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Black angel Episode 14 to 16

❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
I sat down nursing my broken f!nger after the fight…then someone threw a clean towel at me… I looked up and saw him… Justin
He nodded without smiling and turned away….Justin Was The number one t©p fighter that deals with killing with just breaking of bones and spinal cords
He was also good in shooting from a far range….He was a very great sniper… He was handsome and Wicked…
He fights without mercy during training…
Remember I said that out of 75 students only 5 survives…..
We remIned only 50…25 had died during training and Justin had killed 10 himself during the training… Many feared him
He was one of the most likely as-sas-sin to graduate alive…he was a Spanish and I guessed his age should be around the range of
26 or 30…he didn’t mind whom his opponent was… Male or Female… Handsome.. Beautiful or Ugly…Sick or Healthy…he would definitely fight with the person like he was fighting with his deadly enemies
In the Academy… Nob©dy made friends…everyone was other’s enemy
So, I was surprised to see Justin throwing a towel at me…i looked closer at the towel before using it to clean my sweat for the fear that Justin might have placed poison on him….
Unknown to me, Justin was busy looking at me from a distance… Smiling at me
” Balance your foot Angel!!!….Balance it… Yes.. Yes… Now lift your right arm in a curved form and swing… Yes babe… You’re doing well… That’s the shing tan Zü… Also known as
“허 미친 진짜 너무 좋아 이” he said speaking the Ko-rean language fluently….Justin wasn’t only good at fighting.. He could speak 36 foreign languages and write them properly as well
One way we [email protected]£ friends….it was ridiculous and strange but we kept it a secret…we had a secret hideout where he trained me specially and started teaching me all sorts of Martial Arts…In 3 months I was alre-ady matching him because I learnt very fast and Justin was a great teacher…he was better than most of our trainers
He never asked me about my life story and I never told him mine as well nor did I ask him
To cut the long story short… We started developing feelings for one another
This fateful day after training… As I was packing my bag… Justin [email protected]£ behind me and pu-ll-ed me up and started k!ss!ngme with high pas-sion…
At first, I was still… I had never had a proper S-x before and it felt all strange… I [email protected]£ scared of moving and it seemed like Justin un-derstand me…he hvgged me ti-ghtly and said
“With time babe.. One day at a time ”
So everyday after secret training.. He would pu-ll me into his arms and k!$$£d me tenderly
It went on for weeks until one day I responded the k!ss
I opened up my mouth andl-ips and k!$$£d him back slowly and shyly
It was my first normal k!ss…i took my time… k!ss!ngand exploring hisl-ips
He pushed me to the wall and started exploring my b©dy
Starting from my n£¢k… He k!$$£d a [email protected] sp©t on my throat that made me shiver
Placing his two hands on my b©©b s and started giving it a gentle squee-ze….i [email protected] ed a bit as Justin tore open my shi-t… re-moved my b©©b s and started pla-ying with my n!ppl!s… ru-bbing them in between his f!ngers… The feeling was so cool…
“Hmmmmm” I said…
He k!$$£d me again and continued undressing me… Soon I was n-ked in his arms and he was n-ked too
He pushed me flat down on the floor and spre-ad my [email protected] but the moment he did so…
My psychological problem slot in… In my mind eye… I saw Justin as uncle T trying to [email protected]£ me again…
I tried my best to convince my [email protected] that I was hallucinating… I was seeing the wrong thing…
My heart knew I was seeing Justin but my [email protected] was seeing something else
Tears of frustration started dropping from my eyes… I knew I was going to do something wrong
I tried warning him
“”Just… Justin… I… I… plea-se… plea-se st©p… ” but he couldn’t listen… He didn’t
What I did next was unexpected
What I did next was so unexpected of me… I raised my hands and started [email protected] him ra-pidly….it seemed like a joke to him at first… But soon I started attacking him with all my strength….
My [email protected] was alre-ady seeing him as someone else… I started growling like a maniac
“Uncle T… This is your end…
I will deal with you for everything you have done to me and my parents and most importantly to Meggie… ”
I was saying all this with a cruel voice and was squee-zing Justin’s n£¢k…..
Distantly I was hearing Justin’s voice “Angel… Angel… Angel… St©p this… You’re hallucinating… I’m not him.. ” but I didn’t listen… When Justin saw that I wasn’t re-ady to listen and was hurting him badly…
He took a stone beside him and head me on my head till I [email protected]£ unconscious
I woke up with a splitting headache… All my head was on fire… My ton-gue was burning
As I tried to raise my b©dy… My head started spinning around and I almost fainted again….
