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A maid for him Episode 18 & 19

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
. ❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 18💎💎
Chi Min’s Pov
“today was so fun” I said as Tae drove back home.
“let’s go out tomorrow also” I said and he glared at me for a moment before turning back to the car.
“you can go alone, I am not going with you” he replied.
“going alone will be boring” I said.
“I am not going, don’t try convincing me. I am not going to go no matter what you tell me” he replied.
“plea-se” I pouted but he just kept on driving.
“such a mean boss” I muttered but he just smiled and mumbled ‘thanks’.
We got home and I quic-kly went into the kitchen. Geez! I am so hungry, we just kept on eating snacks.
I was about to start eating my hamburger when I heard him yell my name, Tae, Tae, Tae. I dropped my hamburger and raced to his room.
“what are you doing?” he asked.
“trying to eat” I replied.
“I am hungry too, get me some food” he said.
“ugh? Go to the dinning room if you are hungry” I replied.
“are you talking to your boss that way? Bring my food to my room” he said and I nodded and walked back to the kitchen.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I am so hungry and tired. I picked my phone up and called Mina.
“hey, I nee-d you to come to my house right away” I said.
“of course I will be on my way right now” she said excitedly and I ended the call.
I just nee-d a bit-ch right now that’s all.
Chi Min [email protected]£ in with a tray of food and placed it on my [email protected]
“that’s it! Eat!” she said and I began eating while she stared at me.
“what’s wrong?” I asked.
“why does your own food look much more better than every other person’s food?” she asked and I chuckled.
“that’s normal I am the young master here” I replied proudly.
“can I have a taste?” she asked.
“no” I replied and her face fell.
“okay, I will just leave” she said lowly and turned to leave.
“okay, okay come back and have a taste” I said and she turned back to me beaming with smiles.
How fast moods can change?
She took a spoonful and [email protected] ed eating it.
“so delicious” she Mumbled.
“don’t do that again” I said.
“what? What shouldn’t I do?” she asked and took a spoonful then [email protected] ed again.
Seriously, I am losing it! She better st©p or I might do something, something she won’t like.
“you know what? Just get out with the food? Go and eat the food somewhere else” I said and pu-ll-ed her up.
“ugh? Why?” she asked innocently.
“just leave” I said and pushed her out of the room with the tray of food.
I fell to my be-d and buried my face in a pillow. Chi Min doesn’t know a little bit about her perfect shape, does she?
Few minutes later ….a will be able to get here. But she proved me wrong as the door opened revea-ling Mina in a skimpy dress.
“Tae Ho” she called in a s£dûçt!vetone and hvgged me.
She rushed me with k!sses, finally. after A whole Tiring day, I finally get to rest with this.
The door opened revea-ling Chi Min.
“I…. I…. Am sorry for interrupting” she said and rushed out again.
“what’s she doing here?” Mina asked.
“she’s my maid” I replied.
“ugh? So she’s just a poor maid? Anyways I don’t want her around you Tae, sack her” she said.
“I can’t” I replied.
“why?” she asked.
“cause I can’t, I don’t want to. Mina, you know what? It’s late, go home” I said.
“C’mon, I don’t wanna go home yet” she said and I stood up and opened the door.
“leave” I said firmly but she remained on the be-d.
“if you don’t wanna leave, I guess I will just leave then” I said and left my room.
Chi Min’s Pov
That punk! That pla-yboy!! I guess that’s why he pushed me out of his room earlier so he could have time for that bit-ch.
“Young master Tae is here”
“how come?”
“oh my, he’s so handsome”
Tae is here? What’s he doing in the maid quarters? I stood up from my be-d and saw him looking around.
“hey” he waved at me with a smile but I quic-kly looked away.
He should get away, all the other maids are gonna get the wrong idea.
He sat beside me and smiled broadly at me.
“why are you here?” I asked trying to avoid the gaze from every other person in the maids quarter.
“I wanna spend the night here” he replied.
“enough of the jokes boss, plea-se go to your room” I said.
“you think I am joking? I am not, a bit-ch is occu-pying my room so I have to spend the night here” he replied.
“but there are several other unoccu-pied rooms here” I said.
“they are scary” he said and la-id on my be-d.
“aren’t you gonna sleep?” he asked and I la-id on the be-d with a sigh.
“don’t you dare try coming closer To me” I warned and he nodded.
I la-id on the be-d and felt his hands sn-ked around my [email protected]!st slowly, I felt a tingling feeling.
💎💎Episode 19💎💎
The next day
Tae Ho’s Pov
I woke up early and left for my room, Mina was gone. Last night was the very best sleep I have ever had.
With her skin ru-bbing mine and us cudd-ling in our sleep, I wish I could get to sleep like that everyday.
