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Black angel Episode 23

❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
Overnight, I [email protected]£ a super star, everyone was busy talking about me
On social media, In offices, schools,gathering…i was always the t©pic of discussion…Everyone was talking about the angel in black
Some said I was delusional…. Some said I was a cold blooded killer…
Some said I was doing the right thing in the wrong way
While some said I was doing the right thing… The only way to overcome the ills of the society itself is to be a very violent person…..
A [email protected] evening, I was in a supermarket buying things for myself when I heard some teenage girls discussing…
One said…. ” I want to be like Black Angel ?”
The other in pink go-wn replied “Why? ”
“I want to be able to kill my dad’s step brother… He’s a wicked man… Ever since my daddy had died,he seized all our properties and made us suffer in the last building that my dad built… It was the smallest building my dad had…
We don’t have much to eat again like before and I think he haras-ses my mum before giving us money
Last week, I saw him f0rç£fully k!ss!ngmy mom behind the backyard…. I felt rage… I wanted to kill him
I hated him with pas-sion… My mother was powerless… She was fighting him at first but the moment he said… “Do you want the money for your children’s school fee or not…? ”
Immediately my mom heard this… She [email protected]£ quiet and allowed him to continue…
I really wanted to kill him ” she said with tears pouring down her eyes… Her other friend hvgged her ti-ghtly and start whispering sweet words into her ears
I heard everything from where I stood and followed the girl secretly home… I watched her house for two days non st©p until I marked the uncle’s face… He visited most evenings between 6pm till 8pm… He leaves and then visits the nearby bar and drinks from 8:30 till 10pm
Half drun!k.. He makes it home by 11pm
I noticed all his movements and mapped my way of kidnapping him….
One fateful Evening… I successfully took him without attracting a single person.. No one knew how I took him
Then I took him straight away to my residence, to my court room
His own killing would be different… I placed him on a be-d… And tied him securely with strong belt
I prepared a drip down and pas-sed the nee-dle into his veins but I didn’t turn it on
I tied him very ti-ght that he couldn’t move a f!nger…
Then I went to hack as usual… It was impossible to trace me because I turned on several GPS… No one knew my exact location
Immediately I turned on, everyone alre-ady knew… Even my next neighbors next building started screaming…
Only if they had known that I was performing my works in the next building…. (Laughter)
The [email protected]£ra didn’t show my face as usual and I was dressed in all black
On my front t©p
“BLACK ANGEL ” was written boldly
“Good evening my dear people
Welcome to my humble court
I remain your favorite …Black Angel..
Tonight will be as horrorful as before…
Relax and gr-ab a popcorn as I deal with my culprit
Soon he started waking up… He was also confused at first… But I guessed he noticed the room and his s-en-ses cli-cked
Perhaps he watched my last show…. He started struggling madly
I laughed softly
“Welcome to my court Mr Odunayo… I guessed you’re a fan” I said and laughed again
His expression showed total fear…. He was shivering
“You recognized me alre-ady so no nee-d for introductions….
But let me tell you the simple rules of me court room
This is my COURT
I’m the Judge
I’m the Lawyer
I’m the Law….
You don’t nee-d to talk…
You don’t nee-d to beg
Pleading isn’t allowed
And lies aren’t tolerated
Just relax and enjoy your verdict…
I’ve watched your every movement for the past weeks and I [email protected]£ up with some interesting facts
You killed your own step brother three years ago…it was you who did something funny to his car [email protected]
It made him lose control and that led to his accident
”True or false? ”
He quic-kly nodded with tears pouring down his eyes
Your brother survived the accident and was hospitalized but your greed couldn’t be satisfied… You went into his room and re-moved his life support machine… You re-moved the oxygen and due to that… He died… Didn’t he? ”
He nodded again
“You didn’t st©p at that… You bribe-d his lawyer with hvge cash to lie that there wasn’t any form of written will…
Your brother wrote down a will… Didn’t he?
He nodded again saying yes…
You didn’t st©p at that… After acquiring all the properties… You went ahead to torture his family
You haras-sed your brother’s widow S-xually threatening her with money for the children’s upkeep
Yes or No? ”
He nodded yes again…
I moved to his be-d and whispered In my deadly voice
“Why did you do that…?
You shouldn’t have… ”
He was alre-ady begging for mercy… Crying bitterly
I opened my briefcase..
re-moved some files and said….
“This states that you’re handing over the properties belonging to your step brother back to his family… Everything.. Not a single dime remaining
Sign it!!!”
He signed it without hesitation and handed it over to me
I showed the audience my paperwork and smiled….
