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The vampire princess season two episode 13 & 14

The Vampire Princess
Season 2
Episode 13/14
We carried him into the Car
I st©pped the driver from driving saying
“I will drive”
You know what??…A smart girl will always be smart…
I know of 2 routes
One leads to Benedict hospital before getting to our Family hospital and the other Vice versa
I took the one that leads to our family hospital though Its a bit rou-gh..
I st©pped the car at the front of our hospital then text the doctor
s£nd the Nurses out
There is an Emergency…
“He said Benedict Hospital”Mira shouted
“Are you Dumb Mira..We got here first and he is dying slowly..Benedict hospital is still many miles away,He could die before we get there”I shouted back
Mira gently clean the blood dropping from his mouth and k!$$£d his forehead
I rolled my eyes🙄
“Pls Miss Mira lets take him in,He is gently loosing consciousness”The nurse intervened
Mira had no choice but to let him go..I smiled contentedly
Tears drop from Mira eyes slowly..She could be easily emotional
Me and Mira waited for the doctor for hours but he was nowhere to be found…I [email protected]£ slightly worried
To my surprise Mira faced me saying
“You poisoned him”
One thing about me I dont lie
“Yes i did”I replied
She landed [email protected] on my face pu-lling me by the hair
People wanted to hold her but she threatened
“If anyone come closer to me..The person will pay with his/her life”
“How dare you poisoned him Lisa..How dare you”She shouted as she yanked me to the floor
I dare not raise her hand back up at her coz I know what she is capable of doing not when I haven’t discovered my powers
“I have the Antidote..I did it for a reason”I defended
“If anything happen to him..I swear you are going down with him”She shouted
The doctor [email protected]£ in immediately
“Axel Creggs is fine”He blurted out..I can see the racing Joy in Mira eyes
“Can i see him”Mira asked then the doctor nodded …She rushed into the ward
“The DNA Test appears positive..He is your Father’s son”The doctor said to me
I sprang up excitedly
“OMG Dad must get to hear this”…
I swam de-ep and dee-per in the sea..Going straight to the Merworld
“Whom do you seek?”The guards asked
“I am the wife of Jentimulia,I [email protected]£ to see Meribella”I replied
Jentimulia means the powerful of all Clans💪💪
The bowed their head and open the gate with their powers
One of them led me to the MerPalace
Meribella fell to her face saying
“Your highness👑..How may I help you?”
“Rise up Meribella coz I have come in peace”..
“Your Visit still seems like a great surprise to me,How may i help you??”..
“I have a problem in my marriage and I am scared of loosing my husband I am…
“Hold it Highness..I have seen everything…
“I am in all ears”I replied
“Your marriage is col[email protected] it is and if you are not smart you will be divorced
Your husband really truly loved you but that was then not now anymore💔….
When he loved you, you didnt oil the love..You didnt make it grow,You didnt strengthen your marriage
You do push him to the wall and you do piss him off
The problem here is his first love❤..She alre-ady bore a son for him and she has all his attention more than you do..
He loves her and at this point He is not sure if he still loves you💔
You have to give your marriage all effort at this point or do you wanna loose him”..
I shake my head in the negative way trying to fight back my tears
“You will have him back but that lady is gonna give birth to one more Female child for your husband… .
“What! No Meribella No”I shouted between tears
“The daughter will try all her best to bring your husband and the lady back together and that will bring you a great problem because the Daughter will be very powerful but for now gather yourself together and build back your marriage”She advised
“Jentimulia is yours”She added
“Thanks a lot Meribella,I will have to go to the Earth..Lisa called a meeting”…
At the Kendal House
Mrs Zoey Creggs,My Dad,My mom,Mira and me were sitted in the living room
“I called everyone to settle the issue that has been burning for years”I said
“I will like to Address Mira first..
Before Dad met Mom,He impregnated a lady which leads to a baby..
“How is that my business”She asked frankly
She was sitted beside Mrs Zoey and its seems like they’ve known each other
“Its your business Mira Coz the baby grew up to be Axel Kendal Creggs..
I could see the shock of her face
“You mean Axel is my brother?”She stammered
“Exactly”I replied
“Axel Creggs”I shouted..I told him to wait by the door when me and Mira [email protected]£ in
His mom ran to hvg him as he entered…She ruffled his hair and he pe-ck her two cheeks
“Sweetheart❤..This is your Dad”His mom said referring to Dad
“My Dad is dead,You showed me his pictures,You took me to his graveyard so nee-d putting on an expensive joke”
“I was just putting up an act..I was lieing
This is your Dad..Your Biological Father”Mrs Zoey said again
“What you have been telling me for years and now you are suddenly telling me Its a lie
My father is Dead..This Can’t be my father…
“Here is the DNA test”I said handing the result over to confused Axel Creggs..
