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Crystal Episode 11 & 12

❄️ Crystal ❄️
By Blessing.
“Hi pretty. We meet again. My name’s Mike. Do you mind coming with us?” He asked kindly.
I had nowhere to go. Should I go with him? Wasn’t this the second time a stranger would be saving me? He looked harmless, I may as well go with him.
Before I could say anything, a blue car st©pped beside me. I was surprised. It was Adam! The look on his face was cold.
“Get in, Crystal!” He said coldly.
Huh? Why does he always show up when I try to talk with this guy? With the way he sounded, I had no nerve to refuse. But what if we’re seen together again? I don’t want further troubles. Why don’t he just go and stay with his fiancee, Mirabelle? Hmph!
“I’m sorry, Mike. I’ll see you around some other time, bye” I waved before turning to get into Adam’s car which he alre-ady opened the front door for me.
“Not so fast, Crystal. You’re not going to turn down my request, are you?” I heard Mike say. How did he know my name? I don’t remember telling him, but I guess he heard from Adam.
“And what right do you have to st©p her from coming with me? I asked you not to get close to her again” Adam approached him dangerously.
“Why?” Mike asked, with a mocking smile.
“Because I break bones!” Adam replied, standing [email protected]!ngly before him. He was taller by a head.
“Don’t push it, prince. Don’t start a war. We want the lady and no one would st©p it” Mike replied, sounding dangerous. I suddenly got afraid of him. He didn’t look like the gentleman I danced with, or just talked with. He seems desperate and re-ady to f0rç£ me to go with him. Goosebu-mps formed on my skin.
Omg! I suddenly remembered him. He was the same man who met me on the street that night with his gang. They were the same people Adam fought with. They were the same people Adam once saved me from that day Aunt Linda pushed me out. It’s him!
I recognized his voice now. Maybe because he was showing his real self, not the gentleman I saw him as. It’s the same gang leader! Looking at him now, I knew he could hurt me. I s-en-sed danger.
“Let’s get out of here, Adam!” I didn’t know how, but I quic-kly [email protected]£d his arm and pu-ll-ed him. He didn’t f0rç£ his arm from me, instead he guided me to seat in the car before heading to his side.
I heaved a sign as he drove out of there, but it looked like I was caught in a big tra-p which I won’t easily get out of.
“$h!t!” Adam suddenly cussed.
“We’re being followed!”
My heart raced as I saw the same car behind us from the rear mirror. Adam ignited the speed, but they raced after us and when we got to a very free road, they started shooting at the car from behind.
“Keep your head low, Crystal!”
He commanded and I bent my heard as bullets shattered the car’s glas-ses.
Then the car [email protected]£ to an abrupt st©p and Adam hissed.
“$h!t! Tire’s bur-st. You stay right here, I’ll be back” He got out of the car and the men also st©pped and got out of theirs. I was really worried and scared.
Soon a fight started, Adam against these men who were about eight.
Adam kicked a gun out of the first man’s hand and took hold of it. Then he quic-kly aimed at Mike.
“Put down your guns or I’ll shoot him” He warned. Mike turned to his men and gave them a nod. They put away their guns and when Adam wasn’t suspecting, Mike swiftly kicked the gun out of his hold and rammed his fist into his face. I saw blood drip from his nose.
Some of his men took chance of this and quic-kly held Adam’s arms while Mike continued to hit him. He jumped and kicked Adam’s face and he fell to the ground, his face bloodied. Mike brou-ght out a knife and stabbe-d him on the stomach. I saw pain flashed throu-gh his eyes.
“Adam!” I couldn’t control my tears as I got out of the car and rushed towards him.
“Now get hold of her! Let’s see who would stand in our way now” Mike commanded and one of his men approached me.
I quic-kly took hold of a stick and struck him [email protected] with it. They were all surprised as the man fell down unconscious.
Then the stick was f0rç£fully snatched from me and I was hit with it. I fell to the ground and gro-an ed in pain. Then I was pu-ll-ed up by my hair. I was feeling weak, I felt strength draining from me.
It was Mike with an evil grin. I tactfully pu-ll-ed a pin from my hair and pu-ll-ed it throu-gh his arm with all the strength I could muster. He yelled in pain, let go of me and fell to the ground, his arm bleeding.
“Kill her!” He yelled and one of the men held a knife and rushed at me. I was too weak as I fought back pain.
Then suddenly, a man fell, another fell and yet another until they all fell to the ground lifeless.
I looked up to see a man dressed in white and had a hoodie on. I couldn’t see his face properly because I was too weak and losing consciousness.
I saw Adam managed to get up and rushed towards me, his clothes and face bloody.
“Who’re you? Why did you help us?” He asked the stranger.
“I’m Drake. Why I helped doesn’t matter now, you have to take care of yourselves first. I’ll see you some other time. I have a few secrets to let out”
Like that, the strange man left without a trace, just like he’d showed up.
“Adam? I’m really sorry…”
From the corner of my eye, I saw someone hold a gun up, pointing at us. He was going to shoot Adam. I didn’t want him to die, he’s in a lot of pain alre-ady.
