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A maid for him Episode 1

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
👄👄Prologue 👄👄
He is the most arrogant punk you could ever meet and extremely rich, he gets everything he wants, girls, shoes, fame.
That’s Tae Ho, no 1 pla-yboy, the h0ttest and baddest guy in school, all girl’s crush, son of the Kang family.
He thinks he can get all he wants with money but she proves him wrong, Chi Min.
Feisty, outspoken and a no nons-en-se Chi Min. She turns out to be the only one he can’t win over with either money or his looks.
What happens after Chi Min turns out to be Tae Ho’s maid after their first unfavorable meeting?
How is their stay gonna be together?
What if they end up falling for each other unknowingly?
And Mina……… A bully, she seems to be the major problem Chi Min and Tae Ho has and more about Mina, she is……….
Well you’re going to find out soon.
💎 💎 Episode 1💎💎
Tae Ho Pov
I stood up from be-d and looked at myself in the mirror, it is the first thing I do in the morning.
I cherish my face more than anything in the world, my fave, my looks, I love the attention it gives to me.
“as handsome as ever” I muttered and smiled.
I jumped back on my be-d, still feeling sleepy. I cu-mddled my pillow and I heard the door open, it’s definitely a maid.
“Good morning sir” I heard her say, it’s my personal maid.
I didn’t reply her and I felt her tap me lightly, I gro-an ed and turned to her.
“just leave” I said and threw the blankets over my head.
“ugh? But it’s morning and you…you have to… Go to school sir” she stuttered.
“school?” I asked and she nodded sluggishly.
I drew her closer and crashed myl-ips on hers k!ss!ngher harshly, she reciprocated almost immediately, bit-ches, they are all the same.
I broke the k!ssand stared into her eyes, she was smiling and blu-shing.
“you… You like me?” she asked and I chuckled.
“you know” I said and li-cked her ear-lobes.
“I don’t like you, like you? That’s impossible” I whispered into her ears and she drew back.
“you are just a bit-ch” I win-ked.
“but… But” she stuttered and bur-st into tears.
“I clearly told you not to wake me up last night and this morning also I told you to let me be but you didn’t” I said and stood up from the be-d.
“now you ruined my sleep, how dare you? Well, congratulations, you won” I smiled at her and she furrowed her brows at me before smiling back.
“I won? Won what? Your heart?” she asked.
“why are girls so stupid? Well lady you won a sack letter, such a good news” I beamed and her smile disappeared immediately.
“sir? I…i am sorry for having false hopes… I… I am so sorry” she pleaded on her knees and I helped her up.
“it’s okay” I said to her.
“thank you sir, I won’t do it next time” she replied and I nodded.
“of course you won’t cause there won’t be a next time” I said and brou-ght some cash from my drawer.
“Congratulations on your being sacked, have this and have fun” I said And threw the money on her.
She bent and picked up the money.
“now out!” I ordered sternly and she ran out.
Done! New personal maid nee-ded. I will get one today.
Oh, I haven’t done any introduction yet. I am Tae Ho, Kang Tae Ho, for the first ten years of my life, I was isolated, yeah isolated with my little sister.
Dad didn’t want us, mum didn’t also but now Dad picked us up, he picked us up 9 years years ago when I was Ten and now I am 19.
My sister? She’s gone she’s dead, it’s a story I won’t wanna remember.
I am the pla-yboy type but C’mon it’s not my fault, it’s the girls, they are just too dull and it’s not totally their fault.
Who would be able to ignore me despite my looks and the money I’ve got?
Well seems that’s enough about me.
I took a shower and prepared for school. Can’t wait to finish high school, I am so fv¢king tired of high school .
I am going to take my favorite car today, I call it my baby, it’s much more precious to me than anything, well except my face.
Chi Min Pov
“make sure you are of good character” mum advised and I nodded.
“you can’t afford to be suspended or expelled, that high school is really expensive, I paid a lot to get you in there” she added.
“I told you severally I didn’t want to attend that school, it’s sickening, I heard they are all proud arrogant peac0cks” I replied.
“yeah but their educational system is actually the best” mum replied.
“well no one messes with Song Chi Min or else they get dealt with” I said and packed my hair.
“here we go, you have to be gentle, like a good girl, you’ve got to be really gentle” mum said and hit my arm.
I nodded with a faux smile, can’t wait to get out of this house and check out my new school.
“bye mum” I waved and ran out, I quic-kly re-leased my hair from the bun in which it was packed.
Mum is always insisting I don’t let it loose. I took a step but was drawn back with my hair.
“Min, here we go again” mum gro-an ed and I bit myl-ips.
She packed up my hair and pushed me forward.
“don’t let it loose, I got my eyes on you” she said and I walked away.
I got to the bus station and took a bus to school. First day in school!!!
It’s gonna be amazing!!!!!
I got to school and Holly Molly, it was hvge and beautiful. I gaped at the size of the school, this is hvge enough to make a community.
I gulped down and looked at the students, they were extravagantly and expensively dressed, it looked like I didn’t fit in.
I was dressing plainly but normally I won’t call my dressing plain but being in the midst of these people, I feel inferior.
No, Min, you shouldn’t be like this. I raised my head up high and proceeded to the principal’s office.
I expected an old man or middle aged man but I was quite shocked to see a young guy as the principal. He is probably 22 or 23.
“Good morning sir” I greeted, bowed slightly with a smile.
“oh, you are…..?”
“Min, Chi Min” I replied and he shook my hand.
“welcome to the school, I hope you enjoy this school, here is your student ID and the school map” he said and handed them over to me.
“Thank you sir” I bowed.
“I am Seungjae, just call me that” he said.
Such a gentleman.
I nodded and left his office, now I just have to find my clas-s, I stared at the school map for some secs but I couldn’t un-derstand a thing there.
I am not dull, it’s just that the school is too large.
A car drove recklessly beside me almost running me over.
“yaaah!!! You punk!! Are you blind?!!” I yelled and the car parked.
A guy alighted from the car and I gulped. fv¢k! He is so cute but that doesn’t change the fact that he almost killed me.
“hey bit-ch, how dare you talk to me in that manner?” he asked and my eyes wi-de-ned.
I looked around, I couldn’t be the one he called a bit-ch, that’s impossible.
“you called me a bit-ch?” I asked and he walked close to me.
“yeah, so pretty bit-ch, how much is a night with you?” he asked.
Mad fellow!! I re-moved the glas-ses from his eyes and [email protected] him [email protected] across the face.
He [email protected] and held his burning cheek.
“you don’t try $h!t with me!” I half yelled.
I smashed his glas-ses and walked off.
“I am going to deal with you bit-ch!” he yelled and I turned back.
I re-moved my heels and approached him, he moved backwards, he thinks I am going to hit him with this?
I smashed his car glas-s severally and walked off.
“my….my…baby” he [email protected]

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