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The unpredicted love Episode 19 & 20

Mrs Mbakwe was just returning with leaves and a knife in her hands when two boys in uniform arrived. They adjusted backward when they saw the knife and the leaves.
“God morning, madam” they greeted, then Mrs Mbakwe turned. She wore a fairy pink go-wn with a black trou-ser un-der. She had a fair complexion and a low cut hair on her head. She was surprised to see the students standing far from her and looking scared.
“Any problem?” she asked.
“Our principal s£nt us to you”
“Why? Come closer nah!”
“No oh! We are okay here” they responded at the same time looking at each other and took another step backward. Seeing that, Mrs Mbakwe suspected that something must have gone wrong somewhere.
“Why is your principal calling me?” she asked.
“Because of your daughter, Jennifer”
“Hey! I hope nothing has happened to my daughter oh!” she kept the knife and the leaves immediately and followed the boys who took on their heels immediately too.
The prefects took over the school since the teachers weren’t available. They made sure all the students remained in their clas-srooms without ma-king noise.
Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Jacob, Calista’s parents were alre-ady in the office [email protected] The mother took hold of her daughter who was still ma-king a S-xual move.
“We warned her severally to stay away from this daughter of a witch but she wouldn’t listen!” Mr Jacob shouted from the seat where he was sitting with a walking stick. He was exact resemblance of Calista with a native attire and one could see white beards on her jaw.
“Do you know Jennifer’s mother?” the principal asked him.
“Who doesn’t know the wicked witch!” Mr Jacob began. “She can go to an extreme just to get what she wants even by f0rç£!” he added with all bitterness, then the principal exhaled de-eply and glanced at Jennifer who was kneeling before everyb©dy and shedding tears. Suddenly, Mrs Mbakwe arrived and Mrs Jacob rushed her.
“You have to kill me oh!” she shouted and [email protected]£d her legs. “You and your daughter will kill me today!” she added.
Seeing that, teachers separated them and calmed her down. Mrs Mbakwe was still perplexed about the whole issue. She took a good look at her daughter and Calista even her parents who she knew very well.
“Principal what happened?” she asked curiously.
“I think your daughter is in a good condition to answer that” Mr Nelson replied, then she turned to Jennifer.
“What have you done, Jennifer?” she asked, but she kept quiet.
“Your daughter brou-ght a love charm to school” Mr Nelson began. “She was actually targeting my s£nior prefect, a male student but she ended up using it on her friend!”
“What?!” Mrs Mbakwe exclaimed looking at her daughter. “Jennifer, where did you get love charm from?” she asked.
“I used the leave you gave to that man yesterday”
“You deed what?! Hey!”
“Madam, shouting will not solve the problem now” Mr Anuma began. “Just get a solution on how to bring back this girl to her normal s-en-ses”
“plea-se, I’m really sorry” Mrs Mbakwe apologized. “There is actually a solution. Let me go home and come back” she rushed outside.
Few minutes later, she [email protected]£ back with a water on a white bowl. Students who saw her stared at her throu-gh the windows.
“Is that her mother?” Tochi asked Linda.
“Yes, an old wicked witch!”
“Hmm, what’s she carrying?”
“Who knows? Probably they want to reverse the charm”
Tochi folded her hands staring at her until she entered into the office, then she turned to Linda again. “I want to tell you something?” she said.
“I’m all ears”
“Wisdom finally proposed”
“What?! I mean, what did you say”
“I turned him down”
“But you know what? Inside me, i love him and want to go back and approve the proposal”
“What about Esther?”
“She was the one that actually told me to do so”
Linda thought for a while. “I believe the road is open for you now?” she said smiling.
“You mean i can proceed?”
“Yes, you are so lucky” they smiled uncontrollably.
At the very sight of all the teachers, Mrs Mbakwe washed Calista’s face with the water from the bowl and immediately she regained herself. She looked at everyb©dy surprisingly, even Jennifer. “Mama” she called.
“Oh my daughter” she [email protected] her.
“What happened?”
“My dear, i will tell you when we get home” Calista looked at Jennifer again. She couldn’t just comprehend what was going on.
“Principal, i want to take my daughter home” Mrs Jacob requested.
“plea-se, go on” they left even the Mr Jacob followed them angrily.
