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Bad boys baby Episode 19 & 20

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Episode 19
Natalia’s POV
We watched as he looked at our direction.
“Oh my! His even cuter than I thought” she exclaimed again and I scoffed.
“His not as cute as chase, his kind of ugly” I said and heard her hiss.
“Then you nee-d an eye surgery” she said and focused her attention on him.
He started coming towards us with a smug smile.
Cindy was blu-shing herself to hell as he got really close.
“Hi beauties” he cooed.
“Hi” she smiled and went to take his hand for a handshake immediately.
I didn’t bother returning his greetings.
“Hi Natty” he called when I didn’t greet back.
“Hi” I mumbled and rolled my eyes at him.
Cindy gave me a confused look as he starred at me.
“So, are you heading somewhere so we could go together?” He asked and li-cked his lowerl-ip.
I scoffed again and stood akimbo.
What does he think his doing? Trying to get me by acting all S-xy?
“Yes we are” Cindy replied when I didn’t and I immediately took my eyes to hers.
“I’m not going anywhere. Are you going somewhere?” I asked Cindy and she gave me an eye which I pretended not to notice.
“Well, if you wanna go somewhere you’re free but I’m gonna be telling mom on you once she gets back” I said less concerned.
I heard Chris cough and I looked at him.
“Maybe some other time then” he win-ked and left.
I immediately went into our house.
“Natalia?” Cindy called from behind as she ran after me.
“What?” I gro-an ed at her.
“Why did you lie that you don’t know him? Why didn’t you tell me that you both are close? He even called you Natty meaning that you both are so close but you denied it” she half yelled.
“Hey, st©p screaming alright. I don’t no him and that’s final, I only know that he schools at t©p hill high” I snapped.
“You both school together?” She inquired her voice coming out normal now.
“Yes” I replied.
“Are you in the same clas-s then?” She asked but I nodded negatively.
“I think his in his final year” I replied.
“Oh my! I must be in his clas-s even if I’ll have to forge my age, I’ll ask Aunt to register me first thing tomorrow” she giggled and jumped up.
“Lemme start preparing for my act of se-duction” she added and ran into the house.
I watched as she vanished and shook my head pathetically.
She’s not only a witch, she’s also crazy.
I made to go back into the house but decided to look at the window I saw chase at the other day – his room.
I looked up and felt him looking out but wasn’t really sure. It was alre-ady getting dark.
I took one last glare at the window and went into the house.
Chris’s POV
I got to the h0tel where I was supposed to meet with her – the bit*h for today.
What’s that her name? I think Tina or so but she looks S-xy.
Hmm and that reminds me. That girl I saw with the blonde hair girl seems like a very easy catch.
I might have her tomorrow or the next.
She was even s£dûç!ng with her eyes and smile.
Well she’s also beautiful but not as beautiful as Natalia and coupled with Natalia’s b©dy shape.
I don’t think I’ve seen any girl that beat Natalia in beauty and shape. She’s just so perfect and I won’t hesitate to have her twenty times.
I can have only girls just thrice but her, I’ll exceed the limit. She’s just so beautiful and I’m beginning to like her arrogant self.
Thank goodness chase said he doesn’t like her else I could have been restraining myself.
I opened the door to the room number she texted to me and got in.
Hmm nice fragrance filled my nostril as I took steady steps in.
I got to the be-d and saw a bottle of red wine there.
I smiled as I sat down and opened the wine.
Tina sure knows what I like. But where is she?
I don’t wanna go home late before mom starts her complains.
I decanted large quantity of wine into one of the glas-s cu-p there and took it to the brim of my mouth and inhaled the scent.
Nice wine. I thought and sipped from it.
I kept it back and un-buckled my shi-t.
I was still unbuckling my shi-t before my eyes started inching me.
My head [email protected]£ h0t and my eyes blurry.
What thefu-ck is happening? I thought and put on my shi-t back.
I made to stand but fell back on the be-d.
My eyes was beginning to close.
What the?
“Tina?” I gro-an ed trying to struggle my eyes open.
“Tina?” I called again and I heard a door inside the room open followed by foot steps.
Someone appeared and stood in front of me.
I ru-bbe-d my eyes and tried seeing who it was but couldn’t.
“Tina?” I managed to call but heard a different voice.
“She won’t be coming today you murderer” I heard a very harsh voice say.
“What?” I scoffed as I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Murderer?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes, today you’ll die Chris. You’ll die for killing my sister” the voice said again and I felt my throat become dry.
“What…who…who the hell are you?” I managed to ask again.
“You’ll find out in hell bastard” the reply [email protected]£ again.
I struggled to stand on my feet tho I couldn’t see properly and my legs were alre-ady numb.
