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A maid for him Episode 16 & 17

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 16💎💎
Chi Min’s Pov
“no, no, no, am I gravels or sand?” he asked yelling back.
“no you are not, but you can’t move and I can’t move you but this can” I replied and buzzed the bulldozer to life again.
All of a sudden, he stood up and ran off.
Ugh? I thought he couldn’t stand up not to talk of running.
I alighted from the bulldozer and ran after him. He st©pped running and [email protected] heavily, I got to him and held his hands.
“how? How come you are walking? I thought you couldn’t stand” I said.
“ugh? Am I standing?” he asked and quic-kly fell to the floor.
“see, I am not standing” he added and I laughed
“then I have no choice Than to use my bulldozer” I replied and he quic-kly rose up.
“ugh? You are standing again?” I asked.
“of course I am standing! Do…. Do…. You really wanna pick me up with a bulldozer?” he asked, half yelling.
“of course I am just trying to help as a good maid” I replied.
“good maid indeed” he said.
“C’mon let’s roll on the sand” I said.
“ugh? What? Why should I roll on the sand?” he asked.
“cause it’s fun” I replied and I pu-ll-ed his hands.
“okay how do I do it?” he asked and I rolled on the sand screaming and yelling excitedly.
Swears this is fun!!!
I stood up with a smile and gave Tae the go ahead smile.
“you really don’t expect me to do that, right?” he asked.
“C’mon, do it, don’t be so boring” I said and he sat on the sand and rolled on the sand slowly.
“fast! Be quic-k!! Roll real quic-k!!” I yelled but he continued rolling slowly.
“you are so boring, roll quic-kly boss, roll quic-kly Tae” I yelled and he rolled fas-ter.
“yay!!! fas-ter!! fas-ter!! fas-ter!!!” I yelled and he rolled real fast, even fas-ter that I could ever roll.
“wow, so skillful” I said and after a while he st©pped and stood up but fell back to the floor almost immediately.
“dizzy! I am feeling dizzy” he said and held his head.
“would you like to go once more?” I asked and he glared at me.
“dizzy! I am feeling dizzy!!” he yelled and stood up dizzily.
“the world is moving round and round, goes round and round” he said and I bur-st out laughing.
He held onto me for support and closed his eyes.
“I am… I am never doing that again” he said.
“but you looked really cute while doing that” I said.
“fv¢k looking cute” he said and sat on the floor.
“should we go to the amusement park?” I asked and his eyes opened.
“I don’t wanna go” he said.
“ugh? C’mon, let’s go it’s gonna be fun” I replied.
“everything you call fun are stressful, too stressful” he said.
“what a wicked boss I thought you are nice but I am so wrong” I replied frowning.
“okay, let’s go” he said and I hvgged him excitedly, his b©dy stiffened and I quic-kly drew back realizing what I just did.
“I am sorry” I said and he smiled sweetly. I stood up from beside him and ran into the car.
My clothes are dirty from rolling in sand, I nee-d to change my dress. Tae got into the car also.
“I nee-d to change my dress, it’s dirty alre-ady” I said to him and he nodded.
“you could get to a corner and change, we got some clothes here” he said and brou-ght out a T-shi-t and jeans which we bought earlier.
“You don’t expect me to change on the beach do you? There us no corner” I replied.
“maybe you could change in the car then” he said and I nodded.
“go” I said and he raised a brow.
“go? To where?” he asked.
“you didn’t expect me to dress up with you in the car” I replied.
“why? What are you covering up?” he asked moving closer to me and I sighed.
“Tae! Here you go with your pla-yboy techniques [email protected] on your stupid girlfriends” I said and he chuckled.
“are you jealous?” he asked..
“jealous of what?” I asked.
“jealous of my beautiful and cute girlfriends” he replied and I laughed.
“so dull, I guess my boss is also blind. Such a pity” I said and he frowned.
“get into the back seat and dress up” he said sternly and I snorted and got into the backseat.
“don’t look back” I warned and he nodded repeatedly.
I took off my clothes while Tae closed his eyes ti-ght.
“you’re done?” he asked.
“nope” I replied.
“I wanna look back” he said with a grin.
“don’t you dare” I said and tried to put on the T-shi-t in a hurry but instead it got tangled with my hair.
“I wanna look back,wanna look back” he sang as I struggled to untangle my hair and the T-shi-t.
“aaaaish!” I said, annoyed.
“you nee-d my help?” Tae asked.
“no, just be still, don’t you dare look back” I replied.
“seems like you nee-d my help and I love helping people so how about I help you?” he asked.
“no, no, no, don’t! Don’t help me not now” I replied.
“you know I am helping you by closing my eyes and not looking back but you just said you don’t nee-d my help, so I can open my eyes and look back, right?” he asked.
“no, no, okay help me” I replied.
“help you with putting on your dress?” hw asked.
“fv¢k you Tae! Just let me be” I replied as I struggled endlessly with the clothes. Tae just chuckled.
Damn! Things go wrong at the wrong position!
💎💎Episode 17💎💎
Chi Min’s Pov
After a while I was finally able to untangle it and dress up finally. I moved to the front seat and glared at Tae.
“what? Why are you glaring at me?” He asked with an innocent look.
“don’t give me that innocent look” I said.
“then should I give you the flir-ty look? The lovely look? Or the s£dûçt!velook?” he asked.
“just drive, let’s get to the amusement park” I said and he drove off.
“you’re done with your as-signment?” I asked.
“of course I am, Geez! I can’t believe we are still being given lectures and works that are so easy” he replied.
