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Black angel Episode 9 & 10

❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
(Three weeks later)
It was confirmed that my parents died in a motor accident due to [email protected] failure
At first, my mother was in a coma for two weeks before she finally gave up the ghost… My dad died on the sp©t
All my parent’s property was given to me but was to be managed by my guidance until I was 18 years old
Unfortunately for me, Uncle T was my guidance… Everyone was deceived by the way he cried and wept on my parent’s burial except me
I hated him… He disgusted me
I had no one to report him to so I only had to shut up
Back home, the abuse continued unabated
Uncle T abused Me physically and S-xually….
He turned me into a S-x slave… At the age of twelve.. I was perfect at doing a b!owjob and I could fv¢k properly
To me, S-x was just an act… A thing I did just to get away from punishment
I changed for bad, I [email protected]£ reserved… I hated everyone including myself
I was no longer the chubby beautiful outspoken brilliant and funny Sandra everyone knew me as…i [email protected]£ distant.. Cold and dull… I rarely talked
I rarely smiled…
I only stared at everyone with cold dark eyes… I was now used to the beatings and pains
I took everything without complaining
S-xual abuse does two things to its victims
It’s either it shuts you down or shut you up
When it shuts you down, you become slow witted… You start behaving like a moron…you start thinking slow and become timid and easily scared
It brings forth the rabbit in you… Your tame gentle [email protected]
That’s the broken down aspect of S-xual as-sault
But the other one that can happen to you is when you shut up
You become quiet and cold as ice
It brings forth the demon in you.. You become a beast as well… You become heartless and cruel like attacker
Your thoughts are only filled with impure thoughts like killing and causing damage
You feel like shedding blood… You feel like ma-king someone cry
All you want is horror and chaos
As for me, it brou-ght forth the demon in me
It brou-ght forth my dark side… You can call it the black me
I started having evil thoughts from the age of 15
About killing,
About shedding blood
And mostly about killing my uncle
Not just a mercy killing
A painful slow death… That’s all I wanted
I knew I nee-ded a psychiatrist..but that was the least… The only thing to calm down my tumor was if I killed my m©l£ster
I knew that I had to kill him
But things changed
Uncle T decided to marry…. That plan disrupted my plans a bit
He married a young lady called Margaret popularly known as Meggie
She was a young bright lady with great manners
I hated Meggie but she made it impossible for me to hate her
She loved and cared for me
Even when I shoved her off and insulted her…. She took it all with a smile and never got angry
Her patience and un-derstanding so strange
She behaved like an angel
She loved and treated me like her daughter… I started growing affections for her
We got close and I noticed that uncle T was not comfortable with it… The affection that his wife had for me was genuine
Many times she prevented him from beating me up… I never told her that her husband use to abuse me S-xually… She didn’t know anything
All she knew was that my uncle was too harsh on me and she hated it…
Soon,he started showing his real colour to Meggie …he started beating her up too
Many times… Whenever he wanted to beat me
She would jump over me and cover with her b©dy and receive the beating instead of me…
Some times when I see her husband beating her up
I will run and cover her with my own b©dy and take the beating for her
After that, we would treat each other wounds with iodine and then laugh together like nothing’s wrong… This created a bond between us
I loved her and she loved me as well…
As for her,the abuse brou-ght out her own timid [email protected]… It brou-ght forth the rabbit in her.. She [email protected]£ scared of my uncle
One day, I d
ecided to tell her the truth…
I revealed it all to her
Meggie’s reaction was so tou-ching…. She didn’t cry out loud but tears of pain dropped down her eyes….
Tears kept on rolling down until I gave her an handkerchief
She looked at me slowly with red bloodsh0t eyes and said quietly
“I knew something was wrong with him from the first day my mother introduced him to me as my husband-to-be
He looked somehow cool but un-derneath him… I s-en-sed a cruel evil beast…. ”
She [email protected]£d my hands
“Sandra… plea-se let’s run away…. Let’s leave him and escape… I have enough money for us to start a new life
I’m scared of him… Someone that could kill his own sister and her husband for money….
He’s dangerous
We would travel abroad…. And start all over again…
plea-se ” she said crying again
I smiled and held her hand back
“No Meggie…
I don’t care whether he kills me or not…
All I nee-d is revenge… For what he did to my family… My parents… Me…
If I don’t take something out of him… I won’t survive….
Guilt and Anger will kill me
If you’re scared… You’re free to leave Me…. Run away ”
She shaked her head and held me back
“No… I can’t leave you
I will never leave you Sandra.. We’re in this together…. I’m not going ”
Water pu-ll-ed into my eyes as I saw the affection she displa-yed…. That very day… I fell in love with Meggie… Not a S-xual love but a Agape love… Love that was warm and real…the kind of love I had for my parents…. I loved Meggie
Things transformed in the house that day,
Meggie changed to something else… Even I myself was amazed…. I guess my story changed her… She st©pped being timid like a rabbit…she [email protected]£ violent and harsh towards her husband….
She took everything for anger…. Small issues [email protected]£ something else…she [email protected]£ more protective of me…. Watching me like an hawk all the time….. Normally, she always travel abroad time to time for shopping… But since I told her that my uncle uses that opportunity to m©l£stme for weeks,she changed her prospectives… She st©pped travelling at all
She stayed at home all times and only went out when I was at school…..
Anytime I fell sick, she was always home beside me,… It felt like I had another mother
All these made uncle T aggressive… He couldn’t t©uçh me for months and I was getting better…
My dullness started reducing…. I started feeling like a human being again but things were worse for uncle T…. His S-x slave wasn’t available for him anymore…. His wife wasn’t travelling anymore and anytime she wanted to… She took me along so it was impossible for him to have me
All these happened to me when I was 17 years old….
Then the unexpected happened
Tbc 💃💃💃

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