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Billionaire in disguise Episode 12 & 13

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Episode Twelve✍️
Listen to: Begger by Z.Tao while re-ading this episode and thank me later👊.
😋 ZEKE 😋
I’m still mad at her after I woke up the next morning and met her talking to Jackson in the kitchen.
I don’t know what they are saying but she seems to smile or act shy in the front of Jackson but when it comes to me she just keep mute.
I left her this morning after ma-king sure Jackson left because I know she might just go to Jackson.
She likes only Jackson and it annoying she is meant to concentrate in her job.
No you Like her!!! My subconscious yelled at me.
Like her? there is no way I would like a girl and not even someone who would come in disguise just to be with her ex and even turn to a nanny.
I had the urge to go back and pick her but my pride won’t let me so I drive to school.
After an hour I was expecting her at the locker but she still isn’t here and I lost my patient and walk to the car park but some student kept Mumuring about an incident..
“Andrew is a beast why would he haras-s a girl”a guy mumbled to her friend but once they saw me they st©p talking.
After the trauma at the [email protected] Everyone thinks I have special sp©t of her but I don’t think that would ever have that for her.
‘Then why are you searching for her?’
‘I don’t know, she is Clara Nanny so She is my responsibility”I yelled back at my subconscious.
I hope she is okay and Andrew didn’t try any stupid things with her.
I rush to the car park and when I sp©t her I wanted to go drag her with me but an unknown guy pu-ll her into a hvg and she was crying.
Why would she let another guy see her tear up that would rather make her weak. I just stood behind the wall and watch the two.
I thought she said she doesn’t want to have anything to do with a guy.
And who is that guy?. She pu-ll away and I could get clearer View of the guy so I zoom my [email protected]£ra and snap him. I nee-d to know who he is.
I don’t know why I’m doing this but Camila is not save with all guys and I nee-d to proof this to her.
He k!ssher!! I walk away Immediately and dial a number.
Unknown:📲You still have my number
Zeke:📲No time for complimentary, I will s£nd a picture and Number to you.
Get back to me after ma-king enquiry about it
I hang up and s£nd the pics and number I copy from Camila phone last night.
What if she is in our house for another Motive?.
The car zoom off the school. Is she skipping school?.
I had the urge to call her but she hate me, am the cold guy, arrogant guy who hate talking and boring.
I held back to the school and enter the empty clas-sroom where I spend most of time since I can’t even attend clas-s or girls would crowd around me and make me sick.
“Hey you have Chemistry, Mom won’t take it easy once she knows you don’t attend clas-s”Jackson barged into the clas-s.
“Wtf”I yelled at him.
“Get to clas-s”he walk out and I scoff before picking my headset and heading for chemistry clas-s.
The hallway was empty since the clas-s alre-ady begun and I appreciate it.
I barged into the clas-s and every eye were on me now including the chemistry teacher I don’t even know his name. “I don’t think coming late to clas-s is polite”he said and I bow my head apologetically.
“Get a seat”he replied and I walk to Join to the other student. I made sure I didn’t sit beside any girl that really freak me out and sometimes I wish I was ugly.
I was so happy to see her after a long time even though I don’t like the fact she still have those stupid feelings for a guy who ba-rely care about her.
When she pouted at the car park I couldn’t resist her and I was damn Häppy when I got to k!ssthosel-ips after a long time of salivating for it.
Do you know how everything happened that I ended up in Brittney.
That morning I dress up and headed to my Dad company. I will be going back to school in a meantime so I have a really ti-ght schedule even though I wish one was with Camila but I heard she is in school too that my main reason of going to Harvard.
“Good morning Dad”I greet him Immediately I walk into his office and he flash me a smile. My Dad and I are close buddies we [email protected] fight and that why competition are not near us for years now.
I seat on his office Sofa and await for him to finish up whatever he was doing before I walk in.
“So you decide to be late today”he gro-an ed as he adjusted his tie a little bit and I just smile.
“Dad I really nee-d to go to school”I replied.
“Camila Dad wants to see you”he said and that really got my attention.
“Why would Camila Dad wants to see me?”I asks.
“Shouldn’t you be happy about it”he Sk-irt and I know what is he is trying to say.
He knows about my secret Crush for Camila o er years now.
“You have an appointment with him by noon and this morning you have a shoot for Divas”he said and all I did was nod.
“What!”he notice a sm-irk on myl-ips I guess.
“You should be my Personal as-sistant”I chuckled and he scowled.
“Just get out of my office”he pretended to be angry and I laugh.
“Sure I’m going to see my future-in-laws”I smile and stood up before walking out of his office.
Why would he want to see me?.
I did a shoot with Melissa Blake’s the new star model after Camila disappear to school and the shoot st©p and even her social account hasn’t been active.
Is that why her Dad wants to see me? is something wrong with Camila.
……….. Flashback to be continued……………….
“How do I look”Camila turn around admiring the dress on herself.
“Great”I replied.
“We nee-d to get back to school”She replied.
“Why the rush”I raise my brows suggestively.
“Zeke would be mad at me if he found out I’m not in school”She seems to be afraid of that guy with the look on her face.
I guess [email protected] from Andrew I have another guy to deal with and even treat their plastic mind.
