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His favorite 21 & 22

(He owns her)
Episode 21

Kelvin’s POV
I got closer to Rick and stood facing him.
“I’ll ask you again tho I don’t usually do that.”
“What the hell were you doing in her room?” I asked in-serting my f!ngersinto my trou-ser pocket.
“I just visited her” he replied flatly.
“Why?” I asked but got no reply.
“fuc-k answer me.” I half yelled burning with rage.
“Gosh simply because she’s your girlfriend doesn’t mean I can’t talk to her Kelvin” he replied starring back at me.
“She is not an item you can own” he added and I chuckled.
“You must be out of your mind to think that.”
“Well, lemme make things clear to you.”
“Mabel is mine and mine alone. If you are growing any silly feelings for her then you better st©p it because it’ll lead to your death.”
“You have no rights to decide what she can do.”
“On a normal note I’ll s£nd you packing but since you were specially recommended to me I’ll let it slid. Heard your parents are a very wealthy and popular chefs so it’ll be strange to no you got fired before the ending of your three months contract.”
“Rick I don’t wanna make you hate me. Don’t ever cross [email protected] with Mabel again” I warned and left the kitchen headed to my room to check what they have been discussing.
Rick’s POV
This guy is really weird so because he met her first he wants to control her.
Well I won’t back out too.
Kelvin’s POV
Hmm if not for how popular his family are I’d just kill him but it’ll create too much suspicion so I’ll just bear it this time and let all those $h!t slid.
I got into my room and sat down on my desk and opened the computer.
I connected it to her room [email protected]£ra. I was about taking it back previous days when I saw her lying weirdly on the be-d.
Its looks really weird.
I got hold of my phone from the desk and made to call luck to check up on her but saw her miscalls.
I stood up from the sit immediately and took my eyes back to the computer.
I dropped my phone and shut down the computer and rushed to her room.
Luke got out of the way when he saw me and I opened her door room and got in.
“Mabel” I called and t©uçhed her n£¢k.
Her b©dy is damn h0t.
“Luck!!” I yelled and he [email protected]£ rushing in.
“Call doctor Seth” I ordered and he took out his phone immediately.
“fuc-k what the hell happened to her?” I asked and made her sit up.
Seems she fainted or what?
“Is he coming?” I asked and turned to look at Luke.
“Sir yes, he’ll here shortly” he replied.
“No, call him and tell him not to bother then call an ambulance” I ordered.
“Yes sir” he replied and started dialing.
I stood up starring at her.
What thefu-ck happened to you? I thought as I sank my f!ngersinto my hair.
The ambulance arrived few minutes later and she was taken by a stretcher into the ambulance.
I got into my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
At the hospital.
After all the examination Seth [email protected]£ out to meet me.
“What is wrong with her?” I asked and he signed.
“You’ll have to follow me to my office Kelvin” he said and I did.
We got to his office and sat down.
“When is she gonna weak?” I asked.
“Any moment from now” he replied.
“So tell me, what is wrong with her?”
Mabel’s POV
I opened my eyes and the white ceiling was the first sight I caught.
Huh! Where am I? I wondered and try getting up but my head wouldn’t let me to.
I made to move my hand but noticed a drip was connected to my hand.
Awn it seems like am in the hospital.
What really happened ?
Episode 22

Kelvin’s POV
Doctor Seth sighed and looked at me.
“I think you should make her feel free.”
“She’s suffering from depression, too much thinking and worries.”
“Some young people who suffer this mostly go crazy at a point.”
“She nee-ds to be with people she loves and loves her too.”
“She nee-ds to go to places she loves and do what she loves best. If what she is going throu-gh continues am afraid the worst will happen” he explained and I sighed and cli-cked my ton-gue.
“And lastly she nee-ds to overcome her fears. Seems like she’s always scared or something” he added and I nodded and stood up.
“Alright Seth. I’ve heard all what you’ve said” I cooed and shook his hand.
I stepped out of his office and a nurse [email protected]£ running to me.
“Sir Kelvin, your girlfriend is awake” she informed and I nodded and turned towards the direction of her ward.
I got to the door and paused.
Another nurse was with her inside the ward. The nurse turned back almost immediately and saw me.
“Oh sir Kelvin you’re here” she said cheerfully and opened the door of the ward.
I nodded and got inside to see her.
Mabel’s POV
At the realization that I was in the hospital I re-moved the drip which was fixed to my hand and wanted to leave when two nurses saw me.
They took me back inside and one left to call Kelvin.
I really wanna be free from this guy.
The nurse was checking my purse and all when Kelvin showed up.
The nurse left and I took my eyes to the ceiling as he walked in.
I really don’t want any problems.
He sat down on the only couch in the hospital since it was a VIP ward and started starring at me.
Who knows what his thinking tho?
I continued starring at the ceiling to avoid our eyes meeting.
After a long while of silence he finally spoke up.
“Are you hungry?” He asked but I pretended not to hear it.
I felt him stand up and I quic-kly replied.
“No, I’m not hungry” I replied still starring at the ceiling.
“Alright, I’ll be gone for a while” he said and left.
Why did his tone suddenly change? He is talking like a normal human being.
Did something happen? Wasn’t he the one so mad at me earlier on?
Or it is concerning my health? I wondered as I stared at him leave.
There must be a something for a change of tone.
I got tired of sitting all alone in the ward.
It was evening alre-ady.
I re-moved the drip that was fixed back to my vein and got out from the be-d.
I got to the door and opened it slowly.
I peeped outside and didn’t find anyone.
I took a step out and another step but unfortunately saw the guard from earlier.
Kelvin must have told him to watch me.
“Do you nee-d anything miss?” He asked moving closer to me.
I nodded my head negatively and turned back to go in.
“Um..sir Kelvin asked to take you anywhere you wanna go” he said and I turned speedily to look at him.
“Really?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes ma’am, we could go around the hospital first and when you’re fully recovered we can go to different places in Paris” he said and I opened my mouth.
Why the sudden change?
Does it concern my health? I thought again.
“So miss, shall we?” He asked and I nodded excitedly and followed him.
We got out of the hospital and i saw different people.
Children on wheel chair, grandma’s and pa’s, young boys, girls and workers.
He took me to different places in the hospital and when we got to the place of prayer I decided to pray there.
I excused myself from him and went in.
I sat down on one of the sits and prayed in my mind.
plea-se protect mine and Bella’s family.
Mom must have become sick from crying and searching for me.
I stood up after a while and met him still waiting for me just at the entrance of the prayer house.
“There are still a lot of places to show you miss but that will have to wait till tomorrow because its alre-ady late” he explained and I nodded.
“plea-se let’s go back, its time for your meal” he said and led the way while I followed him.
I’m still wondering what is going on Kelvin’s mind.
Why the sudden change of attitude?
Or I’m I gonna die?
Is that why his changing?
Oh my I nee-d to see the doctor.

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