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Twin of my heart Episode 25 to 28

[😕She is a psycho😕]
😐Mrs Benson😐
After the birth of Emily we visited the prophet and he warned us not to let our sons to get married to separate ladies if not they will die and same goes to Emily.
So if anything harms Emily or she dies early then same goes to my sons.
When we asked the prophet why is it so.
He revealed to us that Emily and my sons where lovers in their previous lives but since she couldn’t choose between the two of them she killed herself.
And my sons also killed their selves in their previous lives…. Everything sounds confusing but I just can’t take that risks.
Honey we will tell them when the time comes just let them bond first; My husband suggested and all I could do was nod.
We rushed Emily to the hospital and now she in the ICU receiving treatment my head was so h0t that felt it was gonna explode.
After a while the doctor [email protected]£ out and we both rushed to him immediately.
Doc how is she?; We asked but he shook his head side ways before dropping the bombshell.
Luckily we where able to save her life but she drift into coma and I don’t know when she is gonna wake up; He said and we both held our hands together.
And the next thing we crashed to the ground.
😕Doc Steve😕
I consult a test on them for the third time and the result where still the same.
How can two healthy men drift into coma after pas-sing out?…this is unbelievable I have never heard of such.
I was still wondering in my thought when the Bensons barged into my office and started raining me with questions.
Calm down calm down Mr&Mrs Benson there is nothing wrong with your sons and daughter in-law but I’m just curious.
How come after your daughter in-law went into coma your sons followed?; I asked and they both of them just ignored me and walked away.
I told you to kill your sister not her husband’s now see they are in coma cus of your stupidity; I yelled at princess but she only shed stupid tears.
I took out my pocket knife and walked close to her she stared at me in awe but I cared less I [email protected]£d her hair r0ûghly and pieced the knife into her throat countless times ma-king sure she doesn’t have any hope if survival.
You; I point at Lilian who was shaking like a chicken.
If you dare make any stupid mistakes like her you will join her; U threatened before storming out.
😭Mrs Daniel😭
God God pls save my daughter pls I alre-ady lose one don’t let me loose the younger one; I wept as the police carried princess’s corpse away.
I don’t know who is after my daughters but pls I can’t loose Emily I can’t.
I held my che-st immediately I was loosing my breath I can’t breath.
And everything went blank.
😢Mrs Benson😢
I want my children I want my boys back I want them back; I screamed on t©p of my lungs on their hospital be-d…
The three of them where placed in the same pri-vate room.
Pls wake up my children Emily, Nick, Mick pls my dears wake up; I wept but they didn’t even make a sound.
Nick Mick and I stare at Mrs as she wept but we where hopeless we couldn’t do anything.
We have been roaming round the hospital for hours now but still nothing.
I just wish I can change the hands of time.
I can’t stand to see mom that way isn’t anything we could do to go back to our b©dy?; I asked and Nick and Emily shook their heads negatively.
This is bull$h!t I hate this new world of ours I just wanna go back home; I lamented and Nick gave a painful sigh before turning his back on us and started walking away.
We ran after him and when we finally caught up with him he had tears in his eyes.
What is it Nick common you can tell us anything; Emily said.
I’m so gonna miss the both of you but there is always a day to say good bye I’ve something to tell the both of you; He said
😢Doc Steve😢
Giving the Benson’s one more stare I decided to drop the bad news.
We detected a very bad disease in one of your sons; I said and Mrs bur-st into tears.
Pls tell me the disease is treatable pls; She plea.
I’m sorry to announce that one of your sons as blood cancer; I went straight to the point.
What; They both yelled.
No that can’t be possible I want the both of them to be alive pls doc try to do something try try try; Mrs Benson yelled at me holding me by my collar.
I’m sorry ma’am but there is nothing we can do it seems it has been inside his system for long he has just two weeks left; I said before packing my files and walked out on them.
I felt like punching Nick right now.
What are you trying to say now is that I’m gonna be twinless ah? You must be crazy to think I will let you die like that if you die I will follow; I snapped.
Me too if anything happens to you Nick then I will follow you even if it’s hell; Emily said with crack voice I know she was at the verge of breaking down.
And I was right she slumped to the ground and wept.
Hey pls don’t cry pls; Nick tried to calm her down but it was all fruitless.
If you want me to st©p crying you will to promise you will not die.
OK I promise I won’t die can you st©p crying now?; I asked but her wailing only increa-sed.
Pls promise me you’re gonna fight that sickness.
Promise me you’re gonna be there when we graduate, promise you’re gonna be there when we take our kids to school pls promise; She said and I confidently did as she said.
I promise I’m gonna fight this unwanted disease I promise with my life; I reas-sured her and she jumped on me immediately.
I stare at Mick as he began fading away same goes to Emily then me, what the hell is happening?.
😨Doc Steve😨
Doctor doctor; I hears one of the nurse yelling my name.
What?; I snapped.
Doctor they are waking up three of them; She said trying to catch her breath.
Call the Benson’s and the Daniels quic-kly; I ordered and quic-kly [email protected]£d my tools heading to their pri-vate ward.
Immediately I got inside I saw one of the boy sitting on t©p of Hus be-d staring at his alre-ady awake wife, but why isn’t the second one waking up?.
Immediately the Benson’s and Daniels ran to their children pu-lling them yo their [email protected], well Mrs Daniel survived the heart attack.
Doc why isn’t Nick waking up?; Mick asked and immediately Emily stood up from her be-d and hurried to Nick checking if he was OK.
Doc he isn’t breathing doctor Nick isn’t breathing; She screamed falling to the ground and began to cry.
I ran to him immediately checking his pulse and every necessary places.
Oh my God we’re loosing him we’re loosing him; I yelled and everywhere [email protected]£ Silent, I checked his heart beat and it has st©pped has well oh what a shame.
I’m sorry we lost him; I broke the news and walked out of the room feeling so defeated ah I couldn’t save him God pls forgive me.
Nick you promised, you promised me you where gonna fight but now what did you do?, you broke your promise.

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