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The unpredicted love 2 Episode 3 & 4

Mrs Caleb, Wisdom’s mother danced around the house with half a wra-pper. As she danced, she sang a victorious song. The compound was swept neatly. One could see the mark of the broom on the ground ma-king a curved shape.
“Truly my son is wisdom itself!” Mr Caleb [email protected]£ out. He wore a black trou-ser and a white traditional shi-t with a walkingstick in his hand. “He is truly a son of his father! Who would have believed that my son will school abroad? Hey! My God is alive!” he began to walk out ma-king use the walkingstick. He suddenly turned to his dancing wife and asked. “Where is Wisdom?”
“He has gone to see a friend” the wife replied and continued her dance. She shook her [email protected]!st vigorously in a brown wra-pper with her face upward. “God has put my enemies to shame oh!” she shouted in conclusion.
Tochi just [email protected]£ back from school. She kept her bag and went to the backyard but didn’t see anyone. She wore a bu-mshort and a t©p which didn’t cover up her stomach. One could see her fresh skin b©dy and th!ghs.
“Mama!” she shouted and walked inside the kitchen but didn’t see her. Before she turned, she saw Wisdom standing at the door smiling seriously. “Wisdom?” she called and moved closer.
Wisdom [email protected]£ down and gave her a ti-ght hvg to her surprise.
“Guess what?” he said.
“I can’t guess, what is it?!” Tochi was curious looking into his eyes smiling.
“My waec was withheld few days ago when it officially [email protected]£ out but i didn’t want to tell you. Mr Anuma and i went to waec office and they told me to defend my result because i made A’s in all my papers which was actually the reason why it was withheld. But after i defended it, they relieved it!”
Tochi shouted in a loud voice and hvgged him slightly. “You mean you got all your 9 subjects A’s?” she asked.
“Oh God, I’m so happy for you!”
“It didn’t end there oh” Wisdom said and Tochi remained quiet to hear him out.
“Because of that, i was given a scholarsh!pto study abroad!” Wisdom added and Tochi jumped on him with a loud shout to the extent he nearly fell…
Melody rushed back from a cyber cafe to their house with a paper. She wore a jean trou-ser and a fairy t©p. Her hair dangled around her face when she entered.
“Mummy!” she shouted.
“What is it!” the mother [email protected]£ out from her room.
“Mummy, i pas-sed my exam!” she handed the paper to her.
“Hey!” Mrs Smith shouted looking at the paper. “See oh, A, C, C, B… You have done well my daughter” she hvgged her. “God i thank you oh!” she concluded with her hands up.
“Mummy, can i make use of your phone?” Melody requested.
“Yes! Don’t even worry, i will buy you a phone tomorrow”
“Hey! Thank you Mummy!”
Melody took the phone into her room and dialed Edwin’s number. The number rang without response, then she [email protected]£ sad. She dialed it again hoping to hear someone’s voice. “plea-se, pick up” she murmured.
“Hello” a male voice said from the other side of the phone.
“plea-se, is this Edwin?”
“Is Melody”
“Wow, so happy to hear from you!”
“Guess what? I made my waec!”
“Wow, Congratulations!”
“Thank you. And you?”
“Of course past my waec and jamb, trust me”
“Congratulations! Even me too”
“When can i see you?”
“We will talk about that tomorrow, by then, i have my own phone!”
“Wow, i can’t wait. Bye”
Melody ended the call and jumped on the be-d happily.
Mrs Godwim, Esther’s mother opened the door and found che-ster standing with a [email protected]©p.
“Good day, ma’am” he greeted.
“Good day, come in. You must be looking for Esther”
Esther [email protected]£ out and smiled at him. She gave him a seat and sat with him while the mother entered.
“Why are you with a [email protected]©p?” Esther asked.
“To check your result”
“Really? Have you checked yours?”
“Yes, and i pas-sed” he replied without looking her as he put on the [email protected]©p”
Esther’s heart began to beat when che-ster started the procedure. Even her mother [email protected]£ out when she was told what was going on. She couldn’t wait to see her daughter’s result. She could also see how Esther glanced at che-ster sometimes. After few minutes, the result displa-yed.
“Oh my God!” che-ster exclaimed.
“What is it?” Esther asked.
“You failed”
“Ehn?!” the mother stood up from her seat.
“plea-se, ma’am, I’m joking. She pas-sed” che-ster said with smiles showing the result to Esther and her mother who rejoiced and thanked him very much.
Tochi suddenly [email protected]£ sad and sat on a small stool. Of course Wisdom had an idea of her sadness so he squat down and [email protected]£d her hands.
“I know what troubles you, i know how you feel but i as-sure you that no one will take your place in my heart”
Tochi remained quiet. Wisdom could see her eyes we-t with tears and her che-st pumping up and down in fear.
“Wisdom, I’m afraid” Tochi said.