I gathered enough strength and blocked him with myself as the person pu-ll-ed the trigger. It was Mike. I felt something tore de-ep into the skin on my back, bringing with it a lot of pain. I felt numb.
I heard Adam yelled, pu-lling me into him. I melted in his arms. I felt consciousness leave my b©dy as everything faded out, entering a blank world.
Adam felt life draining out of Crystal until she la-id lifeless in his arms. He turned to face whoever it was and behind him was Mike still holding up the gun.
He was full of rage as he grasped a gun too. Mike sh0t at him but he missed as Adam managed to dodge his every target. He sh0t until the gun ran out of bullets. Mike’s face turned cold in fear as he threw the empty gun away.
Adam glared at him dangerously with the look of ‘Are you done?’
He slowly raised the gun in his hand and pu-ll-ed the trigger.
“That’s for ever going close to Crystal!”
He sh0t again.
“That’s for ever tou-ching her”
He sh0t again.
“That’s for ever planning to kill her”
He sh0t again.
“That’s for causing her pain and for ever raising a gun at her”
He sh0t severally even when the lifeless Mike was alre-ady lying on the ground, dead. Blood spurted out from his stomach which had several holes. He was damaged beyond recognition.
The dead Mike’s phone began to ring. Adam walked to him and fished it out from his pocket.
“Mike? I waited but haven’t gotten a feedback from you? Is Crystal dead?”
He recognized that voice. That evil woman! He gritted his teeth in anger.
“Crystal’s not dead. She’s right here with her guardian angel. Mike’s dead. He killed him. Watch your back because he’s coming after you too” he said coldly.
“What?! Who… who’re you?”
“Crystal’s Guardian Angel!”
“Hello M…”
He threw the phone against the ground and it broke into pieces before he typed a message in his phone.
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He walked back to the unconscious Crystal and carried her in his arms. He had to get them out of there. He had texted a guard to bring him another car. This one was totally damaged.
“Hold on, Crystal. Don’t die plea-se”
With Crystal in his arms, he walked out of the place, occasionally stealing glances at her pure white face. Herl-ips were red and rosy. She was his slee-ping beauty.
By Blessing 🌹
She found herself alone in the middle of nowhere. She looked around her but couldn’t find anyone. Everywhere was white and snowy, without an end. The road was endless and snowy. It was an open space with no direction. Snow fell even on her. One thing she knew for sure is that she’s dead. Was this heaven?
“Hello! Anyb©dy here?” Her voice echoed. She began to panic.
Then she saw two people from afar, dressed in glowing white. It was a man and woman and when they turned to her direction, she was shocked.
“Mum, dad? Is that you?”
“Why are you not speaking? I want to come with you, plea-se wait up” she started racing towards them but she soon realized that the more she ran, the farther they were from her.
“Bye, Crystal”
Their voice echoed and before she could say anything, they faded away in the snow.
“Don’t leave me again!” She cried and sat on the ground, dejected. Then she found herself falling, falling from a great height.
“You’re finally awake. Are you alright?”
I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar room. My eyes fell on a red haired woman who had a smile on her face.
“Who’re you? Why am I here? What’s this place?” I asked in fear and the woman tried to sit beside me on the be-d.
“No! Don’t come closer!” I yelled, trying to pu-ll away from her. I felt a pain on my back and flin-ched.
She was surprised for a while before she flashed me a warm smile.
“I’m Diane, a maid the prince as-signed for you. Trust me, I won’t hurt you”
The prince? Adam? He as-signed a maid for me? Why? A slight pain in my back suddenly reminded me everything that had happened. I remembered going unconscious after I was sh0t by….wait!
“I’m not dead?” I pinched myself to confirm.
“You’re very alive, Crystal. The prince brou-ght you here that day, both of you were bleeding. A doctor was called here who treated you and re-moved the bullet from your b©dy. I really feared that you were dead because you had been unconscious” Diane narrated.
Yes, I remembered going unconscious yesterday…was it yesterday?
“How long have I been here?”
“One week”
What? One whole week? I remembered Adam. He had saved me a second time, risking his life again.
“What about him? Is he okay? What about his wound?” I remembered he was stabbe-d. I hoped he was okay now. I really nee-ded to see him.
“He’s fine, Crystal. He has been frequenting this place to check on you”
This place? What was this place.
She must have seen throu-gh my confusion as she held my hand in hers and gave it a gentle squee-ze.
“You’ll find out everything but for now, don’t stress your self because you’re not fully recovered. Just have some food and rest, okay? Trust me” she beamed a gentle smile at me as she placed some food in front of me.
Anna had been keeping to herself after that incident on her birthday. She [email protected] left her room or eat anything. She doesn’t talk with anyone either, even Adam.
Her parents were really worried and tried all they could to make her be the usual cheerful little angel she used to be it was to no avail.
Once, her parents entered her room to find her lying on her be-d, shivering.
“She has caught a fever. We have to make her see a doctor now”
“Who’s Crystal? She has been mentioning she wants to see her. I think this is caused by an emotional attachment, I suggest you let her see the person. I’ll get her a psychologist though” The doctor spoke after seeing Anna.
