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v!rg!npr©st!tût£Episode 5 & 6

(😱 The crazy slut is a vir-gin? 😱)
🍭 Episode 5 🍭
Kate’s pov
I got home tiredly and walked to my room. I slumped on the be-d and sle-pt off immediately.
Next day, I woke up with a ban-ging headache. I got to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.
I was too lazy to take my bath maybe the water was too cold. I finally took a warm bath and went down to the kitchen with my towel wra-pping around my b©dy.
I did some pancakes and bacon, then took it to the dinning and began munching it.
Minutes later…..
My sister walked into the living room and saw me eating. She smiles and I greeted her.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Yeah” She replied sarcastically.
I secretly rolled my eyes at her, am not even sure if she’s really my blood sister.
I finished my breakfast without leaving a single thing in the plate. If she’s hungry, she knows the way to the kitchen.
I took the plate to the kitchen and [email protected]£ back, going to my room. I wore a grey go-wn which was hvgging my b©dy and brou-ght out my figure eight.
I did a normal makeup, not an ugly though. I guess I have to start doing a normal makeup but I don’t just want too much boys flir-ting around me.
I might end up been [email protected]£. I got no client today but the house looks boring whenever am at home especially with my sister.
Hours of been bored, I decided to go for a walk, I [email protected]£d my phone on the chair and left the living room.
I got out and saw a little girl crying but a woman which I guessed would be her mom was consoling her.
The scene made me remember I and my mom. She’s such a beautiful woman with green eyes.
Well she’s a Russian while my dad is a Nigerian. I and sister Jane got our dad’s complexion but I was the only one who took after my mom with green eyes.
A Nigeria girl with green eyes. We all lived here in Russia but we went bankrupt and had to run and settled down in Nigeria cause we couldn’t pay our debts.
The business my dad started was a little one cause he couldn’t find any white collar job but we were able to survive and finish our education.
My parents had to die on my graduation day. They had died in a car accident on their way to my school.
Sis Jane shifted the blame on me calling me a witch but that didn’t st©p me from ma-king it.
Gosh! ma-king it? In prostitution?
I laughed at the thought. Before my mom died she had given me a diary.
“I knew a day is coming like this Kate, that’s why I take this book every where I go. Am giving you this book, make sure you clock 25 years of age before you open this book.
I know what am saying. You will be strong enough to face what’s coming for you. Be strong Kate” She said and gave up the ghost hours after dad’s death.
The book is still with me now. Really safe with me. Just had to wait next year for me to open the book.
I sighed and kept walking, don’t even know where I should go.
A car drove pas-s me and eventually st©pped in front of me. I st©pped and waited for some seconds.
The driver [email protected]£ out and opened the back door, there the weird living thing [email protected]£ out.
Eric again!!!!!
What’s wrong with this guy? He should just let me have a rest of mind at least for a week but no he won’t.
He still [email protected]£ here after what nearly happened yesterday.
Such a pest!
He [email protected]£ to me sm-irking. “Hello pretty” He said, as he t©uçhed myl-ips.
I shivered at his t©uçh. He k!$$£d me gently before staring at me.
“Am sorry… ” He paused and looked straight into my eyes.
“About yesterday, I wasn’t in my right s-en-se” He completed quic-kly.
He really apologized! Can’t believe the arrogant j£rk is apologizing.
I didn’t say anything but only nodded my head with a smile. Should I go back home or what?
Kate don’t act silly!
“So where are you going now? In this h0t sun” He asked.
“I decided to go for a walk” I replied and I held my breath when his face [email protected]£ close.
“Will that be okay if you follow me to my office?” He said and faced him properly.
Our face were so close. My eyes roamed his face and eventually re-lease my breath which have been holding for long.
“Hmm… I.. I ” He cut me off.
“Don’t say no plea-se” He pleaded and laughed at his words.
“Gosh! Did I just say another magic word” He added.
Yeah, he just did that.
“Well forget it, get into the car. I feel bored in the office and I nee-d someone to [email protected]” He said, as we entered the car.
“And it has to be me?” I asked glancing at his handsome face.
“Yeah, I guess am attracted to you”
Huh? Attract what? He better not. Am not even re-ady to be in a relationsh!pwith someone. And even if I want to. It has to be someone who loves me with all his heart.
