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His favorite Episode 29 & 30

(He owns her)
Episode 29
Mabel’s POV
A knock [email protected]£ at the door and I sat up properly.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“Miss, sir Kelvin is requesting for your pres£nce in his room” I heard the guard outside said.
Huh don’t tell me he wants to finish it now?
Oh no!
This guy is something else.
“Alright, I’m coming” I answered and went into the bathroom to wash my face.
I [email protected]£ out after washing my face hoping its not what am thinking.
The guard lead me to his room and I stood by the door contemplating on whether to knock or just go in.
I was still standing there when the door opened revea-ling Kelvin.
I gulped [email protected] immediately our eyes locked.
“What are you doing there? Come in” he said and left the door.
I counted my steps as I followed him in slowly.
“Sit” he ordered and I sat on one of the couch there.
He also sat facing me and I wondered what was going on.
He didn’t say anything but continued starring at me for a long time ma-king me feel nervous.
The door opened revea-ling three maids as they brou-ght in dinner.
Oh yea I haven’t even eaten.
I starred at them as they arranged the meal on the table separating Kelvin and I.
They left immediately after arranging them.
“Eat” he said coldly and I nodded and [email protected]£d a spoon and started eating slowly.
His gaze was on me the whole time so I wasn’t comfortable one bit.
I mean am not always comfortable with him but today’s own is worse.
He didn’t even eat with me.
I ate for a long time and finally dropped the spoon.
“Are you feeling better now?” He asked ma-king me look at him.
Feeling better?
What’s he saying?
“Ye…yes” I replied with so much nervousness.
“Do you like the food?” He asked again and I nodded.
His sudden attitude is suspicious.
“Alright, go on then, the maids will come clear up the table” he cooed standing up.
“OK…okay” I replied and also stood up.
I got to the door and made to leave but his voice st©pped me again.
“My friend is coming over tomorrow.”
“Dress nicely and act like a real girlfriend” he said sitting down on a sit.
“Um..okay” I replied and left.
“Was there any day that I dressed badly before?” I wondered as I made for my room.
Next day.
I starred at the mirror for the last time satisfied about my looks and made for the door.
I opened the door and stepped out.
The guard’s eyes fell on me and he immediately looked away.
The dress I was putting on was too tempting but I love such dress.
I mean being a model requires S-xy clothing right?
And my dream is to become one.
“This way plea-se” the guard said leading me throu-gh the corridor.
We walked for a while and finally got to the sitting room.
My eyes landed on Kelvin first and then on the person backing me.
The man or guy stood up and turned to look at me immediately.
“Wow Kelvin” I heard the handsome guy cooed.
“She’s beautiful” he added starring at me from up till down.
Kelvin’s eyes was also on me the whole time.
“Hi beautiful” the guy said coming closer to me and i wondered if I should reply him.
Oh he said am supposed to act like a real girlfriend right?
Yea he alre-ady told me.
“Um..hi” I replied and f0rç£d a smile.
He surprisedly got to me and took my hand in his.
He starred at my hand for a while and finally asked.
“Can I?” He asked and I nodded reluctantly.
Hope Kelvin is not gonna get angry at me.
He raised my hand up to hisl-ips and k!$$£d it.
“You are more than a beauty. Wonders why Kelvin got you as a girlfriend” he said smiling and I nodded and took my eyes to Kelvin’s again.
No that look.
His not happy at all.
I freed my hand from his immediately and went to sit down by a corner.
Kelvin still has that angry look on but later replaced it with a straight face.
“So, can we go now?” Kelvin said standing up.
“Of course” the guy replied and also stood up.
Kelvin looked at me and beckoned on me to follow them and I did.
We got outside and kept walking.
I walked behind them as they discussed whatever.
We walked for a long time and got to a very beautiful lake.
Its damn beautiful.
Breeze blew my hair backward as I went closer to the lake.
Wow! Its quite a sight.
I really love it.
Kelvin and the guy stood side by side and I continued turning around looking at the beauty before me.
I walked towards a direction admiring there and to another.
I actually forgot how my current situation is and enjoyed the sight.
I walked towards a direction that looks like a hunt and got inside.
I could still see Kelvin and the guy discussing with so much concentration.
Suddenly I felt someone behind me and turned but couldn’t find anyone there.
Maybe its my imagination cause we were the only one’s there.
I saw a shadow again and turned to have a look but someone quic-kly covered my mouth and hit me [email protected] on the n£¢k causing me to become numb and I blacked out.
Episode 30
Mabel’s POV
I felt great pain in my n£¢k side and f0rç£d my eyes open. The first image I saw was that of Rick.