“plea-se, Mr principal” Mrs Mbakwe began “I apologize unbehalf of my daughter. Forgive her, plea-se. As you can see she took the charm without my knowledge because i wouldn’t have allowed her. Na this things dey give me small small money, biko gbahara”
“I’m sorry madam” the principal said. “Your daughter has been expelled from this school”
“Since her name is alre-ady on waec [email protected]£ list, she’s only eligible to come back here during d examination time!” Mr Nelson concluded..
Many students watched Mrs Mbakwe dragged Jennifer out of the school compound angrily. Some laughed at her while some pitied her. Wisdom stood speechless with his hands folded looking at her. He didn’t believe she could do such a thing. Melody and Esther stood at the window feeding their eyes.
“Thank God you weren’t with them anymore. Who knows whether you would have been the one to be charmed instead of Calista” Esther told Melody.
“Yes, that’s true” she agreed. “I noticed their character to be repulsive so i ceased being their friend instantly” She added.
The news gradually began to die down and students never hesitated to have their break meal or snack. Tochi didn’t know how to start approaching Wisdom again. Linda could see her looking restless as they sat un-der the palm tree as usual.
“Who are you looking for?” she asked her.
“Linda, I’m afraid oh” Tochi replied.
“Maybe Wisdom doesn’t love me again”
“Why are you saying like this?”
“He has not talked to me throu-ghout today. You witnessed when i greeted him this morning but didn’t answer me”
“Maybe he’s only trying to be healed from the broken heart”
“That’s what I’m saying oh! What if he has changed his mind about me?”
“St©p Abeg!”
Just as they were talking, Wisdom walked handsomely with che-ster at their very sight into Esther’s clas-sroom. Tochi hope he just look at their direction but he didn’t.
“Linda, have you seen what i told you? He doesn’t even want to notice my pres£nce. I know he doesn’t love me again”
Linda remained quiet looking at her with her hands folded.
“Why are you looking at me nah?!” Tochi shouted.
“I’m just looking at how love want to drive you crazy” Linda replied smiling.
Inside the clas-sroom, Wisdom gradually walked to Esther’s seat while Melody cornered che-ster at the back of the clas-sroom in a way che-ster sat on an opened window while Melody stood inbetween his th!ghs with a snake.
“It seems like you have some goodies for me” che-ster told her.
“Of course i have”
“Abeg can i have it?”
“Yes, in one condition”
“What condition?”
Esther couldn’t st©p glancing at them feeling jealous as Wisdom sat opposite her also noticing it.
“In a condition that you close your eyes” Melody replied.
“Just that?”
“No, you will also open your mouth”
“Okay” at the very sight of Esther, che-ster opened his mouth and Melody fed him with a biscuit.
“Now close your mouth and chew the goody” she said smiling. che-ster opened his eyes and began to chew the biscuit.
“I love the goody” he said and they laughed.
Esther couldn’t behold them anymore, so she concentrated on Wisdom who immediately crossed his legs smiling.
“How are you feeling?” he asked her.
“I’m fine” she replied without looking at him.
“I’m sorry for what i have put you throu-gh. I will forever be your friend”
“Is okay, such is life. At least is better than being charmed with a love charm” they smiled and Esther glanced at che-ster and Melody again.
“But someone really loves you and can do anything to make u happy”
“Who?” Esther asked and immediately Wisdom looked at che-ster who was laughing seriously with Melody.
“I mean someone who will love you more than a friend is coming”
“Hmmm, i don’t want anymore before someone use love charm on me” Esther said and they smiled again. “Ehn.. what about Tochi?” she changed the t©pic but Wisdom kept quiet.
“I don’t want to talk about it”
Just before Wisdom replied, a voice [email protected]£ from the entrance of the clas-sroom saying. “Wisdom the principal wants to see you now!”
Without thinking twice, Wisdom rushed out. Tochi saw him again for the second time without him noticing her pres£nce, then she glanced at Linda again.
“If you want I’ll go and talk to him” Linda suggested.
“No” she insisted.
Everyb©dy began to go home but Tochi hesitated to go. She was actually hoping to see Wisdom again but he was nowhere to be found. She stood at the entrance of her clas-sroom and adjusted her bag looking at every direction. She was very neat and looking more beautiful.
“Let’s go home” a voice [email protected]£ from behind, then she turned with a sad face.
“I don’t want to go yet” she replied
“You still want to see Wisdom?” Linda asked but Tochi kept quiet looking at every angle.
“I’m going oh!” Linda said.
“Bye bye” she replied and Linda walked home.