I chuckled that away and faced the window. We got to the company and I let out a “Wow” at the building.
The building was magnificent. He held my hand and dragged me into the building.
All eyes went straight to me. Why are they staring at me like that?
Oh… Am obviously holding hands with their boss.
My eyes wi-de-ned when I saw one if my clients. Our eyes met.
Did he remember me? Of course not! Cause he looked away and wasn’t surprised in seeing me.
I got to Eric’s office, God! This is the biggest office ever.
I looked around admiring the office.
“Sit there while you watch me work” He said and I arched my brow.
“You nee-d anything?” He asked and I shook my head.
“No” I replied sharply.
He sat down and began working, some minutes none of us talked. Now am the one feeling bored.
I was about resting my head to sleep when my phone rang and I picked it.
“Yes?” I said.
“Is this Kate?” The caller asked.
‘No.. Emanuella’ I wanted to say but I kept quiet.
“Yes. Am Kate. How may I help you?” I replied, and looked up to see Eric staring at me.
“Actually, my boss nee-ds your service now and you should be here by 5pm. I will s£nd you the address” He said and hung up.
I sighed, I gotta go now. I nee-d to go home and get re-ady. I got two hours left.
I stood up and Eric stood up too blocking me from opening the door.
“Where are you going?” He asked.
“I nee-d to see someone”
“You gonna leave me here?”


What did he mean by that? Is not like am gonna stay with him in the office forever.
“I just nee-d to go home, I will come another day” I replied.
Seriously, I didn’t want to leave but am f*ucking bored and he’s just gonna work all day without even saying anything.
Why did he bring me here in the first place? When he knew he can’t do anything but work while I keep looking at him like an idiot.
“Kate” He called and I looked at his face closely.
“Eric, don’t tell me to stay. I promise am gonna visit you another day” I said and took a step but he held me and pinned me to the wall.
“Why are you doing this to me?!” He yelled that almost shook the building.
I [email protected] I didn’t do anything. Or was it because I didn’t allow him sleep with me?
“I know you are going to a man who asked for your service and you gonna give it to him. Isn’t it?”
Should I just tell him the whole truth? That am a v*rgin and I use drug on men blah blah blah. I don’t think. I don’t think I can trust him.
“I… I.. ” I ran out of words.
“kate, why are you doing this to me?” He asked again.
“Do you know how much am fv¢king attracted to you? Do you know? Am so much attracted to you.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me and I don’t know why you keep pushing and punishing me this [email protected] way” He yelled and his breath fanned my on the face.
“What did you do to me Kate?” He asked and k!$$£d me in thel-ips gently.
🍭 Episode 6 🍭
“Do you know how much am fv¢king attracted to you? Do you know? Am so much attracted to you.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me and I don’t know why you keep pushing and punishing me this [email protected] way” He yelled and his breath fanned my on the face.
“What did you do to me Kate?” He asked and k!$$£d me in thel-ips gently.
I k!$$£d him back while he held my [email protected]!st closer to himself. Soon his hand were moving up to my th!gh and I couldn’t help but [email protected] ed.
Suddenly, he st©pped and looked at me in the face. “Am not gonna f0rç£ you into this Katie .You can go to your client,am not st©pping you. ” He said and moved away from me.
I stood well and [email protected]£d my phone ti-ghtly, I turned to the door but I heard my name which made me turn back.
“Enjoy been fv¢ked” He said and sat on the office chair ,facing his [email protected]©p.
I could see him hurt but he wasn’t going to show it. Why did he have to get hurt when am just a prostitute. Ah v!rg!nprostitute.
I glanced one more at his face and walked out of the office. The guy had s£nt me the address and I just got home, took a bath and wore a S-xy peach go-wn.
It was too revea-ling.
I got to the address which turned out to be the man’s house. I went in and was welcomed by a maid.
The house was nice though. The maid took me to the room and I saw a young man probably in his thirties I think.
He sm-irked as he saw me and I gave him a lopsided smile.
“Hey handsome” I said as i moved close to him.
He k!$$£d me and smiled again. “Let’s take a drink girl then we gonna get wasted on the be-d” He answered and I nodded.
He called the maid and minutes later she bought two glas-ses of wine. He took his first and I took one but didn’t drink it.
