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Crystal Episode final Episode

❄️ Crystal ❄️
Once she got hold of the h0t iron to place it on my skin, her phone rang and she stepped out to answer the call.
“Mirabelle, let’s head to the palace right away. The king and queen wants our pres£nce now. We’ll finish this later. Tyler, make sure they don’t escape” she sounded urgent once she [email protected]£ back.
“No problem ma’am” one of them replied before both of them left.
The men also left too, after shutting the door securely.
“Diane! Diane! Are you alright?”
I asked, ma-king sure my voice was low enough to avoid being heard by the men outside.
“I’m fine, Crystal. It doesn’t hurt much. How about you?”
“I’m fine. I’m sorry I got you into this”
“Of course it’s no fault of yours. Remember, I promised to take care of you, it’s my duty to always be by you” she replied with a smile.
My heart melts.
“Thank you so much, Diane”
I heard a small [email protected] my side. I turned to see Anna awake. Good thing Mirabelle had only injected slee-ping pills into her, or so I thought. Not poison.
“Princess, are you okay?”
“Y-yes, Miss Crystal. I’m sorry I caused all this. We shouldn’t have stepped out of the house” she cried in regret.
“Don’t blame yourself, princess. I ought to have protect you. I’m sorry I couldn’t”
“You ‘ll, st©p blaming yourselves. I’m trying to think how to get us out of here,” Diane spoke.
“Are we ever going to leave here again, Miss Diane? Would I ever see mum and dad again? Adam? My rose garden?” Anna cried.
“Yes, baby. I’ll get you out of here, I promise” Diane replied.
Thinking about Adam, I couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if he finds out we left the house he instructed us not to. If only we had listened, if only we hadn’t left, if only I hadn’t been curious, if only….
The door opened and a man with mask entered and shut the door behind him. Anna curled towards me in fear while I trembled. You’re really dead, Crystal. Bet me! My heart cried.
The man walked closer and st©pped before pu-lling off his mask. His face [email protected]£ to view. He wasn’t looking dangerous nor harmless.
“Miss Crystal, do you remember me? I want to help you but we don’t have much time” he said, to my surprise. Help?
I stared at him for a while. I couldn’t remember him. Although he looked like I’ve seen him before.
“I don’t” I replied.
“I’m Gina’s father. Don’t you remember Gina?”
Gina? Of course I remember that little girl, about Anna’s age. She stays in an orphanage home Anna and i do visit sometimes.
“I know her. Don’t you remember Gina, Anna?” I asked as confusion crossed Anna’s face. She quic-kly nodded, staring at the man strangely.
“I left Gina in an orphanage because I don’t have any means of taking care of her. I don’t want her to know I do this kind of job, I didn’t want to hurt her. I nee-ded the money for her treatment that’s why I had to do this. She has cancer. Although I don’t feel like doing it again, I don’t want to have anymore innocent bloods on my hands.
I’m willing to sacrifice my life if it means you getting out of this place because once Mirabelle and her mother returns back, they’ll surely kill you all. But you have to promise that you’ll take care of my daughter once you’re able to do it.
plea-se take care of her because if Mirabelle finds out that I betrayed them by helping you escape, they’ll go after my daughter’s life. Tell her I love her. I’ll be killed once the other men comes in here and find out you’re gone…”
“I’ll do just that, if we’re able to get out” I promised.
“So, how do we get out of here?” Diane cut in.
“There’s an un-derground hallway in this place. But we nee-d a magic spell to open it, myself and one other man here are the only ones who can recite the spell. So once I’m killed, the other man will recite the spell and they’ll go after you.
At the end of the hallway is a forest which leads to a road. If you’re fast enough, you’ll be out of this vicinity before they find you. I’ll help you cut your bonds and recite the spell now”
He quic-kly freed the ropes on our hands and legs and recited a spell.
At once, one [email protected] of the wall creaked open in shape of a door.
“Go, quic-kly. The others will be here”
“Thank you so much”
The three of us hurried throu-gh the tunnel and once we were all inside, the wall closed back to normal. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that dark.
We hadn’t gone far throu-gh the un-derground hallway when we heard a gunsh0t and someone screamed in pain. It was that man.
“How dare you let them escape?!” An angry voice yelled. “Get rid of his b©dy let’s go find them. I’m sure they haven’t gotten far in the un-derground hallway”
We quic-kly broke into a run throu-gh the un-derground hallway.
Adam has returned to find out that they had left the house. But where did they go? He suddenly saw a white paper as he stepped out of the house.
“They’re gone. Say goodbye” it re-ad.
He brou-ght out his phone and dialed Drake’s number. He believed he could help, he had to trust him although the guy looks dangerous.
“The three of them has been kidnapped, Drake. Can you help me?”
“I know where they are. They must be in the in the secret house with un-derground hallway. I’ll get us there”
“What do you mean by the wedding has to go on by tomorrow?” The queen asked Mirabelle mother.
“You alre-ady made that promise, my queen” Mirabelle’s mother replied.
“Even when my daughter is missing? Anna’s missing and until she’s found, the wedding can’t go on” the king spoke.