I chuckled and took my bath. I dressed up and went to my re-ading table. I re-ad some books until I was interrupted with a knock on the door.
“come in” I said and the door opened, I expected to see Chi Min but it was another maid, I raised a brow. ..
“what are you doing here?” I asked.
“master requires your pres£nce” she said.
“okay tell him I will be in his room right away” I replied and she bowed and left.
Why could dad be calling me? Maybe he just wants to see my face or maybe he wants to go on a business trip. .
I closed the book I was re-ading and left for his room. I walked in and he turned to me with a small smile.
“good morning dad” I said.
“good morning Tae” he replied and dropped some pictures on his be-d. I picked up the pictures.
It was pictures of I and Chi Min together. At the amusement park, at the beach and yesterday when we were slee-ping together.
“are you spying on me now?” I asked.
“what’s between the both of you?” dad asked.
“nothing, she’s my maid and I just decided to give her a little vacation, she’s the only Maud that seems to match my requirements” I replied smartly.
“Tae, you can’t fall for a poor girl like her, do you get?” dad asked and I nodded.
“I do but I will be happy if you can st©p spying on me, I love to have my freedom” I replied.
“of course, you can leave” he said and I walked Off.
“Tae Ho, be careful of her, don’t fall for her” Dad said when I got to the door and I nodded.
“okay” I said with a nod and left for my room.
Dad can really ruin mood but it is never gonna happen, me falling for that girl called Chi Min.
Chi Min’s Pov
“you have to know that he is your boss” mum scolded and I nodded.
“don’t move too close to him, you are a maid to him. Don’t allow him too close to you even when you guys are in school” mum said.
“yes mum” I replied.
“you won’t have to work for long anymore anyways, I got another maid” mum said and I looked up.
“what? So quic-k?” I asked.
“yeah, the quic-ker, the better for you” she replied and I nodded.
“when do I get off the job?” I asked.
“you can go back home in the next five days, Wednesday” mum replied and looked around.
“Chi Min, I am sorry you have to work as a maid for that spoilt [email protected]” mum said and hvgged me.
“have this food, your favourite Kimichi” she said and I smiled.
“thanks mum” I said and she motioned Me to leave.
Tae Ho’s Pov
Isn’t Chi Min supposed to be here alre-ady? I sat up on my be-d as I stared at the door.
When is she going to get here? Is she busy? Is someone giving her jobs to do except me.
The door finally opened and she Walked in. I found myself smiling at her pres£nce.
“good morning boss, should I get you your food now or will you like to eat in the dinning room?” she asked and I frowned.
“you are behaving like a real maid now” I replied.
“yes sir” she said not looking into my eyes.
“I would like to have my food here” I said.
“yes sir” she replied and bowed slightly before leaving.
What’s wrong with her? Did she get switched? This is not the Chi Min I know. Did something happen to her? Or am I the one who has something wrong?
After a while the door opened again and she walked in with the tray of food.
“where should I place the food sir?” she asked.
“on the be-d and sit there too” I replied and she did without any form of arguments. Okay! This is now strange.
I left my books and sat on the be-d next to her. She stood up.
“I will get going now” she said looking at the floor but I pu-ll-ed her to the be-d.
“let’s eat together” I said.
“thanks for your kind offer but I have to decline and eat with my fellow maids” she replied and turned to leave.
“Chi min, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“nothing sir” she replied and headed for the door.
Chi Min’s Pov
I turned the knob and all of a sudden I felt him hvg me. I stiffened un-der his t©uçh and gently calmed down.
“what’s wrong?” He asked softly and I quic-kly pushed him away.
“I am fine sir” I replied.
“you are not fine, did anyone do something to you?” he asked.
“no, no one did anything” I replied.
“then why are you behaving strangely?” he asked and I sighed.
“you caused it by slee-ping right next to me yesterday everyone has the wrong idea now” I replied.
“oh, that’s it! Leave them alone, C’mon” he said and pu-ll-ed me to his be-d.
“like to eat?” he asked and I smiled.
“you know I never say no to food” I replied and he smiled as I took the drumsticks.
He ruffled my hair and I smiled eating more.
Few min later
I have to do my as-signment but how do I do it? I don’t even un-derstand a bit in the stupid equations, what do we nee-d them for anyways?
“Tae” I called and he looked at me from his books.
“let’s go out and have fun” I replied and he frowned.
“never! I am not going to get involved in what you call fun” he said.
“okay then, I will call Kim Do Jung” I replied and picked my phone.
Within a twi-nkle of am eye, my phone was with Tae.
“give back my phone, let me call him” I said.
“get dressed up, let’s leave” he replied and I beamed.
“of course” I said and ran out.

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