“Don’t move.. It will only become worse… ” I heard a familiar voice saying… The voice showed and I saw Justin with a cu-p of an unknown drink with him
I tried remembering what happened but I couldn’t… All I remembered was the k!ss
He pas-sed me the drink and said
“Take that…it would help…”
Ihe knelt down beside me and made me drink a bit….
After a while… I asked
“What happened to me ..?
Did we fv¢k? ”
Justin looked at me with funny eyes
Wait… You didn’t remember? ”
I nodded and said
“Nope…i didn’t ”
He smiled for the first time and I couldn’t help myself….he looked so handsome
“Who’s Uncle T Angel?…He asked looking calm and soft
“Is he the reason why you’re here?”
I knew that I had done something terrible… Then I noticed scratches all over his face…
He had a small cut on his forehead as well…
“Wait… ” I said gently…
“Who did that?…it wasn’t there when we were training
Did I do that? ”
He smiled again and said
“You almost killed me Angel…
I think you nee-d a psychiatrist….you’re hallucinating…you took me for that uncle T of yours ”
Water filled my eyes again… I hid my face in shame but Justin gave a small chuckle and said
I’m not a psychiatrist but let me tell you this
For you to get healed… You will nee-d to get out of this place alive…
Then you must settle this score you have with that man
Only then will you be finally free….:No amount of thera-py or drugs will change you….until you fulfill your heart de-sire….
Do you know your heart de-sire?” He asked…
“Yes…” I replied softly…
‘My heart de-sire is to kill him slowly and painfully… I want to see him crawl and beg for mercy…
I want to see him suffer and then kill him in the worst way ever
Only then will I be okay….
Help me Justin… Will you plea-se help me ” I said gripping his hands with tears pouring down my cheeks
He held me back and said
“On one condition… ”
“What is that? ” I asked
” After fulfilling your goal…. You must marry me ”
I laughed thinking he was joking but when I saw that he wasn’t smiling I asked
”Are you serious..? ”
He nodded
“will you marry me Angel..? ”
I smiled and said
“I’m sorry
I can’t ”
“I will wait for you ” he said
“Don’t wait…
I won’t be there” I replied
“I love you Angel ”
“Justin… I’m not made for love…I’ve been ruined for that and everyone I had ever loved died… Mom… Dad… Meggie… I can’t let you join the league and even now. I’m not capable of loving anymore
I have no feelings… The only feeling I have is the hatred I feel towards Uncle T….
Even if it takes killing you to fulfill my destiny
I will kill you ”
Then I stood up weakly and left him… Hiding my face so that he doesn’t see the tears pouring
We didn’t st©p training but Justin never brou-ght it up again neither did he t©uçh me…
He trained me until I almost matched his strength
Sometimes I felt like running into his arms…
Sometimes I just wanted to forget my past and escape with him to another country and start all over again
But the thirst and cravings for revenge didn’t allow Me
I pushed all the emotions back away and faced my trainings
Soon my three year training [email protected] and the examinations began
we started as 75
But at the beginning of the exams… We were 28….
Definitely.. 23 students had to die
❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
The first round was simple… The three best students were picked and separated from the rest
The best two were Justin, Xi Chang (A Chinese guy)
I want everyone listening to me to un-derstand this [email protected] well
Remember we were 28 in all but the obvious two best were picked out of the rest of us ma-king it remaining 26 students
During the first week of our exams….
Justin and Xi Chang were picked to fight on Wednesday in the cell with all the students watching
In my heart… I feared for Justin because everyone knew how brutal and beastly Xi Chang could be…
On Tuesday evening… During my training with Justin.. I was moody, he noticed this and asked
“Angel… Are you okay….? ”
I looked up at his handsome flawless face and suddenly wanted to cry… What if Justin dies…?
How will I survive the exams….he had been my source of inspiration
Justin looked so worried for me… He wasn’t even bothered about himself
”’Jus..Justin.. ” I stammered
“What if you don’t make it tomorrow…?
What If you die…?
What if you’re not able to make it…? ”
He smiled and shrugged saying
“Do I have a choice…? ”
Without thinking I blurted out my mind
“Let’s run away Justin… Let’s escape
Let’s go and start all over… I’m scared …i don’t want to lose you
Every single person I loved died and left me
My dad..