“so easy? You call those ‘so easy’? You must be kidding me, they are so fv¢king [email protected] Each time I wanna solve those equations I feel like my head is gonna spilt into two” I replied and he smiled.
“so my maid is so dull? I thought I have a brilliant maid” he said and I frowned.
“I am not dull” I replied.
“you just said it right now that you’re dull” he said.
“I. Am. Not. Dull” I said and sma-cked his head.
“if you weren’t driving right now I would have kicked you, punched you, sma-ck you, [email protected] you” I said demonstrating it all.
“you are dull no matter what” he said.
“I only spend time while doing it but at the end I get it right, I am not dull” I replied and he nodded.
“tomorrow is Saturday, you’ve got pretty much time to solve the equation given to us, right? Let’s see if you can get it right” he said.
“you just watch me get it all right, I am actually the best student in the school I attended previously” I lied and he nodded.
“I un-derstand” he said and I rolled my eyes then looked out of the window.
What does he know himself? I am sure he has nothing in his [email protected] than girls.
At the amusement park
“let’s have ice cream” I said and dragged him over to the ice cream stand.
“no, I am not interested in ice cream. They aren’t good for the health” he said.
“who told you so?” I asked.
“okay Chi Min, tell me one thing you gain from this ice cream” he replied.
Tae Ho’s Pov
“I gain…. Happiness! Yeah! Happiness and that’s the most ess£ntial thing in life” she said and brou-ght two ice creams.
I just stared at her as she smiled and spoke to the ice cream seller so softly and respectfully but she will never talk to me that way.
It’s always yelling at me, calling me a per-vert and others.
“have this” she said and stretched one ice cream to me.
“not interested” I said with a disgusting look.
“so sweet, C’mon have it, it’s gonna melt away” she said frowning.
“how about you give me in a special way?” I asked with a sm-irk.
“what special way?” she asked innocently.
“li-ck the ice cream then I get it from your mouth myself by….. k!ssing” I said and she kicked my legs.
“you per-vert!” she half yelled and I laughed.
A little girl bu-mped into me and quic-kly apologized.
“I am sorry” she said.
“it’s okay” Chi Min replied with a smile.
It’s okay? Is she one that got bu-mped into? Have I said it’s okay?
“unnie, your b©yfri£ndis so handsome” the girl said and I saw Chi Min eyes wi-de-ned.
“actually he is…..”
“thanks kid” I quic-kly cut in with smile and a little Boy joined us.
“Maria” he called the little girl.
“Ryan” the little girl replied with a smile.
“Ryan, have this ice cream” Chi min said and gave my ice cream to Ryan.
“why would you give my ice cream to him?” I asked.
“you said you don’t want it” she replied.
“I changed my mind, I want it now” I said.
“then buy it” she replied and bought another ice cream for the little girl.
I bought one too and collected my ice cream from Ryan and gave him the new one.
“ugh? Why did you change the ice-cream?” Chi Min asked.
“cause I felt like” I replied and li-cked my ice cream.
Wanna know why I switched the Ice cream? Chi min bought this ice cream for me so I have to be there one to li-ck it.
“thanks oppa, thank unnie” the kids chorused and left running off.
“so cute! They are both cute” Chi Min said.
“not as cute as I am” I replied.
“proud peac0ck” she muttered and walked forward.
I ran after her.
Few minutes later
“let’s ride the wheel” Chi Min said excitedly.
“no, I am not ri-ding that wheel” I replied.
“and don’t even try to try convincing me cause I am never gonna ride the wheel” I added and she frowned.
Maria and Ryan, the little kids we met earlier alighted from the wheels and Chi Min stared at me.
“look at you, growing for nothing, look at that little boy, he rode the wheel” she said.
“even such a little boy is more [email protected] than my boss” she shook her head.
“I not a coward, let’s ride then” I said and she beamed.
Somehow she manages to get me to do things even if I don’t want to do it.
We took our seats in the wheel and I closed my eyes and puffed.
“are you afraid?” she asked.
“of course not” I replied and she shrugged.
The wheel began moving and I held myself ti-ghtly. The wheel moved fas-ter and I could hold it in anymore.
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!” I screamed and screamed as the wheel moved fas-ter while Chi Min just laughed and yelled excitedly.
“get me down!!! Get me down!!!!” I yelled.
“it’s fun!!!” Chi Min yelled.
Is she even human?? Isn’t this so scary and frightening?!!!
“get me down!!!!” I screamed endlessly while Chi Min laughed.
We finally got down from the wheel and I threw up almost immediately. Why is everything so so [email protected]?!
“so weak, Tae,You So weak” Chi Min laughed.
“you can say that but I am not doing any other thing you tell me to do” I said and cleaned up then walked forward.
“let’s get into the scary room!” she said.
“the scary room, but to me they are not very very scary, just a group of people putting on costume and popping out in front of us suddenly” she replied.
“that sounds creepy” I said.
“not interested” I quic-kly added.
“don’t try convincing me” I yelled and closed my ears with my palms.
5 mins later
I gulped as I walked around the pas-sages with Chi Min, it looks so scary. Don’t ask me how I got here cause I don’t know how she manages to convince me.
“aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!” I screamed as I felt something on my skin.
“calm down, it’s just a spider” Chi Min said and I calmed down.
“let’s get out of here” I said.
“nope” she said and we walked on.
Ued as someone in white garment with black scattered hair popped out of the blue.
“Aaaaaah!!!” Chi min yelled as we both ran off.
I am never going to follow her the next time no matter how [email protected] she tries to convince me.

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