I clenched my fists ti-ghtly as I watch her pick her bag and walk out the door.
✍️ Episode Thirteen✍️
Listen to Dual-ipa- IDGAF when re-ading this and thank me later😋.
🤷 ZEKE’S 🤷
I was in chemistry clas-s but I wasn’t Concentrating. I kept checking the door if she would just walk in and sit here.
“And make sure your as-signment is done before next clas-s”the man said.
“Yes sir”the student chorused before he park his books and was about to leave when Camila rush in.
“Miss Camila see me in my office an Zeke”he face me. “Get your as-s in my office too”he stare at Camila again before walking out.
Why does Camila business have to do with mine. Someone is different she is in a new expensive dress and her makeup seems to be proper now.
His that her driver? or her Dad s£nt it to her?.
I stood up and walk pas-s her before heading to the Chemistry teacher office. What his name?.
I can hear steps following me and it obvious it Camila. I can perceive her and even sp©t her out even in the midst of the crowd.
I walk into the man office and Camila joined immediately but my fist clenched when I saw the guy that hvg Camila sitting on the chair there alre-ady.
“hey Camila”he greet Camila who return a smile and I was really angry for no reason.
“Camila can you explain why you are late to clas-s”the man started with Camila who just bow her head and couldn’t talk.
“Camila”the man called.
Why isn’t that dumbas-s talking at least he made her skip clas-s for no reason.
“She was on an errand for me”I said and all eye turn to me.
Am I covering up for her? she just break my heart and am alre-ady over it?.
‘You like her’ my subconscious says.
“No”I fired back.
“And why is she running an errand for you”he asks and my eye went to Camila and saw her stare at me.
“She works for me, I’m sorry if it affecting school alre-ady”I replied not taking my eye from Camila.
“You better be, because I don’t take $h!t from student who miss my clas-s”he said.
“Am sorry sir it won’t repeat itself”I replied and my left her and landed on the guy who was just looking at the scene and not saying anything.
“And you Zeke next time you come to clas-s can you st©p dragging attentions”he said and I raise my brow suggestively.
Is that supposed to be my fault?
“Okay sir”I replied plainly and he dismiss us except from the guy who was still there until we left.
Camila didn’t say a word instead she just walk ahead of me and I didn’t say anything too.
“Why do you have to defend me”She st©pped and face me.
“Nothing but you are my responsibility as far as you babysit Clara”I shrug and I could see some disappointment in her face.
Was she expecting something else?.
“Did you know……”
“Camila”the girl I saw with her at the empty clas-sroom interrupted our conversation and I just walk away before it get awkward between us.
“Isn’t that Zeke”the girl asks but I didn’t really hear what she said before I took a turn and disappear from the hallway.
Cas-sie and I took a sit by the cafeteria close to the window in the cafeteria to eat.
“What happened at the hallway just now”Cas-sie asks and I sigh in frustration.
“Nothing”I replied and made some slurping sounds with my orange jui-ce.
“Did he something hurtful to you”She asks and I nod negatively.
“Say something Camila”She yelled a little and I raise my brow suggestively.
“Manson is here”I let the cat out of the bag and she [email protected] using her hand to cover her mouth.
“You mean Conway?”She asks and I nod.
“What is he doing here?”She asks.
“Dad told him to watch over me while I’m here and today after……..”I explained everything to her and all she was wi-de-ned her eye.
“Zeke likes you?”She asks.
“No way, the guy is just to cold hearted and act like he pay for every word that comes out of his mouth but I don’t know why I felt something when he defended me”I replied and she smile.
“So what about Manson”she asks.
“What with Manson?”I asks.
“He likes you too but you were just dumb to notice it on time”She said and I scoff.
“He k!$$£d you”She mock me and I roll my eye.
“I don’t like him”I replied.
“That because you are in love with Zeke and now that he knows your secret you can’t escape him”She smile and I was confused a bit.
If Zeke really knows who I am then why isn’t he using it against me or does he have a soft sp©t for me too.
“Camila”I heard my name and turn to see Jackson walking my way.
Exactly the only guy that can lighten up my mood for me.
He sit beside me facing Cas-sie and it look like her eye might fall from her eye socket.
“Where have you been?”he asks.
“School”I smiled and he raise his brows.
“You alre-ady change your cloth and it look good”he sp©tted a different me and I appreciate it.
“I heards what happened this morning and—”I interrupted him.
“It fine”I cut him short.
“Why didn’t you tell me you had an Issue with Andrew and I would have clear him off”he frown.
“What issue? he was just overreacting about the [email protected]”I replied.
“You really don’t nee-d to lie to me, I’m not mad at you because you had a crush on Andrew and he turn you down”he wra-p his hand round my shoulder patting my back.
“But—”I tried to talk but he just shut me up.
“Andrew announced to everyone you are his former girlfriend and you broke up and you overreacted about it”I re-leased his grip from me and [email protected]
“Andrew said what”I rasie my voice and student started Mumuring.
“Camila you don’t have to hide anything”he said.
Does Andrew know I’m the one? the only person that knows about this is Manson and Cas-sie so who the hell tell Andrew?.
“I will be back”I walk out of the school cafeteria ignoring people look. They must see me as a pushover but Andrew is really going to pay for this, no escape.

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