“But that has nothing to do with the wedding. Mirabelle has to marry the prince ASAP” Her mother said firmly.
“Linda, we’ve s£nt guards everywhere and our Anna’s whereabouts is unknown. Can’t you see we’re worried? The wedding has to be postponed” queen said.
Linda got really angry but tried to hide it.
“Alright, we’ll take our leave, your majesties”
“Mother, don’t you think it’s time we kill those two? The king and queen? How can they postpone my wedding?” Mirabelle said once they entered their car.
“I got those plans, Mira. But that’s after your wedding. They have no idea who they’re dealing with” Linda replied.
“I’m tired! I can’t run any longer”
Anna suddenly st©pped, taking in de-ep breaths. I could see she was exhausted, just like the rest of us. But st©pping means death if those men should meet us.
“We don’t have to st©p, princess. Come, hop into my back” I said and Diane wi-de-ned her eyes.
“Crystal! Your back is not fully healed, remember? Hop into mine instead”
“Don’t worry, Diane. Your skin is peeled and bleeding. I can manage” I insisted.
Suddenly, we heard approaching footsteps of the men and Anna quic-kly hopped into my back. We resumed running, although it was difficult. My back was s£nding sharp pains and could start bleeding anytime but we had to get out of there.
We successfully got to the end of the hallway which was surrounded by tall bushes and woods. As we tried to get throu-gh it, one of the men blocked us.
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Diane rushed at him, they exchanged punches and kicks until the man fell to the ground.
“Don’t be surprised, I trained in martial arts” she said after we continued running. No wonder she was so strong.
We heard running footsteps behind us which means the men were getting closer. They were more than we thought.
“You all, split. Both of you search there, you search there, we’ll search here” I heard one of them ordered.
Meanwhile, the three of us were hiding in a bush right before them. We held our breaths and I prayed silently.
After a while, one of them caught sight of us…
16🔥 💣FINAL
“You all, split. Both of you search there, you search there, we’ll search here” I heard one of them ordered which Diane went to take.
“Did you hear that?”
“Yes. Let’s search this way”
The rest of them approached our direction.
Diane yelled, I took hold of Anna and we ran throu-gh the bushes. She sh0t at the men as she ran to catch up with us. The men were shooting back until Diane ran out of bullet.
“$h!t!” She cried as a bullet hit her. Anna and I st©pped and ran back to her. She was bleeding from her left arm.
The men st©pped shooting and surrounded us.
“Don’t fight back, just come back with us or you’ll all be dead” one of them warned as they each seized us.
I saw Mirabelle and her mother entered, their faces filled with anger and malice.
“You tried to escape?” Linda yelled as she [email protected] me very [email protected] Mirabelle kicked me in the stomach with her heavy boots and I spurts out blood, the wound on my back opening up and spilling blood too.
“You know what? I’ve changed my mind now, I’ll make your death swift. Tyler, get me that knife” she commanded and a knife was handed to her.
“Noo! plea-se don’t!” Diane who was bleeding heavily and obviously in serious pain cried out.
“Did you just say plea-se? I don’t remember ever listening to that word and I’m not about to do so now” she turned towards me. I was held firmly by those men.
“Miss Crystal!” Anna cried and tried reaching out to me but she was held back. Even Diane was trying to fight off the men holding her despite her bleeding arm.
“If you must kill me, plea-se let them go” I pleaded amidst pain.
“That’s impossible. We kill people without leaving any trace behind. If we let them go, they’ll surely spill our secret. I’m sorry, sweetheart, they’re going to meet you there. You’re all losers!” Both of them laughed.
As Linda stepped in front of me and raised the knife, it was kicked out of her hand.
“You’re all surrounded now. Let go of your weapons!”
An authoritative voice commanded. The men let go of me and I fell to the ground.
“Anna! Crystal! Are you alright?” I heard a familiar voice call out. It was Adam with some other men. He rushed to us and engulfed the both of us in an [email protected]
“Adam! I thought I was going to die” Anna’s voice trailed off as she cried. She held him ti-ghtly.
“Don’t worry, Anna. I got you” Adam promised.
“What?! Not again” Linda hissed as she was seized.
Mirabelle cried as the men seized her “you let go of me, bastards. I’m going to make you pay!”
“Diane? Are you alright?”
I saw a handsome man with long black hair rushed towards Diane worriedly.
“I’m fine, sweetheart. I missed you” Diane replied as they pu-ll-ed into an [email protected]
What? Who’s this strange man?
“He’s Drake. He’s that strange man who helped us when we were attacked a week ago. He helped me trace this place. He’s Diane’s husband” Adam said after seeing the worried look on my face.
What? Diane’s married? They’re a perfect match then. Diane was beautiful, she’s strong too. Wow she never told me?
“Drake? What are you doing here. Have you been stalking me again?” Mirabelle asked on seeing him.
“Stalk you? Who stalks a monster?” Some people bur-st into laughter, including myself.
So Mirabelle knows him too? I’m lost here!
“I’m actually here to save my wife and her friends, from monsters”
“Wife?” Linda and Mirabelle yelled in surprise.
Drake planted a k!sson Diane’s face.