Esther and che-ster were actually in their clas-sroom by the window. Just few students remained there. che-ster held her hand softly and said, “My birthday is coming next week Saturday”
“Really? And how old will you be by then?”
“5 years”
“Lair! Abeg tell me”
“Add 5 years to your age and subtract it with 4, you’ll get my age”
Esther [email protected]£ confused and began to think. Just at that moment Tochi [email protected]£ at the window looking at them with her face up.
“Good afternoon” she greeted. “Have u seen Wisdom?” she asked.
“No, dear” Esther replied. “It seems like the principal s£nt him on an erran” she added.
“Okay” Tochi went home sadly
che-ster was the type that had been expo-sed to modern life regarding his background. He was also the type that do things gradually without rushing it. Of course he was inlove with the girl before him but couldn’t express his feelings trying so [email protected] not to be heartbroken. After Tochi and other students left leaving just Esther and che-ster. Esther wanted to go but he prevented her.
“You have not told me what you will give me as a pres£nt on my birthday” he said.
“I’ll get you something lovely” she replied smiling.
“Like what?”
Esther stared at the ceiling in thought with a f!nger on herl-ips.
“Can you give me your heart as a pres£nt?” che-ster asked and brou-ght down her hand staring into her lovely eyes.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“I mean can i look into your heart and see a space for me there?”
Hearing that, Esther’s heart began to beat as she stared in to his eyes. She could see seriousness in them.
“That’s the only thing i ask from you” che-ster continued. “Just your heart and your love” he concluded and they stared at each other silently. che-ster brou-ght his head gradually and began to k!ssher which she reciprocated. At that moment, Wisdom, who arrived saw them at the door and quietly went back. Esther suddenly quit the k!ssand began to arrange her books in a hurry.
“What is it?” che-ster asked her but she didn’t say anything. “Have i done something wrong?” he asked again.
“No, i just want to go” she replied and flung her bag one handedly on her shoulder to go but che-ster [email protected]£d her hand immediately, then she turned sharply. Both stared at each other feeling their heartsbeat together.
“Esther, i love you. How do you want me to express it? plea-se, give me a chance and i promise to heal your broken heart”
Esther remained speechless, she couldn’t believed the k!ssand what she was hearing, then she brou-ght down her eyes on che-ster’s hand and gradually dis£ngage it. “Bye” she said and walked out gently. Just at the door, she turned and glanced at him again, then went home briskly. Wisdom sighted her from afar walking very fast and sometimes galloped, then he wondered what the problem was. Just as he stared, he saw che-ster walking out of the clas-sroom sadly.
“Hey bro!” he shouted and ran over. “What is the problem?”
“Nothing much”
“I actually saw both of you k!ssing”
“You did?”
“Yeah, that means she has..”
“No, she hasn’t” che-ster interrupted.
“I don’t know, she just quit and walked out without saying anything”
Wisdom remained quiet finding it difficult to un-derstand such attitude.
“I just don’t un-derstand her feelings” che-ster broke the silence.
“Exactly! That’s what I’m thinking now” Wisdom replied.
“Sometimes girls could be very difficult to be un-derstood”
“Yes bro”
“Till tomorrow”
“Okay” they shook hands together and [email protected]
Esther couldn’t concentrate when she got home. She rushed into her room and stared at the window. “Did i just have my first k!ss?” she thought. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed quietly but to the hearing of Mrs Godwin, her mother who opened the room without knocking.
“What is happening to you?” she asked.
“Nothing Mummy” She replied.
“Why are you late from school?”
“Mummy, i couldn’t get a cab on time”
“Yes, Mummy”
“Come and have your lunch”
“Thank you, Mummy”
The mother gradually closed the door.
Tochi had been in her room since she [email protected]£ back from school without eating anything. She wore a pink leggings trou-ser and fairy t©p lying on her be-d with her face up. She blinked her eyes occasionally and glanced at the window. Her whole b©dy and soul nee-ded Wisdom. If only to just see him would have been okay for her.
“Tochukwu” the mother [email protected]£ in. “You have not told me what your problem is oh”
“Mama, I’m fine!”
“No, you are not my daughter, talk to me I’m your mother” she sat beside her on the be-d. “Did your teacher flogg you?”
“No, mama”
The mother stared at her for a while and said, “Oya bring out your table and books, your teacher is here”
Tochi turned sharply. “Which of my teachers, mama?” she asked.
“Your lesson teacher nah. What is his name again?”