“You have no reason to be afraid”
“What will be my hope? Will i ever see you again? What do you expect me to do when you are finally gone?”
As Wisdom was still looking for the right response, Mrs Desmond returned…
Wisdom quic-kly stood up and Tochi dried her tears when they heard Mrs Desmond coming.
“Tochukwu!” The mother’s called from the pas-sage.
“Yes, Mama!” she responded and met her at the door. She collected a bag from her hand and took it inside.
“Good day Mama” Wisdom smiled.
“Good day my son” she replied and took a seat. “I heard you have graduated”
“Yes Mama, and i pas-sed my exams”
“Is that so?! Congratulations!”
“Thank you Mama. I also gained a scholarsh!pto study abroad which is actually the reason why I’m here to tell you”
“Hey! You mean you are going to obodo oyibo?!”
“Yes, Mama”
“Come my son, come let me bless you”
Wisdom knelt before Mrs Desmond and Tochi [email protected]£ out at that time watching her mother [email protected] on him speaking positive words then she smiled unwillingly. Wisdom stood up after the blessing and said, “I shall be on my way now”
“You will visit us again before travelling, abi?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Yes, i will” he replied and looked at Tochi who glanced at him without smiling.
“Tochi, i will be going now” Wisdom told her.
“Bye bye” she responded without looking at him then Wisdom left.
The mother could see her looking sad and her eyes we-t with tears again.
“Tochi, ongini?” she asked.
“Nothing, Mama” Tochi replied and began to walk inside but her mother called her back.
“You can’t hide your feelings from me. I am your mother and i carried you for nine good months. So tell me, why are you so sad?”
“Nothing, Mama. I’m not sad”
Of course the mother knew that she was probably sad because of Wisdom’s trip to abroad but she kept quiet and never wanted to dig into it. “You may go and eat your food” she concluded.
“I’m not hungry” Tochi walked inside her room.
New prefects and SS3 students emerged in Winners International Secondary Schools. Tochi was given a post as the head-girl and another student called Kingsley as the s£nior prefect boy who had also been with them from SS2. He was also intelligent but not as Wisdom. He [email protected]£ to school as early as 6:30am and began to monitor students. He had a flat stomach and chocolate complexion with a low-cut hair. On his wrist was a digital watch and on his feet were black fitted shoes. He sighted Tochi coming then he smiled.
“Hi, Tochi” he said.
“Good morning, Kingsley” Tochi greeted without looking at him or smiling.
“You don’t look happy. Is everything okay?”
Tochi didn’t respond to him, rather she pas-sed and walked into her clas-sroom which made Kingsley wonder what he had done to her.
Students began to come in large quantity including Linda who was always close to Tochi. They monitored junior students who were sweeping their various potions. Linda could see Tochi not looking happy so she asked, “Are you okay?” but she didn’t reply rather she concentrated on the junior students.
“Hey, re-move those gras-ses” Tochi instructed the little girl.
“Which of them, s£nior?” the little girl asked.
“Are you blind?! Or did i make an obscurity s£ntence?!” she yelled at the girl and walked out angrily, then Linda [email protected]£ surprise of her attitude.
“What’s her problem?” she murmured and followed her. Immediately the bell rang for as-sembly.
Tochi took over the as-sembly looking unhappy. She monitored and sang hymns with students. As she sang, Kingsley admired her. Of course he had an idea of her relationsh!pwith Wisdom but didn’t mind. The principal [email protected]£ out with Mr Anuma after the national anthem. He stood before all the students and said, “Good morning students?!”
“Good morning, sir!”
“I want you to inform any of our students who took waec examination that their results are now out online. Secondly, i am happy and proud of them all. I can boldly announce to you that our former s£nior prefect, Caleb Wisdom made an A in all his subjects!”
Students began to [email protected] and shout.
The principal continued, “And because of that, he has been given a scholarsh!pto study abroad!”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed and students rejoiced except Tochi. Linda looked at her and un-derstood why she had been very sad lately.
“So, this should be a lesson and a challenge to you all to work [email protected] and be studious. un-derstood?!” the principal concluded.
“Yes, sir!” the students replied.
Mr Anuma took over when the principal left. Immediately, a car packed at the sight of everyb©dy. A young and beautiful girl without a uniform [email protected]£ out throu-gh the back door and Tochi watched Kingsley as he went to her immediately.
“Who are you plea-se?” he asked.
“I am a new student” the girl replied smartly.
“Of which school?”
“This school”
“No, you aren’t a student of this school yet”
“Because you’ve not been registered”
“Well, my mum will do that now”
Kingsley turned and saw her mother then he directed them to the principal’s office.
“Good morning, students” Mr Anuma began. “Whether you are a sanatorium or t©p-ranking person feeling sanctimoniously, without education you are nothing!”
Students shouted.