The king and queen were so worried that they ordered some guards to comb every [email protected] of Madora and even beyond to find Crystal for Anna who seemed like she was getting out of her mind
All their search proved futile and it looked like Crystal had disappeared into thin air. The queen regretted ever pushing her out of the palace that day. She feared that Crystal must have cast a spell on Anna, even on Adam. She didn’t believe she was as pure as crystal itself, just like her name suggested.
The next morning, i was taking a stroll around the house with Diane who I was getting used to when Adam [email protected]£.
I was overwhelmed with joy and ran to [email protected] him, forgetting any pain i felt. He was shocked himself as he wra-pped arms around me. His scent wafted throu-gh my nose as I smuggled into him.
“Thank you so much, Adam. For everything”
I smiled at him when we pu-ll-ed [email protected]
“Permit me, Crystal”
Before i could un-derstand what he meant, hisl-ips crushed down on mine bringing sparks with it. I was lost in another world as I felt his arms slid around my [email protected]!st. Hisl-ips were so soft as they ca-ressed mine. Does being with him feel so good?
“Don’t try to weave your way into my son’s heart because he alre-ady has a woman who’s better off. He doesn’t have eyes for you and he wouldn’t even if you try. I don’t want to see you anywhere near him…”
Those words…what are you doing, Crystal?! My subconsciousness snapped at me and I quic-kly pushed Adam off.
“How dare you take advantage of me?” I yelled in anger, tears threatening to fall. I felt stupid.
“Look, Crystal”
He took my hand and placed it on his che-st.
“My heart beats only for you. I don’t regret doing it. I love you, Crystal. Tell me you don’t feel the same way for me and I promise never to cross my boundaries, never to k!ssyou again. Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel the same?”
I avoided his gaze, surprised by his words. Was he sincere or just trying to fool me? Was he pla-ying with my feelings?
“Adam, I have always loved you. Even from the first day I set eyes on you. But you have a fiancee and…and your parents hates me. I’m not just on the same standard as you. I guess we just can’t be” I replied sadly.
I saw his face lit up in surprise.
“You really love me? That’s what I care about, Crystal. I don’t care about Mirabelle or what my parents say” he said, closing the gap between us. I saw genuine happiness in him and that’s what I felt too.
“You don’t like the k!ss? Maybe you should return it, Crystal” he sm-irked mischievously.
I should return it? How do you return a k!ss? By k!ss!nghim back? I’m not going to do that. Hmph! I looked around and heaved a sigh as Diane wasn’t here. I hoped she didn’t see what happened between us some while ago, if not I’d be more embarras-sed.
There was silence for a while before Adam decided to speak.
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“After that day we were attacked and you went unconscious, I brou-ght you here. If you’re wondering, this is my personal house which I bought without my parents knowledge.
This place is well hidden from the main town and this is where I come to whenever I’m upset and nee-d to clear my mind on something.
My parents had no idea about it. I brou-ght you here when you were unconscious after being sh0t by that lunatic. A doctor was paid to come here and treat you everyday because I didn’t want anyone to raise an eyebrow if I brou-ght you to an hospital. I employed Diane to stay here and take care of you.
I want you to remain here for now, Crystal. Mirabelle and her mother are on the lookout for you, even my parents. Here is the only place you can stay and be hidden” he explained and I un-derstood everything. I was really grateful to him.
“You saved me twice Adam and I owe you alot” I was indeed grateful.
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“You should really pay me, you know” he win-ked.
“Huh? What do I pay with?” I wondered and he brou-ght his face close to mine, peeking at myl-ips suggestively. I [email protected] and pushed him away.
“I’m not doing that again, you cheat!” I scowled. He giggled and Pat my hair pla-yfully.
“How about your wound? Can I see it?”
Without replying, he pu-ll-ed off his shi-t. I saw his che-st for the first time. His physique was just great. Crystal! Get a hold!
The wound on his stomach was healing up but would definitely leave behind a scar. He had to risk all that because of me? I wondered what his mother would do to me if she find this out. Tears stung my eyes.
“How’s Anna?” I hadn’t forgotten my little friend. I remembered her cute smiles. I recalled those tears that I had seen fall off her eyes when I was s£nt out of the castle.
“She’s not herself anymore, Crystal. She’s really sick and has been asking for you. She’s de-eply hurt” Adam replied as sadness crossed his brows. My heart melts. My sweet Anna! She sure loves me like roses.
“I really want to see her, Adam. plea-se”
“Okay, I’ll bring her here tomorrow. No one would know about it. You know, my parents had her when I was 14, they’ve given up hope of ever having a child again and when Anna was born, she was my little princess I love so much. We do talk heart to heart but now, she doesn’t even want to talk to me. So, I’ll bring her to you if that’ll make the lost smile appear again”
“Tyler, I’m trusting you and your men on this. I don’t want you to fail like the others again. I just got informations about where Crystal has been hiding, so just plant your selves around the address I would s£nd to you. I believe you alre-ady have her pictures”
“Yes, ma’am. Don’t worry about this mission failing”
“Good. Kidnap her immediately she steps out and bring her to that place I told you about. She would surely die a thousand deaths”

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