“Yes, Wisdom”
Before the mother could finish pronouncing the name, Tochi rushed to the backyard just to see Wisdom facing the kitchen without noticing her pres£nce.
“Wisdom?” she called and Wisdom turned. He couldn’t believe her beauty in the pink leggings trou-ser which gave her bu-tt round shape. They smiled at each other.
“Good evening” Tochi greeted.
“How are you?”
“I’m fine now”
“Are you re-ady to study?”
“Yes, very re-ady” she ran inside and brou-ght out her books and set the table, then the mother wondered where she actually got her strength from.
The lesson lasted for two hours and Tochi didn’t hesitate to esc-rt Wisdom as an opportunity to tell him her mind even when the mother insisted. The day was getting dark when they walked like husband and wife…
In the dark weather, twi-nkle little stars shone above the sky giving it magnificent beauty. People patrolled up and down the street ma-king sure it wasn’t bored. Still in the pinky leggings trou-ser and fairy t©p, Tochi walked simultaneously with Wisdom without saying a word. Both occasionally glanced at each other and smiled. They could see bad street boys arguing at a corner with their trou-sers sagged and kept their hair like that of a mad man-dada. Tochi could see their bo-xers outside looking very dirty and disgusting.
“Oh boy, this is our street oh! No carry sand come put for my own carry oh!” one of the boys said demonstrating like a criminal.
Wisdom looked at them and smiled seriously.
“Why are you smiling?” Tochi asked him.
“It’s just funny to see young boys behaving like that”
Tochi looked at the boys and smiled too. “I don’t like people like that” she said.
“They don’t look responsible”
“How can you know someone that looks responsible?”
“From the way they dress and talk”
“Am i responsible?”
“You are more way responsible and handsome too”
“Thanks” they looked at each other and smiled.
Just at the lonely place where Tochi knew that it was time for her to go back, she st©pped. She could hear the sound of crickets and see the brightness of the stars. It was a narrow road with bushes beside it. She stepped aside with a hand on a long gras-s and glanced backward. Wisdom noticed her restlessness attitude, then he asked, “Is anything the matter?”
“Yes… i mean no..” she replied feeling her heartbeat. Wisdom gently held her hands and without persuasion, Tochi moved closer to him in a way her b©dy t©uçhed his.
“I want to tell you something” she began. “I’m sorry for disappointing you the other day. I have realised that nothing can st©p me from loving you now. I love you with all my heart, plea-se…”
“Ssshh..” Wisdom interrupted her with a f!nger on herl-ips. “You have said enough. I love you even more than you do”
“Yes dear, i can’t st©p loving you no matter what” they smiled staring at each other’s eyes and being closer in a way Wisdom could feel her soft b—-t on his che-st.
“I thought you don’t love me anymore” Tochi broke the silence smiling.
“I will never think of that”
They remained silent again, then Wisdom made a move to k!ssher. Tochi noticed what he was about to do, so she remained static staring at him as he brou-ght his face gradually to kias her.
“May i?” Wisdom asked with a low voice and she nodded her head slightly positive, then Wisdom k!$$£d her steadily. She didn’t know when she was moved to hold him closer round the [email protected]!st. At that moment, the upper [email protected] of her b—-t pumped upward when they were closer to his che-st and Wisdom could feel her round bu-ttocks which was soft and sli-ppery due to the elastic leggings trou-ser. Suddenly, she quit the k!ssand dis£ngaged herself from him.
“I should be going now” she said.
“Is okay, see you tomorrow” they smiled and [email protected] happily.
She walked gently towards her clas-sroom looking shy. Her appearance and her nature of locomotion made her seems so innocent and more beautiful. Her ironed transparent uniform made the shape of her un-derwears visible. Just before she entered, she met Wisdom at the entrance.
“Hi, Calista” Wisdom said.
“Good morning” Calista pas-sed him but suddenly turned. “My parents told me what happened yesterday. How bad was it?” she asked.
“It wasn’t bad but disgraceful” Wisdom replied.
“Was i n-ked?”
“No, rather Jennifer was n-ked”
“Okay” she move on.
“Calista” Wisdom interrupted and moved close to her. “It wasn’t your fault. Don’t feel inferior in any way because it was totally not your fault, okay?”
“Okay, Thanks” she gave a weak smile to him feeling his kindness.
Students began to come to school as the time for as-sembly drew near, yet Tochi wasn’t in school. As Wisdom anticipated to see her, che-ster arrived looking clas-sic and handsome. They stood at an opened area closer to the entrance of SS3B, Esther’s clas-sroom.