He stared at it and the result fell from his hands
“Is Mira his daughter”He whispered..Tears was dropping from Mira eyes
“Yes Mira is his daughter and that unlock the meaning of the Kendal in your name,Mira is your sister”I replied frankly
He looked at Crying Mira then said
“My father is dead to me💔…
He walked out then Mira followed him..
Season 2
Episode 14
“Axel”Mrs Zoey Creggs shouted..He kept going and Mira followed him
“Why would you tell him I am dead”My Dad shouted on Zoey
“I told you years that if he ask of you,I will say you are dead”She snapped
“You shouldn’t have gone far by taking him to the graveyard and showing him pictures of someone who is not me”He shouted again
“I just wanted to make it real”Mrs Zoey Creggs defended
“There is no point in ma-king a lie real when the truth will later be revealed and now I dont know where my daughter and Son are heading to”Dad said
“Dad I think Mira and Axel are into a kind of relationsh!p❤”I replied
Dad turn to look at me shock all over him and for the first time during these discussion Mom look at me with eyes wi-de-ned
………….Definition of B.U.S.T.E.D…………..
“No No No that can’t be possible,He introduced her to me as his friend”Mrs Zoey replied confused
“My investigations reveal it that they are not just friends” I said
“Zoey you caused it all… I have been looking for this child for years but you kept hiding him away from me as if I am not his father…If you have re-leased this child on time,He would have known his sisters and I dont think They would have been in any relationsh!pby now😏”Dad said running his hand throu-gh his hair
“I choose to hide the son and stay away from your family just to protect your marriage..I want you to live a happy life”Mrs Zoey Creggs said then my mom stared at her with an expressionless face
“I never knew it would affect the children”She added slowly
“So now what do we do??..My son doesn’t believe I am his father even with the DNA test result and Mira just followed him out now”Dad replied
“I stuck a [email protected]£ra in Mira hair so it would be easy for me to trail them..Leave the rest to me Mira and Axel will be back here Soon” I said
All eyes fell on me
Mom refused to say a single word throu-ghout the Conversation..
I walked upstairs,Mrs Zoey followed me..Dad wanted to leave but mom held his hand
I held Axel hands as he was about to leave and his eyes turned to meet mine
“I thought you loved me..I thought you cared
You showered me with so much attention
You showered me with love💓
You made me smile🤗
You served as my joy❤
But why do you change💔
Even when I tried to start a conversation you always bore it off💔
You are not the Man I used to know😔
You are not the person I married💔”Tears was clearly folded in my eyes
I made to walk away but this time he held me back
“I loved you Vera❤I still do
But I am really really confused at this point in my life
I was about to say something but he shut me up with a k!ss💋
I couldn’t respond coz It s£nt electrifying shock into my veins
Axel Just k!$$£d me!!
I followed Axel and he was heading straight to a bar
He ordered bottles of alcoholic drink and I watched as he consumed them
“Never believe my mom could lie to me 💔 ..She told me my Dad is dead and she is complicating issues”…
“Shhhh..He cut me off
“I love you Mira and the fact that you are my sister is what I can never believe coz my father is dead to me”He added
He held my f!ngersand ca-ressed it gently
I also can’t believe that Axel is my brother.. I loved him❤❤
“I love you Mira more than I have ever imagined
I love you and I will always do”He said again
“I love you too but…He shut me up with a yummy k!ss
“I love you Mira”He whispered
Realization hit me that he may truly be my brother but I have really loved him
Why must the truth have to be revealed now when I have gotten add!çted to him..The fault is with my parents,they caused it
We dis£ngaged from the k!ssthen he said
“We are travelling to California first thing tomorrow morning”
“And you think that is the right decision??”I replied
“Maybe we should stay here at Mellington and get to the root of the mess”I added
“But I am scared of loosing you…
“Likewise me”I replied
“But I believe everything will be fine”I added then he nodded
Blood ran into my cheeks and smile formed on my face as I remembered Axel k!$$£d me some days ago ..
I have loved him with all my life…He is my priority
Why do you think I never remarried because there is no one I can love the way I have ever loved him…
Though I tried by staying far away from him but like I have said my heart have always remained with him💓
He still loves me and I am sure of that❤
If i want him now I could have him since his marriage is not that strong so it will be Damn easy
Axel is mine! He will always be and this time I wont let him go..
If I love him I would fight for him and this time I am re-ady to..
Axel is Mine and Mine alone❤❤!!

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