I staggered to the door and felt that person laugh.
“Not today Chris. Not today” was the last thing I heard before I pas-sed out.
Episode 20
Charlie’s POV
I was in the sitting room watching wrestling when I heard car hones.
Huh! Could it be uncle or Aunt.
This is bad. Why are they back before Chris?
I stood up and went to the window to see Aunt stepping out of uncle’s car.
What’s happening? Why are they back together? I thought and made to open the door before I heard foot steps behind me.
I looked to see chase.
“Where is Chris?” He asked immediately.
“I don’t no, try calling him while I distract them” I replied and went outside.
Chase’s POV
I brou-ght out my phone from my trou-ser pocket and checked the time.
Why are they coming back early? And where the hell is Chris? I wondered searching for his number and when i found it, i dialed it.
It started ringing but he didn’t pick.
I dialed it again but he still didn’t pick. The door opened and I immediately inser-ted the phone back into my trou-ser pocket.
“Oh my baby” mom beamed and I smiled and went to hvg her.
“Mom” I called as she patted my back.
“Welcome dad” I greeted my dad who also [email protected]£ in.
“But..why are you two together? Why are you two back so early?” I questioned looking from mom to dad.
Charlie was just ruffing his hair at the door.
“We decided to spend some time with you guys today. We figured out that we let work distract us too much so today we [email protected]£ back early for you, are you happy son?” She smiled and patted my cheek.
“Yea…yea” I managed to say.
“By the way where is Chris?” She asked and looked behind me.
I looked at Charlie so he could say something.
I seriously don’t no how to lie to her.
“His in the toilet, he drank too much alcohol so…”
“He drank alcohol? That boy doesn’t listen at all” mom cut him in looking pissed.
“Patricia his a man now, you can’t st©p him from getting drun!kwhen he wants to” dad ch!pped in going upstairs.
“Alright, lemme go prepare something special for this special day” mom said and left.
I sighed and brou-ght out my phone again.
“Hey, where is he?” Charlie questioned coming closer to me.
“I don’t no, he refused picking his calls” I replied and dialed his number again.
It rang to the end and he still didn’t pick up.
“Why today of all days? Why?” Charlie gro-an ed angrily.
“I’ll keep trying” I muttered and dialed his line again.
It rang to the end again but still nothing.
“This idiot is trying to put me in trouble, did he forgot himself while drilling a bit*h?” Charlie gro-an ed again.
I kept on trying his line but nothing. He wasn’t picking up.
I know Chris, regardless of what his doing he’ll always pick calls especially from his family members. But what’s happening?
What’s wrong? He left with his phone or is his phone in his room? I thought and rushed up to his room.
I dialed his number again but didn’t hear the sound of a ringing tone.
His phone is with him. But why isn’t he picking up?
Or did he get drun!kand forgot how to pick a call? Did he perhaps get into an accident? I thought and shook my head.
No, this mustn’t happen.
The door opened and I saw Charlie coming in.
“Track his location now, cover up for me so I’ll go look for his stupid a*s” he said.
“Okay, lemme go to my room” I replied.
“Use his computer” he said.
“I don’t no how his works, I’ll have to use mine to be fas-ter” I replied and left the room.
He followed me to my room and immediately I unlocked my computer and did my thing real fast.
After some minutes I got the location of his phone.
“Its at golden eye h0tel” I turned to Charlie and revealed.
“That idiot, his still at the h0tel” Charlie said and left the room.
I shut my computer down and followed him out still trying Chris line.
“Cover up for me with anything, I’ll be quic-k” he said in a whisper.
He got to the front door and made to open it but mom’s voice st©pped him.
“Where the hell are you going to this late Charlie?” She questioned coming out fully from the kitchen.
“Um..I aren’t going anywhere actually” he cracked.
“Then why are you opening the door?” She asked almost immediately.
Oh gosh!
Chris is exactly like mom. They can both s-en-se things out real quic-k.
Very suspicious of everything. Mom can’t be easily fooled.
“ see..i..I forgot my car keys in my car so…”
“Go and get Chris down here before you can make a move” she interrupted him and I knew it.
She’ll find out everything in matter of minutes.
“Aunt, chase can do that, I’ll just take the keys, it won’t take long” Charlie tried convincing her.
“Chris?” Mom called from where she was.
“Chris?” She called again and dad appeared instead.
Even if someone will have to take the blame for anything it’ll Charlie because his the eldest but I am really worried.
Once mom get mad then she can’t be easily calmed.
She might do something drastic out of anger.
“Mom, Chris is not yet back from where he went to” I interrupted her screaming.
“What do you mean?” She walking closer to me.
“His still out” I replied.

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