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His favorite Episode 19 & 20

(He owns her)
Episode 19

Mabel’s POV
I kept pacing about in the room waiting for the worse.
What really happened?
Will Kelvin do anything bad to Bella?
Oh gosh.
My heart was still beating fast.
I kept pacing about until I heard a cli-ck at the door and it opened revea-ling Kelvin.
I gulped down multi-ple times starring at him as he approached.
Gosh am really scared of him. His really really scary even with his handsome face.
He got to where I was standing and st©pped looking straight at me.
I took my eyes to the floor unable to stare back.
“You had the guts to lie straight to my face Mabel” he said in a normal tone.
Gosh what is he gonna do?
“What were you gonna gain by lying?” He asked moving behind me.
I kept starring at the floor as my heart beat increa-sed every second.
Suddenly I felt him t©uçh my n£¢k and I felt shivers running down my spine.
Hope his not doing it again today.
Is he going to take out his anger this way? I thought as cold sweats formed on my forehead.
“I warned you enough, didn’t I?”
“When are you going to learn?”
“Now tell me what you guys talked about?” He asked and my fears increa-sed.
Why is he asking me that?
He must have asked Bella this question.
What did she tell him?
Gosh I can’t afford to tell him a different thing.
“Did you perhaps talk about escaping?” He asked and I felt sweat rushing down my face.
What such of temptation is this?
Why the hell did he have to see us together?
Answer!! He half yelled and I [email protected]£ back to my s-en-ses.
“Um…em…I…we…”I stuttered for words.
Bella will not admit to it. I no her she won’t.
“No…no, we didn’t talk about such things” I replied hoping he believes.
“Oh really? what did you talk about then?”
“You guys must have talked about a lot things since you’re friends right?” He asked still standing behind me.
My breathing [email protected]£ tense as I thought of what to tell him.
I can’t possibly tell him what we discussed and I can’t tell him useless things cause he won’t believe.
*We…we..talked about..about Chicago” I replied.
“So what about Chicago?” He asked.
“You didn’t just mention the word Chicago till I met you guys.”
“You spent twenty two minutes with her. I have my eyes on you Mab.”
“When you think you’re out of my sight and am not watching you. you’re wrong.”
“I’m actually watching every of your movement and I allowed you leave with her on purpose.”
“And the purpose is finding out what your plans are and I did” he explained ma-king me more anxious.
What is he really implying?
“So you didn’t notice that a CCTV [email protected]£ra was hidden where you were standing?” He asked and I almost stumbled in shock.
My legs were really shaking and they couldn’t carry me properly.
I turned back slowly to look at him.
“What? What?” I asked in a shaky voice.
“And you know what that means. Its means I watched and listened to all your conversion” he added and my head enlarged.
Fear was consuming me.
What to do?
He knows am lying to him.
“What do I do?” I really don’t want to get beaten or [email protected]
I t©uçhed my temples and cleaned the boils of sweat from my face.
“I’m….I’m sorry for lying” I apologized.
He moved close to me with a creepy smile.
He t©uçhed my two shoulders and took his hand to my face.
He cleaned the tears that was rolling down my eyes and chuckled.
“There is no nee-d for that you know.”
“No nee-d for tears cause they don’t move me” he said and I gulped [email protected]
He leaned closer as if to k!ssme but didn’t do it.
I felt him take his hand to my dress and Zi-pped it down a bit ex-posing my shoulders.
My legs were still shaking from fear.
Everyday he seems to behave in a different way.
I felt him k!ssmy n£¢kline down to my shoulder.
I continued gulping down waiting for what he really wanna do.
He Zi-pped the dress down a bit ex-posing my [email protected] this time.
He un-hooked the [email protected] and throw it on the be-d.
He stood for a while starring at my br£@st while I bite my lower l!pin fear.
What is he really thinking? Perhaps the best way to punish me?
He cu-mpped one of my br£@st in his hand and ca-ressed it with the other hand.
He bent down a little and took my n!pplein his mouth su-cking it.
My eyes wi-de-ned immediately he did that.
What is this guy doing?
Does he wants to drive me nuts?
He continued su-cking it and I ti-ght£ñed my mouth to prevent me from [email protected] ing.
But that didn’t help me as I felt him bit my n!pplea little.
I almost screamed but had to cover my mouth with my palm.
My legs were shaking badly.
What he is doing to me is unexplained.
He did that for a long time and finally st©pped.
“Put on your dress” he said coldly and I immediately wore my [email protected] and Zi-pped back my dress.
He was on his way out when a knock [email protected]£ at the door.
He st©pped and turned to look at me.
The knock [email protected]£ again and he beckoned on me to answer.
“Y…ye..yes” I stuttered.
“Oh Mabel its me” I heard Rick voice.
Oh my!
This guy really wants Kelvin to kill me.
Doesn’t he have an idea that Kelvin is around.
