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Billionaire in disguise Episode 4 & 5

(Search for Love💕)
✍️ Episode Four✍️
I settled in before going downstairs only to meet four h0t guys sitting on the couch and Clara on one of them [email protected]
Am still yet to know their names I hope am not bur-sted today.
“Auntie Camila”Clara walk up to me and I carry her up.
“Who is she”a guy I haven’t actually seen asks.
“The new Nanny for Clara, Camila”the first guy said and I smile because he remembered my name and the way he call it was so sweet.
“Camila meet, Zack”
he pointed to the guy who seems to be the youngest among them. he has a dark messy hair and a long lashes and a cutel-ips that he pouted immediately they mentioned his name ma-king me chuckled and he smile revea-ling his cute dimples.
Gosh! I hope my plans doesn’t change; i just want to a nanny and attend Brittney College just to watch over Andrew and make him fall in love with me again.
he pointed to the guy I met earlier always on headphone acting like everything that is happening here isn’t his business. Cold hearted guy I don’t like them. Arrgh but he is cute too I wish I could meet their mom like beauty must run in this family.
What with this Z stuff their name is quite confusing but am a genius and I can do it.
I haven’t seen him actually but he flash me a smile immediately he mentioned his name. I guess I know my limit especially that guy on headphone he must be the lonely type.
“And am Jackson”he said and I scan the guys.
“Can I asks a question”I asks really nervous.
“Sure”he slam himself into the couch.
“Why is your name different”I asks and he chuckled.
“He doesn’t like letter Z”Zack said and he laugh.
“It isn’t funny”Jackson scolded.
Wow guess I don’t have to bother about this guys they are really friendly.
“Are we done here”Zoey asks and Jackson nod.
“What a waste of time you alre-ady carry out a decision how will you acquire a ugly girl for Clara”he said and i frown.
“Clara seems to like her”he look at Clara then back at me.
What wrong with this guy didn’t he just smile at me.
“She is attending Brittney too because she nee-d to go to college”.
“What”the three guys said at the same time Including the headphone guy. I thought he wasn’t listening.
“Jackson we can’t attend a school with a maid and a ugly one for that matter her job is to stay with Clara”Zoey fired immediately like i can’t hear them.
“But she [email protected]£ here just for the money so she can pay her college fee”Jackson defend me.
I think he is the only one considering me even though he was cold at first.
“s£nd her out of the house right now”the headphone guy said and walk away.
WTH! what wrong with this guy I would have punch him right now if i didn’t nee-d the job.
“She can stay with Clara but Brittney is off limits”Zack the cute and youngest among them said.
“But guys….Dad said we should help”Jackson defended.
“Fine but we don’t have to go to college with her”Zack said.
“What do you mean”Jackson asks even though am curious about what he meant.
“we don’t know her outside this house”Zoey added.
“But—”I interrupted.
“It fine by me all I nee-d is this job”I said.
“Fine”Zoey and Zack walk away.
“Are you sure”Jackson asks and I nod.
“Prepare lunch before everyone get back and also take good care of Clara.
I bow before he walk out.
“Comm’n let go make lunch”I carry Clara up and we made our way back to my room.
I change my dress into a more casual cloth; I alre-ady shop for low clas-s dress before coming here and I made sure all my necessary things are available.
I adjusted the wig properly ma-king sure the little girl doesn’t see me and I adjusted the google.
“Do you know how to draw”she asks in the cutest baby voice have ever heard.
“Yeah…sure”I replied.
“Yipeee”She screamed and i chuckled.
I made lunch for everyone even though it my first time cooking for a large number of people.
Don’t blame me have never prepared a food on my own for a while after my Mom death.
She is the greatest cook to me even though there were maid to prepare our food she isn’t on preparing special meal for me so I asks her one day to teach how to prepare one of her special dish.
Thank God I learn that what would I have done when he asks me prepare lunch. I hope they like it. I set the table and gave Clara her portion.
Like they all plan it the four brothers walk in and settled for lunch.
“Wow this smell good”Zack complimented and I smile.
“This is quite interesting Clara never eat without us”Jackson sit beside Clara.
“I am starving”she pouted.
I didn’t know I was smiling too much until my eye met Zeke who was staring at me like is-she-crazy-or-what?.
He look away Immediately my eye caught him and I raise my brow a little.
What wrong with this guy so annoying! I stomp my feet
“What are you doing”Zoey asks and I quic-kly stand well.
“Nothing”I replied.
“You should help Clara eat or don’t you know your Job”he lash me and I quic-kly sit beside Clara and fed her.
“Aren’t you going to eat”Jackson asks.
“I will once am done”I replied.
“It isn’t bad”Zack said as he taste the food after the other and I smile. I turn my head and my eye caught Zeke staring at me again but he looked away instantly like earlier.
“Strange”I muttered.
“Huh”Jackson asks since i was sitting close to him.
“Nothing”I wipe Clara mouth with a napkin and kept feeding her.
I study them as they eat, Zack seems to be the jovial one Maybe because he is the youngest one.
Zoey seems to have a mood swings sometimes, smiling in a minute angry the next second and Jackson seems to be comfortable around me u like Zoey but Zeke am still yet to gather things about him.
“Auntie Camila”Clara called and I turn.