My mom…
Meggie… One way or the other
They died… And I don’t want the same thing befalling you
plea-se let’s run away…. ”
At first he was emotionless… Then suddenly he smiled one of his rare smiles then walked gently toward me and hvgged me ti-ght
I wra-pped my arms round his n£¢k and buried my face in his n£¢k inhaling his familiar smell
Praying de-eply to God that I mustn’t lose Justin again…..
I felt a warm liquid sli-pping on my n£¢k and I knew that he was also crying like me
“Ang… Ang.. Angel….
I’m scared.. I’m so scared about tomorrow
I mustn’t die… I know that I mustn’t…i want to be there for you ..i want to help you take your revenge and then propose properly to you and start a sweet life afresh with you
Angel… I don’t want to leave you ”
I hvgged him ti-ghtly and started crying with him
That was the last day in my life that I sobbe-d really bitterly for almost an hour.. I never cried that much anymore In my life
Justin re-leased me after a while and wiped my tears away from my cheeks using his thumbs…
I raised my thumbs and cleaned his face using the same method
Then he looked de-eply into my eyes and said
“You know we can’t run away Angel…
I can’t run neither can you… We must do it or die…if we try escaping we will definitely be dead
Remember we’re in the middle of the desert…we were all blind folded and placed in an helicopter to this place
We don’t know the exact place we are… We don’t know how to escape… Nor do we have a map… So the only way to get out of this place alive is to fight
We must be heartless like as-sas-sins… We must learn to kill brutally… So we must be brutal
If I fight and win this fight… I won’t have to fight with you anymore… Automatically I’ve been chos£n
So I’m not only fighting for my life… I’m fighting for you… For your revenge and for our future…
So I will fight Angel…. I will fight till my last breathe.. ”
I cu-mpped his cheeks with my hands… Raised myself on my toes and k!$$£d him pas-sionately with tears dripping down my eyes
I couldn’t sleep throu-ghout that night… After placing countless acu-puncture nee-dles into both my b©dy and Justin’s… I still couldn’t feel at rest
I was the first person to arrive at the cell the second day.. Even before the fight started
The only good thing about the fight was that the winner will be automatically picked and will be given a gift of 5 million dollars
Then he’s to work for the agency alone for a year before he will be given independence
While the remaining four will be given 1 million dollars each with also a work permit with the agency for only 6 months
So if Justin wins this fight…i won’t have any fear of fighting with him
But the worse [email protected] is that someone must die
The fight began soon and both [email protected] were proving strong
After two hours they were both sweating profusely
They exchanged b!ows punches and went into martial arts…
It was so obvious that both of them were very strong and nob©dy was re-ady to surrender…
Then the sword ⚔️⚔️⚔️ fight was introduced lastly… I got scared a bit
Everyone knew that Xi Chang was a very dangerous sword fighter
Soon he tore Justin’s Arm and my heart started aching
After thirty minutes… It was so obvious that Xi Chang was gaining upper hand then all of a sudden… Justin made a very smart move and knocked the sword off Chang’s hands… I screamed out for joy…but to my uttermost shock…
Chang charged like a monkey and tore Justin’s eyes with his long f!ngernails like magic
It was so shocking to everyone because Chang did it with the speed of lighting
Justin dropped his sword and held his eyes… His left eye was badly affected…. It was bleeding… Temporary Justin was rendered blind
I couldn’t cry out but my heart was so heavy….
it was so obvious that Justin would be killed.. he can’t see
Justin soon had blood all over him from the stabs from Chang’s swords
As Chang rose his sword to give him his final stab… Justin miraculously gr!pp£dthe sword with his hands…. He was alre-ady Lying on the floor but I didn’t know where he got the super natural strength from
He gr!pp£dthe sharp edgy [email protected] and used it to stand
Immediately I recognized the style Justin was using
he was using the unknown shing tan Zü….. the unknown and most dangerous Ko-rean style of fighting… only few knew it and only fewer could master it
With closed eyes.. Justin rose up and side tracked Chang and with few moves without giving him a chance…. He broke Chang’s spinal cord by only using his index f!nger curved to hit that straight cord behind his n£¢k.. Breaking that small bone and snapping out his life
Chang fell lifeless and Justin fell beside him also unconscious

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