Kelvin beckoned on me to open the door and I slowly did.
Rick got in almost immediately with a bottle of c0cktail and two glas-ses.
He sat down on the couch and placed the cu-ps beside the drink.
I know he hasn’t seen Kelvin yet because Kelvin is actually standing in a way he can’t easily be seen.
I stood still at the door starring at Rick.
“Come on, let’s continue from where we st©pped yesterday” he said and looked up at me.
His eyes caught Kelvin’s and he stood up immediately.
Oh no!
“What the hell are you doing here?” Kelvin asked walking closer to him.
Just when I thought that everything is alright. I thought I escaped this time but…Rick landed me into another trouble.
Episode 20
Kelvin’s POV
I can’t believe this guy has been visiting Mabel in her room.
I got so busy and forgot to always check the [email protected]£ra I planted here.
“Um..I thought you left with your visitor” he answered facing me properly.
“Since when did you start visiting her?” I asked him.
“Not too long. But is there a problem?” He asked and I restricted myself from punching him.
“I wanna see you pri-vately” I said and stepped out of the way for him to pas-s and he did.
Once he was out I locked the door and turned to face Mabel that was shivering.
I loos£n my tie angrily as I moved closer to her.
“What was that?” I asked trying to control myself from shouting but still ended up shouting.
“I’m… I’m sorry” she shook.
“Is that the only thing you say all the time?” I yelled more loudly and she flin-ched.
“You have been allowing a guy into this room?” I asked with anger eating me up.
“I’m… I’m…really sorry, I..i ..won’t let him in again” she replied but I wasn’t close to being satisfied.
“Now listen to me Mabel” I said and [email protected]£d her n£¢k.
“You belong me.”
“I own you.”
“You have absolutely no right to talk to other guys. I’ll kill you if that happens again get that??” I snarled and freed her n£¢k.
She shook her head positively and covered her mouth as she let out more tears.
I glared at her one last time and got out.
“Luke!!” I yelled loudly and he [email protected]£ running.
“Always stand at her door and don’t allow anyone into her room.”
“Follow her if she decides to go anywhere” I commanded the head of my guards.
“Yes sir” he replied and I turned headed for the kitchen.
That Rick?
How dare he?
How dare he talk to Mabel and even has to guts to laugh and drink with her.
Imagine “let’s continue from where we st©pped yesterday ”
Huh, is he for real? I paused and completely re-moved my tie and threw it on the floor.
I got to the kitchen and saw a lot of maids there.
“Out!!!” I yelled loudly and they all ran out leaving just Rick and I.
Mabel’s POV
I continued crying as he left and locked the door.
With my hands on my n£¢k where he had gr!pp£dme ti-ght I fell on the floor.
I really hate this. I didn’t expect Rick to show up.
Now is he gonna fire Rick too?
But his the only one I talk to in this house.
The only person that can make me laugh and forget about what I’m going throu-gh for a while.
What such of bad luck has befallen me?
I closed my eyes as I la-id on the ba-re floor and suddenly felt headache.
I re-moved my hands from my n£¢k and held my head.
My head was hurting real bad.
I managed to sit up on the floor and rest my head on the be-d.
Oh no! Hope am not falling sick in this condition.
My head kept pounding and I nee-ded something to calm me down but how am I gonna get drugs or anything.
I managed to stand on my feet as my eyes kept seeing different things.
My b©dy started burning h0t as well.
I got to the door and made to open it forgetting that it has been locked from the outside.
When the door couldn’t open I started knocking on the door.
“Yes miss, do you nee-d anything?” I heard a male’s voice and immediately he opened the door.
I looked at him and shook my head negatively.
How do I tell a mere guard how I feel?
He locked the door back and I went to lie on the be-d.
I held my head so ti-ght cause I feel its gonna fall off any minute but that didn’t work at all.
I sat up and [email protected]£d the jug of water on the table beside the be-d and drank from it but it wasn’t helping.
The headache and h0tness were only increasing.
Oh, my. What am I going to do? .
I buried my head in my palm to see if I’ll get better but nothing.
I [email protected] fall sick but once I do its [email protected] to get better.
plea-se God. I don’t wanna fall sick here and not now, I prayed but my head kept pounding.
I la-id down back and closed my eyes to see if I could fall asleep maybe when I wake up the headache and h0tness will be gone but I couldn’t sleep.
Then I sat up again and [email protected]£d my phone.
Kelvin’s phone was the only number in that phone so I dialed it.
I don’t really care if his still angry but I can’t take this anymore.
I nee-d to get better.
The phone rang till it st©pped but no one picked the call.
I made to dial the number again but the phone sli-pped from my shaky hands and fell on the be-d and immediately I pas-sed out.
What do you think is going on with Kelvin and Rick at the kitchen?

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