He watched me for some time but I kept sm-irking at him. ‘What if he had put something in the drink’ I thought cause his looks suspicious.
“You aren’t taking your drink Kate” He said and I nodded.
“I don’t feel like drinking again, can you get me a jui-ce instead?” I asked and he nodded then turned to the telephone beside him.
I used the opportunity to switch the drinks. He haven’t even drink his yet. I succeeded in doing that and he turned to me.
“She’s bringing the jui-ce, you should take a little wine Kate” He replied, was trying to make the wine t©uçh my mouth.
He took his and drank it all. “See? There’s nothing in the drink I just drank mine” I just nodded.
The maid entered and glanced me a suspicious look before turning to her boss and went out.
Minutes of silence, His eyes began turning and becoming red. I [email protected] at his look.
“What did you do to that drink I gave you?” He yelled and I shook.
“Nothing…i did nothing” I lied and he only laughed.
“I know you did cause this won’t be happening to me now… Arrgh I have to sleep and forget you” He said and I [email protected]
Wait did he put roofies in the drink? I mean Rohypnol?
“Roofies is in the drink?” I asked and he nodded.
“Yes, I was only gonna let you sleep and s£nd you far away from the country then sell you to one of the S-x slave buyers.” He gro-an ed and I felt like hitting me [email protected]
“Arrgh.. You son of a bit-ch. How many drop or pill did you put in the drink” I asked again.
“Hmm… Erm… It contained just three pills” He replied and I didn’t know when I [email protected] him [email protected] on the face.
“Do you want to kill me? You bloody fool. Well good for you. Enjoy the effects of the drug in Your b©dy. You just gonna die soon but don’t worry I will come to your burial to eat sandwiches. Huh? Bloody idiot” I spat and walked out of the house.
My mind drifted to Eric. I really hurt him in leaving but that’s really a good idea though.
Eric’s pov
I threw everything on the desk away ,breaking all the glas-s including my [email protected]©p.
I just felt angry. Wait why am I even angry? I shouldn’t be be angry. Cause if Kate?
Was I really attracted to her? Gosh! I can’t just do this to myself.
Am weak right now. Totally weak cause Kate left me here alone in the office to sleep with one of those fools.
Am sure they would be ban-ging her right now. I shook the thought of Kate and the man tou-ching her.
I can’t start imagining that. . I looked at my hand bleeding and I sighed. I called the receptionist and she [email protected]£ immediately.
She [email protected] as she looked at everywhere scattered.
“What happened sir?” She said in her s£dûç!ng tone.
“Just clean up the mess and get me first aid. Get me another [email protected]©p in the store” I replied without facing her and walked to the bathroom.
After hours of cleaning, the receptionist finally walked out of the office and had bought a first aid with the new [email protected]©p I requested for.
“What about the old [email protected]©p sir?” I looked at her.
“You can take it if you want” I replied staring at her as she re-moved a bu-tton from her blouse. She li-cked her bo-ttoml!pand I knew immediately the signals she was s£nding.
I smiled and stood up gr-abbing her h!pand k!$$£d her r0ûghly.
She took her blouse and wore it, while I put on my shi-t. She peeked me on the cheek and left the office.
I [email protected]£d my jacket and phone, then walked out of the company.
I drove my car to Kate’s [email protected] and stood there. Am not gonna go inside. My eyes caught someone coming obviously in tears and turned out to be kate.
What’s wrong with her?Did the man do anything bad to her? Am not gonna take it easy with the man.
“Kate” I called and she turned like she was expecting it.
“Eric! Eric!” She cried the more and [email protected]£ running to me.
She hvgged me as she cried on my che-st soaking my shi-t with her tears.
“What happened?” I manage to ask.
“He wanted to sell me off to S-x slave buyers outside the country” She explained and my eyes nearly popped out.
What? How dare he!!!!!!
Kate’s pov
I sobbe-d quietly and hvgged him ti-ghtly the more. He’s my only comforter now. Just for now.
“Are you afraid of having S-x with them? I mean you work as a pr©st!tût£isn’t it?” He said and I [email protected]£ angry.
“Am still a vi……” I quic-kly shut my self.
“You are still a what?” He asked with a serious tone.
What should I tell him? Gosh! Kate

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