“Rick” I mumbled and he draw closer.
“Hey! Sorry about that” he said.
I t©uçhed my n£¢k and stood on my feet.
“What happened? Why did you make me pas-s out?” I asked annoyed.
The pains were just too much.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to scream and attract Kelvin’s attention so I did that” he replied.
I looked around and noticed we were still around the lake.
“But why did you do that?” I asked curiously.
“I thought you no longer work for Kelvin.”
“No, I still work for him. This is the only place where there is no [email protected]£ra so I decided to talk to you here” he cooed and [email protected]£d my hands.
“Talk to me? About what?” I asked confused.
“Um..Mabel I know you’re [email protected]!ngKelvin but I can’t hide my feelings from you either” he started calmly.
“Your feelings?” I asked getting more confused.
“Yes mab, my feelings” he replied.
“I…I fell for you the first time I saw you in that mall” he confessed and I opened my mouth in shock.
Well, a lot of guys likes me but his were unexpected.
I didn’t even notice one bit.
“ love me?” I asked starring at him and he nodded positively.
I re-moved my hands from his and looked away.
“You should st©p. Kelvin will harm you if he notice and I don’t want you liking me” I replied simply and he [email protected]£d my hands the second time.
“You could…you could leave with me” he said and I looked at him in shock.
“Leave with you?” I scoffed and re-moved my hands from his.
“Do I look like a property to you Rick?”
“Aside that I don’t want to leave with you. Why on earth will you think like that?” I asked unbelievably.
“I no you don’t like him so I’m giving you a chance to leave with me.”
“I still wonder why you stay with him when you don’t like him. You just look scared of him” he said.
“That doesn’t concern you Rick and I don’t want you endangering your life for me. I’ll get going now cause I don’t no how long I’ve spent here with you” I said and started off leaving him there.
He doesn’t even value his life and I don’t think I can take such risk with him.
I don’t wanna stay with Kelvin and at the same time can’t stay with him either.
His not even serious.
Leave with him?
I walked closer to the where Kelvin and the guy and they seemed to still be discussing seriously.
So that means I didn’t spend time with Rick.
When I walked closer to them Kelvin suddenly turned and looked at me.
“Where did you go to” He asked starring at me.
“Um…over there” I replied pointing at the hunt.
He gave me a ‘don’t dare me look’ and continued discussing with his friend while I stood behind them thinking about what Rick told me.
“ pretty are you a model or what? You look like one” Kelvin’s friend suddenly turned and said.
“ I’m not” I replied and he nodded.
“But you have the b©dy yea?” He said.
“Yea I no” I replied and smiled.
Stuff about modelling makes me happy.
“But if I could I’ll become one cause that’s always been my dream” I said.
“If you could? With your physical structure no one will question you and aside that Kelvin could make you the number one model queen here in Paris” he said and looked at Kelvin who has been mute.
“Isn’t that right kel?” He asked Kelvin.
“I’m hungry, let’s go” Kelvin said instead and led the way.
“His always like that Mabel. Don’t mind him” the guy muttered to me.
“By the way, my name is Dennison and am a proud lawyer” he said as we followed Kelvin.
“Lawyer? That’s good Dennis” I replied only to his hearing.
We sat down in the dinning eating and Rick suddenly appeared.
My eyes met with his and I recalled what happened few minutes ago.
I [email protected]£ uneasy and chocked on my food.
“Are you okay? You could drink some water” Dennis said handing a glas-s cu-p to me which I collected and gulped down the water in it.
My eyes went to Kelvin’s and he was starring at me as expected.
Rick dropped something and left almost immediately.
We continued eating and soon we were done.
“I could connect you to some modelling companies if you visit my working place” Dennis said handing his card to me.
I twitched and was about collecting it but Kelvin took the card instead.
“She doesn’t nee-d your help” he said coldly.
“I’ll do it if necessary so you can st©p worrying now” Kelvin added leaving Dennis surprised.
“Guy, are you that jealous? Nothing Is gonna happen between us if that’s what you’re scared of.”
“Dude I have a fiancée” Dennis said.
“Then focus on her. Lemme esc-rt you out” Kelvin said and started towards the door.
“Bye, see you soon” Dennis cooed and followed Kelvin.
I sighed and turned back to go to my room.
All the drama has come to an end.
I got to my room and went into the bathroom to wash my face.
I was in the bathroom washing my face when a knock [email protected]£ at the door.
I [email protected]£ out from the bathroom and opened the door to see Jessica or what’s her name there.
She has this killer looks on.
“What do you want?” I asked glaring at her.
Why is Jessica there?

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