“I’ll get you to the hospital, darling” he carried her in his arms and walked away.
“End of the game, monsters. Let’s get out of here. You’re bleeding Crystal” Adam carried me and I didn’t protest. One of the guards also scooped Anna in his arms and hurried out.
“Bring everyone of them with us” he ordered the rest of the guards before walking out with me in his arms. I felt safe in them.
“Nooo! It’s not over!” Mirabelle screamed.
It was the next day after were were able to get out of that place alive.
I could see surprise written on the king and queen faces as they stared at Mirabelle and her mother in disbelief. Initially, they had refused to listen to everything told about the two but when enough and reasonable
evidences were brou-ght before them by Adam, Drake and every other persons they had hurt, they were f0rç£d to believe.
“I can’t believe you’re this evil, Linda. How could you go this extent because of selfishness?” The queen asked in disappointment.
“I never did any of these things I’m accused of. I would never do anything like that. I never hurt anyone? If there’s any witch here, it should be her!” She pointed at me.
“That’s a lie, mum. They… tried to kill us” Anna defended.
“Don’t worry, princess. They would never get the chance to do any of these things again. To think I even agreed for my son to marry her? How ignorant I was!”
“After seeing all the evidences pres£nted against the both of you, it is quite clear that it would be a great mistake on our [email protected] to let evil people like you to continue roaming the surface of the earth” the king paused and continued after silence roamed the court.
“Therefore, as the head of Madora the kingdom of Seven Hills, I ordered death on you by hanging, after which you’ll be left in the open field for vultures to feed on, as the punishment for such misdeeds.
This is to be done three days from now and till then, you’ll be left in the dungeon. Guards, take them away!” The king pas-sed his judgement and some guards pushed them away, Mirabelle screaming.
“Let go of me, you uncultured bastards. I’ll surely come back in my next life and make sure you die Crystal!”
Peace reigned for the first time. It was few months after Mirabelle and her mother were hung to death. All the do¢v-ments to my parents companies were handed back to me. Comfortable? Yes, I now was.
I st©pped working at the palace as I had to see to the companies but I do come to visit sometimes. I also kept my promise to Gina’s father by ma-king sure she was fine. I even planned on ma-king her go on a surgery.
Adam and I had gotten so close that his parents doesn’t even raise an eyebrow when we’re seen together.
“I’m very sorry for misjudging you, Crystal. I mistook the devil for the angel. I de-eply apologize for every hurtful thing I must have said or done” the queen had called me one day when I was talking with Anna and Diane.
“I never held any grudges my queen, seeing it was no fault of yours”
“You were the late Morrison daughter all along. I never realized that” the king added.
Just then, Adam entered and knelt right before me, s£nding confusion into me.
“I love you so much Crystal that I can no longer live a moment without you in it. Will you marry me?” He brou-ght out a beautiful ring, I was surprised. I couldn’t deny how happy I was.
“Yes, Adam” he sli-pped the ring into my f!nger and some people applauded.
He rose to his feet, brou-ght his face close to mine and placed his softl-ips on mine. It was electrifying and magical just like the first time, only this time, my heart didn’t fight me. His arms rested on my [email protected]!st. He st©pped for a while to smile at me.
I returned the smile and we k!$$£d again. I was the one who initiated it this time.
“My Crystal”
“Are you going to stare at Crystal all day or have your breakfast, Adam?”
The queen’s voice brou-ght me back to reality as we were all having breakfast and I was having flashbacks in my head about everything that had happened five years ago. I looked up to see Adam staring at me.
“I’ve been observing that too. He’s sure feeding throu-gh his eyes” the king agreed.
“Just watch, I’m going to stuff food into his eyes if he doesn’t blink” I said and everyone bur-st into laughter.
“As long as it’s coming from you, I don’t have any problem with that. You are free to stuff whatever” he replied with a wi-nk.
“What about me, dada? Can I stuff food into your eyes too?” Lucas, our four year old son asked, holding his spoon up to Adam’s eyes.
Everyone bur-st into laughter again.
“No, that’s not what I mean Lucas. You can stuff it into my mouth”
“Oh? Okay dada” he stuffed a spoonful into his mouth.
“You see? That’s what I mean. Now tell your mum to come do same” he sm-irked mischievously at me. He knows how well to annoy me. Hmph!
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“Come on Lucas don’t listen to them. Let’s hurry with our breakfast and visit the Seven Hills with our friends who are alre-ady waiting. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out some fun, do you?” Anna turned Lucas’ attention to herself.
He nodded and they finished up in no time and left hand in hand.
The queen and king also left for their courtroom and I was left alone with Adam. That annoying…
“Why does my wife has a blush?” He stood before me and held me to himself.
“Leave me alone, Adam. Will you? What blush are you even talking about?” I traced my hands on my cheek and my smile grew wi-der.
“You’re gorgeous, wife. Your smile is as radiant and sparkling as a crystal. You’re indeed a crystal. You’re my Crystal!”
Oh no! I felt my cheek burning from too much blu-shing. I pushed him away from me and ran.
He chased after me, and I knew we must be looking like little kids right now.

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