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His favorite Episode 25 & 26

(He owns her)
Episode 25
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
I took off my t©p and tied it on my [email protected]!st then washed my face clean and loos£n my hair to cover my face.
I was now only on singlet. I pu-ll-ed off my heels and dumped it at a corner and noticed a girl who was about going out from the restroom and followed her out.
I walked beside her as if I was her friend and we both left unnoticed by the guard waiting for me by the door.
I exhaled immediately i pas-sed the guards and asked for direction out and was told.
I took the direction and ran out of the building.
I got outside the gate and [email protected] heavily.
Now am out, I thought and started running.
There is money in the purse I was carrying.
Kelvin kept the money himself and I was even surprised to see it.
The money could allow me rent a h0tel and sleep in it for a week but am not planning on doing that.
How the hell do I get to Chicago from here?
I sighted a cab and quic-kly waved it down and got in.
“plea-se take me to the nearest h0tel nearby” I told the cabby and he nodded and started off.
I got down from the cab and paid him off.
I turned back and ran into the h0tel.
“plea-se a room for me” I told the receptionist bringing out money from the purse.
“Alright” she replied smiling and booked a room for me.
After all process she handed a key to me.
Room 110.
“Thanks” I mouthed and took the stairs going up.
I got to the middle of the stairs and remembered the phone Kelvin gave me.
Damn I forgot to switch it off. I quic-kly brou-ght out the phone and went out from the h0tel and threw the phone away.
The phone is of no use to me anyways.
I got into the h0tel back and ran up.
Gosh I am too scared. He might show up.
I searched for the room 110 and opened it after I’d found it.
I got in and locked the door. I cross checked to see whether it was locked and I sighed when I realized it was really locked.
My heart has been beating so fast.
I never knew an opportunity like this could come this fast.
Who could have thought.
I went into the bathroom and washed myself a bit and [email protected]£ to lie down on the be-d.
Next morning
I opened my eyes and looked around.
I’m still at the h0tel.
Hmm I aren’t dreaming after all.
I sat up from the be-d and went to clean up in the bathroom.
I put on the same clothes and shortly a knock was heard on the door.
My heart skipped immediately the knock [email protected]£.
Could it be Kelvin?
Has he found me?
Oh lord no. He’ll really kill me this time around if he finds me.
I took my hands to my che-st breathing fast.
“Wh..who’s there?” I asked with a shaky voice.
“Oh ma’am its breakfast” I heard a male voice.
“B..breakfast?” I asked still standing where I was.
“Yes ma’am” I heard the voice reply.
“Um..okay leave it there. I’ll come get it, just go okay?” I said.
“Um..okay” I heard the voice reply.
I went close to the door and heard foot steps walking away.
After about ten minutes I opened the door slowly and peeped out.
Ah thank goodness!
I brou-ght in the trolley of food and locked the door immediately.
You can’t imagine how scared I am right now.
I carried the food and settled down to eat.
Kelvin’s POV
“Sir, the tracker says that she’s still in that h0tel” Luke informed me.
“Yea, I suspected she’ll be there anyways.”
“When she makes a move bring her to me” I hushed and bowed and left.
I’ll always outsmart you Mabel.
Mabel’s POV
I rested for long hours and soon it was evening.
With the remaining money I’ll purchase a small phone and travel far from here.
I’ll work for at least a month to earn more money so to purchase the necessary things to go back home.
I waited for dinner and once I had eaten it I [email protected]£ out of my room.
I walked nervously downstairs and walked towards the receptionist and handed over the room keys back to her.
We settled everything and I was on my way out of the h0tel.
I got outside the h0tel gate and saw a cab almost immediately.
I waved it down and got in.
There were two other people but I didn’t bother to check at them because I was busy looking around to see if I’ll sight any if Kelvin’s men.
“Welcome back miss” I heard a familiar voice as the cabby drove away.
I turned to look at him and he was the guard Kelvin as-signed to me.
My eyes wi-de-ned as and I opened my mouth to scream but was held back..
They covered my mouth and took me into their middle.
The cabby drove at a crazy speed and soon arrived at Kelvin’s lake house.
As I was being dragged out I saw the cabby’s face and realized he was the same man from yesterday and surprisedly he is one of Kelvin’s men.
I was dragged into his room and made to knee down by the men.
They left immediately Kelvin signalled them to and it was just Kelvin and I in his room.
Tears were rushing down my eyes and I was visibly shaking.
He was typing away in his computer and st©pped after a while.
He stood up and leaned on his table looking at me but my gaze remained on the floor.
He has spared and warned me before so I don’t think his gonna easily let me go.
Shouldn’t I have tried escaping?
Oh gosh am regretting it now.
“Didn’t you st©p to think why there is money in your purse?” He asked after a while.
“Well, I purposely kept the money there in hope you’ll see it and try to escape.”
“Luke is not that stupid not to recognize you.”
“I asked him to leave you if you try to escape and beside a tracker is planted somewhere in your b©dy in case you don’t no.”
“So, even without Luke recognizing you I will still get you.”
“I told Sam one of my boys to be prepared as a cabby so you’ll think you escaped fast.”
“Well, to round it up Mabel I was just testing you. ”
“I wanted to see how far and your abilities and they proved to be zero.”
“Honey if you wanna escape you have to know who you’re dealing with first.”
“Mabel do you no how angry I was at you yesterday?”
He walked closer to me and squatted to my size.
“Oh mab. You have a lot to learn.”
“Do you really think I’ll easily let you go?” He snarled and I shook.
“Now get up!”
Episode 26