“Yes dear”I turn to look at her.
“Why are you looking at Uncle Zeke”She asks and all eye turn to me except from Zeke who seems not be bothered.
“Huh”this little girl here seems to be smarter than i thought.
✍️ Episode Five✍️
After what happened at the lunch together I wasn’t feeling the house anymore. Everyone thinks I have this crazy crush on that annoying guy I hate so much even before knowing him.
I made dinner and also help Clara to be-d and now am so exhausted. I buried my face into the be-d sniffing the scent.
Gosh this is so annoying I wish school could start sooner but we still have a week before we resume fully but I had to come earlier to know if I have a chance.
My phone rang pla-ying “Really Don’t care by Demi Lovato”. I stretch to reach to for me phone.
📲Hey girlfriend *Cas-sie annoying Voice [email protected]£ on.
📲Good as usual
📲I heard you alre-ady went to Harvard
📲Yeah and guys here are cute *teasing*
📲Focus and graduate and st©p thinking about guy *Scolding*
📲Okay so how is Brittney
📲We are resuming tomorrow so I don’t know how the school would be but trust me I would be watching over that j£rk
📲Of course *giggling*
(That won’t be necessary because am coming there to see things myself) of course I didn’t say that! it was just in my mind.
📲Chat me up later.
She hang up the call and I drop it on the night stand.
Plan 1: Getting to Brittney College
Plan2: ma-king all the four guys like me as their best friend.
Have watched alot of movie where a damsel is been taken care of by four brothers.
But that guy named Zeke is just too Cold and invisible.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
After dressing up so early in the morning because it isn’t easy to dress up in disguise and yet unnoticed by anyone.
I went ahead to get Camila dressed up and also prepare breakfast for the four h0ts guys I now live with un-der my circu-mtance.
I never knew been a nanny would be this stressful and am alre-ady thinking of giving up but not easily.
I alre-ady reject Havard I better stick to college and graduate.
“Are you done I can give you a ride to school”Jackson offered and I flash him a smile.
“I will appreciate that”I replied.
The rest just left their leftover on the table and walk away. I thought they liked me? Why this cold behavior towards me now.
I notice Zeke is the one in charge of taking Clara to school and Zack and Zoey drive the same car except from Jackson.
Maybe that why he is the only one that offer me a drive.
I was trailing behind Jackson to his car when someone called my name.
Wait! Zeke knows my name? Did he just call me? Can someone wake me up from my dream!!.” Camila deal with you situation”my subconscious warned and I nod.
“Where do you think you are going”he asks and his voice are just so de-ep and sweet. He [email protected] talk like he pays for every word he had to say.
Is that a question? Wasn’t he there when Jackson offered me a ride or was too much headphone in the ear made him deaf.
“Huh”stupid me! that was the only thing I could say.
“Get in the car”he ordered and Jackson just stood there watching the scene and the other guys just sit in the car watching us they aren’t made it clear they don’t want to have anything to do with me outside the house.
“Huh”Why can’t I say something meaningful?.
“That so nice of you but Jackson offered first”I pretended to girly.
“Excuse you, aren’t you in charge of Clara then get in the car because your job is to ensure she get to school safely”he fired and I realize I just embarras-s myself.
“Oh… sorry”I bowed before entering the car to join Clara who seems to be happy when she see me sit beside her.
After few seconds just joined us and ignite the car before we drive to school.
Jackson seems to be the most welcoming one the rest are j£rk.
“Auntie”Clara called and I turn.
“Do you have a b©yfri£nd”
What!!!! why would a small girl know about relationsh!p.
“Why are you asking”I replied and I notice Zeke staring at us throu-gh the front mirror.
“Because you are cute”She smiled.
How can she say am cute even with all this disguise?.
“Thanks and I do have a b©yfri£nd”I tease.
“Really”she asks. I guess she want details.
“He broke up with me saying I’m poor and ugly”I bur-sted into laughter.
“Clara we are in your school”Zeke interrupted us.
“Bye auntie”She wave at me before she alighted and join the rest.
Now I’m left with the cold guy who pay for the words he says. The drive to school was totally in an awkward silence. I made sure I made no sound.
Immediately he drive into the school. I awe at the beautiful and the student were coming in and out of the school. Both the ugly ones and the beautiful ones and also a nerd like me even though I’m pretending to be.
“Thank God I didn’t go to Havard”I Muttered.
“Havard?”Zeke questioned and I realize am about to be bur-sted.
“I say nothing”I quic-kly open the door and alighted.
I look around if I could find Jackson and the rest but no sign of them so I just walk into the school.
“The ZJ are here”a girl screamed throu-gh the hallway and everyone started rushing outside.
“Is this is an high school or what aren’t there matured people in college”I roll my eye and started walking to my Locker.
My locker number is 59, everything had been settled on phone and connections.
I push in my book into the locker and gr-ab my time table.
“Maths? in the morning”I squee-ze my face.
Math makes me sick, like it really makes me sick.
“You must be new too”I turn to the direction of where the voice is coming from and staggered a bit when I saw Cas-sie standing right in my front.
“Yeah…”I stuttered.
“Am Cas-sie”
I never thought of a better name, I hope she doesn’t suspect.
“Wow I guess am bonded with Camila”

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