“If anyone tried to threaten the family again… You will end up in my court and I will decide your fate… Trust Me… It won’t be a good one.. ” I warned the audience
Then I turned back to gently to my captive… His face made me laugh
“How does it feel to have poisons in your blood streams…? ” I asked
“Because that drip you’re looking at is a very poisonous stuff meant for you alone ”
His eyes wi-de-ned in shock and terror
He started begging me… Started promising to do anything
“I’m so sorry Sir ” I said in mock pity… Like I was really sorry
“Nob©dy leaves my court alive… Except me of course ”
Then I turned on the the drip set…
Soon he started foaming In the mouth and was dead in matter of minutes
At first Justin was angry about the change of plans… why will I suddenly want to start killing other people that nee-ded jungle justice
But then, I persuaded him… I made him un-derstand that with what I just did… he will never suspect me
He will never think I’m back for revenge
He will be suspecting a random attack since I’ve alre-ady attacked someone not related to him
He won’t bother escaping from the country and that would buy Justin enough time to ac¢v-mulate all the nee-ded to overthrow him
We noticed that even most of the staff doesn’t like him
It would be easier to win them over
Justin agreed and maintained a very close ti-ght relationsh!pwith my uncle
Especially after his wife’s death….he stood by him and offered him support and as-sistance
With all these, my uncle trusted him wholeheartedly….
Unknown that him that the devil was his best friend
I continued taking important personnel doing wrong in the society and killed them
I [email protected]£ viral
All over the country…even outside.. I was known
Funny enough… Many started appreciating my efforts especially that youth
Many clothes were designed with “BLACK ANGEL” all over it
My favorite saying was also used in clothes… handkerchiefs… Bags
It was always written in black
It was used as captions on posts on instagram and facebook…
Everywhere… I was everywhere
People started using it to insult one another
On the street.. You will hear them saying
”I hope you end up in black Angel’s court… ”
Some will say
”You deserve the Black Angel ”
Others will say
”Black Angel’s property…. ”
Everywhere I went… I heard tales about me
Many supported me while some were against me
But I didn’t care… While Justin was fixing things up, I was serving people justice…
Any citizen that wasn’t punished by the law gets punished by me
Soon crime rate dropped seriously but every law enf0rç£ment agencies were looking for me up and down but I was well trained..
I was untraceable
All my plans [email protected]£ a success on the 12th of June 2019….
Justin did his [email protected] well… He succeeded in owning ,52% of the company’s shares by buying at a very high price from most shareholders…
it was so difficult but he did it…
Everything was bought in my name
An Emergency major shareholders meeting was called for… Almost all the 45 major shareholders were pres£nt including Justin
The Motion was to re-move the pres£nt chairman Mr Tunde Adebola….due to charges like embezzlement and misuse of office power
It was a great shock for my uncle to see many people go against him…he felt the betrayal… The hurt.. The pain.. But it was just the start
Although he was no more a chairman… He was still a major shareholder
He stood up from the main seat and sat down round the next chairs with anger… He looked at justin with evil eyes but Justin didn’t care
Justin stood up and said
“Let me introduce you to the real owner of all the shares… She’s the new [email protected]£ for the post of the CEO only if you allow her to…
Meet the only daughter of the first chairman and foun-der of this company
The door opened and I walked in with florish
45 pairs of eyes strayed to me…i felt on t©p of the world…..Uncle T recognized me immediately… He stood up with shock and astonishment…. I almost bur-st into laughter….I didn’t know when water filled my eyes…i saw my parents in my mind eye looking at me from the end of the conference table…. They both held hands smiling at me….They looked so proud of me
Still smiling.. I introduced myself as the long lost daughter of the former Ceo of this company… Most of them still recognized me and smiled at me
“I’ve come back to take my dad’s place.. I hope I’m welcome back…”
Everyone started [email protected] with happiness… They all encouraged me…i felt pure joy…i almost started crying again because I was alre-ady getting emotional
I learnt something from what happened….