Mabel’s POV
I slowly stood up on my feet afraid of what his gonna do next.
He [email protected]£d my n£¢k and pu-ll-ed me closer.
Tears rushed down my eyes as his face [email protected] and suddenly a [email protected] landed on my face followed by another.
I fell on the floor immediately holding my two cheeks.
My cheeks were burning h0t.
“Up!’ He commanded but I was finding [email protected] to get up.
Oh my, his going to kill me.
Instead of getting up to him I started crawling back.
He stood watching me as I did so.
I got to the door and leaned my back on it crying.
A cut has alre-ady appeared on myl-ips due to the [email protected]
I leaned on the door looking at him and praying he doesn’t come and meet me.
He kept starring at me on the floor.
“Aren’t you gonna come over? Or you want me to get you myself?”
“Oh I think you’re trying to [email protected]@rd to get, huh!”
I shook my head negatively and went on my knees.
“Forgive me plea-se. I’ll never try that again I promise” I pleaded.
He took slow and steady steps towards me.
Oh no. What if he’s trying to come and kill me.
I nee-d to escape from this man at least for now.
I got up on my feet and opened the door.
Luckily the door wasn’t locked so I ran out.
I boomed into two of his guards just outside and st©pped.
I looked back and he alre-ady behind me but I can’t just st©p.
I ran pas-s them and they surprisedly let me go.
I ran into my room and locked the door from the inside.
I leaned on the door and busted into more tears.
I’m damn scared of him.
Kelvin’s POV
“Sir, should we bring her for you?” Luke asked standing before me.
“Leave her” I replied and went back to my room.
So you’re that scared?
Then why did you try escaping if you don’t have the ego to?
I sat down on the couch and lit a cigarette.
I walked towards the mini bar in my room and [email protected]£d a bottle of vertigo.
Vertigo you aren’t good for me but I’ll take you, I said to myself and decanted large quantity into a glas-s cu-p.
I puffed out smoke and sipped a little from the cu-p.
My phone started ringing and I ignored it.
It rang to the end and started ringing again then I decided to see the caller.
I stood up and went to my desk and peeped into the phone.
Why is he calling?
I dropped the glas-s cu-p and the cigarette and picked the call.
📱Hello kel, I’ll be coming over tomorrow bye.
He cut the phone before I could reply and I sighed and dropped the phone.
As I was about to take the glas-s cu-p back his call [email protected]£ in again and I picked.
📱I heard Rick currently works for you tell him that I’m the one coming he’ll no what dish to prepare for me.
He said and cut the call again.
Has he gone crazy?
Like seriously, is he ordering me around?
I sighed and dropped my phone again.
I picked my glas-s cu-p and cigarette and walked back to where I was sitting.
I puffed in smoke from the cigarette and puffed it out.
Hmm what should I seriously do with Mabel?
I’m afraid I’ll end up killing her myself one day.
But she’s really annoying, isn’t she?
She dares escape.
If I wasn’t at alert and planned everything she could have succeeded.
But the doctor said she nee-ds space.
I was even trying to make her feel a bit good but…
Well, I think I no what to do with her.
Yes I’ll do it, I thought and smiled to myself.
You won’t be able to escape from me mab.
I promise we’ll be together.

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