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Twin of my heart Episode 17 to 20

[😕She is a psycho😕]
Die die die die; I cheered and she watched me in surprise as tears ran down her cheeks.
She st©pped holding her stomach and walked to me and held me r0ûghly by the hair.
And at that moment the twins [email protected]£ downstairs.
You see what we told you Emily she is evil; One of them said wait what?.
How come? I asked and Emily gave me a stingy [email protected]
I can’t believe my own sister would try to kill me like seriously well if you must know.
🔙🔙🔙Flash Back🔙🔙🔙
Immediately I s£nt princess to make some coffee for me Mick [email protected]£ downstairs to get some water but he [email protected]£ running back to me like someone who saw a ghost.
Emily do not drink that coffee your sister just poison it; He said and I bur-sted into laughter.
I’m serious; He snapped and I almost [email protected] him.
My sister loves me she would never try to kill me; I snapped harshly and he gave a frustrated sigh.
OK I recognize the poison it’s antidote is lemon water once you’re done taking it go drink some lemon water then after five mins pretend like you are about to die then see what happens; He said and I agreed.
🔚🔚🔚End of flash back🔚🔚🔚
And he turned out to be right what kind of sister would want to take her own sister’s life?; I asked and she started laughing like maniac.
Oh you’re asking me? Well let me break it down to you it’s me yeah me ever since the day you [email protected]£ to this earth you have been a threat to me, you stole mom and dad from me.
You prevented me from winning the beauty contest in high school, you stole [email protected] away from me claiming he is your best friend, if I can kill my best friend from child hood for [email protected]!ngmy crush what is so important about you? Huh?.
And now you stole the masked twins away from me but this time I won’t let you enjoy them cus I’m going to kill you bit-ch; She yelled and charged at me but Nick & Mick was quic-k to st©p her.
What do you mean they are married?; I shouted at my spy.
You know what get the fv¢k outta my sight; I ordered and he ran off like the fool he is.
Ah there is no good help when you nee-d them, I thought I was the only one they love after all my effort to ruin their relationsh!pthey still end up together.
$h!t i yelled scattering everything in my room.
Well let me introduce myself, my name is Gloria and I’m mick ex girlfriend and also Nick’s ex girlfriend as well.
I [email protected]£d the both of them so I can ruin them o wanted them to fight each other but everything went down the drain I know you must be wondering why I’m doing this but it ain’t your business when the time comes you will un-derstand.
Ma’am I have some information; My useless spy said and I gave him a go ahead sign.
Erm the girl they both got marries to has an enemy sorry two enemies of her own, her sister who has been arrested for trying to poison her and the president daughter; He said and I sprang up on my feet immediately.
Wow what a wonderful news I want you to get her sister outta jail this mins and get me this so called president daughter; I ordered and he nodded before leaving the room.
A [email protected] landed on my cheeks for the third time.
How could you do this to me huh? Do you think trying to kill your sister is funny I loved the both of you equally why this?; My mom shouted at me and I scoff.
Equally my foot, you guys st©pped loving me the moment that bit-ch was born and you expected me to just sit down and watch her get a better husbands and life than me never.
You know what pls take me back to my cell I don’t want to see this people faces ever again; I requested and the officer standing at the entrance [email protected]£ and took me back to my cell.
At about an hour later an officer [email protected]£ to inform me I have been bailed out.wait what.
I walked out the police station with nothing but revenge in my heart, I’m so gonna make princess pay cus no one crosses my [email protected] and get away with it.
I walked down street with no where to go, since my family disowned me, I was still wondering about when I felt someone covering my nose with an handkerchief before I pas-sed out.
Slowly slowly; Mick and nick said as they direct me on the right [email protected] to take.
Well they said they had a surprise for me but I still don’t get why they had to blindfold me.
Hmm are we there yet; I asked for the hundredth times and they gave me the same answer.
We are almost there; They said and finally they re-moved the blind fold and lo and behold there was a dinner table set at the center of the large garden.
With fireflies brightening the atmosphere ma-king it look ro-mantic and a flier and [I LOVE YOU] was boldly written on it.
Ah oh my God this is is is I don’t even know what to say; I said hvgging the both of them.
Immediately I let go of them they both went on their kneels.
We love you Emily; They chorused and I was b!own away.
I love you guys as well; I said k!ss!ngthe both of them.
So are we eating dinner or are we not eating dinner; Nick said and we all laughed running to the dinner set.
I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was darkness and ah my head hurt.
I stood up from the cold [email protected] ground I was layer in as I try to locate the door.
Immediately the light went on and the door opened as well.
Hmm it’s seems my poppet as woken up; I heard a female voice and immediately a young girl I guess would be in her twenties walked into the room.
What the fv¢k do you want from me; I yelled and she chuckled.
I want the same thing as you sweetheart, I want your sister dead.
I stared at her in awe and I scoff.
You must be mad I want to be the one to kill that bit-ch not one random slut; I spat and a [email protected] landed on my cheeks.
I’m only trying to help you, I got you realized from prison I can still throw you back there bit-ch, and besides nob©dy said you shouldn’t kill your sister with your hands I just want to help; She said trying to gain my interest and it worked.
Hmm so how are we gonna do that? Her husband’s are like super glue they never leave her side; I said and she sm-irked an evil sm-irk.
Don’t worry I will settle that; She said and walked out of the room with her boys leaving me by myself once more.
After our ro-mantic dinner with nick and mick, nick decided to go visit his mother while mick stayed behind.
So erm you enjoyed the dinner?; Mick tried to start a conversation.
Yeah I really did, it was fantastic you guys are the best husbands ever; I said and he stood up from his sitting position on the be-d and [email protected]£ to me, before I could react he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg.
So I finally earned the title husband huh?; He asked and I giggled.
Yeah you’ve earned it; I said.
I thought he wanted to break from the hvg but instead he k!$$£d me, oh my oh my if this is a dream no one should dare wake me up.
He de-epened the k!sssu-cking on my lower l!plike his life depends on it.
I felt my back landing on something soft but didn’t put much thought on it cus right now I’m in wonder land.
He trailed k!sses down my n£¢k bone and a light [email protected] escaped myl-ips….I felt him Zi-pping my Zi-pper down, after succeeding in Zi-pping it down he yanked it of my b©dy leaving me with just my [email protected] since I’m not a fan of [email protected]’s.
He stared at my b©©b s for a while before taking my n!ppl!s into his mouth.
Oh God it felt so good and his warm ton-gue where driving me crazy.

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