink in his hand.
“” I replied and took my eyes to the floor.
“Take her to her room” he ordered a guard there.
The guard led me to a very beautiful room.
“Wow! Is this really my room?”
“No ma’am, you’ll be staying here just for tonight” the guard replied me.
Huh, did I say that out?
“Wait, just for tonight?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes ma’am” he replied.
“plea-se dinner will be served soonest” he said and bowed then left.
I watched as he left the room.
What do they mean by dinner?
How many times am I gonna eat today?
I looked at the be-d and it looked really soft.
I lied down on it and closed my eyes.
I wish I’m truly enjoying this as a normal human being.
I stayed like that for long and got really sleepy.
“Ma’am” I heard someone’s voice.
“Ma’am” I heard again and opened my eyes.
“Ma’am dinner is re-ady” the guard said.
“I’m not hungry” I replied and closed my eyes back.
I felt him leave then come back again.
“Ma’am, sir Kelvin insisted you come out” he said and I immediately stood up.
I honestly don’t want to get [email protected] again.
I’ll avoid anything that will warrant beating from him.
I followed the guard out immediately and we got to a place that looked like a dinner.
Kelvin was alre-ady sitted eating his.
“Sit” he commanded immediately I got there and I sat.
“Didn’t you un-derstand what I told you before?”
“I nee-d you to be fine and in order for that to happen you’ll have to look really healthy and well fed” he said not looking at me.
“Now eat.”
I took the fork and knife in front of me and started eating.
It was chicken [email protected] and spaghetti with sauce.
Minutes later some people [email protected]£ to clear the table.
I made to leave but his cold voice st©pped me.
“I nee-d you to wake up really early tomorrow.”
“We are going shopping” he said and left.
Episode 10

Mabel’s POV
I also got up from the dinning after he had left and went to the room I was showed.
I str!pped and went into the bathroom to wash my b©dy.
I [email protected]£ out few minutes later and put on the same clothes I was wearing and lied down.
Next morning.
I heard a knock at the door and flu-shed my eyes open.
“Ma’am, sir Kelvin is calling for you” I heard a voice say and sat up.
Oh my!
I turned my phone on and looked at the time.
How come its 10:00am??
Kelvin is going to kill me.
He told me to wake up early.
I sprang up and rushed into the bathroom and had a quic-k bath then [email protected]£ out afterwards.
The person outside was still knocking.
“Ma’am, are you in there?”
“Are you okay?” He kept on saying but I didn’t reply him.
My concern now is Kelvin.
I heard two different voice talking and I quic-kly recognized one to be Kelvin’s.
Oh lord!
I wore my dress and adjusted it properly to fit my b©dy.
The door knob turned and he [email protected]£ in looking angry.
“Is this early??” He gro-an ed but I kept mute starring at the floor.
I mean what am I to say.
He might even hit me for talking.
“Don’t you have mouth??”
“Remember I don’t repeat myself Mabel.”
“Don’t let me do something terrible to you in this h0tel” he gro-an ed moving closer to me.
“And why the hell are you putting on the same dress from yesterday?” He asked and I raised my eyes to look at him.
He didn’t give me another dress, did he?
“Answer me!”
“I…I..I did..didn’t see any other…”
I couldn’t complete my s£ntence before a heavy [email protected] landed on my left cheek.
I held my left cheek immediately as h0t tears rushed down my eyes.
“What the hell is this??” He asked bringing out a bag beside the be-d.
“I didn’t see the bag there” I muttered still holding my cheek.
“I thought you’ll be re-ady by now but what??”
“You just woke up?” He asked in frustration.
“Ten minutes.”
“I give you ten minutes to finish up and come out like a lady” he said and left immediately.
I rushed into the bathroom and washed my face clean immediately.
My left cheek has alre-ady turned red.
I [email protected]£ out afterwards and changed into the black leather t©p and Sk-irt.
They were matching dress and the Sk-irt was a bit short and clingy.
Three minutes is gone.
I sat down and applied lotion on my b©dy and immediately brushed my hair.
Four minutes is gone.
Its remaining just three minutes.
I faced the mirror and applied l!pgross and mascara.
I took out little quantity of foundation and applied it then wore the black heels that was in the bag.
I [email protected]£d the purse and left to meet him in the sitting room.
He checked the time immediately he sighted me.
“Twelve minutes?”
“I’m sure I gave you ten” he said in a [email protected] tone.
“I’m…I’m..sorry” I apologized looking down at my feet.
He sighed and started heading to the dinning and I followed him.
Breakfast was alre-ady there.
“I hate waiting for people Mabel.”
“People wait for me and not the other way round so don’t try this $h!t again” he said and started eating.
I picked up my spoon and did the same.
Isn’t he too [email protected]???

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