I loved the shock on uncle T face… The wonder… The regret… I loved it
After the meeting, I sat down on the CEO seat turning the chair round and round…. After every shareholder has left… It remained uncle T and I in the room…After a long silence.. He spoke
”I’m sorry Sandra… ”
I pretended to look surprised … ”Sorry for what? ” I asked…
”None of this was your fault… ”
He looked confused
I smiled and continued… I don’t really remember what happened but I knew Meggie died in my hands and I ran out to call for help… In the process I was hit by a running car… When I gained consciousness… I had memory loss….i didn’t remember anything at first… Not even my name…The woman was wealthy widow.. She took me abroad.. ” I said giving all the fake do¢v-ments about me…. Including fake pictures of my accident… It was well planned…. I even tendered the doctor’s note about my sickness… The memory loss… Both the one in Nigeria and abroad
”You can call them to be sure… ” I said
“After lots and lots of thera-pies… The only thing I remember was my name… And I also remembered Meggie dying In my arms telling me to pack up my things and run… I ran for help but I was hit… After that.. I don’t remember anything at all
I saw uncle T relaxing… ”You don’t remember anything..? ” he asked
”Yes…i don’t… That’s why I [email protected]£ back with my b©yfri£nd…
I want you to tell me nothing else but the truth… Then I will return the company to you…
I don’t nee-d the company.. All I nee-ded is the truth…because it was discovered that I wasn’t a v!rg!nand I was still young… I don’t remember having a b©yfri£nd… I don’t remember anything… I don’t even remember my parents.. How they died… When they died… I want you to come over to my house this evening with my cousins… Let’s discuss over dinner… If you tell Me anything that sparks my memory and returns it… I will return it all to you.. And go back to my house
He fell for my lie
By himself… He brou-ght himself and his children to their death
I drugged them when they arrived in my parents residence… The room I used for my evil works was the same room where I was [email protected]£d continuously… Uncle T’s former room…
I placed him inside a ti-ght container and covered it ti-ght leaving only a small space for air
His three kids were placed in front of him… Hands tied to the back
When he opened his eyes… He was surprised
‘Wh… What is happening here…? ” he asked looking confused
Then he saw my clothes and the room and it hit him
“plea-se don’t t©uçh those children… They are innocent… plea-se don’t… Kill me instead.. I deserve to die ”
I smiled softly
“on one condition.. Confess your crimes ” I said
He turned to the small [email protected]£ra and said it all… From killing my parents to ra-ping Me.. To m©l£sting me… To telling Meggie to kill me
He said it all… not leaving a little detail
I was yet to go live then… No one saw that [email protected]… I only recorded it and kept it for some purposes… I wanted to tender it in the court…because I wanted to get caught.. It was all my plans
ex-posing myself… Getting arrested…Taken to court… It was all my plans
That was why I said it in the beginning of my story that everything was working according to my plans…
After he confessed it all… I kept the drive in my pocket and tuned the audience in… I was live again but this time.. It was different
I showed everyone my full b©dy but I turned my back to them…
Speaking loudly so that everyone would be able to hear me out …I said
“Today will be the last day you will be seeing me on your screen because I’m going to reveal myself ”
I turned and faced the screen….”Today is my last operation… After this operation… nothing else matters
As long as I complete this… I’m happy ”
I turned to uncle T and said
”Uncle…. Do you remember this room… The first night of my 10th birthday
That unforgettable night
That unforgivable night
I was a little girl… Small and innocent
you made me this
YOU MADE ME A BEAST!!!!!! ” screamed with anger
He started begging for mercy
”Sandra….i beg you in the name of God
plea-se spare my kid’s lives… they are innocent ”
But my mind was made up….. I was adamant
He doesn’t deserve to have children… he doesn’t deserve mercy.. I remembered the beatings… The abuses… Both on Meggie and I
How he killed my parents and turned me an orphan…
I couldn’t let his kids survive. who knows If one of them becomes a monster like him
Right in his front… His first daughter… The one he had while cheating was brutally [email protected]£d by a machine I bought… He kept on screaming with tears rolling down his face
”SANDRA plea-sE St©p!!!
‘”And I was just ten when you m©l£st£dme I replied with anger
I killed the remaining two with hanging… it was short, brutal and painful… It was the most horrific killing I ever did
I enjoyed every single moment of watching uncle T life drain away…he kept begging and crying until I killed them all
Then he [email protected]£ silent… His eyes lost any form of life… He looked lost and hopeless
I liked it so much…seeing the man that made my life meaningless lying down so pitiful was a Dream come true…
”For Meggie..
For my parents and
For Me…. You’re s£ntenced to death by cutting off your pri-vate [email protected] ” I said with a tone of finality
Uncle T started screaming ”NOOOOOOOOOO…. plea-sEEEEEE ”
I totally ignored him… sliced his d!¢k into two…
He started gro-an ing In pain… Twisting and rolling..
It was a severe method of killing… He didn’t quic-kly die.. Too him a lot of time and lots of pain
He died and I waited patiently for the police to arrest me because I turned on my location ma-king it easier to be traced
I surrendered and here am I in the court JUNE 25TH 2019…Telling you what brou-ght me here
I still have the disc with me… Now I want the you to judge me as the judge…
What do I really deserve…
Tell me

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