The as-sembly ended as usual. As the
students moved into their clas-ses, Mr
Anuma sighted Jennifer and Calista
coming without a uniform. He placed his
hands inside his pocket and adjusted his
eyeglas-s as a way of being re-ady to talk
about something very important. He
was always on voluminous clothes with
big shoes which made students
sometimes wonder if the grammars
were loaded there.
“Mbakwe and Jacob!” Mr Anuma called
and they ran to him giggling. Both wore
the same jean trou-ser and red t©p.
“Good morning sir” they greeted.
“Do i nee-d to remind both of you that
you are no longer the students of this
“Sir, why?” Calista asked.
“Because there is nothing connecting
you and this school again”
“Sir is unfair nah. What about our
result?” Jennifer asked.
“Sir, that’s the reason why we are even
here oh” Calista added.
“Your result is online, not yet in school!”
“Hey!” they shouted and ran out then Mr
Anuma smiled.
Principal’s office had no duplicate. It
was exceptional and magnificent. One
could see a refrigerator and a computer
on the table. Pictures of president
Muhammandu Buhari and governor of
the state hung on the wall. The principal
looked at the woman before him her
daughter and asked, “What can i do you
“Actually, this is my daughter, i want her
registered in this school” the woman
The principal looked at the girl, he could
see how clas-sic and irresponsible she
was by chewing a gum in his pres£nce.
“plea-se, spit out that thing in your
mouth. It shows unseriousness and
irresponsibility!” Mr Nelson told her
bitterly before she transferred it to her
“Would you apologize to him?!” the
mother shouted at her.
“I’m sorry sir” she said with a low voice.
“plea-se, pardon her, sir”
“What’s your name?” Mr Nelson asked
“I’m Vivian lvster”
“Okay” the principal registered her and
summoned Tochi in the office. Vivian
looked at her when she entered and she
wondered who she was.
“plea-se, take Vivian to your clas-s, she’s
a green horn” the principal instructed
“Okay, sir” she replied smartly. “plea-se,
follow me” she told Vivian, so they
began walked into the clas-s looking like
sisters with the same height.
“Who are you?” Vivian asked Tochi.
“I’m a student” she replied.
“Of course i know you are a student! I
mean what’s your name?!”
Tochi [email protected]£ surprise hearing the
pressure from her voice as if they were
quarrelling, then she smiled.
“You have to slow down, we aren’t
arguing” she replied.
“Did i say we are arguing?” Vivian asked
but Tochi remained quiet until both
walked into the clas-s and everyb©dy
stared at them.
“Make use of that locker for today but
when coming tomorrow make sure you
come with your locker and a uniform
too” Tochi told Vivian and went to her
seat with her face bent downward.
As Jennifer and Calista went to a cyber
cafe to check their results Wisdom was
in his room quietly thinking about what
the future will give. He wore only a
singlet and a bo-xer lying in the be-d with
his face up. “What will happen to Tochi
if i leave?” he began to think. “Probably
she will become a big girl before i come
back. But can she really wait for me?
Oh God, i can’t afford to lose her. What
am i going to do?”
“Akonauche” the father interrupted him
and pushed the door opened. “You are
here in this mood again. Can you talk to
me what your problem is?”
“Daddy, i have no problem” he replied
without looking at him.
“The troubles of the heart can only be
solved when spoken with the mouth”
Wisdom thought of his father’s
statement then sat up on the be-d.
“Daddy” he called. “Can a distance
separate two friends?”
“Hmm, my son, many distance
friendsh!ps or relationsh!ps get
devastated when the two [email protected] are
not close to the heart”
“What do you mean Daddy?”
“Only two people who are close to the
heart and have the same mindset even
trust each other can have a distance
friendsh!pwithout separation”
Wisdom stared at his father giving a
thought on his inspirational words.
“Who is this your friend you are talking
about?” the father asked him before he
realised himself.
“My school friend, Daddy”
“A male or female?”
“Hum.. Daddy, she is.. I mean he is a
“Okay, don’t bother yourself about that”
“Okay, Daddy” Mr Caleb went out.
The road leading to Calista and
Jennifer’s house was wi-de and cleared.
One could see people pas-sing with
foodstuffs and other items. Jennifer and
Calista walked briskly on the road with
papers in their hands.
“I never knew you are such an intelligent
girl to pas-s your waec at once” Calista
told Jennifer.
“Do you think I’m as dull as you are?”
she boasted.
“Are you sure your mother’s charm is
not behind it?”
“Nkita rachakwagi anya ebe-ahu!”