“Good morning, bro” che-ster greeted and placed one of his hands inside his pocket in a way his golden wrist watch jingled at the ti-p of it. “I forgot to tell you that Tochi looked for you yesterday before going home” he added.
“I finally met her at home” Wisdom replied.
“I hope you worked out things with her because she wasn’t looking happy yesterday”
“Yeah, we are actually…” he paused and smiled at him.
[email protected]!ng?” che-ster was curious.
“Yeah, and we had our first..” he paused again.
“Wow! you deserve a handshake, bro!” they laughed and shook hands together.
Just then Calista [email protected]£ out and saw them smiling happily, so she stared and wondered why.
Esther also arrived at the moment. “Good morning sirs!” she greeted them from a distance and walked inside her clas-sroom..
che-ster didn’t expect such happiness and greeting from Esther, so he looked at Wisdom and said, “She seems happy”
“Yeah, she is” Wisdom replied and looked at him in a way that explains: Go for her now.
Calista watched che-ster horried into the clas-sroom immediately Esther entered, then she suspected them feeling jealous.
Esther opened her bag immediately and began to look for her hymn book.
“Hi, Esther” che-ster said from behind.
“Hi, Good morning” she replied quic-kly without looking at him. She Zi-pped up her bag and rushed out instantly.
che-ster [email protected]£ very surprise. Her action rendered him speechless with an open mouth. “What’s wrong with her?” he thought. Just before he [email protected]£ out from the thought, Calista walked in like a gentle angel with her hands folded in a black jacket to prevent the morning coldness.
“Wow!” che-ster exclaimed.
“What?!” Calista asked.
“You look actually.. amazing!”
“Should i take that as a compliment or mockery?”
“A compliment of course”
“Thanks anyway” she walked closer to him. “Do i still regard myself as your friend regarding what happened yesterday?”
“Of course you are still my friend. Actually it wasn’t your fault rather Jennifer’s”
“Okay, good to know” they stared at each other. Immediately the bell ran for as-sembly.
Just as students rushed into the as-sembly ground, Tochi walked into the school compound and Wisdom was the first to see her.
“You are late!” he shouted from a distance smiling. Tochi also smiled and hurried up to him.
“I’m sorry sir” she replied breathing heavily.
“Welcome, ma, you may go in”
“Thank you sir” she pas-sed with smiles on her face. Wisdom also couldn’t st©p smiling.
All was on the as-sembly ground quietly when Mr Nelson, the principal walked in with Mr Anuma. He stood before them with a paper in his hands and rattled it.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir!”
“We have come to the end of this week and i believe you know what comes up next week, the quiz. It is something you should be serious with..”
Just then, Wisdom’s eyes caught with Tochi’s and they shook their heads in a way that explains: We gonna make it!!
The principal continued, “I’m here to announce that Mbakwe Jennifer has been expelled from this school”
There was an arising soliloquy among the students and some looked at Calista who stood alone gazing at the principal. Her only friend Jennifer had been expelled so she felt lonely.
“I found her action very offensive and disgraceful. She actually wanted to sabotage the name of this school. I couldn’t allow that to happen, so just stay away from evil. un-derstood!”
“Yes sir!” the students chorused.
As usual the principal walked out leaving the ground for Mr Anuma who stood quietly with a hand inside his pocket gazing at the students.
“You look good sir!” a male voice shouted from behind and students started giggling.
“Who is that happygolucky student!” Mr Anuma began. “Instead of you to be inconspicuous, you are there ma-king an indecipherable s£ntence” the students giggled again. “Listen to me all of you, the res£nt entrenchment made by the principal concerning Mbakwe Jennifer is also applicable to you all. un-derstood?!”
“Yes sir!”
“As for the quiz, a noble price will the given 2 the winning team” immediately the students began to make noise.
“Silent!” Wisdom exclaimed. Everywhere [email protected]£ quiet and Mr Anuma looked at Tochi.
“Desmond!” he called.
“Yes, sir!”
“I hope Wisdom is doing a great job?”
“Yes sir!”
“Heeehhh!” the students shouted looking at Tochi and Wisdom.
“Sir, what type of job is he doing?” a female student asked.
“Shut up there, you mind corrupted succubus!” Mr Anuma replied with smiles and stepped out. Everyb©dy began to wonder the type of job Wisdom was really doing with Tochi even Esther, che-ster and Melody.
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