Jennifer abused her in igbo language
and walked angrily forward leaving her
“I’m sorry oh! Forgive me!” Calista
pursued her. “I guess my own mother’s
charm made me to pas-s too” she
“Thank God you know” Jennifer replied
Students began to make use of their
money ma-king sure they don’t go
against the school rules and
regulations. Tochi wasn’t seen sitting at
a sp©t again because she had a
responsibility on her shoulder. It was
obvious that she wasn’t looking happy
and Linda was about to find out why. To
her surprise she met her sitting at the
back of the clas-sroom alone when she
suppose to be on duty. She crossed her
legs forward ma-king sure her attrac-tive
th!ghs weren’t visible.
“You have been like this throu-ghout
today. What is going on?” Linda stood
before her. “Is it because of Wisdom’s
trip to abroad?”
“I’m scared, Linda” Tochi raised her
head up. “I believe he will forget me if he
finally travel and everything will scatter”
Linda remained quiet and sat beside
her. As she raised up her head, she saw
Vivian throu-gh the Window looking at
them. Tochi followed her eyes and saw
her too.
“I don’t trust that girl” Linda said.
“You mean..”
“The new girl”
“She looks rude to me” Linda replied but
Tochi didn’t say a word and bent her
head again.
“Listen my dear” Linda continued. “I
un-derstand how you feel about
Wisdom’s trip. I don’t trust men too but
it depends on what you both agree
together. Will you keep yourself for him
until he returns?”
“What if after waiting and he disappoints
“That’s another problem. Or would you
prefer a blood covenant with him?”
Tochi turned sharply looking at Linda
when she heard that. She wanted to
reply but Kingsley’s pres£nce
interrupted her.
“Hello, Tochi” he said with his hands
inside his pocket but Tochi kept quiet.
“Linda, can i have a word with her
pri-vately” Kingsley requested.
“As what?” Linda frowned her face.
“As my head-girl”
“I’m not going anywhere!”
“Is okay, Linda” Tochi told her before
she went out leaving both of them, then
Kingsley quietly sat with her.
“What troubles you my dear?” he asked.
“Nothing” Tochi threw a way her face.
“Don’t pretend because is obvious.
Wisdom is leaving you”
“Don’t talk about him, plea-se”
“Okay, but i will always be here for you”
“And what does that mean?” Tochi
asked looking at him. She stood up
instantly and walked away. Kingsley
could see her shaking her bu-ttocks.
Mr Silva, che-ster’s father walked down
the stairs which leads to the
sittingroom. He was a hvge and tall
man with a big stomach. The
sittingroom was modernized with golden
materials. che-ster sat on the cushion
watching cartoon because that’s one of
his favourite television programme. He
changed it immediately when his father
[email protected]£ down.
“che-ster, you are watching cartoon
again. Are you a baby?” the Father
asked then he smiled. “Why did you
change it?”
“Nothing Dad”
“I know why, so that i won’t call you a
“You got me, Dad” they laughed then Mr
Silva sat down.
“Where do you want to school?”
“In Nigeria, Dad”
“Why Nigeria?”
“Because is my country”
“Is okay then” the father went out. Few
minutes later, Mrs Silva, the mother
drove in with a clas-sic looking girl.
When they opened the parlour door
che-ster stood up and welcome his
“Sit down, darling” Mrs Silva told the girl
then went upstairs with che-ster.
“Mum, where are you from?” che-ster
“I don’t think that should be the rightful
question. The question should be; Who’s
the girl down stairs?”
“Come on, Mum!” they smiled. Just
then, che-ster heard his phone ringing
downstairs. He ran down and picked the
call with a slight glance at the girl who
also couldn’t st©p admiring him.
“Hello, who is this?” che-ster asked.
“Is me Esther!”
“Esther!” che-ster exclaimed happily and
went outside when he noticed he was
disturbing the girl who she apologized
for being noisy before going out.
“I now have my own phone!” Esther
shouted on the phone.
“Wow, I’m so happy for you!”
“Thank you”
“Can i come over to your house?”
“Of course!”
“Alright, on my way” che-ster cut the call
and hurried inside to get dressed up but
met his Mum coming downstairs who
told him to sit down and he sat on a
different chair looking at his mum and
sometimes glanced at the girl.
“Son?” the mother began. “This is
Maria, a daughter of Henry one of the
“Hi, welcome” che-ster told Maria.
“Thank you” she replied. Her voice was
as sweet and beautiful as she was. She
wore a red long go-wn with Golden
n£¢klace, ear-ring, wrist watch and high-
heel shoes. She hand an attrac-tive fair
complexion which no man can [email protected]
“She will be schooling abroad, so i
brou-ght her here so that you both will
know each other since you will be
schooling abroad too. Don’t you think is
a good idea” Mr Silva asked her son.
“Hum.. Mum.. I thought we have talked
about this before. I want to school here
in Nigeria”
“No son, i disagree with you”
“Why do you want to do a such thing?”
Maria asked looking at che-ster who
gave her attention but suddenly to his
Mum. He wanted to speak again but his
phone rang-Esther was calling…
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